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Poll: Do you like Xbox Video for Windows Phone 8?

Last year, Windows Phone 8 infamously launched without the ability to watch your content from Xbox Video. It was a sore point of contention when Windows Phone fans would argue the overall strengths of the Microsoft ecosystem. Earlier today, Microsoft finally launched a dedicated app for Xbox Video (and surprised us with a new app for Xbox Music). So, how are you liking it?  

We went hands-on with both apps shortly after their availability in the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 has always had decent support for Xbox Music. The app is notable for doing a few things that you can’t do natively on Windows Phone. For example, with the new Xbox Music app you get support for Radio and the ability to edit playlists, two things you can’t do by default.

However, Xbox Video is an entirely new beast for Windows Phone 8 users. The app allows us to rent, buy, download, and stream content connected to our Microsoft Accounts. Not bad right? Unfortunately we had a few errors at first getting some of our content to play and the app only offers SD quality – no HD for you (it's coming 2014).

That said, it’s working now for us and we’re happy to finally get our Xbox Video content on Windows Phone. How about you? Take our poll below and let us know what you think of it.

Reading this in our app? Head to the mobile link to the poll to take it.



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realemotionx says:

How articulate. You have totally convinced me

xratola says:

It's not about convincing, It was a question.
and I didn't like it either, useless for me

For you maybe, useful for some.

Considering MS even went thru the trouble to actually make the app... Obviously its based on demand. There not going to open a chocolate factory just bcoz they think "maybe" 5 year olds want computer accessories shaped candies. They supply by demand, though there slow with everything... Its still there intent

There slow? Where slow?

Oh I get it... You know he meant "their" slow

mooseman922 says:

Think he actually meant they're

No more waking up and posting with one eye open... Yes "they're" would've been correct

I cud leave a comment in w.e language I want. If nobody understands... Who rele wud care honestly. Ppl r replying mainly bcoz they feel like it. Not bcoz they care. Generally ppl who reply are criticizers and have no meaningful input to this website/forum. For the ones who help and improve the experience and provide the backbone to this company... Thank you. To the others to prefer to continue bashing... Plz refrain.

Whoa whoa.. I was talking about myself with the whole "one eye open". The guy corrected "me" and said "they're" not "their" like I thought "you" meant. Easy down turbo no one is getting upset here.

Lol. There, they're, their, heir... Who ceirs. ;) Dont c y so many had issues with my comment. Not hard to understand.

foxibs says:

Do you even have an Xbox?

Zulfigar says:

Don't really need one... But you do need the monthly bill, which isn't me currently lol

AngryNil says:

I hope you realise that a huge majority of smartphone buyers do not own an Xbox.

carlosrdd says:

No! I think it's good that It's there but not for me. Unless they get some unlimited subscription service.

That would be awesome. $8.99 monthly sounds about right or $14.99 with music pass

ymcpa says:

You already have that. It's called Netflix.


Netflix isn't as compatible as Xbox Video could be. To have the option to stream or download content from "Xbox" Video would be better than anything iPhone or android could currently provide.
It's a risk but Microsoft should take it...

Daniel Meek says:

It is not a risk, I am sure it would be a huge success. The issue is that the content owners will never allow this. If Ms wants to do this then they need to become the next Sony and get a nice large library of shows going. They are making the right steps in starting to create their own content, but they are going to have to invest heavily in other stuff as well if they are going ot make things popular

milkybuet says:

My thought exactly. At its current form, nothing more than a glorified ad viewer for me.

I would drop Netflix and Hulu in a heart heartbeat if I new I could get a subscription with unlimited streaming content from Xbox Video. Might pay up to $10.99 if they could make it happen.

Same here, Canadian Netflix isn't nearly as good as the US one.

swirl253 says:

It better than the one on the phone and the music even though you have to subscribe to it is much better than the core music app

Zulfigar says:

Only issue I have is that it doesn't see my playlist, anybody found a way around this without me redoing it on the phone?

