Police officer avoids bullet thanks to the Windows Phone in his pocket

Lumia 520

Nokia’s handsets are known for being quite indestructible. There’s a certain level of lore that surrounds a Nokia phone and how nothing can dent it. Which is why we’re not too surprised that a Nokia Lumia 520 helped a police officer in Brazil avoid a bullet.

An off-duty cop went to visit his parents and found the house was in the process of being robbed. The two crooks had taken the parents hostage and were gathering up items in the household. The off-duty cop was fired at twice before the crooks took off. One bullet missed the officer completely, while the other hit his Lumia 520 that was in his back pocket.

Lumia 520 Brazil Police

The officer (thanks Lumia 520) and his family are safe, but the criminals took off with items and have yet to be found. Of course most any other phone would have saved him from the bullet, but Windows Phone is the second-most popular OS in Brazil.

Source: Globo

Thanks for the tip everyone!



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Flagz says:

My 925 saved me from a Kamehameha

piaqt says:

My 920 savsd me from an overload of stupid.

pierrerv says:

The power of Nokia. The things Microsoft can do with that company are limitless...

tkdmacgeek says:

I killed Superman with a green Lumia 1520!

joeku says:

Now you need to go get a yellow 930 to defeat the Green Lantern.

Sarang68 says:

You mean with kryptonite on it, right?

Nazir Taib says:

Lol, ka me ha me.... Haaaaaaa

My 1020 deflected a Sho-Ryu-Ken!!!

You win comment of the day! lmao

machina says:

""Of course most any other phone would have saved him from the bullet"

This is where you're wrong Sam.
Only a Nokia does that! :P

woot woot

Yeah, a Samsung would be pierced like paper

Agree, but maybe a Sony wouldn't. Doesn't really matter, Lumias are the best.

IceDree says:

There was a similar article in AndroidCentral few years back ... The phone was an HTC Incredible.

Hoss98 says:

I was about to share this article with my friends on facebook but...this sentence prevented me



Arda Ozkal says:

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AskaLangly says:

Can my 822 help me survive Third Impact? :o

Wow! Now how about 1520 as a bullet proof vest..

Nokia FTW!

montel22 says:

I second that.

dreonedon says:

Not even a bullet can go through your screen amazing

aitt says:

You can't make this shit up

pLUSpISTOL says:

hahaaaa LOVE IT

dameon_03 says:

Glad everyone made it out unharmed. Hope they find who did it

It's Brazil... They will never find the culprits..

Lipe13 says:

Please, looking at your name I can guess you're Brazilian. Of course the'll find the culprits, arrest and prosecute them. The thing is that after a couple months the crooks will be released because of our laws. 

I am Brazilian ... and agree.

Mayur says:

...and Nokia should send him another phone.

sundawg#WP says:

Nokia would. Wonder if MS will.

Hoss98 says:

Why? the phone didn't suicide

Arda Ozkal says:

omg! was thinking this before I saw this :) lol I said joe bel. to send him a 1520 ;)

blackprince says:

That third sentence in the first paragraph is missing the word "why"

Sam Sabri says:

Thanks. Added my missing 'y'

Micah Dawson says:

The power of a Lumia lol. This is good but more importantly thank goodness the man is alive and well.

enzom09 says:

Not shocked this happened in Brazil...but wow Lumia. Good thing I usually keep mine in my upper front pocket (near my heart) in my north face

Hoss98 says:

From now on, I'll put my lumia in my back pocket. I don't wanna lose it

erzhik says:

If he had a Nokia 3310, the bullet would ricochet and kill all robbers. After that it would travel to the next grocery store and get a bottle of milk.

DTeKDeV says:


Police: Who killed the robbers?!?
Victims: The Lumia....did...........

S Vaibhav says:

Lol made my day too :D

Arda Ozkal says:

lumia? did you mean 3310?

You sir just made my day.

raycpl says:

... after getting shot. the 3310 would probably still be able to stand upright and dance around too!!

Sir, you simply are a genius xD

MatchAttax08 says:

Comment of the day.lmao

Wael Hasno says:

Laughing in class like an idiot..

gregoron says:

...drink the milk then return the bottle for the deposit the next day.

pentecost says:

Here, have all my internets.

My Nokia 3310 break rocks and avoid an .50cal bullet.

