Windows Phone 8 Update 3

Poll: Have you installed Update 3 Preview on your Windows Phone?

Yesterday was a blizzard of news from Microsoft. Not only did they finally take the wraps off of their third update of the year for Windows Phone 8 (aka ‘GDR3’), but they had their own “one more thing…” moment where they announced the Preview for Developers Program. That program, which is open to anyone who takes a moment to register, allows you to download over-the-air Update 3 right to your device.

We walked you through the process and showed you what’s new in Update 3. So the question is simple: How many of you have already jumped on board with Update 3?

Our forums dedicated to the topic have exploded with chatter, and we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback on the process. In fact, we have received nary a complaint from users as the update appears to have gone very smooth for those of you dived in.

But are you still on the fence? Are you waiting for the official updates due later this year? Let us know by taking our poll.

If you’re on your Windows Phone, simply head to to take it that way!




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Answer to poll: yes, just for the addition of notification center alone.

addz77 says:

Notification center?

milkybuet says:

Noitificaation Center is not a part of this update.

Yes it is. It just wasn't announced. Swipe left and hold camera, power, and volume down at the same time to get to the secret menu.

SleepyTheDon says:

Mike E cruel you keep baiting people. Funny to watch tho

DJCBS says:

You also need to speak "Alohomora" properly to open it.

Cortana is in there too. Just say her name in a sexy voice to activate.

Miistercoool says:

LOL I bet someone tried it

Chix018 says:

Almost did..:(

andrew1967 says:

I did and my phone turned off, came back on and now I have an iPhone start screen....

hahaha!! the amount of rick-rolling is unbelieveable!

x I'm tc says:

I think the mods should take this stuff down.

n3rfh3rd3r says:

Dave Blake is too busy banning people who make light of his precious to remove "rick-rolling" comments from the articles on the main page.  
Thanks for the permaban sweetie!  It just goes to show how much you actually have to compensate for in real life.  

dkp23 says:

Glad they finally added itunes to wp8. 

addz77 says:

Mike! Your tricksy and false just like a hobbit

SleepyTheDon says:

In all seriousness it would be great to have ALL of our notifications under the "NOTIFICATION" tab, but some things are just too easy

CPnextdoor says:

Yes. But its only meh of an update best thing is I didn't have to wait for att lol

cannon#WP says:

That's the top reason to do it.

Agent-P says:

That's exactly it. It's not so much about the update as it is a way for Microsoft to technically avoid carriers delaying their updates by calling it a "preview" (even though for me it's been running just as smooth as an official OS update). Sure, we don't have any firmware updates yet, but we have the core OS update. (and yes, only us enthusiast users will bother doing this)

Coan says:

I could hope that we will see Nokiasoft follow suit with preview for shimmer later. I'm on a rogers branded phone, so i won't worry much about updates, but, I'm all over updating ASAP.

OMG55 says:

Well I did it to my HTC 8X because we know HTC won't be releasing updates anytime soon :(

Westoncreg says:

I would but I don't think the titan II supports this update :P

Rick Smits says:

Nope. (waiting for official release) although I am close to doing it. Is it worth it ?

I think so.  Mostly because I installed it the second it was available and it has been rock solid.  The version you are installing is already RTM so it is finished, not like a beta.  Also the big reason is then you will be notified when 8.1 is available early and that update is worth jumping on ASAP.

ChrisLynch says:

Personally,id hold off. I installed on two L920's both with GDR2 and the Amber update and I had to reinstall all apps. I'd proceed with caution.

rockstarzzz says:

Had no issues like that.

Rick Smits says:

Reinstalling apps isn't a problem for me if that happens.

MorganRW says:

I had no such issues. In fact this update appears to have fixed the live tile updating issue as well as allowing apps to update in the background. GDR3 seems to have fixed a lot for me. All we need now is Nokia to release Shimmer.

aitt says:

Exactly for me too

dcutting says:

No issues for me. It even has a nice performance boost. Everything feels faster and smoother

Jackalneck says:

Installed on my 920. Did not have to reinstall apps or do anything special after updating.

