Poland to start selling the Lumia 1020 tomorrow; coming to carriers in “the coming weeks”

When it rains, it pours is the old expression. That’s the case here with the Lumia 1020 news that keeps pouring in here to Windows Phone Central this morning--isn’t our worldwide readership just grand?

Today, Nokia Poland has announced that the highly sought after camera phone will go on sale tomorrow (September 19) at independent outlets and “in the coming weeks” to Orange and T-Mobile. The device will come in the traditional colors of white, yellow and black (sorry, no red folks!) and it will retail for 2899 PLN.

About the game changing smartphone, Robert Siverskyi, General Manager, Nokia in Poland had this to say:

"Nokia Lumia1020 is a milestone in mobile photography. With its 41-megapixel and Nokia Pro Camera, Nokia Lumia 1020 boosts creativity and facilitates the capture, edit and sharing of your pictures with unrivaled sharpness.”

As a side note, we’re noticing a couple of things with the 1020 launch this time around, which is good news for the Windows Phone community (or for those is looking to get one for the first time). For one, the global launch appears to be happening in a relatively timed fashion—from the end of September through October. That’s seemingly a lot better than the Lumia 920, which spanned months, causing frustration amongst customers.

The other change we’re seeing is the device simultaneously launch on multiple carriers (well, except for the US where AT&T evidently has the exclusive). That’s great news as wider availability leads to price competition amongst carriers and consumers don’t feel the temptation to switch.

So to our Polish audience, who’s going to pick one of these up?

Source: Nokia (Press Release); via: WPWorld.pl



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JoRdaNeK says:

There is a beautiful polish girl on my friends course, who loves Nokia. For the record, I've asked him to set us up, wish me luck :)

montel22 says:

Good luck, hope it works out.

Wish the girl I like had a Nokia. Has an iPhone. :'(

AndyGriff says:

I know it's wrong of me to think so, but my opinion of someone drops just a little if I see they have an iPhone.

rodneyej says:

The girl I'm dating now has a iPhone 5, and when I told her there was a new iPhone coming out she was surprised and said that she wanted to upgrade before even asking what it had to offer.. Lol❗
But, over the last few weeks I've been playing with her iP5, and I've been pretty impressed with it.. It has any, and everything that she would ever care about in a smartphone, and I hate to admit it guys, but her cross platform apps makes some of ours look like they are still in beta... For instance,, no pun intended, her Voxer app is admittedly light years ahead of ours, and her FB app has some cool stuff that we don't have yet... The only thing I really didn't like about her iP5 was the smaller screen, but I adjusted to it quickly.. Another thing about her phone is that it behaves smooth, and quickly, just like our WP devices.. Basically, my experience with it was flawless.
Now, that took a lot of maturity on my part to admit all that, but it's true.. Don't worry guys,,, I still see the many advantages that WP has over the iPhone with choice being the main one... But, its funny how my past two GFs chose a WP device for their next phone without me pushing it on them.. Now, the one I'm with now is going to be a little harder because she actually uses the features of her iPhone, and she loves it for more than just the name... She depends on it, and I'm kinda impressed.. Nevertheless, I let it be known to her that this isn't Android, because people tend to think that of it's not a iPhone then it must be a Android phone... We went to the att store this past weekend and she went strait to the MotoX display,, I guess all of the colors mesmerized her, or something... But, for someone reason when I showed her the 1020, and the 925, it was like she looked right through them... The only thing that she acknowledges about my phone is the picture quality, and she always makes me use my camera to get the shot... The problem is WP's store presence... That MotoX display was ridiculous, and it showcased about 8 different color options... Sad because we can't even get the 1020 in red,, yet... When will the bleeding stop❓I always thought WP was the king of color....
So, yes NIST,, I'm already taken, and I am sorry...

NIST says:

I'm more in shock that you've moved on to dating girls. Poor girl.

rodneyej says:

Yes, I've moved on from my hand... Poor hand.

NIST says:

carpal tunnel is a bitch

Hey Rodney what's the biggest ATT store you seen around DFW?

Please don't reply to others and say an off topic comment.

rodneyej says:

Who tha f#$# do you think you are❔.. I'll reply whatever I want to whoever I want.. Was the reply to you❔... If it wasn't for you, and you don't like it then skip over it.. Sorry, can't help you dude..


rodneyej says:

Well, that's what you get because he was asking me a question.. I know him personally, and he always ask me DallasFortWorth WP related news, or anything... Mind your own business;-);-);-);-) LOL❗

Well, he replied to you something totally off topic. If you know him personally, why don't you just text him, and not reply in the thread to talk to each other?

rodneyej says:

Dude, we only do that once in a blue moon, so let it go.. At least it's WP related... It's not like we use WPC as our personal messaging service.. Lol.. Now, all this talk you're making is the real waste of space on here, so leave us alone...

