Pocket God and Fruit Ninja both live in the Marketplace

Well that didn't take too long. Just a few hours after announcing that they were coming, Microsoft has gone ahead and pushed the publish button, releasing Pocket God and Fruit Ninja, each fetching for a fair $2.99.

We're betting both games should be big hits as these are the kinds of titles that causal gamers are looking for on mobile phones these days. Give 'em a spin and let us know in comments your thoughts! (In the meantime, I'm going to unleash my inner-vengeful God in a very un-P.C. way on some Pygmies...)

You can grab both right here: Pocket God and Fruit Ninja



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jeffro2k says:

I can't find them in the marketplace.

dcbossman says:

just like you said these games are great for causal gamers, i'm waiting for the real stuff. I want to see more of the wp7 and xbox tie together games like we got a taste of with crackdown 2 project sunburst.

Rodney5 says:

I just tried Pocket God. It's not really my kind of game but it worked really well. But the game takes a very long time to load, and this is something that microsoft has to address with WP7. I uninstalled shortly after.

devGOD says:

Its not a microsoft issue the loading time. the developer needs to address that. i also noticed if you tap the load screen the menu came up.

wolfgang#WP says:

Fruit Ninja is a lot of fun. I didn't like Pocket God as much.

devGOD says:

I agree. I ended up buying fruit ninja. pocket god wasn't fun.

Evster88 says:

I couldn't find it in the marketplace either... There seems to be a definite lag of at least a day or so between an app being released and it populating for searching in the mkt.

devGOD says:

its there, sometimes items do not appear in the search results the same time apps appear.

mvierling says:

If this is the way Microsoft does their apps, then WP7 will be a massive fail. Fruit Ninja is free on the Android platform, but WP7 users get the "privilege" of paying for it on their platform. MS does the same thing on their XBox Live platform and I'm getting really ticked with them.