Marco Gomes1 says:

I`ve also instaled on a 920 with gdr2 and had no problems whatsoever.

walter1832 says:

...about $82.35

toph36 says:

Yes!  No problems for me.  It took well over an hour to complete but definitely worth it.   My Lumia 822 is running better than ever.  And this was after it has been running very buggy with app not opening/resuming, or taking a really long time to do.  The best part of it all is that we no longer have to wait for our carriers to decide to test and release the updates.  There are still some goodies coming from Nokia, but those future updates (post-acquisition) should all be incorporated into these updates (for the most part).  The only thing we would need to wait on would be any carrier updates, but those are usually less important.

sr! says:

:( Not applicable. Still on L900. Will wait till 8.1 before switching (when contract is up)
Question for you all - How many apps can you simultaneously run now? Still limited to 5? Are there any improvements in this area?

Binson#WP says:

I think you can have 7 in the multitasking menu in WP8 if that's what you're asking.

Nankom says:

I think that the new limit in Windows Phone 8 is 8. :-)

kb4000 says:

I have a Lumia 928 and mine has always been 7. That's still the case with gdr3.

Daniel Meek says:

It is dependent on system memory. If you have a 512MB device then you can probably have a single large program open, or a few small programs. If you have a 1GB device then you can have a few large programs or a ton of smaller ones. If you have a Lumia 1020 with 2GB of ram then you can pretty much have everything open at all times without issue. Within a year or so we will be seeing 3-4GB devices which will finally be enough to future-proof some of these larger apps and games coming down the pipe that are more and more like tablet or even desktop sized applications.

I have a Lumia 920, and when in the task manager view at the end of the day it is normal for me to have 5-8 items open, but it is mostly little stuff like contacts, email, text, phone history, IE, weather, and the like.

Vistaus says:

I frequently have 7 apps open simultaneously on my 720 with 512 MB RAM so it isn't depended on RAM.

sr! says:

Thanks everyone for the reply. My question was how many apps does the phone let u have open, and not about the phone freezing up because of number of apps. So it looks like 7-8. So it answers my question.
What I'm desperately looking for is if there is a way to permanently keep some apps open regardless of how many other apps i keep opening or closing in the multi tasking window. Currently (atleast in 7.8), the way it works is, if i have pandora open  and start playing music and let it run in the background, and open an email, look at few emails, reply, etc, then go to browser, and finish my stuff open couple of other apps etc, at some point, due to the "limitation" of number of apps that are open at the same time, WP shuts down the first open app, in this case, my music player. Of course, this limitation does not apply to zune player.
There should be a way to keep certain apps run in the background regardless. Not sure if this is addressed in WP8 or one of the GDRs.

marantaz says:

In this situation, the x to close would be of use to long as you pay attention and close those apps you know you are done with, then you'd be able to keep Pandora open simply by closing them without having to do it the old way...with just the back button it was inconvenient to have to back out of them, but now, hold down back, see your open apps and close those you don't need. Sounds like a little thing, but it really does give you the control it sounds like you need.

Jackalneck says:

Pandora continues to play music on my L920 regardless of how many other apps I open or close, it is not affected by the multitasking "limit" on WP8.

mijacs says:

You would have to ask someone how Pandora works.
Music normally should continue playing because it is a separate background task. From my quick search it looks like Pandora is using the normal streaming music task so it will be fine in the background. In other words, you should be able to start the music and close pandora down.

