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Pic Stitch for Windows Phone 8 - Joe Belfiore recommended

Pic Stitch for Windows Phone 8

Pic Stitch is a new Windows Phone 8 photography app that has seen a bit of success over on iOS. It is part photo editor, part collage maker, and part photo sharing app. It caught the eye of Microsoft's Joe Belfiore and we have to admit, it does make a nice first impression.

Belfiore tweets about Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch has 31 different collage layouts and a single image frame. Your first step is to choose your frame and customize it. Frame customizations includes your aspect ratio, adding a colored pattern, setting the width of your frame, round the corners and changing the frames color.

From there you double tap each area of the frame to add photos. You can either import images from your Pictures Hub or launch the camera app to capture a new image. Either way, once you choose your image you are sent to a photo editor powered by Aviary (same editor we've seen with Instagraph and other Windows Phone photo apps) to fine tune your photo.

Pic Stitch

Photo editing tools include filters, effects, stickers, and your standard editing controls (brightness, contrasts, crop, saturation, etc.). Once you get your photo fine tuned, tap save and it is placed in your Pic Stitch frame.  Once you complete your Pic Stitch frame, the finished product can be saved to your Pictures Hub or shared via email, messaging, Facebook, Twitter or any other sharing method your Windows Phone supports.  You also have lockscreen support but that feature is a bit of a mystery right now.

In just tinkering with Pic Stitch for a short time, it is an very nice photo editing app for your Windows Phone 8 device. The only slight downside we can see is that Pic Stitch lacks a trial version.

Give us a few days and we'll get a review up on the site with a video walkthrough to help you decide if Pic Stitch is worth the investment. Or if you want to go ahead and take the plunge, Pic Stitch is currently running $1.49 and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, pbroy, for the tip!

QR: Pic Stitch



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Reminds me of phototastic.

inteller says:

reminds me of a ripoff.  Free on iOS, $1.49 grifters on Windows Phone.

carlosrdd says:

Just wait for price drop...

TAM28301 says:

What can you expect, when our superior WP platform is not the current top 2 POPULAR one.  This is a way to at least get the App.  I'd rather have the App to choose from, and pay a few bucks, than whine about not having the App in the first place.  We have been there, done that, and it isn't fun.  PEACE!

Eas195 says:

Reminds me of Instagram.

XcZachx20 says:

pic stitch is a great app for instagram use. I see a bit of foreshadowing...

Jazmac says:

Awesome tea leaves dude.

al.cantara says:

Reminds me of PhotoGrid.

PhotoGrid is awesome and it runs on WP7.8 :-D

baandoptager says:

7.8 Reminds me of 7 ;)

jlynnm350z says:

Just because its on IOS doesn't mean we need it on Windows. Lets get some Windows exclusives' and stop trying to be like IOS. Were better than that. "Ooooo IOS has it, I want it." is this you?

rubenbest says:

So we can get users to make those new windows exclusive apps

Heavy Rain says:

How could we start getting exclusives when we don't even have most official apps...

MacDaMachine says:

Obviously you don't get it.

Heavy Rain says:

Nope I'm clueless :D

jrharmon says:

How about Memorylage for a Windows Phone exclusive?  It's way faster to create collages, and even makes browsing through your photos looks better.
P.S. I'm the developer, so I am obviously biased.  :)

Rotmm says:

Just downloaded and had a quick look. Initial impression is very positive. Nice work.

MadSci2 says:

Just gave it a try - nice work! Question, which pays you more, the Ad supported free version or the paid for version? Don't answer if you don't want too - I can understand ! My question is directed to making sure I support the Devs of good Apps the way that encourages them to stick with WP

mjfadaway says:

Sorry I disagree. Windows Phones user base isn't nearly as big as iOS. If we wanna pull people from Android and iOS we have to at the very least offer what they offer. That's the first thing people look at when leaving a platform. They wanna know that the apps they use will be available when they make the switch

inteller says:

sorry I disagree, with shit like this, people are going to come from iOS where this is FREE and say, "I gotta pay for that?" This is a big fail.

nizzon says:

Better than "IT DOENST EVEN EXIST?!"

inteller says:

Photogrid existed already....FOR FREE

MadSci2 says:

True day! But an Ad Supported iOS app isn't going to make enough $ on WP to be worth the devs time in many cases. What totally turns me off is the lack of a trial. If you look at the MS WP page, trials if Apps is one if the things they crow about. Something like this that I'm not even sure I would use is not going to get looked at without a Trial.

al.cantara says:

Chicken n egg, which one should come first.. users or great apps?

theefman says:

I can see your point; while its good to have well known apps to attract users to WP it seems MS doesn't care to promote those unique apps that do exist on WP. There should be a good balance but all efforts only seem to be targeting one side.

btbam91 says:

This doesn't make sense.