BRIAU says:

The question was on the video app, not the music app.

Dk92 says:

Its alright. It would've been cool to include movie previews, but its a good start I guess.

bionicjive says:

Umm I get previews for all the video content I have looked at so far. I get the choice of SD or HD. I can download or stream movies. It acts and does almost exactly what my 360 videos do. I don't know what people are talking about. I have screen shots as proof too.

Dk92 says:

Oh you're right about the movie previews, I was referring more to the 15 to 30 second previews of tv shows, I'm too used to iTunes..

Mark Richey says:

Some content has no preview. Check it out on Xbox and you will see that. So I suppose the same here. Have barely scratched the surface.

dalyjc says:

Ya I'm surprised they (Microsoft) ate not trying to edge in on NetFlix a bit by offering a subscription service.

Trust1421 says:

Yes I do. Just waiting on the HD playback. Great selection of movies/shows. Long ovedue...

GDannyboy says:

There is an option to 'switch to HD' and buy at the HD price on the Tv shows I looked at.

thinkdan says:

Yes, but you can't stream in HD.

RayWP7 says:

Hi, I think it (XBOX Video) is a fantastic addition. The WP Windows 8.1 sync app is terrible so having my videos available offline or streaming is nice. I can't wait until they offer direct access to billing history from the app or perhaps a dedicated account management app. A solid v1.0 that's way overdue. This will clearly improve with time and feedback.

StefEBear says:

Billing history, etc is available under settings :)

patsfan06 says:

I love it. It's been about a year or so since I started to purchase all of my movies and tv shows with Xbox Video instead of paying for cable and love that I can finally view all of my purchases on my phone.

isi mcf says:

I probably won't use it, great idea but just not for me.

jsfx07 says:

I'm loving it, the quality of the video looks good on my 925. I'm happy to be able to watch episodes of Spartacus I've purchased on the go.

Ecurb87 says:

The Starz series? That is an AWESOME series.

sym1a1a says:

Yeah, that was a pretty good series, especially the first two years, unfortunately I own them on amazon not Xbox lol

Ecurb87 says:

"War of the Damned" was my favorite.

sym1a1a says:

The last two episodes of the first season were my favorites, Revelations and Kill Them All

3rd season is absolute scheisse.

sym1a1a says:

Yeah, very pleased on my 1020

xkimo says:

Yes. I am loving it so far.

alv3st3r says:

Ejaculation?? :P

wpguy says:

Good come back

Zulfigar says:

That escalated quickly

lubbalots says:

Thinking long and hard about this?

purevibz says:

Yes but I hate Xbox music until I see podcast included.

Zulfigar says:

The weird thing about podcasts, is... Can't it be both video and music?

Hoekie says:

Video = Vodcast

shamrock1988 says:

Netflix and Sky Now have my money at the moment. Wouldn't watch a film on my phone, maybe a tv show. I'd like to see Microsoft answer chromecast, a cheap easy system to transfer your video form phone to tv.. or at least bring this app to many devices like Roku. The app itself looks good and I'll try renting some stuff from it to give it ago. Keep it up Microsoft!

operand says:

While not cheap, Xbox does this and is simple and effective.

I have Netflix cheap unlimited. Cant bare to pay per episode rubbish.

Daniel Meek says:

Agreed. I have a whole lifetime of games, music, and movies to catch up on. I am more than willing to wait for a season to end and get the whole thing for one low price where I can watch it back-to-back. I don't have the time, patients, or money to watch a weekly series.

RatPriest says:

It's good, and I'm glad to see it there. But I also would love to see it as a subscription service - would make it fantastic.

Xbox music and Xbox video not work in my country, Colombia. :'(

RawrrSavior says:

Yes, I can now watch the few series that I own...on my phone.
(That were free at the time...)

rubenbest says:

Its good to have but i dont watch movies on my phone...and xbox video is a little pricey

The layout is not that great. I it is great that you can access your show, buy new content and access purchased contents but the layout of the app needs work.

erzhik says:

Not touching it until it gets HD support.