@sr! Install homebrew app wph tweaks but you have to be at least interop unlocked and deploy to the phone

Apps that play music need to register themselves properly and they won't ever get closed.
Example, use the Pandora website Notice the music it plays is added to the is media player and doesn't close no matter what you are doing.

complain to app developer for not using OS states and media register properly.

untitled007 says:

Come on guys, lets support nokia, losing them inbthe market is a huge lost to us consumers, they are the real phone maker that gives a,consumer a,real deal features, we should not let others gimmick to replace nokias feature like here maps, carl zeiss, and nokias premium build and quality, hope you got my point :)

jrnag24 says:

i updated my dev phone now debating if i should update my main 920

MorganRW says:

I have had no issues and it seems to be running very solid on my main 920.

wtolbert says:

Same here on my 928

Dk92 says:

I'm sure around 75% of windows phone users have.

jholso says:

75% of the WP Central readers**
We are still the minority.

Yeah well! Enthusiast users are always in miority.

_Emi_ says:

well im sure there is people who never installed 7.8, or even zune. or gdr1 or 2... so no, not 75% WP users.... probably you mean 75% users IN WPCENTRAL, but outside WPcentral... this update is unknown, or this news.

Yep. Installed and went great. Nothing in this update that I was really eager to get, but closing apps is pretty cool. Excited for notifications on Glace with new Nokia firmware though.

DenniSundaY says:

Yes. I think it is awesome they gave normal people the change to download it early.

Wig Shire says:

Yes. For me its cool to finally get the text to speech working in my cars' bluetooth and the close button on the multi tasking is always handy.

akks says:

Sad that ##3282 field test for "3G only" data is still not working..

GizmoEV says:

In that case I'll continue to wait. I must be able to force 2G for my phone to be useful at home. Why can't AT&T get that through their heads?

peterfares says:

Complain to them about this problem and ask for a free of charge micro cell. They very well may comply. I told a guy to do that and they gave him one for free. Now it works great at home. 

QrysisJamer says:

A bit anxious about my warranty, so probably no. :(

nokialove says:

Yeah, I'd do it if not for the warranty.

Totally Offtopic,but still @Daniel,y is it that wpcentral not seem to be working on the mobilizer mode lately??

It's being investigated.

QuiqueTaino says:

@Daniel Rubino: Ive been looking for an answer all day... please, I just need  clarification: This WILL void my warranty, but only until the official OTA upgrade comes out, so once the official OTA and bittersweet shimmer come out, Ill be able to upgrade to them and the warranty will be back in order... is this correct?

banghaymo says:

Noticed this too.

bobsentell says:

The install on my 1020 went a lot smoother than the iOS7 update went. Mainly, it didn't take five hours to download.
A few interesting updates. I'm more concerned with the under-the-hood stuff.

App closing alone makes this worthwhile to me.

Yes but I did not get alot of the features. Like no
closing windows after holding down back button among other thing.. I did notice some changes as I did go through all my setting options after update

Yes but I did not get alot of the features. Like no
closing windows after holding down back button among other thing.. I did notice some changes as I did go through all my setting options after update. Nokia Lumia 920

cdbstl76 says:

What? What are you saying you didn't get? Closing windows after holding back button??? That just brings up the running apps list..

pmich says:

DAMN RIGHT i did!...  best thing i did yesterday after taking a poop.

marantaz says:

Only one? I should see a doctor...

How exactly does one measure poops?

aitt says:

Yes and my Live Tiles function normally again like pre Portico. Ever since that update they never worked the same. Like Nokia Battery and others never updated

MS is listening. Love it.

xrs22 says:

Yes, custom text tones. Easyring and music app lets you download music and you can edit it for ringtones or texts for your collection to use.

Vistaus says:

Yeah, but I still want DRM sounds support. Even my old Motorola Razr V6 Maxx flip phone has support for that...

jfash007 says:

Sure did, underwhelming to say the least.

morpheus1982 says:

Only if you do not pay attention to the development road map.

paulxxwall says:

Still thinking about it don't want to void warranty.something goes wrong im out of a phone

Zeeshan360 says:

Prolly Nokia Care will never understand ..

akks says:

Wat will change further on this wen nokia releases bittersweet shimmer?
Only glance screen colours n notifications? Or any other added stuff?