Demitel says:

Another reason for Microsoft not to get rid off the name Nokia, this is one of the well known aspect of Nokia. "its really hard even though its plastic" xD

anuith says:

I think it's impossible because Nokia name belongs to Nokia. And Microsoft only acquired the devices part of them.

Antluv82 says:

Lumia proof vest LOL

Ben Willson says:

So a vest to keep out lumia's.... well i suppose an apple nut would want one.

shaan sarode says:

Burn him at the stake!

Rockartisten says:

But why didn't he just throw the Nokia phone at them?

erzhik says:

If it was a 3310, throwing it would create a black hole. May not happen with a 520, but you never know.

Rockartisten says:

No, but the robber definitely would have exploded.

Guytronic says:

Man we gotta get us some Nokia Windows phone suits now!

Amazingly a 520 no less!

toyotast165 says:

Ms's 1st military spec phone should be called the Nokia Lumia Flak

dwane18 says:

I can't stop smiling. LUMIA FTW!!!! Glad everyone is ok

EJP86 says:

Positive story - love it.

Azurus says:

These are probably the stupidest crooks I've ever seen. Why would shoot at his hip :o

erzhik says:

Millions of people can shoot a gun, but only a handful can actually hit anything.

DJCBS says:

As the US army has proven time and time again XD

silverbladex says:

It's a good thing the criminal did!

Daniel Meek says:

Only peace officers and psychopaths shoot to kill, guns are mostly used for intimidation. These dirt-bags were probably out to make a quick buck and were walked in on unexpectedly. The officer probably identified himself, and the robbers went to shoot in his general direction to scare him off and make their escape. When the officer saw that they were going to shoot he probably ducked and turned, and one of the bullets got a 'lucky' shot on the officer's side.

Thankfully our protagonist of this story has good taste in phones. Surely a super thin iPhone would not have enough substance to help much of anything.

Ever see iPhone smash

Fritzly says:

Not really: if you pull your gun, in self defense, you better aim to the big, and easier target, the torso. Pull a gun and not using it is the best way to get yourself killed.

eshy says:

They're the bad guys, most bad guys don't know how to shoot guns or even how to hold them

RJ Priest says:

KNOCK-YA!!! Way to go Nokia and the officer.

I find it interesting that it's a 520, because afaik, the 520 doesn't use Gorilla Glass, just some sort of cheaper regular glass?

spyridon says:

My thought too

ToonU says:

Most phones can stop bullets, just depends on the material they were made in and the angle/speed of the bullet

chataddicted says:

Thank god... The man and his fam are safe... Keep silence for 1min for this sacrificing lumia...

Rockartisten says:

Don't worry, the phone is making calls just fine. It just needs a new glass.

chataddicted says:

Omg is the phone still ok??

wtma says:

You mean, is the bullet ok?

jayofarty says:

3310: "Son, I am proud."

Mayur says:

520: "Thanks, dad."

720: I knew my little borther would do it one day....

JoRdaNeK says:

I was gonna sell all of my Nokia phones down at the market, but on my journey there, a man fired multiple shots with his Uzi! The gorilla glass on 2 of my phones is now scratched and the dent in my 1020 is gonna cost over $30, safe to say that I took a picture of the man running away from 700yrds and zoomed in, the police scanned the 35mp image and got him the following day :D

Kumar Gaurav says:

good story for a lumia ad maybe :p

MrSimmix says:

Awesome! Nokia FTW

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

milfermon says:

I still use my good old 5220 sometimes as a hammer

useme2useyou says:

Gonna have to buy a few more 1520s to wrap around me when visiting Brazil for the World Cup! Lol

Flavio76 says:

That's gonna be trouble lol.

DJCBS says:

Not a Samsung or an iPhone it wouldn't.

You can't simply destroy a Nokia. You may shoot it but you'll only get the same result you would if you dropped an iPhone. :P

willied says:

That's pretty cool. Though it's sad that some people are willing to possibly murder someone just to get some material items.

spyridon says:

Unfortunately this is the world we live in

PolishHitta says:

If he'd have a Samsung he'd be dead by now

cool8man says:

If it was a Sony the battery would have exploded and caught fire before he even got to the house.

PolishHitta says:

That could be the same with Samsung. The only thing is Samsung would say it's the cops fault

kunalnanda says:

Apple would sue Samsung as they probably have patented exploding batteries.

HAHAHAHAHA made my day.