Does is not have HD already? There is an option when you can switch to HD I believe.

RaRa85 says:

I love it but only from the standpoint that it's finally here. All my previously purchased videos from Zune showed up in the library available for streaming. Wasn't able to stream new content as I was greeted with an error message.(I expect Microsoft to fix this problem quickly.) I can hold off on HD as long as Microsoft at least fixes the present bugs. Friday Night Lights? Explosions in the Sky? I am Legend? I say yes.

marky_yo says:

Its a great option! Why do people think there should be some subscription? Does apple offer one? No, does android? No....its for those who want to rent or buy the newest films for their tablets phones and now Xbox one....thats it! Its not Netflix where you get a million crap films and maybe 100 quality just give me HBO go!

Ecurb87 says:

HBOgo and Xfinitygo. Definitely.

sym1a1a says:

I tend to agree with you, not so fond of the idea, I already have a Netflix subscription, however, it would be nice if MS had some type of loyalty or appreciation promo, you know, after say 10 movie purchases you get a free rental or something like that, honestly, I've spent a small fortune on movies thru Xbox lol, and they definitely need Ultraviolet support

marky_yo says:

Ultraviolet through flixster is how I have been accessing my films yet to try on a laptop or tablet buy I see your point.

sym1a1a says:

quick question, how do you activate or access your Ultraviolet movies thru the flixster app on your phone??? since reading your comment i have looked thru the app and dont see where you can register your acount with the app, i see the section marked my movies, its empty and see no option to access my Ultraviolet account in the my movies section or in the apps setting page, I own 72 movies thru Ultraviolet and would love to access them on my phone

edit2> it seems there are a few movies that i own on ultraviolet that aren't accessible thru flixster yet ( i can access 65 of the 72 movies i own ) but hey, i'll take it lol

neo158 says:

Ultraviolet support in the WP flixster app is US only, no surprise there!!

cesar ruiz1 says:

Well at least we have it.

sym1a1a says:

Yes, I like it, not bad for the first version, hopefully they get HD support for those with phones that can take advantage of it, I've had a WP from the beginning, started with the Samsung Focus, then 900, 920, now the 1020, I was very unhappy when WP8 didn't allow me to access my movie collection, it was one of the things I really liked about WP when I bought it, we've waited along time for this feature, glad its finally come back to WP

BKsInBarre says:

Yes I love it... :-)

wangsa86 says:

At least with Xbox live gold.....?

Sin Ogaris says:

It's ridiculously overpriced. Why would I pay 15 bucks for a movie when I can get a bluray (with ultraviolet/digital copy) for the exact same price. Seasons are just as bad, 45 for HD and it's only the episodes, no extra features? Screw that.

BRIAU says:

Seems to be the norm for new movies, even Amazon, Apple, Vudu all charge around this. This is the fault of the movie studios and the licensing. But, for the movies I've bought, this is a welcome addition.

wpguy says:

Gave Xbox Video a whirl in the few items I do have... multiple seasons of The Guild and Skyline (so bad you can't help but look, just like the characters in the movie). No HD doesn't bother me at all, since my 925 doesn't have a 1080 display. Like that there is the option to download content for viewing when there's no usable internet connection. Will have to give that a try.

Marlon Bu says:

Your 925 has a HD-Screen. So HD-Movies will look mich nicer on it than SD-Films.

Anybody knows when MS going to launch xbox music in india??

1berto says:

If it was able in my region would be better....

Personally I think Xbox video and music should be included in Xbox gold. Or they should have an Xbox platinum for it. For me personally and the great majority of people it is useless and will remain useless until something like this is implemented. However I am a huge Microsoft enthusiast, I would be a lier to say that they don't have their flaws

That's not a bad idea. I would like to see it expanded to a build your own package deal where you can also choose to add office 365, SkyDrive, and Skype. Pick what you want and get a discount

Stevied1991 says:

As someone who owns a bunch of videos and tv shows on Xbox Video, I love it.