You don't need to be an ass. It isn't necessary. :)

JoRdaNeK says:

I was wondering this ever since the Nokia/Microsoft absorption, what is WP offering us that other os's aren't? Im not saying there isn't anything differentiating, (i

JoRdaNeK says:

Where's the rest!?!?

JoRdaNeK says:

Lots of my text is missing, anyway, cut a long story short: i love Nokia more than WP at the minute, all this ios 7 malarkey has made me think about our ecosystem divide

rodneyej says:

The truth is that all four are great in their own way... You just have to choose which one works best for you... At this point we shouldn't be asking what WP has to offer that the others don't... There's plenty, and lately innovation has been the main differentiator.

Kadcidxa says:

My gf is Polish and she as a Nokia C6.

JoRdaNeK says:

I recently broke up with a polish girl, leaving both her and her old Nokia........i now know that I've made a huge mistake......her Nokia had done nothing wrong

Kadcidxa says:

But I have a Samsung Focus which was forgotten by MS and AT&T.

baron1996 says:

Cmon im frustrated by all the 1020 availabilityarticles wpcentral give me some windows phone news

Nope. And I'm filing this under #firstworldproblems.

Zeeshan360 says:

Tech news is bland for past couple of days not just WP news

rodneyej says:

I noticed that...

With how hard we've worked over what is supposed to be a slow August, I'm more than okay with this... ;)

Nakazul says:

Hey, its kind of impossible to trample the MSFT buying Nokia thing, were spoiled, pumped up, chewed up, locked in I think the WPC crew need a break. Hey maybe us readers need a break.
I'm going yoga style. :D

rodneyej says:

Ask for more news, but never ask WPC to not do what they were put here to do.. Counter productive❔

baron1996 says:

We should acknowledge wpcentral as it has been featured in this weeks nokia conversations blog star of the week though they dont need any further recognition its always cool to be rewarded for what u do

JoRdaNeK says:

This is what happens when Microsoft are being lethargic, but to also be fair, if the 1020 was coming to android, im sure there would be just as many articles about it

Lumia 1020 being sold, Lumia 1020 being sold everywhere... 
But here in Brazil, probably just in December :/

rodneyej says:

The 1020 will be available in Brazil sometimes in October, and it will be the 64gb version with the free camera PACK,,, you lucky SOB.

Chemilinski says:

I think I am the first person from Poland to comment on this news story.
Anyway, I have been looking at who's selling this here and it's already on sale on Ceneo.pl which is kinda like Amazon for Poland (there's no Amazon here).
But for 2900zł, which is £572/$913, it really is too much for me to buy off-contract, which I'd greatly prefer. I am SO hoping the contract prices for this are reasonably priced.
The advertising for Lumias is really strong here, I've seen it all over Warsaw. Hopefully it'll do well.

Zeeshan360 says:

Yeah .. The phone is costly off contract but it is slightly costlier than S4 and priced lesser than Note 3

crazygonzo says:

Hell yeah it's too much to ask if an average person earns 1200-1500 zł a month in Poland (side info for comparision - Big Mac + fries will set you back 15 zł, pizza's price starts at 20 zł). The price situation is similar to Brazil - huge tax & overpriced devices, but it's not Nokia's fault that minimal wage is so small and common in Poland.

xSchlo says:

I'm still happy with L920. So no upgrade to 1020...

cybermoose89 says:

Not much word for us English for when its available as of yet for the uk

rodneyej says:

Nokia Lumia 1020 trucks parking in front of GSZoom billboards❓

JoRdaNeK says:

Preorder at o2, get it 25th with £150 worth of accessories for free

NIST says:

With such a global rollout how can the Nokia 1020 still be considered a "niche phone"? If anything this is Nokia's flagship phone, getting the exposure and rollout it deserves.

I think it's a combo of Nokia improving strategy. The know that rolled out launches spanning months is not good for business and have adjusted appropriately. I think we'll see this for all phones going forward, sort of like the "two week announce vs ship" strategy as of late for AT&T.

NIST says:

Sure, but what other phone of theirs is getting all the ad placement and rollout presence? Certainly not the 9xx series.

JoRdaNeK says:

Is this anything to do with the Microsoft deal, or just a sexy coincidence?

horbeme says:

hopefully when the acquisition is complete the exclusivity will end with AT&T

Yeah, no idea on how that will work. Real interesting prospects though.

anujklkr says:

can someone tell me when 1020 comes to India?:)
please Q_Q

jeetu4444 says:

Nokia 1020 is cmg early oct to india...I really donno y nokia is delaying its launch so much...coz note 3 and z1 r launched....ppl waiting for 1020 mite just buy z1 or note 3...hurry up nokia release it asap

kurtd says:

Sick of carrier exclusivity. When is T-Mobile getting the 1020???