Zeeshan360 says:

Yeah .. U will get the update as OTA & extra Nokia features will be added

akks says:

Ya,that i know. I asked how is bittersweet shimmer different from this release other than wat i mentioned?

Montpbm says:

No.. Waiting for the official release to everyone.

Tammybaggins says:

had no problem installing it. only took 30 mins on my HTC 8S. Impressed with it; love all the new features even though they're not monumental theyre still nice to have.

To update or not to update? I only want the glance notifications and the custom ringtones and texts.

shadow118 says:

for glance notifications you have to wait untill Nokia releases the Bittersweet Shimmer

diktea says:

Sorry those are for Bittersweet Shimmer (nokia firmware). so nothing of that sort yet

sheldork says:

if on the fence... don't do it

dosto says:

Yes, installed last night. Install went flawlessly. Love the ability to close apps by tapping X.

madmass says:

Yes updated my 920

LiLCLEMO says:

Yep, I've installed

JuneMono says:

Yes, all good stuff.

jasqid says:

Yes! Only for custom tones and app closure. Would much prefer a gesture swipe up or down I stead of the X. Or at.least leave the X and let me do a gesture.

TJWINS says:

Yes. I like the custom text tones for contacts but I wish they would have added a custom tones for email field too like on BlackBerry. "X" to close apps is by far the most important feature. Hope we get 8.1 early with this program also :P

TJWINS says:

Also I wish they would have allowed us to choose different tones for different email accounts like on Blackberry instead of a universal email tone across all accounts. But I guess beggars can't be choosers.

walter1832 says:

I finally get my R2D2 text tone!!!

ivankan says:

Yes. The OS seems speedier as well.

jiggaman135 says:

Im really eager to update to gdr3 but I'm not the most tech savvy guy. I love WP and all the forum news but I must admit I'm worried my lack of tech /hacker skills will leave my phone in a inoperable state. Question: Can this update process be done by the average WP enthusiast?advice?thanks !

morpheus1982 says:

Yes, once you follow the instructions in previous articles to register as an app studio developer (free) and install the Preview for Developers app, simply go to Settings to search for a new over-the-air update.

jiggaman135 says:

And that's it need to download the SDK and unlock my phone?

aitt says:

No. This isn't Android

MadSci2 says:

GDR2 bricked my 920, resulting in a replacement under warrantee. Not going to do an update that voids my warrantee.

clappenings says:

App closing in multitasking is a welcome addition, as is screen auto rotation switch

Pappa Ed says:

Still on the fence.

gerbir21 says:

Installed it thinking that support for the 3rd column of live tiles would be enabled. Not the case. I really hope MS includes this in the final release.

morpheus1982 says:

3rd column is for new 1080p devices.

gerbir21 says:

Yes, I've seen the tweet from belfiore. There was a previous wpc posting that noted it would be supported on devices with wxga displays (92x & 1020 included). I'm hoping this will still be the case when the final version is released.

morpheus1982 says:

Well hopefully as your screen is wider in aspect ratio to the 8x, which is what I have. Those extra 48 pixels could prove useful.

anon5351951 says:

Wish I could... Still no GDR2 for my 820 (rm-825) :( :( :(

ocimek says:

Me gdr 2 for me currently :(

jrnag24 says:

has anyone had issues updating an ATT 920? before i go and update mine

FUS3360 says:

NOT one!!! you should update!!

Ben Sailors says:

I upgraded mine without a hitch. Worked great!

dcutting says:

No issues here. It's Rick solid on mine

danielm298 says:

Me too.non smooth as butter..Atlanta ga

DeepBlu77 says:

whoop-dee-doo. almost a non-event unless you've got the hots for "driving mode"  and screen orientation lock.  I think it sped up my boot time.
if you're thinking of upgrading now, don't let it cause you to miss something important, like dinner.

Vistaus says:

I appreciate X to close. Not the most convenient way of closing apps but better than the cumbersome way it was in GDR 1 and 2. It also made my 720 a tiny bit faster.