Andr3sfc says:

Pretty shortsighted post you've made here.

I'm going to disregard this...even though by typing this I'm actually doing the opposite...

rubenbest says:

This app is real old on Ios and android. But nice to see it get here.

TheAsad_1 says:

A bit pricy, [+] Lockscreen style does the same job but app is free :)

aitt says:

A stripped down version. I mean really $1.50?

jlynnm350z says:

What is it with these limitations I keep hearing about and developers are writing in there write UPS. "do to OS limitations" I see it all the time. It's like the developer is saying, here is my app, it could and should be better but this is all Microsoft lets me do. Take the reigns off Microsoft, let the developers develop the app the way they and we want. I don't see that on IOS. Everytime we get an app that Android or IOS has it seems to be striped down plain and dull, due to "OS" limitations. Whats up with that? I do love Microsoft and Windows OS, that doesn't mean I can't be frustrated at times. Its almost like a love hate relationship. I want an OS without limitations. I pay good money to have an OS without limitations. I can always stray somewhere where there is no OS limitations. Ya feel me.

thaman04 says:

But that's the thing... is it OS restrictions or are the devs just lazy to learn the RIGHT way to do it?  WP doesn't have many restrictions unless it's related to the security of the platform.  If the devs learned to develop it the correct way (for WP), then there wouldn't be an issue.  But rather than admit that, they blame the OS in many cases.

jlynnm350z says:

I guess some developers are looking for just a quick buck instead of learning the OS and putting out a quality app.

venetasoft says:

Wp8 has no more limitation than iOS, Android is more virus and spyware. Definitively these developers are crying too much ;)

Vic_Tye says:

Photogrid is free too

mjfadaway says:

Isn't this free on iOS?

izzykahn says:

Wow! An app I kinda want!! Jk lol, but I've wanted to use this app on my iPod but it needed to be updated.

kiddj55 says:

To me this blatanly says instagram is coming. I mean why would the Number 1 collage app want to come to Windows Phone without they're number one reason for existence, instagram!?

cannon#WP says:

It also means to me that when Instagram does get released, it will be WP8 only.

pbroy says:

Would have been nice if there was a trial version

Nitaino says:

Phototastic remade for WP8? Okay...

Quin 2013 says:

Is this what he meant as giving us a little something that he mentioned in an earlier post?

If so, LMFAO!!!!

mprebich says:

Hey Joe, just get us the firmware updates faster (still don't have 1308 in apac), and fix windows phone store issues.

(I'm using an unlocked apac version of Lumia 920 from Phils. Storage check has never worked. Just installed this new update of Extras, but Storage check still not working. Anxiously awaiting firmware 1308. Hopefully this will fix this and my other issues - camera button and camera app don't work (luckily proshot can access the camera hardware and work), unit won't rotate to landscape mode. All this after a hard reset, needed because I was having the screen freeze issues. On top of it all, I haven't been able to purchase any app through windows phone store for two weeks. Microsoft support has been terrible and after 4 chats and numerous emails, still can't figure it out. Time to consider a switch.)

lemonsteveo says:

Maybe you should have your phone checked out, no problems on my 920 from Hong Kong. Also just got the 1308 update.

mprebich says:

Yes, I will have to bring it in (see my reply above). Glad to hear you received the update. Hopefully, all of apac will have it soon.

mprebich says:

Thanks to all the replies.  As it is an unlocked phone directly purchased through a Nokia reseller (neither of the two mobile carriers in Philippines cariies Nokia Lumia 900/920), the unit had to be returned directly to Nokia Care center.
The unit escalated from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 within 48 hours.  It has now been shipped off somewhere for hardware repair. 
For all of you attesting to how great your phone is working, the true test of a brand is how well they handle you when there are problems.  As mentioned earlier, the carriers in the Philippines do not carry Nokia Lumia 900/920 and I had to purchase outright at full price, $600+
I am sure all of you would agree that no one expects to pay $600 for the newest "flagship" phone of any brand, just to end up with a refurb unit after less than three months.  Point is, it should have been an immediate replacement by Nokia.
Updates to come, as I doubt my story is going to end well.

