Poll – The Nokia Lumia 810 versus 820, which looks better?

Lumia 810 vs 820

The Lumia 810 (left) versus Lumia 820 (right)

With the announcement of the T-Mobile Lumia 810 and its slight hardware redesign, a lot of comments seem to have users prefer its look over the Lumia 820—the device it was based off of.

So we put forth the simple question: which do you think looks nicer? And if you don’t know or have no preference, you can say that too.

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cool8man says:

I think the 820 looks better, more sleek/fun/unique, but the 810 looks more sophisticated professional however also more conservative and boring. Either way who cares the Lumia 810 is clearly better since it's been upgraded to a 1800mAh battery and a 1.2MP front camera, but is 15g lighter.

cae758 says:

+1 If I hadn't read your post first, I would have posted almost exactly what you said.

dakken says:

Sooooo people were up in arms about having to settle for the 820 instead of being able to get the 920. So just change the name and back cover and its ok?
It still has the same 800X480 screen no pureview and less camera features then the 820.

Benny1434 says:

Add in the Cyan shell for the 810 and it definitely looks good, and better than the 820 IMO.
No clue how to get the upload to work, but its on the Nokia conversations blog:

rroyter says:

Shame on them for only giving the Cyan option. I wanted Yellow, my wife wanted Red.

VagrantWade says:

The 810 by far IMO.

xpxp2002 says:

The 820. The 810 has too much empty space at the bottom below the capacitive buttons.

bcasteel says:

aw you beat me to it.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Makes you wonder why they did that.

cool8man says:

I'm thinking they see it as an upgrade on the 920 and 810 because you can't rest your thumbs on the capactive buttons when watching a video or playing a game. The extra bezel gives you a place to rest your thumb, but I agree that it looks kind of ugly. Oh well, at least they packed in a bigger battery and an improved front camera.

jdevenberg says:

I refer to this space as a place to put my thumb

wpguy says:

Makes it easier to type

idlezork says:

+1, too much wasted space

Yup... Waste of space

namikral says:

The bottom bezel is a joke on this and the lumia 920

Viipottaja says:

Is it me or is the screen on 810 slightly higher?

Second, it has a larger battery .

Third, there is never wasted space per se, there is always some reason or rationale for any given design.

bcasteel says:

Oh man, just from that photo, based on the position of the buttons (home, back, search) I gotta go with the 820 by a mile. Also, I think the top speaker is in a MUCH better place on the 820

Ordeith says:

should have used this picture of the 810:
Also  of note:
Nokia is saying the 810 has Gorilla Glass, have they said anything about the 820 glass?

tN0 says:

The 820 doesn't have Gorilla Glass. Maybe that's why the 810 is a bit lighter because the Gorilla Glass can be thinner.

Benz85 says:

Ooh 810 ! it looks like iphone 5. Decided, this will be my wp8 !

Jf.Vigor says:

I thought the 820 was plain and boring until I saw it in NYC for the Nokia event. Then I almost considered getting it over the 920... seriously.
But I'm set on my 920. But still the 820 looks excellent in person. Very attractive. I would have to see the 810 in person before I decided, so I chose "undecided"

As far as the looks go, I prefer the 820. Hope no one flames me for this, but the 810 looks too similar to the iPhone. :-/ I really do wish the 920 was coming to T-Mobile, but it's not exactly shocking that it's not. *sigh*

MajickmanW says:

I think the 820 is by far sexier. I like the 810's battery more but the 820 looks better.

Wyn6 says:

Oh yeah. If you look at videos of the cover from the 820 when removed, the phone underneath looks like the 810.

Renigade16 says:

820. It looks like the screen is caved in on the 810 and I was hoping for a more colorful phone. Cyan or black doesn't really cut it.

rayd1994 says:

I believe that the 810 is better because of the battery life well although the design is kind of blocky which is kind of a drag to me but i am a person who like a phone with good battery and last a day without charging it

Jf.Vigor says:

The 810 looks like... a superior 710       o__o
Perhaps T-Mobile will get all the x10s.....

BellaRed says:

Seeing them together like that the 820 looks best I think. Both are lovely though. 

Well, 820 has more colors. But I'm getting the 920.

JamesDax3 says:

The 810 has the same colors as the 820.

bonsai666 says:

820 •••••••••

The def star says:

I like the 820's curve better. Personally thought I think I like the way the HTC 8X looks. I will be getting a 920 but if it was between the mid range phones. I would put them in this order:
They all will be great phones just depends on which one you think looks best!

tristan88 says:

The 8x really isn't a mid range phone.

dazziex says:

It is and you will accept it when HTC releases their high end phone

ramrac says:

Of course it is, they have the same processor/RAM combo and screen size, the only thing it has over the other two is screen resolution. Which is a shame, Nokia should've used a 720p screen and BSI camera sensor (even if it's "only" 5 megapixel, my 5mp photos from my N95 are still better than any 8mp smartphone out there, because of the larger sensor size and better lens) on the new 8xx and hopefully coming 7xx line (if they make it, I hope they return to the 7 line being the stylish fashion phones).

hgary06 says:

Vertical back camera position FTW.