Nakazul says:

I don't like it because its moving me away from the hub and to a app.

lippidp says:

Good point. The hubs are one thing that makes WP unique.

Hubs can be great except you can't update them as frequent as an app. To be honest there is much of a difference.

wtrmlnjuc says:

There is a big difference - several apps and services can be used and accessed from one hub instead of a sea of apps. And you can just send out small hotfixes for them, it's even easier now that we have OTA updates. Apple does this, why can't MS?

RodimusMajor says:

I'm new to the service and have never used any kind of subscription-based equivalent, and honestly I'm happy with it. One of the few things that bothered me about WP8 compared to other phone OS's was that it lacked access to a store for downloads of movies and TV in addition to music, and now I finally have that. Thus, I am content.

swizzlerz says:

Havnt used it yet.

gevabar says:

Paying.....$39.00 for big bang theory....i don't know...need to be subscription based with options

Is there any free content? Like streaming tv episodes with commercials? I can get that on the fox now app.

Unable to say. Because not available for Indian region.

patrickwee says:

Hmm... Watch video have to pay for it ...

both these new apps need alot of work as far as im concerned. like for example id love to see them add game video support

Robborboy says:

Completely useless as I buy my movies on BD. If Xbox Video let me download and keep local copies, I would definitely make use of the service. Until then I have to pass.

sym1a1a says:

You can download and keep copies, to the phone and the computer as well as the Xbox, I have all my Xbox movies on my computer as well as about half of them on my Xbox ( they take up alot space on the Xbox lol ) if the internet goes down I can stream my movies from my computer to the Xbox over my home WIFI

Robborboy says:

Really now, when did this become a function? I have movies that I purchased through Zune that I do not have access too.

sym1a1a says:

Always, some movies are limited run, when you buy a movie the fine print tells you how long you have to stream it, it also tells you to be sure to download it before the streaming date expires, sometimes the movie will come back around and the you can download it again, this happened to me with a couple of movies I bought, forgot to download to my computer and the streaming date expired, about two months later they came back around and I made sure to download them then, the streaming dates vary, some are only for a couple of months, some I've seen extend for fifty years, so always be sure to check the streaming dates and download before it expires, as far as WHEN, its always been that way, always ALWAYS check the streaming expiration date for purchases

RaRa85 says:

The downloading issue seems to be fixed already as I am able to download one of my previously purchased videos.

specialkevo says:

I like not having a huge wall unit full of blurays/dvds. I love Xbox video. Oh, and smartglass for extras

tfc ninja says:

xbox music n video dont exist on my phone becoz microsoft wont release it for india

I was thinking about how this year would have been if the MS had had time to include the Xbox Video and the Notifications Central in the release of WP8...

Edosa Elaiho says:

Quick question. I bought an episode of SpongeBob a year or two ago on my Xbox 360. Will I be able to download that video for free?

sym1a1a says:

Yes, if you own it you can download it to your phone, Xbox or computer

evath says:

I would keep it in a heartbeat, if I could save the videos to my SD card, I have a 64 GB card for a reason; 8 GB is not enough!

cdb033 says:

I'm loving it!

simpkijd says:

I don't really see what is not to like.  If you are a user of Xbox video on your tablet, PC or Xbox then this makes for a pretty solid way to view your content if you choose.  If your not a user of the service, then this app is probably not for you.

Our family cut the cable cord years ago so we often rent movies or buy episodes of TV shows from Xbox video..  I find the pricing and selection to be on par as compared to Apple and Amazon. You'll find a good movie for sale at a reduced price that may catch you eye occassionally.

