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Poki is a stunning, feature packed Pocket app for Windows Phone that you need

Pocket is one of our favorite web services. However there’s no official Pocket app on either Windows Phone or Windows 8. The best way to experience Pocket on these platforms is through third-party clients. Poki is a brand new Pocket app for Windows Phone. It just launched and it just might become your favorite. Let’s check it out.

Pocket (www.getpocket.com)? It’s that awesome service that allows you to save articles for offline reading at a later time. No longer do you need to send yourself URLs to articles you want to read, just add them to your Pocket and they follow you wherever you go.

Poki Windows Phone

We’ve had the pleasure of playing with Poki for a few weeks now. The app was developed by Tobias Klika from Austria. It’s his first Windows Phone app and he really hit it out of the park. We’ve seen Poki grow from screenshots to Windows Phone Store application and have really loved using it every step of the way. Here’s what you can do with Poki for Windows Phone.

  • Completely customizable reading view
  • Offline capability with detailed storage overview
  • Listen (pause/resume/stop) to articles with automatic language detection
  • Reading and listening position are stored for each article
  • 3 themes available (white, dark, black)
  • Integrated filter for the list view
  • Gain achievements for reading articles
  • Search articles by title, URL and/or tags

Poki windows phone

The first thing you’ll notice about Poki after you download is the design. It’s one of the most beautiful apps you’ll find in the Windows Phone Store. This is Metro.

Not only is Poki a beautiful Windows Phone app, but its feature packed and does everything (and more) for a Pocket app. The obvious Pocket features like tag support, offline reading, and more are all there. But the app takes those components and improves them. It also throws in a few things that are fairly unique to Poki that we really like. For example, achievements.

It’s a really minor thing when you think about it, but we love the achievements built into Poki. You’ll unlock little badges for doing regular Pocket things like tagging items or reading an article with over 5,000 words. It’s a small feature, but we can’t help but smile every time we unlock one.


Little things like achievements aside, Poki is a serious Pocket app and will definitely be useful for power readers. You can sort your home view articles by unread, favorites, and archived. You can also reverse the sorting by most recent or least recent.

You can search articles by tag, title, or URL. The app has three themes so you can select whichever one looks most pleasing to you. Although the developer Tobi personally prefers the dark theme, which is why it’s the default.

The reading view is also beautiful. You can change the size of the font, the alignment and font color. You also have a huge number of options for articles when reading them. Mark it as read, favorite it, edit the tags or trash it. You can share articles, listen to them, download, open them in IE, pin them to your Start screen or get info like word count.

Bonus feature of Poki? It uses the PocketWP standard that Squirrel and Pouch both use. So you can open and save articles from the Windows Phone Central app to Poki as well. 

Poki is a beautiful, fast, and feature packed Pocket app for Windows Phone and it’s already our favorite. You can download it from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99. There is a free trial that limits you to 50 requests to Pocket. But trust us, if you’re a heavy Pocket user the $1.99 is worth it. 

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exkerZ says:

Where is 6pocket? Lol

bkydcmpr says:

i would rather have a deep pocket.

AngryNil says:

The Huyn circlejerk is getting pretty damn annoying.

I'm a big fan of Rudy's apps, but Poki is gorgeous. Up there with Readit as my favorite designed WP applications.

Laura Knotek says:

Are there any such apps that sync between Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

danielgary says:

The fact that Microsoft doesn't have a Reading List app for Windows Phone is ridiculous.

Laura Knotek says:

My preference would be to find articles using Windows 8, and then use an app to make them available to read offline on Windows Phone.

Sam Sabri says:

There are Pocket apps on Windows 8. You can share articles through the share charm on Windows 8 to those Pocket apps. Then use your Pocket app of choice on Windows Phone to read those articles!

Laura Knotek says:

Are there any Pocket apps for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone from the same developer? For instance, I like Nextgen and Weave, since they both have Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

I think it's easier to use the same apps on both platforms, rather than a mish-mash of different apps from different developers.

Laura Knotek says:

Thanks! I'll check it out.

