Pandora coming to Windows Phone 8

Pandora for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has announced that an official Pandora app will be available with Windows Phone 8 devices.  The popular streaming music app will be offered for free for the first year and add free.  This is exciting news and we should see the Pandora app available early 2013.  More details as things develop.



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WPSteve says:

Oh, well, loooook who it is...

slpaige says:

I think I'll just stick with my Zune... Er, Xbox music pass.

jiffffy pop says:

Better late than never. Still no official WP7 app.....

I'm not gonna lie I'll be getting it lol metrotube went to hell. Everytime I try to open it, it stays on "initializing" :-\

XboxOmac says:

You mean metroradio...

PolishHitta says:

Really? They blew off WP 7.5 and now there coming to 8? Well they can stick their app up their @#$

Natebird says:

They change the core of WP8 so WP7.5, will get a 7.8 update

I am SO happy about Pandora coming to WP8! Can't wait!

schlubadub says:

*ad free (not "add free")

tbonenga says:

I prefer Lastfm. A lot better selection if you like metal / rock music

Conasca says:

waiting on this app still.

Mike Hollis says:

STILL waiting for an official Pandora app.