Philippines set to get Nokia Lumia 800 on Globe Telecom

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With Nokia launching the Lumia series all over the world, one area which wasn't mention and we've been asked about is the Philippines. It's no small country either with 94 million people, some of which we know are yearning for a Nokia Windows Phone. The good news is you're finally have your day.

Globe Telecom is set to get their hands on the Lumia 800 on April 16th for "P1,499 a month, bundled with unlimited mobile browsing and call and text “freebies” and will come in both black and cyan colors.

Not a bad deal and we're finally glad to see the Philippines, who received access to the Windows Phone Marketplace in February, will have this top of the line Windows Phone very soon.

Source: Inquire Technology; Thanks, Daniel P., for the tip!



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Sarang68 says:

Daniel,any idea when Nokia 900 will be launched in India?

dj0502 says:

The pricing of Globe is highly competitive as well. Also, the competing network (Smart) is offering the Lumia 710 with the 900 and 610 as coming soon. http://www1.smart.com.ph/postpaid/phones/

Nokia is still trusted in the Philippines, I just hope that Microsoft steps it up in terms of offering the best of the windows phone ecosystem, like zune (or at least the interface of zune) and xbox live games. Oh well. I hope Nokia pushes MS more. It's bad in itself that some apps are available in Android or iOS but not in WP, but even worse that games available in other countries are not available in the Philippines.

kidjenius says:

my thoughts exactly about Nokia still being trusted in the philippines. if marketed to the proper demographic, philippines will be a boon for Nokia