I'd really like to see a similar app for andriod and iOS.  I tend to support services that can be used on a wide array of devices.  Choice is good....


papskies says:

Why bring it out with SD only and promise HD later. No point teasing us when it should have been out ages ago anyway.

bsd107 says:

Needs HD playback AND the ability to play my own video files (like the Win8.x version can do)

TheTaylorman says:

I buy all my movies on XBV, but I mostly buy Disney / kids movies for my little ones, its great having them on the go again since Wp7

lubbalots says:

I get free movies from the "flash video" app. Check out "Flash Videos" for Windows Phone

mark nt says:

I like the idea of it...but here we don't have unlimited data plans to use it, can only get 1gb per month so wont be using it

sym1a1a says:

Do you have a home WIFI or any WIFI hot spots, you could download them then

JHunsaker says:

You can download movies over WiFi and then watch on the go later.

TheDarKnight says:

Of course I like it, another great addition to WP, however I wish that Microsoft charges us once for Xbox live and that will include Xbox gaming, music and video, etc.. instead of everything separate.

Daniel Meek says:

Could not agree more! I am not against subscriptions, but most of their subscription costs are too high to begin with, and there are no bundle options available. Give me a live/music/video/365/skydrive subscription that includes free OS upgrades on my devices, and discounts on MS brand hardware and software in the store for a reasonable monthly or yearly price (thinking $250/year or $22/mo?) and we can talk. I do not want 100 little subscriptions running around to keep track of across several companies, and I certainly don't want 100 subscriptions within the same company. Too messy!

franv76 says:

Personally I love it. What I would like to know is if it is HD or SD? I've read an article that it is not but a few people say it is. I've watched several movies on my 1520 and it looks hd quality to me.

sym1a1a says:

Currently it is only SD, HD is supposed to be added sometime in early 2014, personally I don't have a problem with SD on a screen smaller than 10 inch, but alot of people say they do, but than again, I'm old so my eye site could be bad lol, it looks just fine on my 1020

neo158 says:

HD is supported for purchasing video but not watching on your phone. I do agree about SD video on smaller screens though.

lwalkerboy says:

Good start just need previews or trailers

SmoothDog says:

App is fine, but watching movies on my phone seems stupid.

sym1a1a says:

Only to the people who are watching you watch your phone, but then again, who cares, your watching a movie, instead of watching them watching you lol

deldion says:

What I truly hate about those apps (Xbox music and video) is that they're not existing as services in my country. Same goes for iTunes radio and several other. I can't be benefited from the changes that way and meh.. It just sounds silly to my ears.. Ok don't give me the ability to stream music, but what about the other capabilities, why should I not be able to edit my playlists???? Asking too much am I not??

kenzibit says:

If only it won't be bad as Xbox Music

Face2000 says:

I just got my 1520 3 days ago so the timing couldn't have been better. I had to move on from my titan 2 it was having to many problems to hold out any longer. The Xbox video app does what I need it to do and so far has worked flawlessly.

Nope .. Nothing special about it

It's a nice addition but less important now since I've owned a Surface RT for about a year. I'd rather watch movies on the Surface in HD than on my 920. I only have the 32gb model and only have a 5gb data plan so I usually download my Xbox video to a 320gb portable HD and watch movies and TV that way if I'm not on a WiFi hotspot. "Three screens and the cloud" is a great idea...if you've got the data plan for it or access to free wifi. Its okay I guess.

Works for me, and my phone's screen isn't HD anyway so it's fine for now.

diktea says:

I have no love for this, sorry
1) not available in my country, so useless
2) the present player itself is so restrictive (at least faster than nokia mix radio).
3. Video player having no next button (creepy), no subtitle support, limited format support whew!!!!! This really really is a terible app. Waiting eagerly for vlc player, and using moliplayer pro.
4) as for digital movies even if I can buy the movies, downloading hd content (which is not there yet) will burn a hole in my data plan as its limited.
So, all in all I have no love for this xbox music and video

Daniel Meek says:

As a general service, it seems to work just fine as far as I can tell, and they seem to have a good selection available which is nice. The issues I take with it are more philosophical and preference issues.
1) I can't watch video on small hand-held screens. I have tried, and it looks fine, but other than a 5 minute youtube video it simply cannot hold my attention. Maybe I am just too fidgity, but I cannot hold a device still long enough to get any enjoyment out of watching it. I use it all of the time for podcasts and music, but I can do other things while listening to those, so it is not an issue.
2) It is too expensive for my blood. $3 per episode? That's crazy talk for something you are going to only watch once. $20-45 per season is a bit more reasonable, but again, if I am only going to watch it once then I would rather buy it on physical media and then sell it when I am done with it to recoup some of that money spent. If there is an absolutely amazing show like Breaking Bad, or Xam'd, or some other show that is a real work of art then I will gladly pay full price because I am going to watch it again every few years... but there are simply not that many shows like that, and when I watch them it is going to be on the big screen in a controlled enviornment rather than on the small screen in a noisy environment.

Simply put; Maybe if I had a 1520 and a stand then I could watch a show on my device. Paying some $10/mo for a Netflix-like subscription, or even a more limited post-season Prime-style subscription would be something I could possibly go for. Maybe if MS made their own content like the new Halo show cheap on their service then I would be more willing to participate. But as it stands right now, this is not something I am particularly interested in.
A lot of this content is free via a staion app or website with limited commercials anyways. I hate commercials, but I would rather watch 6-8 commercials throughout a 45min show than pay $3 to buy something I will never look at again.

Good for people that uses that service, would like a moliplayer like functionality in terms of reproducing videos on the Sd card and so on.

Bigrob55 says:

Looks cool, though I'm perfectly happy with Moliplayer Pro and an account.

rain620 says:

Make it play local videos in storage and I'll like it.

BKsInBarre says:

What I like most about Xbox Video , is getting movies between 1 & 2 months earlier than DVD or Blue Ray.

Mark Richey says:

The cool thing is for those of you who don't like it, it is an app, so simply say "bye bye" and uninstall.


I haven't gotten to play with it much yet, but here is my experience and some notes (remember this is a preview of the full-feature app out this coming spring).


1. I purchased the final season of Breaking Bad on the Web version I just streamed a few seconds of an episode this morning as it shows up available in my collection.

2. I purchased a video. Previously on the web it showed the xbox points (converted as per the changes last year) into dollars. This app showed I had about two bucks left. I hit "change" (seems strange but when it popped up there were options to pay with a credit ards or PayPal, my usual billing on Xboxlive) and was charged $6.99 or some such thing. it was a special sale on kids movies.

3. Downloaded. Must be on WiFi and connected to external power.


To my mind it looks good.


One thing about leaving behind the integrated "Music and Video" (lame compared to Zune) is when I play videos or music in other services or apps, such a MyTube, they show up in the Recent part of the hub. Wondering if this will be handled by the music or video app.


Overall, I am happy about this. With the addition of the Bing Weather, News, etc and these Xbox titles, I see the gradual drift to an integrated OS as we are getting hints of.  I for one welcome the syncing of these services and UI.

sym1a1a says:

yes, they do show up on the video hub and are accessible from the hub

Mark Richey says:

Some content has no preview. Check it out on Xbox and you will see that. So I suppose the same here. Have barely scratched the surface.

Mark Richey says:

Grrr. the page ate my perfectly crafted comment LOL

I am able to buy HD movies though?

sym1a1a says:

yes, they do show up on the video hub and are accessible from the hub
yes, you can buy them in HD, but they only stream to phone in SD right now, HD support is suppose to come sometime in early 2014, but if you purchase in HD on phone it will play in HD on your Xbox or your computer (if your computer is capable of HD)

I know I am off topic but I love the WP/Microsoft community. Personally it is on of the best communities out there. I'm might be a little biased. I like the new (new for WP) Xbox video app. That is all.

It looks nice, but I won't use it either. I'm afrsid of the longetivity of it, especially since it's in a format that isn't cross-platform. So I'll stick to buying from iTunes.

