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Photo Lock now a freebie on the Marketplace

Photo Lock for Windows Phone

If you need a way to password protect the images and videos on your Windows Phone, take a gander at Photo Lock. Now is a great time to give the app a try because it's now a free app.  The price reduction (the app is normally $.99) is in celebration of Photo Lock reaching 65,000 downloads.  The free offer is good through August 10, 2012.

What is Photo Lock you ask?  It is an app that will let you securely store images and videos on your Windows Phone.  Photo Lock also includes basic editing tools and the ability to record video footage from the app.

When you first launch Photo Lock, you'll need to set up an account (free) and from there you simply import images or videos you need protecting. Additional features include:

  • Crop, rotate, add nice effects within the app
  • Slideshow support
  • Swipe navigation between photos
  • Multiple account support
  • Multiple export/import/delete/move
  • Album creation
  • Photos can be stored in multiple albums

Photo Lock does have a few limitations due to a few Windows Phone restrictions. While you can import and protect photos from your Pictures Hub, you will have to delete them manually from your Pictures Hub. You can not import videos from your Pictures Hub but there is an in-house video recording feature to let you record and protect new videos.

Photo Lock

In just tinkering with Photo Lock for a short period, the app comes across as a smooth, clean looking, easy to navigate app for your Windows Phone. If you're looking for a way to password protect images on your Windows Phone, Photo Lock is worth a try. Remember, the free offer lasts through August 10, 2012 and from there Photo Lock will return to it's regular $.99 price point.

You can find Photo Lock here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, mcmaui, for the tip!

QR: Photo Lock



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Kadcidxa says:

i been using Private Album. but it crashes at times. i will give this a try.

noor2122 says:

I already have it.....its a must have app...!!!

KustomAU says:

Agree, this is the best photo lock app I've used so far. Try it out.

djctz says:

I keep getting error code: c101abb99

moic4 says:

Thanks a lot for the info. I'm responsible to fix any bugs that happens in the app. I already adressed and fixed your bug and we'll release a small patch to fix it after the next update ships (3 days). If you want, feel free to contact us at: or my personal email address:
Thanks for helping us make your app better!

NocTurnerV says:

I've been using this app for 6 months, and it's fantastic! Each update has been a great improvement, adding new features and streamlining the interface. Never crashes or loses stored info. Totally worth it even at the normal price!

RayWP7 says:

Does it have a desktop app or something that allows you to transfer photos from desktop directly to app?  Or must I sync with Zune first, import pictures into the app and then delete pictures from picture hub/zune?

moic4 says:

That's a feature many users have requested so we are going to make a desktop app so you can synchronizeyour photos at a glance.
As the app is now, you will have to export the photos to the phone, synchronize with Zune and delete them later.
Thanks for the feedback. We hope you're enjoying your app.

manu976476 says:

Help me. I have 216 photos in my default album. But i can only access some 56 photos. Where is the remaining?? Help me.