Poll - Do you like the new Microsoft logo?

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One of this morning's bigger news stories was after 25 years, Microsoft has finally updated their new company logo. It now more closely matches their Metro-Modern UI design for the Xbox 360, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

So our question for you is fairly straight forward: yay or nay on the design? We're on board with it even if its the safe and even conservative route for logo-redesigns. Take the poll below, which closes in 48 hours. Head to our mobile site m.wpcentral.com to vote on your phone.




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Jay Bennett says:

I would say yay, but I'm betting that having 4 coloured squares anywhere in app logos will now constitute a trademark violation ;)

cogitodexter says:

I say nay, for the reasons I posted on the other story.
Firstly, looking at the logo with my graphic designer's head on, the weighting of the font used for the 'Microsoft' is unbalanced slightly: the 'M' appears lighter than the lowercase 'o' for a start, which makes one's eyes hunt a bit.
Secondly, forget being flat, it's basically too simplistic. I have had designs rejected for being like this because it looks like nobody has put any effort into it.
Thirdly, taking the four squares logo, the colour choices cause the gap between the red and green squares to appear narrower than all the other gaps on screen. That throws the whole graphical device out of balance. Obviously this is partly down to the way in which VDUs generate their pixels, but also the way in which the human eye distinguishes between red and green. If you zoom the image and get up close you can see that the gap is the same as the others, but at any normal reading distance, and certainly at store front viewing distance, by having hard flat edges between opposing colours like this, it becomes a distraction and slightly uncomfortable.
As a product, no doubt, of a lot of investment of time and money, this logo is a disappointment, and to this graphic designer's eyes, it fails in a number of critical regards. 
On a personal level, it looks amateurish. It's certainly something I could have come up with in less than half an hour. I dread to think how much Microsoft have actually spent on this.
Not so long ago I saw a post on here from a graphic design student taking the 'Surface' concept and applying, with a stunningly simple logo, to create a bulletproof proposed branding across the Microsoft range. Now THAT was a well considered, technically flawless approach to corporate branding. This just already looks tired and dated.
'Perfection', like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but I think some things are more perfect than others, and this certainly isn't perfect.

Jay Bennett says:

Damn that was a complex reply... I have to say I do see your point about the gap between the coloured squares. My official response is that I much prefer it to the old logo :)

daveh101 says:

Wow, a very long response.  I get the gap on the colours, a valid reason, nt sure I agree with many of the others.  I think it is generally good, the 'basicness' of it fits in with the whole 'metro/modern' feel, so i think it actually works really well.

marcus26 says:

I've seen the work you are referring to and it is not 'technically flawless'. It's nice and visually stunning but it isn't windows. For a business maintaining brand identity is important. That design could just as easily be a redesign of the Dell logo.

Cormango says:

I think you're over analyzing a logo. It's a logo. Let me say that again, A LOGO.
I like graphic design, but it's not my profession. Simplicity has always been my goal. There's nothing worse than a flashy complicated logo.
About the text. The text doesn't matter. The image is what matters. You won't see the letters "Microsoft" beside the four squares.
The 4 squares make sense, because it's the root of a successful company, and so were the colours. Think about Windows 95. Changing the colours would be like seeing a monotone Google logo.
The logo is fine. Microsoft needs a new image, not a new "font".

Glim12808 says:

I say nay to cogitodexter's nay. I believe the effect of the color in the new logo makes it alive. The whole point of the "Golden Mean" in art is to counteract balance because balance is static. The supposed "unbalanceness" in the logo creates the effect of movement. I say YAY to the new logo!

MrThone79 says:

Yep! Clean N Clear...

nizzon says:

I really dont know.

theefman says:

Need an option for doesnt really make a difference, its a logo, you look at it for 5 seconds and move on.

btbam91 says:

You could not be further from the truth. This is marketing 101.

mottyboy says:

Some people will argue about anything

pulkit10 says:

And just in case you have that big a problem with this logo, just look at their previous ones (that bottom right one scares me) and I'm sure you'll be able to forgive them for this gaffe.

Scout_313 says:

I like it as it's a clear sign of the direction they are going with the new UI for WP8, Windows 8, etc.

CAVX says:

I wasn't sure about it until I watched the video in their blog about the change.
The video made me like it.
But I'm curious...the colors represent their most well-known products, which are also shown in the video: Windows (blue), Office (red), and XBOX (green).
So...what's yellow?

Curtieson says:

Blue is Windows, Windows phone is...(you guessed it:) Windows, so Windows Phone falls under blue!

Ordeith says:

Well, prior to this logo Office was "Yellow" and Enterprise Servers and services were "Red"
Now that office is getting red, It could be inferred that yellow will represent the back end business offerings.

WinFan1 says:

Red is WP blue is windows green is Xbox and yellow is office

That's what I saw on one of Microsoft's sites a couple of days ago.

Curtieson says:

I posed the same thought on an earlier article, haha http://www.wpcentral.com/microsoft-changes-their-company-logo-after-25-years#comment-153645
And I liked the BING responce.  We will prove the point by saying the Bing's "I" is dotted with a yellow dot!

Coke Robot says:

Pretty good chance that is their Bing division as that's the closest color to it, or they might be revamping Bing's logo as well.

Cabowp says:

Interesting that there is no "r" registration symbol

mjfadaway says:

I like the all blue logo that's been going around lately...the cmyk colors may have looked nice as well.

