Pinsation for Windows Phone updated: now available outside the US

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Pinsation, a Pinterest client for Windows Phone, has recently been updated and is now available in Marketplaces outside the U.S. Pinsation enables the user, once logged into their Pinterest account, to upload pins, re-pin, like pins, create boards, delete pins, comment on pins, and more.

Although Pinsation was released to the U.S. marketplace only, Windows Phone owners (and those with Pinterest accounts) who reside in Europe (and the UK), Australia, Canada, and South America will now be able to download the app. As well as the increased market support, Pinsation received a number of improvements and bug fixes in versions 1.2 and 1.3:

  • Added about page
  • Added globalization support
  • Added Spanish and German languages
  • Redesigned user page
  • User page now shows about, location, and website
  • Autoloads more following items on home screen

You can download Pinsation from the Marketplace for free.

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danielgary says:

You can follow progress on Pinsation here at http://facebook.com/pinsationwp.  Thanks for your support!

Viegie says:

Great app! But the background of the main screen is very pixelated (Lumia 800)... The background of the categories is from much higher quality.

danielgary says:

Interesting, I will take a look at that.  Thanks for the feedback!

TonyDedrick says:

Pretty cool Pinterest client. Just took it for a spin and now I don't have to use the official one on my iPod Touch (its awfully slow).

Quick question: Any chance the option to search for a friend's profile in order to follow them making its way to the app or am I just missing that feature?

danielgary says:

It's coming in 1.4 along with live tiles.  That's been a big request, being able to search for people.

TonyDedrick says:

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response and the response in general. Will definitely like your FB page and spread the word on your app :)

metsfan421 says:

Tried to login with my Facebook account and all it does is bring me to a page that says success. App never loads..

davidgilson says:

Is this new? I installed it (in the UK) almost a week ago.

ahuczek says:

I posted in the marketplace about how much I liked the app after the last update and just in case the dev didn't see it there I'll say it again.. Great job!! Love how speedy everything is and it looks great.

ahuczek says:

I did just notice something however. The ability to edit comments is a little weird. I can't move my cursor or select words like normal. Only type and backspace.

Z3MN says:

Not available in Indonesia :((