Photosynth and the Dark Knight Rises get non-detailed updates

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We'll file these under "bug fixes" but two very popular apps have just received some 1.1 love from their respective developers.

The first is Nokia's "The Dark Knight Rises" app which of course focuses on the newest Batman film due out in a few weeks. The app has a built in augmented reality scanner for playing the location-based "game" (you choose to be Bane or Batman, claim areas via checkins and then defend those spots), trailers and clips, a countdown clock and method to find theaters around you.

No word on what v1.1 fixes but it seems to load a tad faster though the app is still sluggish when swiping through. If you have a Nokia Lumia Phone, you can grab version 1.1 for free here in the Nokia Collection.

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Likewise, the popular Photosynth app (see our review) managed to pick up a small update as well. No discernable changes are reported though we'll see if it still crashes on our Titan II in a bit. Once again we're betting these are minor bug fixes and optimizations to the popular photo-stitching app.

You can get Photosynth version 1.1 for all Windows Phones here in the Marketplace. Thanks, ej lee, for the tip!

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cliff08er says:

PhotoSynth and Weather Channel update this morning.

Ton77 says:

Photosynth crashes sometimes on the Lumia 900 as well.

vaultboy21 says:

I know this is nitpicking, but photosynth really needs a new tile... I hate that its all black with just a logo; makes it look like there's no tile at all, both on the start screen and in app list.. I'd expect better from MSFT, especially when it comes to WP/Metro astherics.

Thamuz says:

Actually, I quite like that, I wish we could have black tiles, maybe with a thin white border to make it more clear. That would look super cool.

dannejanne says:

I like the logo it has. I think it's good that some apps stray from the usual flat colored tiles. It's nice to have some variety on the homescreen.

djctz says:

What kind of headphones are those next to your lumia 900?

Lol - that's a watch... not headphones :-)

CJ Thunder says:

I have noticed that Nokia Trailers doesn't seem to update with new movies. Wonder if Nokia will fix that.

Corepc says:

Look like the calibrate issue with the focus flash is fixed. I am not getting it anymore after shutting photosynth down and restarting it..
edit: Nope still doing it even after calibrating it..

Looks like the not being able to shoot up or down in photosynth is fixed.

Lasciviouss says:

I'm still, not being able to download TDKR app (dammit!), let alone update it.