Path for Windows Phone 8

Path social-network officially strolls on to Windows Phone 8

It has been a whirlwind year for Windows Phone 8, especially in the last few months. Today, Microsoft gets another feather in their cap with the unveiling of Path beta for Windows Phone 8.

Announced back in July during the Lumia 1020 reveal, the app is now available to download for Windows Phone 8 devices and finishes the 2013 blitz of apps and games.

Path, launched in November 2010, is yet-another social network. It originally made waves on the iPhone, later expanding to Android and iOS in general (iPad). It’s claim to fame? Path is a private social-network, where the user can purposefully limit who views and accesses their timeline to just friends and family. In fact, it’s limited to just 150 contacts max with no “public view” at all. Users can share messages and photos with those closest to them, without any fear of accidentally posting something publicly i.e. the opposite of Facebook.

The focus of Path is on a “high quality” social network, as opposed to a free-for-all system. Using Path, users can post photos, voice messages, text, “fun expressive stickers” to friends, add tags for people, places, and things.

Path user can also share their posts to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr, to take their musings public. It was only a few months ago that Path also announced new APIs, allowing companies to add a “Share to Path” button, similar to Twitter and Facebook.


  • Your personal life - Journal your thoughts, your sleep, and your check-ins.
  • Beautiful sharing - Capture photos and videos, and apply some of the best filters and editing tools to your photos.
  • Feel the love -  Friends and family can react with smiles, laughs, gasps, loves, comments and more.
  • Cross-posting - Be everywhere you want to be by posting any Path moment to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.
  • Private Sharing - Choose to share any Path moment privately with one or more friends.
  • Create an Inner Circle by selecting a group of friends to easily share moments with. Filter your feed to see only moments from your Inner Circle. And change your settings to only receive notifications from your Inner Circle.

The Windows Phone 8 app released today was developed by the company nventive. That name may not ring a bell, but their apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8 should, as they have made some of the most visually striking and popular apps around. Some of those titles include Angry Birds Roost, Bloomberg, StyleSaint, E*Trade, The Weather Channel and (Windows 8).

Path for Windows Phone 8 is also not another port. Instead, Path and the nventive developers closely worked with Nokia on this app, bringing 50 exclusive photo filters and Nokia’s Imaging SDK to the table, making the Windows Phone 8 version a little more special.

Will you jump on the Path bandwagon? Only one way to find by going and downloading Path for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store (or scan the QR code below). The app is free and it should offer a unique experience. 

via: Nokianesia Blog; Thanks, radriansyah21, for the tip

QR: path



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sueha says:

They need more... Rudy!

slyjr2 says:

Get the sac off your chin

Sam Sabri says:

Please comment more just so your picture pops up all the time. 

rodneyej says:

What will 2014 bring In terms of popular apps❔ What app would you like to see come to WP this year❔

Richard_Indy says:

My two coworkers have the blackberry z10, they don't go near BBM. They only chat and call, and very rarely use the internet on those phones. They are pretty old school when it come to phones. They couldn't wait to get their hands on the new z10's. They pride themselves on showing me that, combined, they have only used .2 Mb of data in a month. I use that much when I click on my WP Central app because I can't wait to see the latest write-ups 30 times a day. Lol

FFugue says:

Nike+ would be great. If they don't move fast I'm going to jump to either Adidas or Fitbit or something. I have the Nike+ watch and I don't really feel like buying a new one, but Nike only supports Apple and they don't seem to want to change that and... Well.. I'd rather buy a new watch than switch to Apple!

Flipboard, where is it ? they relased it for windows 8.1 but no news for wp app

giggi85 says:

I mailed them for any news and they asked that will be available soon

Glide, candy crush, flipboard

Aashish13 says:

Frozen free ball is there. Similar to candy crush.

joe_easton says:

But we need official; not 3rd party or similar.  Candy Crush is all about the social competition.

