Piano Tiles officially brings its highly addictive gameplay to Windows Phone

Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is an addictive, yet sometimes frustrating game now available on Windows Phone. Previously, only cloned copies were available, but the title was recently published on the Windows Phone Store under the developer's name. In fact, it's so official, the developer has even linked to this version on its website. So, what exactly does Piano Tiles provide players? As the name suggests, it's a game requiring players to tap piano tiles, but there's a twist – you're not to tap the white keys. It may sound simple enough, but it's not.

The goal is to tap each black piano tile as they scroll across the screen. Eighteen game modes are presently available in this release with some famous tracks included. Classic, arcade, zen, rush and relay modes ensure there's enough content to keep everyone returning, while Arcade+ takes the gameplay to the next level. Each mode offers a unique take and layouts differ per track, making it difficult to master without trial and effort.

Piano Tiles

We'd urge everyone to uninstall the clone they may have downloaded and show support for the original developer by downloading this release. We're sure with great support from the Windows Phone community they'll update the game in future. The studio even states on the app listing that improvements and updates are planned.

Let us know how you get on and what scores you manage to achieve.

QR: Piano Tiles

Thanks, Ruflaxx, for the tip!



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Damned666 says:

That's one hell of a keyboard...

Try Naargh, out fast better than this with same concept.

Stevied1991 says:

That's a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, I have one and love it.

Tejas Javery says:

Naargh has been my all time favourite. But guys, check out mind your step rather than this piano tiles. Its way way better. :)

Judge_Daniel says:

Everyone should download this just to raise the numbers!!!

No thanks - wants my location - for a game? I thought this sort of nonsense was for Android.

douglasbaiao says:

Yeah, let's support who support us!

One of the things I find about WP Store is that it is an opportunity for who wants to raise numbers! The store still doesn't have that competition. If Tinder released their app, for example, almost everybody would download. But they prefer to boycot...

MyNL822 says:

Yes, everyone just download it, then u can delete it.

I'm not sure the developer deserves it tbh... Reading the reviews it seems the app has had very little thought. Text is blurry, high scores aren't saved and certain actions don't even do what they say. If a clone app does it better, they deserve the downloads.

SumairB says:

My scores get saved.

SnatchedIT says:

Is that a Razer keyboard? Fellow gamer!

Looks like the DeathStalker Expert. I've got the Ultimate.

Yay!!! Was waiting for this! There are many third party piano tiles but finally we've the official version

ven07 says:

Aweeesoommmmeee :)

rzruzz123 says:

I download this game clone, my best score in relay about 300 and in classic 314

Asceish says:

Why do almost all developers tends to underestimate windows phone community by not bringing their app in time and afterwards when their clone apps are in market, they would just ask public to download their app... First kick ass of public then put painkillers on it...

blame the low market share

dalydose says:

They don't understand relative math. Millions of users are still millions of users. Plus, they can stand out and increase THEIR market share and take advantage of our evangelism.

Release the app on Windows Phone. Imagine getting 10% of WinPhoners as opposed to 1-2% of iOS. Plus we tend to drag our friends along with us so your apps numbers on iOS and Android even go up with WP support.

Tense says:

But there's no data to suggest that a larger percentage of WP users would download a respective app than on iOS. Looking at the raw numbers, iOS and Android is where the money is; to many developers, building WP apps just isn't worth the time and possibly money. As much as I would like to have the same extensive app library sported on competing platforms, I understand why many developers aren't supportive of WP just yet. Personally what bothers me more is when a developer does release a WP app just to make a quick buck and it's either broken or unsupported.

visualryan says:

How come the name of the developer is different? On iOS the dev's name is Hu Wen Zeng. On WP it's Umoni Studios? Just curious.

Ruflaxx says:

Go to the dev web page...

dalydose says:

Oh gawd...its not official enough???

atherosxd says:

just the developer name but still the same dev team/dev only? :)

SumairB says:

Yep, same team. Don't worry dalydose, it's official.

Nasimonair says:

I scrolled through the comments just to know about the keyboard in the background.. :-)

ttarbuck says:

Nice to get official apps, espically when their at #23 in the ios store.

Ruflaxx says:

I needed to tip about that :P

MrA2Z says:

For other apps there could be official but not games. Though original idea was copied by the clones but shouldn't we be loyal to those clones who filled the gap and provided us with entertainment...

Suhasa Su says:

Agree. They were the ones who filled the gap.

spinzeroWL says:

I absolutely agree. The official Words with Friends app came to Windows phone recently...it is crap! I would never recommend it over Words by Post.
Official doesn't mean zip if the app is worse than the third party option (6tag is a perfect example!)