+1 for Pouch. I use it both on my WP and my Surface 2. Great app.

jonmeza says:

Pouch, I believe

blackfire says:

+1 Sam. That's what I usually do. Whenever I find an article while browsing on Win8 but I don't have the time to read it at the moment I just send them to Latermark. Then when I have the time I read them from either Pocket on the Phone, or Latermark itself on Win8. The service behind both applications is the same, so they are in sync even if they are apps from different developers.

theefman says:

Probably making one for ios and android first.

gerbir21 says:

Agreed... In my review of the Reading list app on the Windows store, I noted that there should he a companion app available for Windows phone. Ability to save/read from either platform would be very useful.

blackfire says:

I don't think Microsoft needs to cover functionality for each and every usage scenario for smartphones. There are plenty of third party readers that are awesome. But I wonder if those available don't satisfy your requirements or needs for that type of app?

fwaits says:

I would assume it's coming as the other Bing apps have been slowly but surely arriving.  Maybe a baked in WP8.1 thing?  Or if not, bundled with it at that time perhaps.  We'll see.

erasure25 says:

I know!!! I would prefer a Reading List app!!

joe_easton says:

I use Next Gen reader on WP and Win8; can i save/share from Next Gen to Poki (Pocket)? 


Shafter92 says:

Yeah, use "Share" button from application bottom bar and choose "Save to pocket".

I've never used pocket, but I just bought the app anyway and will force myself to give it a run. I'm sure it could be useful. [EDIT] Just saved a story from the WPCentral app AND THIS IS AWESOME!

sManowar says:

The only thing I wish it had was for it to read to me :).

It does do that, actually. Just tap the ellipsis in the upper right corner and click 'Listen'.

Sam Sabri says:

It does! When looking at an article click the menu buttons up top (three periods) and you can select "listen"

twentythreee says:

It also automatically detects the language, just to note :P (but the article already states that)

Thank you so much for the review, Sam!!!

Btw., if you don't recognize me, I'm Tobias Klika ;-)

The app should be tweaked so that the "listen" feature can run under lock, or at least stop the device from locking if impossible... It's nice when you resume it that it continues reading from where it left off, but it'd also be nice if that didn't need to happen in the first place for long stories and devices with short screen time-out.

twentythreee says:

That's already on the todo list for the next update, thanks!

Thank you!

It's a fantastic app! If there's an interesting story I want to read later I usually just leave it open in another tab on my computer, but this is really cool. I love it!

Dking7 says:

Just out of interest, how long did it take you to develop the app?

twentythreee says:

I started about 5 months ago (mostly developing from Thursday to Sunday). Had to learn everything beforehand, as it's my first app. But it was a funny time :-)

R0bR says:

Since you did such a great job with this WP app, should we expect Poki for W8/RT in another 5 months? :o)

Edit: I didn't get far enough in the thread, saw your response below.

twentythreee says:

I will wait now for about a month and then decide if I'm going to make a Windows Store app. But it wouldn't take me 5 months, no :D

jnbnb says:

Does anybody know if this app is similar to "windows phone news". I use this since wp7

ludwigh says:

It looks fantastic! Any plans for a Windows 8 version?

twentythreee says:

Hi! I'm Tobi. No plans yet, as I'm waiting for BUILD, to see if they are going to change a lot in the upcoming Win versions!

kiddj55 says:

Bring it to Android ;)

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

kirklyt says:

Awesome.! Great app.! :D

jlynnm350z says:

Stunning, truly stunning!!!!

I use Owl Reader, have more customizable settings and is more expensive, but you no need pay, because is Unlimited ad-free trial. For me, is it more important, that this application is very stabile, no crash, even if i have thousands articles.

theefman says:

Stopped using pocket as they refuse to support WP. Hope MS gets off their butts and gives us a reading list app with offline capability that syncs with W8.

ctafield says:

Pocket are more kinder to WP than you may think. They have recently tweeted about Pouch, Squirrel and Poki. 

danielgray says:

What is the PocketWP standard? Can it be used to extend Facebook and even the built in hubs?

twentythreee says:

You have internal URLs on Windows Phone, which can open apps.

We (devs from Poki, Pouch and Squirrel) sat together and built an unified URI which let's you share from other apps directly to your favorite Pocket app on windows phone. It's the same as the share dialog in IE, but you will get Poki, Pouch, Squirrel and Owl Reader as the result list, in case you have them installed ;-)

aerosmillie says:

I don't get it? Why am I saving a story for later from wpcentral when its available in the app itself offline and im reading the article right then and there anyway??

Jay Bennett says:

Just a preference :) you might want to save the article to read again later. Or to read on another pocket app on another platform :)

anon5354051 says:

It's not limited to wpcentral, a lot of apps/services can share to pocket.

JPDVM2014 says:

Looks like a nice app, but I use instapaper. How does pocket compare?

twentythreee says:

Read this http://www.theverge.com/2013/6/18/4439084/inside-pocket-how-read-it-late... , great article about Pocket and its rival Instapaper.

mighty_stag says:

Sorry, too busy. I'll save it to Poki and read it later ^_^

twentythreee says:

haha, awesome :D

JPDVM2014 says:

Thanks, I'll check it out.