Aashish13 says:

Man how serious u are with these small games." Social competition" lol

rodneyej says:

That's what brings the average user to the platform.. They get what they want, we get what we want.. It's called self preservation.. Sometimes you gotta support what you're not necessarily interested in to get what you want..

joe_easton says:

exactly, i don't play these games but millions do!

rodneyej says:

Why is there always "⬆hat" guy❔
Aren't we past explaining that already❔

Aashish13 says:

More banking apps with regular updates.

shamrock1988 says:

Yes. This man knows what is important

Aashish13 says:

Yes these apps are important than any games. I want windows phone to become a perfect business phone for users under any company's budget.

shamrock1988 says:

I agree. I'd like to see Microsoft do more when it comes to improving the phone for business users. Attachements still aren't perfect. Offical RDP app and so on.

I'd also like to see them and Nokia working with all major banks to come up with a soloution

Richard_Indy says:

I want a 5th/3rd app dangit

joe_easton says:

i am a 5/3 customer as well.  have you asked them for an app?  maybe we can get a group of people to ask them for it

rodneyej says:

I'll contact them too.. Post a link❕

joe_easton says:

I just went to the website and clicked Contact Us

Pinterest and FitBit

rodneyej says:

Pinterest❕.... Good one.

Jamie Frew says:

With any luck autocad 360

Montpbm says:

Yes I've been waiting forever for that

Madhu T C says:

Where ll u use live wallpapers in WP;)

MilkyTee says:

Flipboard, goddamit

borasar says:

TD Bank and TSN and I'm happy

Bruno Sain says:

I'm waiting for Flipboard and mega upload

PNC bank app would be awsome

mondokjm says:

I contacted PNC a few weeks ago and was told that they are working on a mobile banking app for WP. Hopefully that includes virtual wallet like what is available on Windows 8.

TonyDedrick says:

Flipboard and Pinterest for me

dalydose says:

Flipboard for sure. The 3rd party Pinterest apps are fine with me.

ksp_me says:

Which is your favourite of the Pinterest apps? None of them have really sparked for me.

Tim McMahon says:

I use pinsation it works pretty good.

TonyDedrick says:

Unless I've missed some, most are just wrappers over the mobile version and the one I know of from Daniel Gary, Pinsation, is buggy as all hell.

lubbalots says:

Geekbyte is plenty good!

alphaios says:

VSCO cam!!!!! Most amazing photography app ever!!!

rodneyej says:

It seems as Pinterest needs to come on with it... Microkia❔

DreadVenom says:

Ill be that guy... GTA:SA and on a serious note, a Santander banking app.

All I ask for is for DICE to make a Battlelog app.

willied says:

Amazon Prime Streaming and Suntrust bank.

Dish Network

Windows Phone already has a DirecTV app.

lubbalots says:

I'd like to see windows 8.1 multitasking ported to WP. I'd be a happy camper with my 1520!

lubbalots says:

Why flipboard when you got geekbyte and appygeek.

kleider1 says:

US Bank and Oovoo.

Rick Smits says:

Soundcloud and Sportscenter

reda igbaria says:

I would like to see noom coach

Cellus13 says:

Enough apps where people will get the stick out of their ass about windows phone for their app ecosystem.

rodneyej says:


Torch4x4 says:

BLUESTACKS for Windows Phone will solve everything regarding apps

astroXP says:

OMG yes! Oh friking yes!!!

Yes! Now all I am missing is Nike+

sarim_xyz says:

We want Flipboard!!!!

Chef316 says:

Multiple personality disorder? Who is we?

sarim_xyz says:

We is all WP users. ;-)

I would love to get my friends to move over to Path from FB, but I don't see it ever happening.

Jas00555 says:

No one I know uses Path anymore. I think we missed the fad :(

dalydose says:

Yup. My exact thought.

Good to see another official app roll into the WP store. :)

lubbalots says:

I have Instagram, Hipstamatic, Facebook, there's vine, etc.. My gosh! What do I use? Path sounds awesome but no friends there. I do keep going to Facebook and I don't want too! Its not secure or safe! I could get tagged by the NSA by just typing the word "bomb". Well, no social media is actually safe, secure, and private. This is just another way for big brother to watch me. So I'll just stick with FB.

walter1832 says:

I am the NSA.  You have been flagged for using the word 'bomb'.  We will be watching/listening to your every move.  The guy waving to you across the street from your house, that's us.  The lady behind you at the supermarket, thats us.  The snot nosed kid mowing your yard...well, that's not us, but one day he will be.

Btw, 'gosh' is also a flagged word.