ScubaDog says:

Oh, yeah, like iTunes is "cross-platform".  It is HORRIBLE.  We ditched that garbage as soon as my wife tossed her iPhone for a Lumia 1020.

sym1a1a says:

Little harsh there don't you think scuba?? As far as longevity goes Jessica, that really shouldn't be a problem being its a MS based service, you can download the content, and even if you accidentally delete it from your Xbox, computer, or phone, you would still be able to access it thru your purchase history from Xbox, as far as formats go, I understand what your saying, but its to help prevent piracy of the media, which imo is a good thing

As soon as downloaded the app &signed in, it loaded up videos I bought over 5 years ago. The ability to buy/rent movies & TV on Xbox isn't going away anytime soon.

ericjojo says:

It's not even available in Africa>Nigeria so it's useless to me!!

ScubaDog says:

The problem I have with it is that, while it uses our Xbox account, the same as the Music apps does, we apparently don't have the same features.  In other words, I have the monthly Xbox Music Pass AND I have the Xbox Gold, and I'm able to stream as much music as I want and download as much music as I want (as long as I continue my Music Pass).  But no such capability comes with the Video side.  With the Music Pass I can choose to purchase music or just download (rent it, if you will).  I would have thought something similar would have been part of Xbox Video.  As it is, I have Netflix and I can stream plenty of videos.  So, while the Xbox Video app is very nicely done, the service itself is subpar compared to its Music sibling.

neo158 says:

So the video app is subpar because it doesn't have unlimited streaming. It isn't trying to compete with Netflix, it's trying to compete with iTunes and Google Play Movies. Neither of which have unlimited streaming either!!

ScubaDog says:

Go back and re-read what I posted.  I said the APP is very nicley done, the SERVICE is subpar.  Sheesh, what is it with people these day?  They can't read and comprehend?

waded says:

Yes, I love it. Much more complete than I expected. SD stream/download looks great.

I'm not looking for a subscription video service. It's not a feasible business model as Hulu is showing; Netflix has unique leverage due to the DVD business that Microsoft can't easily replicate. I'm quite happy to buy to fill in Netflix's service as needed, and Xbox Video is perfect for that.

MadSci2 says:

I'd like it a lot more if it let me access the videos I bought from Microsoft for my Windows Phone via Zune. You remember Zune don't you Microsoft? No? Well you sure remembered to bill me for it so where are my videos?

sym1a1a says:

Hey Mad, you should be able to access any movie or tv show you purchased thru Zune so long as the streaming license hasent expired, always make sure you check what the expiration date for streaming is when purchacing movies or tv shows, and be sure to download them to your computer, Xbox, or phone before the expiration date, when you purchace movies/shows it does tell you how long it can be streamed as well as tell you to be sure to download before that date, also, if you for some reason forgot and missed the date, pay attention to the "watch it agian" feature on your Xbox or Xbox video on the web, since alot of times they will cycle thru again every couple of months or so, If your referring to Music videos you purchased these are not handled by the Xbox video app on phone, Xbox or Website, these are handled by the Music apps respectivly 

It is not available for users in India :(

Jackalneck says:

Why can't MS learn to provide in app volume control. Xbox Video... another app where I have to lower the volume for my ringer and hope I remember to turn it back up when I'm done. Moliplayer has volume controls. It's such a simple convenience. Very frustrating.

Mik29 says:

Without DNLA support its useless.

Is it launching to India

kurotsuki says:

I vote as No. Others who use XBox Video services definitely need this. But for non-users like me, this app is useless.

Not available in indonesian

Forc3 says:

1.5 years and they came up with this! Boring designs (for both video and music) that look nothing like their Win 8.1 equivalents (white colour on black Background wtf?). Huge featuregaps. I mean srsly Xbox team srsly??? What did they do the whole time?