NIST says:

The 820 just looks like a slippery bar of soap. I can just see that thing falling out of someone's hands trying to take a picture with all those rounded buttons on rounded corners.

ahabenezer says:

Need an option for "not really enough difference to have a strong opinion about this."

lycosman says:

820, because yellow.

JamesDax3 says:

The 810 will be avalible in yellow.

To be fair, you should have posted phones of the same color...

Munkeyphyst says:

The 810 only comes in black and cyan

JamesDax3 says:

The 810 comes in the same colors as the 820.

shotokq says:

Any wp is better in tmo since the unlimited data plan...

ricardios says:

810. Hope the back camera frame is nothing like the 900 and is scratch resistant.

Benny1434 says:

I'd have to say the 810, especially with the Cyan shell that is shown on the Nokia conversations blog. Very nice how they pulled in some styling cues of the 920's back.

I would obviously still pick the 920 though!

Ironically, it actually looks a LOT like the Surface Phone concept images that are circulating except black instead of silver.

Thamuz says:

810 because I prefer straight edges. For that same reason I think the current iPhones are very beautiful whereas the iPhone 3 design is ugly (in my opinion)

JamesDax3 says:

810 looks much nicer.  And it's better spec'd too.

chillblue68 says:

its sort of funny because I was honestly thinking about buying the 8X over this specifically for the design, I have not admitted that to myself until today hahahha. The 810 looks soooo much better, great job tmo and nokia, I can't wait to put the interchangable backs on it, that's just going to add to the already great design.

lancguy says:

Honestly, I like the 820 better.  The 810 looks too much like the iPhone and not particularly inspiring. 

aimuatrang says:

Both are beautiful... But to properly compare them one has to see them in same color e.g. Black 810 and Black 820...
Black 810 is very sexy though... Colored 820 is very fun

Residing says:

Well, because I've seen the back cover of the 810 from another post on this site, the 810 is definitely more attractive in my opinion.  The back cover/camera module on the 820 'reminds' me of the HD7, which I do not like.  The back cover/camera module on the 810 reminds me of the Lumia 800, which I like very much and it is uniquely Nokia.
IF T-Mobile was my carrier, and I wanted a new WP, I would, without a doubt, get the Lumia 810 over all other WP models offered on that carrier (unless, of course, there were a 920 variant :)).

s2korpio says:

I never liked the design of the 820 to begin with. It reminded me too much of the tapered design used SO much by cheap laptops everywhere :/

The block-like design of the 810... Looks manly, for lack of better word. So choose 810.

Cellus13 says:

Really to me they look the same, a little. really its because I haven't really seen the 810 in a different color. If I have to choose I have to say Lumia 810 especially since its the phone I actually can get.

wheelerk says:

I love the sleek square lines of the 810. 

jabtano says:

I can't get excited over the L810 I'm on T-MO yea l920 all the way but as for  the L820-810 I can't..

Sumit8 says:

i understand the space below the buttons. BUt why is there so much space between the tiles and the clock on the lumia 810 ?

jaethos says:

Because that's how the home screen looks when scrolled all the way to the top. For some reason Nokia decided it's press shots of the 820 & 820 should have the tiles scrolled up to touch the top of the screen. Every other phone shows the home screen the way the 810 does.

PsychoG says:

810 has a better look, I think. I agree with all the comments on that extra space below the buttons. It stand out like a sore thumb. My biggest concern, whether it will have expandable memory. THAT is what will make me decide which phone to get. And I don't want the ATIV S.

The 810 but I wouldnt touch that with a 10 ft pole!  I want the 920 variant!

cannon#WP says:

810 > 920 > 820. Yea I said it.

If the 810 is better shouldn't it have been called the 830??

Ecurb87 says:

Though I don't care for either one because of 920, 820 by far looks better. I'm glad carrier is getting 820 for their line up, more appealing. If I was in tmobil I'd be pissed at the design, but happy for upgrade camera and opportunity to have something similar to 820:-D

bokchoy1 says:

I like the 820's front and the 810's back. Can I have a Frankenstein phone?

willdoors says:

LOL the 810 is more beautiful than the 920 and 820 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

uopjo6 says:

So people still like the iPhone brick style. wow. 

It could look more professional but it's just way too boring. 

Whodaboss says:

It (Lumia 810) looks almost identical to the "Surface" phone everyone was going crazy about.  Now that they get the design it's like oh I'm not sure.  This phone is beautiful IMO. 

I prefer 820 due to its uniqueness. I really dont like the fact that nokia copied apple style.

aimuatrang says:

How thick is the 810 compared to the current 800?

Coreldan says:

Voted the 820, but I don't really even know if it's any better, just the red case on the 820 makes it hot. The 810 looks great too, but very "conservative" and minimalistic. With a colored case in the pic I might've just went for that, I don't want black phones anymore, everyone already has one :D
I can see why people prefer the 810, it really has something to it!

ramrac says:

error - edited

mans550 says:

820 looks better in real life. 810 looks cheap and nasty compared very square and boring.