Poki, a beautiful Pocket client, picks up first update on Windows Phone


Earlier this month we highlighted a brand new Pocket client in the Windows Phone Store called Poki. It’s the first app from Austrian developer @artistandsocial and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s probably our favorite Pocket app available for Windows Phone. We’re not alone in that sentiment. The app currently holds a 5 star rating in the U.S. and is globally averaging 200-500 downloads a day. Let’s just out the recent update for Poki.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll now see Poki sitting at version 1.1. Like most updates you’ll find performance and bug fixes packaged in the update. There’s a new registration process that corrected some bugs at launch. Items update faster and Poki won’t show a blank page when resuming from tombstone. Page animations have increased, download speed for articles & images has increased, and much more.

However, we’re really interested in the new features available in v1.1. Here they are:

  • Auto-completion for tag editing and add dialog
  • New Live tiles + ability to use accent color as background
  • Show link dialog when clicking links in articles
  • Video (Vimeo/Youtube) support in reading view
  • Added Videos to the list filter
  • Support for websites with multiple pages
  • Ability to report faulty articles
  • Help view for login/registration problems
  • Toggle for auto-refresh on startup
  • Select for voice gender


Not a bad update at all. We’re heavy users of tags in Pocket, so we’re glad to see auto-complete for tags added in Poki. When an article has a YouTube video embedded you’ll be able to open it in your favorite YouTube apps (like myTube or Metrotube).

Want to pick up Poki for Windows Phone? Then go ahead and download it from the Windows Phone Store. ($1.99/Trial)

Via: Poki App

QR: Poki



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arkhale says:

Poki is thoughtfully made. I bought it right away. It's functional and beautiful.

Aashish13 says:

Wpcentral update? Want smileys for comments!!!!

Love how this is the first WP app on Verge's Best Apps section.

WavingReds says:

I'm hoping for a Windows 8 version of it

twentythreee says:

I will wait for BUILD and decide afterwards whether to build it or not!

Beautiful app. Bought it right away.

Laura Knotek says:

How is this better than Pouch? Pouch is available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. This isn't available for Windows 8.1. I prefer apps that are available on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

ajaxas says:

I've bought both so I can compare. Pouch is unstable and it loses first pargraphs in some cases, Poki doesn't.

Also, those colorful rings are awseome! B)

borasar says:

Look above for the dev's response regarding Windows. Makes total sense to wait until BUILD.

Sam Sabri says:

Since these are all Pocket apps it doesn't matter which one you use on your phone or tablet or PC. Everything syncs!

derDaniel says:

I would kinda live too see an RSS reader in the poki style

twentythreee says:

Why not try phonly? I think it's gorgeous! :-)

And please don't wait for a Poki RSS :P

borasar says:

Phonly is a great rss reader and the dev mentioned that he is working on offline reading

HBKnight says:

I can also vouch for Phonly as a great RSS reader for WP. It doesn't look like Poki (which is just amazing IMO) but it's still stylish, functional, and just great. Poki and Phonly have become two of my most-used apps in recent weeks.

wizzackr says:

Personally prefer pock8, although poki looks really nice

JPDVM2014 says:

Yea, that is a horrible job by someone. I can't believe no one said, "Hey, should we rethink shortening bath & body works to BBW?"

Cyrax.NET says:

Or maybe they knew exactly what they were doing?

wtma says:

Beautiful and very functional app.

HBKnight says:

I love this app. It has quickly become one of my most-used apps in just the past few weeks.