Your friendly neighborhood NSA agent.

lubbalots says:

Dammit! I knew you been watching me agent walter1832.

shaurya negi says:

Flipboard,bbm,Opera mini(if it is compatible)!

Aashish13 says:

Bbm will come. We might come to know about the release date of bbm at Build. Blackberry has ensured about BES in the mere future.

alphaios says:

BES yes! But BBM stil a big question mark, not safe at all... Sorry.

Aashish13 says:

Ya but u have many chat messengers out there. Watsapp is there but needs more updates. Line is also good to chat. Anyways the official bbm app on android and ios is not at all good. IUsed to like the old bbm that bbm 6 and 7 which were simple and faster to use. But Such things are possible only if u have a button qwerty phone.

oh my God! Thank you!! And finally.. :'))

Finally ... Been waiting for this app for a long time
And now it's here, hope its as good as I wished for.
Downloading now ...

PipoDj says:

It's a Beta haha downloading it anyway

DJCBS says:

Well, the last thing I need is yet another social network...but I'll give this a spin.

Announced in may and only now available and as a beta?? Wow.

ctafield says:

FINALLY us Windows Phone users can have our address books uploaded to Path's servers too! Hurrah! 

CrackFachry says:

Heck Yess!! Been waiting for sometimes for Path for Windows Phone.
This will definitely make some of my friends switch to Lumia/ Windows Phone.
It's Path frenzy here in Indonesia! Lol

saputraj says:

Indonesian WP users rejoice!

xyronaut says:

Yeah...I wish WP shares will pick up in Indonesia because of this. Then hopefully Bank Mandiri, BCA, & other local companies will consider to build official WP apps.

Awsome!!! Finally here and yes I used and some of my friends. We don't like Facebook knows everything about us. This Beta is great but think they can do it better!

Bruno Sain says:

That's why its called beta,they will with time make it better

rikipy says:

doenst have music share :|

Wow, I was literally wondering when Path would come just this morning

irsyadhhs says:

After getting some money from indonesian company, path arrives in WP. Politic? This year, indonesia, biggest path country, will choose president haha

statvoid says:

I could be overlooking something but where on this app would I find private messages, like between me and just one of my Path contacts?

hanerlend says:

not yet, but it's coming.


avigyan says:

Pinterest and Flipboard please!!

Marco Gomes1 says:

This is good news for WP, but I'm fed up with social networks. Not enough time for all.

edjr07 says:

Finally I happy! I am back to my Path sharing!!!!

Jagar Tharn says:

heh...... i remember the Path privacy incident  on the iphones where the app uploaded the phone's contacts to its servers without permission

amiraseri says:

Yey...bring it all on

Trigion, Securitas

Sean D. says:

It would be nice if an app, especially one of the"most popular", or top requested apps came to WP and their users didn't find new ways to complain. I don't think I have ever seen a new app released without a flood of "when is ____ coming?!?"
Sound like a bunch of unappreciative brats.

WilsonBlaze says:

This beta is not working well at the moment

kittananj says:

Yes, I can't sign-in my account.

twelvetudors says:

Profile photo chooser only lets me pick from camera roll, and I still can't register.

bitwise says:

cannot complete sign up

an unexpected error occurred.

i guess Path dont want my business. hah.


planetparker says:

Gatta say, I've tried Flipboard for W8.1, and I don't find it all that all! Weave for WP and W8.1 is far better, imo.

89caps says:

I agree. I'm not a fan of flipboard. It's pretty in design, but not as useful, when I want to quickly consume news. Maybe a WP app would be better.

Its pretty buggy. Location services don't work, editing your account information is very flaky, and timeline updates are slow. I tried to update my email address and it saved some weird half version of part my old email part my new email which as you can imagine is causing other issues.

Jandieg says:

Wouldn't be the same just posting on Facebook with the appropiate audience/group restrictions?

Dos101 says:

The app is EXTREMELY slow for me at the moment. Wonder if it's due to the increased user activity?

BBM and subway surfer for 512 Mb device.

Aashish13 says:

Subway surfers in mid feb when they update the theme of the game by using mod and bbm nobody knows except belfiore

MediaCastleX says:

I appreciate the availability of the app, but honestly rolling my eyes at the service. Glad its here, no doubt, but just not for me...