RaRa85 says:

I'm all for metro or modern or whatever they wanna call it but geesh Microsoft don't freaking oversimplify everything. We still would like a little pizzazz somewhere in the mix. The whole design language is starting to make the statement:"we're plain and to the point." The phone UI and Windows 8 is great but extending that design to Skydrive and email and other areas is just too much of too little.

mjrtoo says:

I like the new outlook.com and SkyDrive. Less intimidating to use but yet with all the functionality when you need it. It's much more difficult to program this way than the usual side menu/pull down programming.

mixi rabbit says:

Yep, falls in line with the basic look new products, w8, office etc etc great! A good change at the right time...now lets hope the prices for the surface are basic too ;-)

Evster88 says:

It's fine, but not bold or passionate enough for the #2 tech company in the world.
Then again, Apple's logo is even more boring.

chazt3n says:

Looks like google, I would have chosen a solid color

Bushybro says:


silverdoe says:

I thought the font is already "bold" enough if that's what u mean.

pgoth says:

I like the new Metro Logo .. Oops er Windows or Microsoft...

Big Supes says:

Prefer the old... :(

MadSci2 says:

It doesn't matter. Convincing people Win8 not going to be another frustrating time/money waste is always going to be the issue for MSoft. and Logos won't do it.
MSoft is too hung up on their precious Windows/Microsoft "Brands" for their own good. We need more "XBox"'s and "Surface"'s, not more retreads.

CobraJ82 says:

I like the road micro soft is taking makes me hot

cedarlog says:

i like it a lot much better than the old one 

ggonzalez777 says:

Someone in the original post said to slant it just like the windows 8 logo. That, I believe would add the pizzazz some requested. I personally selected no for this reason.

I'm glad yaw did this article Im not to big on going to other sites but this one lol i like the new design its smart and looks like tiles it will make it another house hold symbol

TonyDedrick says:

Yes. Simple and yet, still traditional. It still indicates that this is Microsoft.

ejb222 says:

I voted no but I dont dislike it that much. Just wish they slanted the windows like the WP8 window. It looked good lit up on the new MS store in Boston.

tbonenga says:

I liked the old one better. This one looks to bland.

I like the simple, clean design. A perfect match since almost all Microsoft's software UI is now "metro"

jdep1 says:

Don't like it

It looks like a kid took 20 seconds and did an art project to put on the refrigerator. Its not bad, but that's the problem. Microsoft needs to start striving to be great. That logo isn't bad, but it's nowhere near great either.

I like it. It's not easy to create a logo for a company that both signifies a new era and feels familiar (Gap, anyone?). Love that they're using Segoe.

Personally, I would have liked to see them switch out the yellow square for a different color- I think having each square signify one of Microsoft's arms would be a smart idea...maybe bright orange for Bing?

All in all, it's simple , it can be easily manipulated for marketing campaigns (I already have ideas), and it was long overdue.

BTW, if you're into the technical branding analysis near the top, go check out Brand New- you'll see a lot more of that style of analysis on their comments page.

I don't care if the logo is a silhouette of a dog taking a dump, as long as the products keep up to par with what the XBox and WP7 have given me.

On that note...if you want to change the image, I would rename the OS's something other than Windows. Unfortunately, Apple has done damage to the name by over exaggerating issues with the brand, but their goofy opinion is how being stated as fact by a lot of people that don't know two things about electronics, devices, etc. Just my opinion though, before someone rips my head off

dtboos says:

I wasn't sure about it at first, but it quickly grew on me.  I like it a lot. 
The new product icons (Windows 8, Office 2013, Outlook . com ect were all great as soon as I saw them).
Loving everything about Microsofts new reinvention across their entire product lines (and new lines).

WinFan1 says:

I love the metro theme

Kadcidxa says:

I love minimal.

mojo706 says:

I don't like it that is all I'd say old is Gold

mottyboy says:

I couldn't give sh**

bdgamas says:

Fugly! I like the previous one

textomatic says:

I like it a lot.  I preffer it to the the slanted Windows logo used is the charms bar on Windows 8.  I wish they would use this logo instead of the the slanted one.

Cellus13 says:

I like it. Simple and applies to their Modern UI.

izaispetsnaz says:

No! I like more the windows 8 logo, this have not creativity

monigal2 says:

I looks the same to me

wpos8 says:

Yes very nice

xprc says:

too plain imo.
remind me of:
- wmpoweruser's logo
- AVG antivirus's logo
- ms/windows store's logo

Coke Robot says:

I like it. But you honestly need to see the video to really get it. I'll extraplolate. The four squares seems terribly simple and lacking effort, but as Microsoft is undergoing their minimalist design overhaul, it fits. The four colored squares are in order of the infamous Start logo in Windows or RGBY. It keeps the company at its roots, which is Windows. Without that piece of software, we wouldn't have Xbox, or Windows Phone, or Office, or Bing. Break it down further, you have the four cornerstones of Microsoft: Windows, Office, Xbox, and I'm going out on a limb as to say Bing/online division. ALL of those products have undergone a huge revamp in design this past year and most recently this summer. Windows 8 has been greatly reimagined, Windows Phone 8 is built off Windows shared core of 8 making it a huge change again in Windows Phone, Office has gone through a cloud centric revamp and just overall beautiful UI, and Bing has been redesigned to be more immersive and more in line with everything else along with Office Web Apps, SkyDrive, ect. To top it off, ALL of Microsoft's products have a metro/mosaic tile design to them, especially Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. The four squares, or better yet, tiles, make perfect sense. The cornerstones of what has made Microsoft what it is now and what it is planning for the future is well symbolized with the new logo.

You're using your own personal experience to extrapolate a general point which won't help at all. The logo is astonishing is all I can say.

felipe.bueno says:

Two thumbs up!!