Kronus24 says:

Yes its a quick port, hit the share button and you know what I mean. But I would say it runs well on my L520 with barley any lag at all.

dalydose says:

Thank goodness there are people with common sense who don't auto wet themselves at sight of the word "official".

KarateDad says:

I agree, we need to show support to both. I have been playing a clone for a month or so,and will now download the official one too. Time will tell which one I play (so I can compete against my 13yr old daughter)

Not available here in Brazil. :/

Dadstar0410 says:

It's because he's mad that Neymar got injured.

Change the region for EUA, ASAP.

Pranay1995 says:

The clone entertained me when official wasn't there. Why the fuck should i uninstall it? Just to support the late comer? Developing the clone must have been equally difficult as the original one. Off course i will download the original one but the clone is going nowhere. It is spelled: L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y

Suhasa Su says:

Exactly. I'll Test whether the clone one is better than the official one. Then I'll decide.

asylumxl says:

I'm willing to bet this is an HTML and JS based game. Hence some UI and alignment issues. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Phonegap/Cordova based, so porting it would hardly have taken much effort.

Suhasa Su says:

God... Finally. Was so jealous to see the official version in friends' mobiles.

Dafter says:

Omg I love this game! Very addictive!

Smells like a port and that is sad. Battery drains a lot faster with the original version than other versions I have played. Even the feedback page is a iOS UI looking page, within the game of course.

VS729 says:

This after the wpcentral article!!!! Thanks wpcentral and the developers for listening ofcourse,.

mpt15 says:

Out of curiosity, when was the ios version released?

jacob114489 says:

At least 3 months ago. I'm sure it has been longer.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

mpt15 says:

Well, 3 months isn't too long a gap. Compared to instagram, it's quite acceptable.
Appreciate the developers efforts :-)
Hope more devs bring their apps to WP.

spinzeroWL says:

Rich Edmonds, just remember, excellent clone apps are what helped bring Windows Phone out from the wilderness. Rudy Huyn is a perfect example. So show a bit of respect for third party devs.

Pranay1995 says:

So true, but they deserve more than a "bit" of respect...

Yousef Kawmi says:

"a little bit" is enough ?:P

Pranay1995 says:

Fuck the game, Which fucking breed of keyboard is that one?

Kronus24 says:

You can't share, not in English, need some metro UI, live title of when friends beat your score, etc. Also need to play with music like the knocks offs this do have and choices!. Not bad for a quick port.

UchilHasmit says:

You just had to showoff that keyboard, didn't ya?

reda igbaria says:

I think that the developer needed to learn c#, and wp8.1 programing. That's why he took to long to build it to windowsphone.

Glad we have official support but the app seems to have been very lazily developed. Just a very obvious clone of the iPhone version. The UI is from iOS and maybe even the text alignments because the text that shows my score is definitely not alligned properly. Hope they fix these things

Suhasa Su says:

Best one out there. Delete all the clones of you liked it, like me. I liked its gameplay. Hate that iOS-like style though.

TechFreak1 says:

Well its okayish for a quick port, still needs work on the UI and the share screen needs to be translated lol. Will be keeping both the clone and official one.

Yep, very addictive. I've been playing this game a little over a week, now.

portalfocus says:

With very fun game!

Hyung Jp says:

Supporting anyone who supports our platform.

MyNL822 says:

Oh no!! My OCD is kicking in...WHY THE FUCK IS THEIR A PERIOD AFTER PIANO?! I CANT TAKE IT!!! Lol, please excuse me.

Suhasa Su says:

I feel that mildly disturbing.

Ryzzlle says:

Literally just an iOS port, all the buttons and sliders look like they belong in iOS

Mark Richey says:

Just went through an infuriating conversation in the top 25 list and this is one that was not in there for WP. I guess they are right, and because at the moment any meaningless just is created to prove WP is doomed we should all Chuck our phones in the river and buy an android.

Mark Richey says:

As for direct port, no problem if it will keep the haters at bay. We can't bitch that our phone doesn't get certain apps and then gripe that they don't use the Metro language when they do.

irsyadhhs says:

They MUST bring it to windows phone, because of their name containing TILE!! (??)

JanZee says:

this game exists in the store for quite some time... sometimes you're late or just ignoring some tips.. like what i'm alwaysdoing.. giving tips but I saw no response...

the last time the "Sleeve Music" app has Free premium upgrade.. idk if that still works...