89caps says:

I know this sounds ungrateful, but why are companies relaeasing their apps in Beta on WP? Instagram did the same thing, and I was hoping it would move out of beta quickly, but in my opinion it has been a disappointment versus 6tag.

ruddevil says:

Let's hope Rudy Huyn start developing his version of Path client, maybe call it 6lane

RyanDaLyon says:

He wouldn't. Rudy only makes apps that windows phone needs, and if there is an official app, why waste the time?

hanerlend says:

You can go to and register, after that you can log in.


ruddevil says:

Wow, this is huge where I live. WP traction coming up!

hopmedic says:

So tired of Facebook... Maybe I need to check this out.

iAdrian23 says:

Am I the only one who cannot create a damn account?

ruddevil says:

I can't even retrieve my password from ther website. Their service looks like being hacked recently. Check out their twitter feeds.

Aashish13 says:

WP have to encourage other 3rd party developers like our great developer Rudy Huyn to make 3rd party apps of great quality and regular updates like he does. I know official apps are imp for ecosystem but we wp users know what better we r getting right now. For eg:- 6 tag which is better than any instagram version on other platforms.

armyvet66629 says:

NHL Gamecenter!!!!!

chenhogi says:

Does anyone still use Path? A bit late to the party ...

thinkdan says:

Jeez... And I thought Facebook was buggy.

ejlee072006 says:

I need NBA app.. When are they gonna fix the storyteller app?

shaskell724 says:

Windows is gaining in the App market but the next ones they really need are ones like

Fly Wheel



These are really conveinant for living in big cities or just to get a cab without having to call.

Also, does windows have any apps where you can easily wire money from your account to someone elses? Those would be great to have too. 

Yeah I wrote PNC app team as well no reply and called was told they don't know. But I have heard rumors of it being in works. Just don't know what to believe. Just wait and see I guess. Thank you for your reply

tanveer 786 says:

Leave this apps bring file manager

david90531 says:

I have no friends that use this so I guess it's not popular in Canada. But good to see popular apps being ported as always. By the way good thing this is still in Beta, cuz the launch speed is real slow and still needs a lot of polishing in general

RyanDaLyon says:

I don't really need this, it seems they took the idea from Windows Phones rooms idea.

JoRdaNeK says:

I'll tell you what, i haver never had so many chances to use betas until i owned Windows Phones....i love a good beta me :)

pkwesi77 says:

Pinterest, Getglue, Opera Mini, Flipboard.

pkwesi77 says:

Will kik. ever update their app??

juba20 says:

I'm waiting for the update

tositem says:

Hore! Akhirnya Ndro! Finally!

Verkunder says:

I can only choose my profile pic from camera roll? Uhh...

nanddeep333 says:

Just missing Opera Mini :(

wangsa86 says:

I want flipboard!

astroXP says:

First and foremost, I know what a beta is and the implications it involves. I get that. What I don't understand is why is that the so-called prototype shown by Path ( has more functionatily than this beta one.

Too bad the Vimeo video by Clarity Consulting turned out to be, indeed, just a design concept. I was eagerly looking forward to that —

Le sigh

xyronaut says:

I don't mean to be an ungrateful twat, but I get your points completely. It seems they have 3 different version of Path in the development for the past few months. I like the clarity one the best as they have the coolest "post" interface of all & there seems to be a chat feature as well. The engadget's 1020 demo is the next version I like with tile friends tile & all, really align with WP's metro design. Unfortunately we only can get our hands on the released beta version with the least features of all: no play music, buggy location search, & its contacts is so slow. It just blew me why on earth we got this last version released instead...after all those great expectations. Anyway I'm still greatful finally we have a running Path app in the store, looking fwd to get all the bugs fixed.

Jazmac says:

"strolls onto"  Awesome phraseology.

LadyRocki says:

Yay! Path! Thank you!

Got it and working fine with my Lumia 920. Catching up in a lot of missed family photos. Very grateful.

Does anyone else here have a 1020 and see the 50 filters that they advertise? I can only see 9 filters

dalydose says:

I have exactly one contact who uses Path. I guess I'm living their vision of keeping a small network. ;)

mike004121 says:

Even i have the same problem lol

mike004121 says:

Does anyone notice any odd behaviour with their phones after installing path?