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PayPal WP8

PayPal first jumped on the Windows Phone wagon back in September. It had a bit of a rough start, first disappearing from the Store for Windows Phone 8 users and showing up again a few days later. Followed by some updates without any changelogs. And today we get another update for the PayPal app. Let’s see if they include on this time.

In a roundabout way PayPal does tell us what’s new in version 2.4 of their Windows Phone offering. Two things: Bug fixes (typical) and notifications for app updates.

While bug fixes are the norm for most apps updated, the wording of ‘notifications for app updates’ is a little fuzzy. Does the app notify you when you there is a newer update in the Store (unlikely) or notify you when you have a notification on PayPal (likely)?

Someone needs to send me some money to my PayPal account and we can test this out. Hint Hint. Anyways, let us know below if you see anything else different in the app or actually notice PayPal notifications coming through the app.

You can grab PayPal for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: PayPal

Thanks for the tip Jon D!



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Shantek says:

Who cares if you're first

I care, I think its nice to know which posters ride the short bus.. so you can avoid their future posts

pbroy says:

NICE!!!! You just won this awesome meat grinder. Now please kindly step into it :D

moc426 says:

The notification is a message on the back of the tile, example you received $x from John Doe. Would of been nice to have a tile count too.

Sam Sabri says:

Hey moc426, I don't believe you. Send me money to test it out :P

jcutting says:

"Would of"??? Perhaps you meant "would have" or "would've"? Speak English, please!

mcivor88 says:

wind you're neck in son!

moc426 says:

Oh I am sorry, I didn't mean to "speak" a foreign language. Perhaps you meant "Write English, please!"

glow84 says:

Lol everyone is going to start requesting money now "To Test" lol

irvin792 says:

Some card swiper support would be beginning to wonder if its even possible with wp8

quantum tao says:

i was told they were working on it, a long time ago. i dont believe them anymore.

djctz says:

Someone PayPal me so I know it's real...

Vic_Tye says:

Again WPC tells me when an update is out and not WP8 :/

adrian1338 says:

Its an overnight process. At least you can follow it into the store and update it from their. Would also be nice to have a "find app updates" option just like in W8. Guess that will come with blue

Vic_Tye says:

That would be ideal

Antistatic says:

That's not what he meant! He thinks about the issue with Store on WP8-phones, that doesn't inform when updates is available! I have the same problem on my Lumia 920!

adrian1338 says:

well how should it inform you during the day when the overnight process checks for updates? its not push its pop at the moment

Shane Mayer says:

Not related to the PayPal app, but has anyone been able to add PayPal to the Wallet hub?
I add Paypal to the wallet, and login with no issues. Click the Next button and get to the "Agree and Continue" screen. For some reason this Button is not highlighted and will not allow me to click on the Agree button. Anyone have any idea why I cannot agree and continue?

adrian1338 says:

Think i had this trouble too once or twice. just try it again with closing the wallet and adding the account again. maybe restart your phone? :) I have it in the wallet since january

jmwhite19 says:

2.4? It says 1.4?

Salman Shah says:

Yes, same here. It says 1.4. Dont know what are the changes though,

Al_2 says:

Since this app's made by eBay I hope they update their eBay app soon to bring some WP8 improvements!

quantum tao says:

still doesn't work correctly.
if i send a money request from the app, recipient gets an email asking them to create a paypal account to pay.
if i send a request from the the paypal website, recipient gets and email offering them to pay even if they dont have paypal, with a credit card.
this prevents me from using this app. card swipe would be be even better.

When are we getting paypalhere?  or any credit card reader.  Almost enough reason to go back to android. I have to put my phone in my pocket and take out my android tablet to use square.  a pita.

chasvs says:

Yeah, great update. Now I can't log in to my account! POS!!!

mcivor88 says:

log into the website and go to account settings, then mobile checkout settings. Remove anything in there. Mine was doing the same but must have been linked to my old shitty iphone