Get your Feedly on with Pheeb for Windows Phone 8


Feedly doesn’t have an official app out on Windows Phone, but we’re having a hard time finding any reason they should make one. We’ve got Phonly, which is an awesome Feedly app on the platform. However, variety is the spice of life. Which is why we’re happy to have another stellar Feedly client on Windows Phone. Let’s check out Pheeb.

Pheeb is relatively new to the Windows Phone Store, having joined only a few handful of days ago. The app does everything you’d want from a Feedly client like:

  • Pin any category or feed
  • Powerful search
  • Three different browse views to choose from
  • Full light and dark theme support
  • Feedly PRO support and more

Fire up Pheeb for Windows Phone and you’ll find other features that are always appreciated in an app like this. Download the app and sign in with your Feedly account (aka Google account) and you’ll see your featured posts first. Not digging that initial view? No worries, hit up the settings and select which category or feed/source gets shown when you first launch the app.


After that, just hit the categories button on the bottom left in the menu to see all your different categories. From there it’s pretty straightforward what you do. Jump into a particular category and browse the stories you want to read. You can toggle between three different views (line, line with image, and images) to power through your reading list.

It’s a solid app for version 1.0 and we can’t wait to see it evolve and grow overtime. Want to grab Pheeb for Windows Phone 8? There’s a trial that lets you read 5 articles after that you’ll just need to spend $0.99 to get the app. Pick it up in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: Pheeb



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aaa6112 says:

Keep em coming devs!

Mafiatounes says:

Wish it was the official one, untill then i will keep on using Phonly.

perspicuity says:

I like this better. Phonly often becomes unusable for me; the app has moments of odd scrolling issues in the form of stuttering and an inability to scroll to the top of a feed at times. Very strange. It might be because I'm on gdr3? Either way this app means I can stop using the Pulse webapp, which also makes me grumpy.

albertdon says:

I am using Fuse to get feeds...great UI and has support for youtube channels..but this one's worth a try!

jamreal says:

Nextgen Reader does it best for me.

wps81 says:

Why would I need another just so so Feedly reader when NextGen Reader is there?

tampacoder says:

Yeah, what is cabin porn?

appscraze says:


hwangeruk says:

Under Nextgen Readers foot.

yogeshgamerz says:

where is flipboard ??