Phones 4u giving away £1 million worth of gifts in time for Christmas

Phones 4u

UK mobile phone retailer Phones 4u has announced a Christmas giveaway where customers could win a gift from a pool worth £1 million. To celebrate the festive season, Phones 4u will be embarking on its largest giveaway for pay as you go (PAYG) smartphone purchases during November and December. 

So what kind of gifts will be included in the giveaway? How does £10,000 worth of Thomas Cook vouchers, Sony TVs, a brand new car and Xbox Ones sound? There are loads of gifts in Phones 4u's present sack. This all sounds great, but how does one enter to claim a gift? Simply log on at prizes.phones4u.co.uk after receiving a win scratch card with a participating PAYG smartphone purchase.

There's not only the free gifts to shout about, but also 20 per cent off the Windows Phone 8S by HTC, available for just £119.95. Not only that but you'll be guaranteed to win. On a side note, the retailer is offering a free wireless speaker worth £120 with any 4G plan. If you were considering a new smartphone before (or for) Christmas, now's a good opportunity to grab a great deal.



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LMZR says:

Lucky bastards. :P

rockstarzzz says:

Ace! Might grab a Nexus ;)

stjimmie says:

Why only payg... Really want a 1020, but too expensive as a payg, and line rental is also a killer!

conair346 says:

Try tweeting @vodafoneukdeals, I got offered a 1020 last month for £38, 6GB data and free phone.

conair346 says:

Definitely terrible since your deal quoted comes with 1GB of data. The one I was offered is 6GB at 4G speeds. The extra £11 is likely to cost much more than buying a 5GB bolt on, or NOT.

No doubt coz they want to get rid of their junk Android stock lol

drozdpatrick says:

Because its a aEuro, dummy, and they live w/ different rules,idiot!

MrWhiteman says:

The only reason they give stuff away is because they're absolutely crap.

jlynnm350z says:

Now why can't Microsoft do something like this

bozvandam says:

Here's a neat experiment. Go into a phones4u shop and ask one of the trained monkeys their opinion of Windows Phone 8. Go on, great way to waste a few hours and learn a) some interesting new words you probably wouldn't have associated with the description of a smartphone and b) some wonderful 'facts' - for example, did you know you cant use twitter, facebook or intagram on a Windows Phone? 

James Allatt says:

Your spot on. I know someone who is a manager of a phones4u shop and I asked him why they push the iphone so much and he said because its the phone the staff know how to use and know the answers to the questions asked.

I remember going in there about 4 years ago and I asked them if they had any Samsung windows mobile phones in with a keyboard and there reply was no we don't sell pc's but we have blackberry's. So out I walked to the carphonewarehouse and never been back since.