DJCBS says:

I was trying to hold myself...but I just gave in.

I've updated both my L920 and L620 (yes, you can update more than once device even if you only use App Studio ;P)

Kristijan87 says:

You know, that app closing option is not so unimportant as many seem to think. I don't know about you, guys and gals, but sometimes the fast resume feature is driving me crazy. Especially with streaming apps, such as Deezer or Songza. I enter the app, choose what I want to listen to, exit the app and everything is peachy. THEN, if I go back to the app by launching it from the tile, it still keeps on playing, but I cannot access anything! No albums, no playlists, nothing. This happens to Deezer all the time. The solution: back out of the app by hitting that back button until it closes properly and then relaunch it. Even WhatsApp is displaying this behaviour sometimes. Have you ever been in conversation with someone in WhatsApp, then left the app, went on with your life and then suddenly decided to share a photo from the hub via WhatsApp? You go there, choose a photo, hit share, and WhatsApp opens into the last conversation instead of giving you the option to choose the contact you wish to bother with your photo. Annoying.
But now I can simply purge the memory/RAM/whatever by "closing" the app and that's much easier and faster than simply bashing the back button like a mandrill. :D

Vistaus says:

Haven't had that issue with streaming music but I did have that WhatsApp issue more than once and so did my mum.

bahamut443 says:

Can you still restore the phone to factory after this update? None of my live tiles are working.

Rolandh says:

Dam right I did. Battery life seems better on my L925 since the update & loving custom Notification Tones & closing from Task list, no longer having to go into the app just to back out.

Gabranth says:

My battery life seems better too.

davortsan says:

Recently I saw a pic of a 920 with five small tiles in the same row. I think it could be a fake. Do you have more info about this, please??

DJCBS says:

Where did you see that?

R0bR says:

Not enough of an update to bother. Don't have a need to close apps but would rather have an option to choose which app I want to keep running and not close when launching other apps. Everything else is minor stuff. I look forward to the day that RT drops the desktop and replaces WP8.

morpheus1982 says:

Good point about having an option to pin apps the never close.

BKsInBarre says:

Yuppers, no issues and it awesome ;-)

AV2RY says:

Did not update yet but I like to see app closing "X"
Question: will the audio/video lab be open now so we can share files via apps (whatsapp for example) ? I miss that feature alot

Hi.this is my first forum.Thank you very much for extra+info it is showing only amber but not bitter shimmer

dcutting says:

Amber and Shimmer are Nokia firmware updates, not windows phone OS update. You will get shimmer when the full update is released to the public

chad08er says:

I'll wait,not paying 20 bucks for a OS update.

morpheus1982 says:

Its an OS update, and is free. Read yesterdays articles to learn how or why.

chad08er says:

Still have to register with app studio, no thanks.

morpheus1982 says:

By register we mean, log in using your Microsoft account credentials. That's it. It is a work around to bypass the likes of O2 or AT&T. Anyway, your call.

DJCBS says:

You don't pay a thing for register on App Studio. All you do is put your email there. Dear Lord, how hard is that.
But hey, you're not forced to update. Just wait for the final version to be released. Which, in your case, with AT&T, will probably be 2014 ;)

chad08er says:

Have a unlocked Ativ S won't be waiting that long;)Not into opening a account for the hell of it for one update.

aitt says:

You're sure about that?

chad08er says:

Got GRD2 a couple of months ago and I'm on AT&T.

uopjo6 says:


You just have to sign in with your existing email account. Don't have to register anything. It's like signing into outlook. Doesn't even take 30 seconds.

Bacchus1976 says:

I'm waiting, nothing in this update juicy enough to justify the effort and risk (however small) of upgrading early. For 8.1 however, I'll be ALL OVER THAT. Notification Center finally!!!!

bankrober0 says:

Did it as soon as it went live

apocacrux says:

Yep. Being an enthusiast I took part. I needed that rotation lock.

mjrtoo says:

I did, the driving mode is great, keeps temptation away.

iresh32 says:

Doesn't it void the warranty? I'm on my 3rd HTC 8X. I can't risk it.

