Photosynth version 1.1 update is a must have update

Photosynth v1.1 update mandatory

The other day we saw an update for Photosynth for Windows Phone get pushed out taking the app to version 1.1. We didn't know what all the update involved but today we are being told the update is mandatory or the app will stop working after June 20th.

Apparently the update was necessary to correct an oversight with the original version that was released about a month ago. Version 1.0 was released with a safety feature designed for beta tests that calls for the app to expire automatically within 30 days. Anyone running version 1.0 of Photosynth after June 20th will receive a "application expired" message and the app will shut down automatically. So, if you've been putting off the update to version 1.1 now is the time to update your copy of Photosynth.

If you haven't installed Photosynth to your Windows Phone, it's a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source: Photosynth Blog

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BK-one says:

Love this app. Started with 4 or 5 pics and stitched them together. I am pretty good at taking about 8-10 now. Hope to get a good 360 pic soon

Wps greatest app! Love it

ChanceW says:

Still can't get a 360 panorama. My original Focus always seems to think that I should be pointing back at the starting position when really I'm not even 3/4 done.

yeahbuddy78 says:

You don't have a gyroscope.  Thats the problem.

VikArmo says:

Why don't they, or anyone else for that matter, just tell us what the updates do and the release date? Why isn't this mandatory?

Neb Okla says:

Running an old version of software is like buying a magazine and not moving on to the next issue.

Wowww nice Goood app.

KumarNix says:

Stopped working after the update . Tried fresh installation as well . Wonder what went wrong .