FrankEpr says:

Will give it a try, but I really like Pouch. Btw... what happened to the new Pouch logo/icon? Did I miss anything?

wtrmlnjuc says:

Actually looks like a real nice reader, unlike most of the other stuff on here.

PerseusPrime says:

when is a client for diigo coming up? I use diigo more than pocket.

shamrock1988 says:

I personally don't see a need for this service.

danielgray says:

I used to use it a lot when I used Gravity on Symbian, if i saw a link in a tweet that was interesting I would add it to pocket to read later. As I read most tweets in the people hub, i haven't used it on WP.

Ticomfreak says:

Not to be confused with the start menu replacement for Windows 8...

twentythreee says:

:P It was named "Pockem" before but someone at WPCentral suggested this name to me a few months ago, and I thought it's great, although there's already "Pokki".

ilgulamc says:

Not for wp7.8?! Can't wait for wp7.9 to come out!

nez99 says:

I still can't get the add to pocket favorite URL to work for me :(

twentythreee says:


Just follow the instructions from the old Pouch URI: http://fedorainteractive.com/phone/add-to-pouch.html

and replace the code to copy with the following:


nez99 says:

Yeah man tried that many a time, just doesnt work for me :(

twentythreee says:

Could you please write the issue to support@pokiapp.com, so we can better talk about it?

tofmin says:

Sorry for stupid question. This works only on PC browser or in phone too (IE only?).

twentythreee says:

That's just for the Windows Phone Browser, IE!

On PC you can install browser extensions, which save to pocket (available on Opera, Firefox, Chrome, ...)

Does Pocket support Weave News Reader?...No Weave equals no thank you for me...Which sucks because the Poki video makes it sound pretty useful.

anon5354051 says:

It's the other way around: Weave has to support pocket. Just try to share an article in Weave and look if pocket is an option ;)

david90531 says:

Use pocket all the time, seems like the trial mode of this is plenty for me, so I'll take it!

hagjohn says:

Never heard of pocket before.

Chris_Kez says:

I love being able to quickly swipe over to my list of tags and seeing how many articles there are for each tag. This is a huge plus for me over Pouch. I also really like the design, but I do wish there was a setting to change the list view so it showed an image next to the article title. The colored dots look nice, but they seem to be random and a little extraneous. I'll stick with a bit and see how well it performs, and whether the "add to Poki" functionality works consistently in IE. Great job for a first app!

Saligia88 says:

Very, very bad&sad.... Where is pictures in articles? Owl Reader show me all pictures in it, poki - just few....Pouch always crush on long articles, I'm waiting for Poki, but now I'm very sad - only design, but i need more... 

This looks like a quality app, so gonna buy it to support the developer. Might even get some inspiration from his UI design. Good work mate :)

k_kjong says:

Wow, just downloaded Poki. Installed the trial first, and 2 minutes later, bought it. Definitely one of the best designed WP apps out there. Great job, Tobi!

I use Owl reader.

Kallisticker says:

Me too. And Owl Reader, also due to it's existence since WP7.5 and therefor the time invested in the development, is still the best Pocket client for Windows Phone. Although, I really like the design of Poki. But in this case: function over form.

borasar says:

no Xbox achievements?! thanks MS

looks awesome can't wait to try it, I was looking for an offline reader that I can use at least until phonly gets offline reading

bergdaniel says:

Working on it. :-)

borasar says:

Cool! Daniel, you guys should work together maybe get poki for offline reading in phonly? The design and the functionality of the app is incredible. I tried it yesterday and it's mind blowing

mrdeezus says:

I dont get these types of apps.....Ill just stick with Geekbyte. Nice looking app though.

borasar says:

this isn't a news aggregator, this is a content locker

oneiros says:

Wow...i've been playing around with the trial version few hours..take my money now! Hands down best two dollars ever spent on a piece of software!

bergdaniel says:

Holy crap that's a fantastic design and well working app. Very impressed.

Kudos and great addition to the Windows Phone platform!

/Daniel, Geek Industries

App Dev says:

Design is "OK" but is overshadowed by the fact the main feature does not work properly, when I add articles they don't appear in the list until I restart. Nokia 928.

borasar says:

the design is great and that's why there is a refresh button, but please go ahead and design something better

How do you add an article on your WP to Pocket to read on Poki?  I installed Poki but when I go to share an article in the browser Poki doesn't show up.  How will this app save me time if I have to copy and paste the url into Poki to save it to my Pocket?

twentythreee says:


Sharing from IE to third-party apps is currently not supported on Windows Phone. Hopefully they will address this issue in a future update.

In the meantime you can use our bookmarklet, which does exactly what you want: http://pokiapp.com/bookmarklet