Dragunov2 says:

Installed it immediately!
I hope they still can improve battery life
Another positive note: it's also available in Dutch, so no longer had to wait till everything got translated!!!

If I installed the update to my 520 will it remove the original stock rom ? Will it erase original Nokia apps ?

dcutting says:

No, this is just an OTA OS update. You're not flashing it so you keep everything you have and the OS gets an update

hepi says:

Installed on my Verizon Lumia 928 without issues, works great.

Ben Sailors says:

Just to close apps was worth it. I absolutely upgraded my 920.

guillams says:

Who has a WP and don't have wpcentral installed, has nothing :P

dbgman says:

Installed yesterday on both mine and my daugthers Lumia 920s. Just got GDR2 last weekend installed then yesterday GDR3. Had no problems.
I am glad to not wait for AT&T for another update.
My daughter was doing custom text ringtones for all her friends. That is her favorite(and mine) feature.
Just follow the instructions and it is that simple.


Yes, on my AT&T Lumia 1020. And one of the things I was hoping it would fix is text message back up. I still get the error when tryin' to sync my Micorosoft account. Accept when I turn off "text messaging" back up. Ugh.. The rest is nice of course.

lpforthewin says:

I was hoping for a fix for that too!

Shriram Sn says:

Guys! Is the GDR3 good enough to be installed? Please tell me!

guillams says:

Working just great in my Verizon Lumia 822

Vistaus says:

It works great on my Lumia 720 and on my mums 820! Definitely worth it!

pezman726 says:

I would've done it if it got me Data Sense on my AT&T phone.  But for now I'll just have to wait.
Side note...I sent a message to @ATTCustomerCare about Data Sense, asking if I should just flash my phone to get it and switch to t-mobile...
I got a response from @t-mobile saying "We'd be glad to help you out" with a link to their BYOD page.  Still waiting for a response from AT&T...

ebk14 says:

How much free memory does the update require?

lpforthewin says:

Not totally sure but it was somewhere between 200 and 400 mb
The download is 36mb

Vistaus says:

No, it requires less than 200 MB. I had less than 200 MB free storage on my 720 and GDR3 installed just fine.

bhaskar224 says:

Nobody mentions about the orientation lock !!!! Is it available ??

WinFan1 says:

yes the orientation lock is there daniel put up a video about gdr3 in a previous article.

donteatchalk says:

If I did this as a developer will I have to do the update again when it's released to the public?

Me and my gf both as it was released :)

WinFan1 says:

my question is, is there a risk of bricking my phone? As well as if i update it this way do i get windows blue update as i normally would, or would i have to flash from now on any new update thats released? someone please answer these two questions for me.

shadow118 says:

As far as I understood, you should be able to upgrade to 8.1 and further updates with no problems

WinFan1 says:

what about bricking the phone?

shadow118 says:

Judging from the comments, there isn't a signifficant risk of bricking the phone. A lot of people, including me, updated with no problems

QuiqueTaino says:

please, i just need  clarification: This WILL void my warranty, but only until the official OTA upgrade comes out... is this correct?

grandmalfunk says:

Installed it last night on my AT&T 920, with no problems during either the install or afterward. I just love that I am no longer beholden to AT&T in regard to getting updates for my phone!

Updated and loving it!

TR3YIA says:

Yes, and love it. I dislike, however, that screen rotation lock took Bluetooth's place in the list of initial settings. Hopefully a fix will come in the future. One minor complaint. Love it other than that!

Cormango says:

I installed GDr3 yesterday. All i wanted was custom SMS tones. My life is already easier. Now I know what sounds to ignore! Before I was just ignoring all texts until I had time... that didn't work well when the wife was trying to text...