Path for Windows Phone gets a weekend bug fix update

Are you a big fan of Path, the private social network? Neither are we, but we’re sure some of you are, and this post goes out to you!

If you recall, in early January Path finally arrived on Windows Phone after an all too long gestation period since it was first announced in mid-2013. Just one month after the release and its already picked up its third bug-fix update. We’re not going to complain, as the app had a bit of a rough start at first with checkins not working.

Tonight, version 2066 is available, which is actually big jump in build numbers from the previous 1827 just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there’s nothing major to report with this update, just the vague ‘Bug fixes’. But hey, we’ll take that over no changelog.

Pick up Path BETA build 2066 here in the Store or scan the QR code below.

Are you using Path? Have you found value in it over other networks? Tell us what you think of the beta Windows Phone app in comments.

QR: path



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awneze says:

What's path??!... Exactly

Rick Smits says:

A private social network with a 150 friend limit.

thinkdan says:

A "super private social network"... as in "nobody".

I hope everything that is "in beta" right now become "final" together with the WP8.1 announcement.

I used it back in my iPhone days but that was a while ago. Now that we finally have it on WP looks like most of my friends have quit using it.

CheekyTaurus says:

Does it fix the performance? Because if not, the app is pretty worthless.

I was going to jokingly post "It doesn't feel faster", which is kind of true :/

thinkdan says:

That sucks, cause I really like the idea of this app.

CheekyTaurus says:

Heh. Just updated it. Nope. On a 1020 over N-wifi: 17 seconds from launch to feed load, 8 seconds to load alerts.

That's just plain, unacceptably bad for any app.



SamiSaifDine says:

Feels Faster! (just joking, I don't use Path :3 )

irvin792 says:

I love how you asked if anyone was a fan of path and then answered "neither are we" lmao Daniel you are funny :)

ExTrAbUtTa says:

Personally, I love it. I use it for my immediate family and they use to post updates for everybody. If I'm out the country and only care for my wife, sisters, in laws, parents, to know what's happening its easier to post an update there than Facebook and having to create a Family Page and then get all of them to log on and check just that page. Great app for private updating.

WilsonBlaze says:

You people should use path, but less than kosher friends is what many may prefer.......fb

pattayo_ib says:

Why no music update?

David Ray says:

This app is a joke. I love Path but the WP app is just plain un-usable. Doesn't even recognize filters that I've purchased.

downup says:

Mhe, each time i see "new path update for Windows phone" do i Think it's a new patch for wp8!!!

Great app. Much better than Facebook for smaller groups of friends.

vinscg says:

It only takes 4 seconds on my 8X
For the app To completely load/update