mprebich says:

Thanks to all the replies. As it is an unlocked phone directly purchased through a Nokia reseller (neither of the two mobile carriers in Philippines cariies Nokia Lumia900/920), the unit had to be returned directly to Nokia Care center.
The unit escalated from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 within 48 hours. It has now been shipped off somewhere for hardware repair.
For all of you attesting to how great your phone is working, the true test of a brand is how well they handle you when there are problems. As mentioned earlier, the carriers in the Philippines do not carry Nokia Lumia 900/920 and I had to purchase outright at full price, $600+
I am sure all of you would agree that no one expects to pay $600 for the newest "flagship" phone of any brand, just to end up with a refurb unit after less than three months. Point is, it should have been an immediate replacement by Nokia.
Updates to come, as I doubt my story is going to end well.

rodneyej says:

Doesn't it seems like Joe B. has been in hiding until today? Could he really be that busy?

jMawl says:

FYI, based on the screen shots at the Windows Phone Store, it shows options for changing the borders of the collages. In the iOS version this is an add-on that costs $0.99 so maybe the $1.49 isn't so bad. Plus, this isn't even offered on Android so that is a plus :) It also appears that iOS users have to purchase a frames pack add-on to get to the maximum number of collage layouts listed in their app description. Basically the only thing that WP8 users are missing is the ability to share to instagram and twitter and to print to Walgreens (which might be kind of cool). Please correct me if something here is wrong. I don't actually own the iOS version; I'm just going by the website.

inteller says:

Users coming from iPhone won't care, they will see 1.49 and say f that.

Ardeshir_Mir says:

I wish it had free trial, again it's a shame it's $1.99 in australia not $1.49

venetasoft says:

Don't buy it if it is too expensive for you. There are free alternatives. Please stop these silly comments..

sdreamer says:

Phototastic Free does it the same way for free

Since when did iTunes also sells apps ? I thought only appstore had apps

wetworker says:

I use Photosastic for stuff like this. There is also a free version.

chad08er says:

PhotoGrid is awesome and free.

akar33 says:

What computer is that?

MadSci2 says:

No trial on WP? But free on iOS - meh
Say it ain't so Joe!

saulgould13 says:

I used to use diptic, very similar, i like stitching pics in mini montages, cool to see on the this platform..

dee_R0w says:

Folks, the market share held by windows phone is too miniscule for the plethora of free apps we see on iOS. These guys risk a lot by porting to a seemingly niche audience and platform. The only way to offset this risk is by placing a fee on the app in the case that it doesn't "catch on" and the fee mitigates that dilemma/risk. Meanwhile we single handedly tear down developers with our words instead of building them. How do we build them up? Buy the app, or refrain from negative comments.

uopjo6 says:

Its not about the price. 1.49 is chump change but the fact that it is free on iOS is almost racist.

01mggt says:

Wish I hadn't bought this honestly. If you crop or resize the image any it looks like a grainy mess from a 1mp digital camera when they first came out.

jfmanzo says:

Same results here- worthless. But I'm happy for this discussion because otherwise I'd never have discovered Artile, which is superb.

creip says:

Pretty aggressive pricing. I didn't buy this app.
On the other hand, I've downloaded all the other free alternatives available from the Store now. So news like this is always more commotion and goodness for the entire ecosystem.

fkalseth says:

Artile does what Pic Stitch does and more, and does it better. It has been available on WP8 for a while now with lots of 5-star reviews. Check it out:
Disclaimer: I am the developer of Artile :)

pbroy says:

Good job man

giorgio h says:

Dick stitch love it

patiua says:

Output looks HORRENDOUS. Damn. 01mggt is right. How can Joe recommend it? Haven't he tried the app. The resolution in the final photo is really really bad..
I hope a fix will come. I bought half part to support the coming of "big app" from istore....but honestly its useless. Trying Artile and photosastic...

cesar ruiz1 says:

He recommended this app cause he uses it on his daily iPhone.

jlynnm350z says:

I hope this isn't the something nice be Joe tweeted about the other day

cellabella74 says:

Hello there i am very very new to my windows phone,nokia 928..i know this is an old thread but im just looking to get an app like pic stitch ..something i can use to make collages for instagram..i see a few listed here what would be the best for me