Pictures Lab for Windows Phone edits price

Pictures Lab for Windows Phone

Pictures Lab is a very nice photo editing app for your Windows Phone. The app offers a wide selection of editing tools that includes filters, borders, exposure adjustments and more. The app is in the top five photography apps on the Marketplace and has recently had it's price cropped. The original $1.99 price tag on Pictures Lab is dropped to $.99 making the app a steal of a deal.

Pictures Lab

Pictures Lab has Facebook and Twitter integration to make social sharing of your photos easier. Settings allow you to set the image quality on images you share and save. Plus you can add an artist name (e.g. copyright) to the image's EXIF file. plus you can set the image quality in the app's settings.

If you're not sure about Pictures Hub, there is a free trial version available to let you try before you buy. The full version is running $.99 and you can find Pictures Lab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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isnoozu says:

What are the Top Five Photography apps? I'm sure Thumba has the first position.

Top five photo apps (in order); Thumba, Photo Dot Lock, Camera Effects, Tattoo Tester and Pictures Lab.

ZuNuKoo says:

Forgetting fantasia painter?

venetasoft says:

Good job Renè, you are the Bitmap guru :)
Than you so much for all your wonderful blogs too.
Your App is a must have :)

mlfj4901 says:

How does this compare to the Nokia creative studio app?

myjota says:

Yesterday i bouth it

dalydose says:

My Top 5: Fhotoroom, Thumba, Fantasia, Photosynth, Phototastic (for collages/frames)

djctz says:

Is this better than Thumba?

Pictures labs I recommend Iv used it since I got WP over a year ago its a good pic app