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scottsanett says:

For some reason I find this hilarious.

akki20892 says:

Its Nokia, not windows phone.

DJCBS says:

Forget it, it's WPCentral. Of course they'll write this as if it was some Microsoft-merit. Because it was obviously one tile that left the phone to stop the bullet. =P

Jas00555 says:

They mentioned how "other" phones would've probably done the same thing, though, so its not like its full of Microsoft praising, plus, its just in the title. They mentioned that it was a Nokia plenty of times.

DJCBS says:

Sure but come on...it's not because it's a WP. It's because it's a Nokia that the guy's alive. And I very much doubt "other" phones would have survived with just a shattered screen. Actually...I'm pretty sure the likes of Samsung or iPhone would have turn into a million pieces (Samsung would have exploded before, though). ;D

exkerZ says:

There is a guy who almost chainsawed his leg off, but his HTC one saved his life. It withstood the force of the blades

-- Bam --

exkerZ says:

Edit: looks like there was actually a case over it. That changes things..


-- Bam --

My HTC 8X helped me survive a Zombie Apocalypse, a Sniper, and Yoshi's Smash Power. LEL

Mayur says:

But can it take bullet for you?

juanitoriv says:

My 8X can, depending in the round of course. That's what is missing from this story. I've heard accurate accounts of a .25 round bouncing off of a person's belly. By that same token, a slug from a 12ga will go through a Kevlar vest at a distance up to 10 yards. The 9mm is a favorite for law enforcement, more for its lack of true stopping power (read lethal force), such as the .357 Magnum, or better yet, the .40. You can't prosecute a dead man. However, one must also consider that the cheapest round you can buy, which is the .22LR, also most kids' first gun, can be considered the most deadly, as it has a propensity to penetrate a body and then bounce of bones and then tumble creating more havoc and damage than if it were just a through and through. Also makes less external damage, hence its popularity amongst organized crime enforcers. Less holes = less blood = less to clean up. Just some food for thought.

What kind of bullet was it?

spyridon says:

What do you mean 'most kid's first gun'?

920Walker says:

I think he means rifles for kids learning to hunt.

Two things to say:
#1: People actually reply to my comments?!
#2: Hell yes. It can take a tank shell. Come at me tank.

Riostar81 says:

My 1020 saved me from a gang that wanted to jump me. I just used my camera's flash to blind them...then I ran

Funny how Nokia had that zombie ad against the iPhone's flash being too bright

MrSimmix says:

Ha ha ha

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Ferazzz says:

Awesome!! Love ❤ my Lumia

wrm1 says:

Any other phone would have been a pain in the butt. Lol

milfermon says:

Just think about it, not only the bullet itself, but the pieces of any other phone, if that was a Samsung, the battery would have exploded as soon as the bullet touched the phone

It's should be Nokia Phone on the title of news not Windows Phone lol...

akki20892 says:

Dude, they think OS protected police from bullet.

Yeah...maybe something like that :-)

I would of taped a 3310 to a 1020 and make a mini Nuke to take out out the robbers then throw the 3310 at a gas station to get me some snacks for the whoop ass I just did to the robbers'.

oditius says:

Well, glad the bullet didn't seem faster... LoL I would bet that if the crook tried he could not hit the tiny phone if he was trying. You can replace stuff, but people are one of a kind.... 

lol we've  been saying that Lumia is bulletproof, now it's proven LOL

DarwinPurol says:

After his phone screen shattered because of the bullet, for sure he just went to phone store to replace his nokia screen.

Higgs Boson says:

I duct taped a row of Lumia 920s to my car bumpers and got a 90% discount on my car insurance rates. Downside... very poor fuel mileage. #tonnage

TechAbstract says:

Now, I need to carry around the Lumia 2520 in my pocket.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Bullet would've hit em if it was an Lagdroid or an ICrap :P

thaman04 says:

YES!  Go Lumia!!!

Lipe13 says:

If the officer made fair use of his own weapon to defend his family and himself, he'd be arrested and 'people' would go rioting on the streets, burning buses, cars and even cats, saying how fascist and how violent the police are here in Brazil. Imagine how absurd it is to shoot a criminal who shot at you first with the intention of killing you! /s.