SoullessOnyx says:

It crashed my 8S and I was unable to turn my phone on for around 10 minutes, I literally thought it broke my phone.... Also streaming should be free like Spotify if Xbox Music wants to stand a chance.

maaz vahora says:



It's a very good app, although the videos are a bit pricey for me still. I'd still feel more comfortable having a physical copy if I'm spending that much.

ricsip says:

Anybody can answer me this simple question, that nobody asked actually:

being a second-grade human (=I am not living in the Glorious United State of Américá), does this app give me any functionality, that the current xbox video player does not have? Anything at all?

Why not download it and find out? As a UK user I see tons of content available.

ricsip says:

Does it replace the existing xbox music&video system-wide app, or its independent from them and the 2 can happily co-exist next to each other?

It doesn't replace Music & Videos, nah.

sym1a1a says:

this app is designed so that you can access on your phone the Movies and tv shows you have purchased thru the Xbox movie service, it has nothing to do with "Video's" such as Youtube or your personal videos that you may have created or downloaded from somewhere else

MooneyD92 says:

Will love it once they bring a subscription service that's cheaper than Netflix. If not I'll stick to Netflix.

neo158 says:

Ah, streaming only vs buying and downloading or streaming. I know which one I'd go with!!

t1951 says:

What will happen to the old Xbox music & video app on WP 8 phones?

markost says:

I find the interface is too simplist

Charles Wang says:

I would rather they kept it "integrated". Part of the charm and appeal of WP is the integration, be it the messaging hub, the peoples hub, xbox games, lenses, etc. Otherwise, it just becomes another app launcher. In fact I think they should do more integration, if the APIs allow. For example, put all of the messaging apps into the messaging hub, so we don't have to install all these apps. Think plug-ins. If the message hub is rich enough (I mean, there are only so many features each messaging service have), then I don't see why this can't be done.

Now, I do think they should decouple these 'apps' form the OS, so rapid upgrades can still happen, but I'm sure they can do that without creating separate apps. Think how Nokia updates items under settings. I'm sure they can do something similar.

Ali Alenezy says:

Not support Arabic countries as Saudi Arabia ; Egypt ; UAE and Kuwait

I dislike the fact that Microsoft ignore a big slice of the world.

Right now, Spotify will have my money because they believe that our region (Latin America) was going to return value to their services.

So its my time to ignore Xbox Music, Nokia MixRadio and all those that are not available in my country (Costa Rica).

Brad Billman says:

Would be cool if they gave you access to your local media, at least on WiFi. Would be insane if they expanded to anywhere

herbertsnow says:

Seems to use cellular by default even when WiFi is on.

reckoner04 says:

Xbox video, not so much. They Need to put the videos I shoot with my phone there. Xbox music on the other hand I use everyday with my Zune pass. Microsoft still has not gotten them to function right. I still cant sync my Xbox music playlists to my phone playlist... Why? My usage rights should have a coverage cloud over all my devices!

Eric_J says:

I think it's a big step in the right direction. Really, you can't tell the difference between the SD and HD. SD looks great on the phone. Unfortunately, all the movies that I've purchased have been HD but some shows are in SD and they look great. Coming from someone who has 72 movies and some TV shows, I think this is a big milestone. Plus, being able to manage my movies from my phone like order movies and see them on the Xbox One or on my Surface and phone strengthens the ecosystem. This along with the bevy of apps will be very compelling for my wife to switch. Good job!

eortizr says:

If you can't tell the difference between SD and HD you sir are not allowed to have smartphone.

eortizr says:

is crap, no HD, I feel like I'm using a phone in 2010

welsbloke says:

Needed yes but a brief look points to issues. One movie plays fine but the TV subscription doesnt which is odd and pretty annoying.

Odd, it only seems episode 11 of Season 3 is the only one that does not work. Episode 10 is ok.

markost says:

yes why there is no HD



galaxy note 3 sans abonnement galaxy note 3

For me, the app is broken: I hadn't purchased anything since the "points" transition, and any attempt to buy or rent anything results in an error.

I guess I could buy something onlline or on my PC and then watch it on my phone, but that's a less-than-optimal experience--and not possible if I'm, say, at the airport. Which is where I was when I discovered this.

Feh.  :)