Please think twice before visiting this Country for the World Cup. I'd not say Brazil is that bad, but it's complex to live/be here and avoid all bad stuff that can happen, like getting shot, mugged, raped, burned alive, stabbed, or/and taxed.

raycpl says:

Oh damn, the Spainish goal keeper is going to change his name to Manuel A. Lumia....and they win the World Cup again

pookyjoralyn says:

#lumia520 #yolo

Forget finding out who robbed the place.... This is Brazil, its the home of the greatest bubble butts in the world.. Go find one of them!!!!!

sd173 says:

Well I mean except for the bad guys getting away, but that's up to Batman now (even though he's in Gotham).

Mayur says:

...to the bat cave.

raul_junior says:

I don't think a galaxy or iPhone could have save them

bozza72 says:

the cop said afterwards that his 520 seemed faster

mariusfilip says:

Chuck Norris vs Lumia 520

powercamg4 says:

The Nokia name stays true!

Comment section is more like a comedy show. I can't stop laughing . I love it.

eddieDOTexe says:

Alguem BR?



Lipe13 says:




I left my L920 on the death star... still works :D

MrSimmix says:


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kunalnanda says:

520: "I'll be back"

They need those in the hood!

NathanDuarte says:

Of course it was in Brazil...

juanitoriv says:

So, a Windows Phone, literally, saved his ass?!?!?!?! F*cking A!!! I still remember that Flight Attendant, whose iPhone 4S killed her, and that Swedish (?) girl, whose Galaxy S4 blew up in her back pocket. Just goes to show, WP really IS the best!!!

Lipe13 says:

Omg what happened about the iPhone?

juanitoriv says:

She had gotten out of the tub and was electrocuted, presumably checking something. Apple said it could have been possible she was using a third-party charging set-up and the current may have ran from the outlet, across the outside of the charger, then along insulated exterior of the cable and also across the shielded body of her 4S, and then into her, thus killing her.

Didn't buy that reasoning in 2012 when it happened any more than I do now. If I remember correctly, she was at home in The Philippines when this happened.

Lipe13 says:

That's bad news, but I guess the outcome would be the same whatever phone she was using. Very unfortunate :/

mswindows101 says:

Ummm I'm not too sure if a thin ass Samsung Galaxy would have been much help. Most others would probably have let the bullet get through a little bit more of the phone.. I'm just saying.. Nokia FTW!!

knuckles245 says:

This is why I proudly own a Nokia Lumia Handset.

Mark Wills says:

"I'm ok Master Chief. Putting catch robbers on your schedule for tomorrow." - Cortana after stopping a bullet.

Will6371 says:

Dam you got in before me, I was going to ask if he had 8.1 and if Cortana was hurt.

Kadcidxa says:

iPhone Falls to the floor breaks the screen. Nokia falls to the floor breaks the floor. :D

TheRem says:

It's like a Rush Hour movie. :D

makarand14 says:

Seems Stronger...

Nokia FTW

Second most popular here? Theres any source? Last year, even Symbian had more users in Brazil.

pmich says:

Wait....so he was basically shot in the buttocks then? meh...

eroselim says:

The comments are amazing than the article lol. You guys made my morning such a great morning to start with.

OT : Now lets create bullets out of 520's parts. Lol.

WittVikki says:

Even Nokia 3315Saved someone from bullet once.

Eric Badger says:

Good thing he wasn't carrying a galaxy 5. Yeah its water resistant but it isn't bullet resistant

b23h says:

WP is the second favorite OS in Brazil?   YEA BRAZIL!!

Also, yea NOKIA!!

Jdkunya says:

I am a police officer and I have a windows phone. I'm going to show this to everyone (they all have androids). >:)

keifwoki says:

Do it do it!! :D

MrSimmix says:

Ha ha!

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Nokia! Give the officer an Icon. That's good marketing.

blackhawk556 says:

Crappy ammo. A good round would have kept its jacket. This is still awesome though. :)

KasakDesign says:

Lol Nokia. Fighting crime..one phone at a time.

Jazmac says:

There are Windows phones in Brazil?  Say whaaaaaat?  jk.

MrGoodSmith says:

I am not surprised. 2 months ago I was so stressed out and threw my Lumia 520 into the wall. It barely got a tiny dent and continued working like a champ.

spyridon says:

How disrespectful way to treat a Lumia, thank god it didn't decide to hit you back, you could have ended in hospital..

MrGoodSmith says:

Thank God Cortana wasn't there yet.

Nokia 1100 is the strongest!

sibeans says:

Wow, that beats having a bullet lodged in your butt cheek

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