Poll: What’s your favorite new feature in GDR3 for Windows Phone?

Update 3

Poll time! Earlier this morning Microsoft announced their brand new Developer Preview Program. You can think of it as the enthusiast program that was announced a few blue moons ago. Shortly after that, any registered developers could download GDR3 to their Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s been a busy day and a lot of you are now running GDR3 on your handset. What’s your favorite new feature? Take the poll below to answer. 

Don’t forget to head to the GDR3 Preview Forums to interact with fellow members running GDR3. That’s also the place to go for any questions you have or issues you encounter. Did we not list your favorite new feature? Sound off below. 

On your phone and want to take the poll? Head to m.wpcentral.com/poll-whats-your-favorite-feature-gdr3-windows-phone to take it now!



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cchester93 says:

Closing apps for sure.

Ben Sailors says:

Absolutely this.

jlynnm350z says:

It is very awkward closing apps as of now. X is very welcome

Z10YkakPES says:

+1 + custom ringtone's

rodneyej says:

Heck, I'm still trying to take in GDR2❕ Some of us just got it a few days ago..

cchester93 says:

I agree haha I felt like "oh they are on a roll with quick updates" until I thought about how long gdr2 has been out

I'm still waiting for GDR2 :s

Jack Larson1 says:

Better get a WP dev account then so you can go to gdr3. :p

rodneyej says:

Not worth losing your warranty over... People, just be patient and wait.....

Jack Larson1 says:

Not after the atrocities att did to us! :D

Only paid a dollar for my 521, so not worried about it. GDR3 running perfect so far. Closing apps is the one thing I wanted. Custom alerts is nice and all but I've gotten used to not having it since 2010 with my hd7.

OMG55 says:

Can you elaborate on custom alerts? Because I was able to create and upload custom ring tones since wp7

rodneyej says:

No, we haven't.. Look at it.. That is if you are on GDR2 or lower..

You can now have custom sounds for text/email/voicemail with gdr3, not just custom ringtones for calls.

anon5351951 says:

Think again... My phone is registered as a dev phone but I can't update through this app because I still don't have GDR2. Quite enraged actually.. Anybody know how to get my Lumia 820 up to Amber/GDR2? I really want this GDR3 update but can't do so until I get GDR2. (P.s. Don't preach to me about the warranty, I purchased second hand from another country so I don't have one anyway)

anon5351951 says:

Thanks. Errmm my device is rm-825 and these are either 821/820 does anyone know if that's an issue? Or will it still work? Cheers.

piaqt says:

http://www.seidea.com/?s=Amber+ has a list of ROMs and applicability. Search the forums here or at http://xda-developers.com. And there's always Google.

rodneyej says:

Ok, because I was gonna pull out my reverend money bags bit on you about the warranty..

anon5351951 says:

Lmao I've seen a few people say flashing is not worth loosing warranty.. Just covering my bases

mma2885 says:

Me too, this makes me sad, and jealous :-(

ymcpa says:

I would prefer swiping to close, but I'll take the x to close too.

SwimSwim says:

Yes, swiping would be nice, espeically since it's already in Windows 8. But hey, I'll take what I can get. Definetly beats spamming the back button.

All of the WP7 users either did that or just used the start button.
It wasn't that much of a problem back then.
Anyways, with WP8 I'm more worried about the live tiles updating.

PeadarWagon says:

What do you mean about the live tile updating?

rohitsingh says:

He likes to keep his data connection and wifi off at all times and so his live tiles dont update. Thats what worries him. :P

RodPre says:

As a previous Palm Pre user I thought swiping would be better, but I actually like the X better - it takes less movement and it's big enough to hit with one handed operation.  I think my wife will find it more intuitive as well.

SleepyTheDon says:

Me too but that's to iphone-ish

Probably didn't do that since android 4 has it. Wouldn't want to take anymore ***t from google, would we? *cough* YouTube app.

That it completely bypassed AT&T's corporate greedy hands.

psykojello says:

Amen! However, not so easy for the non developers :( 

Jack Larson1 says:

Can consumers "get" a dev account just to test gdr3 or does it cost money?

PLenjoy says:

Sign up for Windows Phone App Studio. Don't have the link, but you are able to "bing'it"

pjm_nz says:

Just login with your live account at http://apps.windowsstore.com/ and start making a basic app, you don't have to finish it, then you can down load gdr3.

JCerna says:

Agreed but when are we getting indivitual volume controls. I want my phone to allways be in silent when playing games or using apps but have the ring tone on. 

JoRdaNeK says:

Supposedly Microsoft are against individual volumes within apps as it hinders the overall experience of owning a WP, if you can be bothered, check out "from lazy to metro" from metro tube developers on youtube and it explains it a little more

devlam says:

Yes indeed. I hoped it was in in gdr3 but it's not. I want  it so i won't be disturbed at night receiving mail, sms etc.
for me this is much more important then different tones :(

tipu2185 says:

Totally agree with you and thought we actually got the feature that we could control media volume and ringtone separately. :(

nohra says:

YES!!! That would be nice!!
Most games are just way too loud at normal volume. Not sure why that is. At least some games have volume adjustments in-app, wish all did rather than just sound off/on.
I set volume to 1 for most games that I like the game sound on (Benji Bananas has a catchy track) or just turn sound off in-game for ones I don't care about.

TechnoTim says:

I would have voted for the ability to change the notification sound but Nokia made an awesome one for the 1020 so its moot now :)

ScubaDog says:

I still don't understand why that app-closing feature is so popular.  I am not excited in the least about that feature.  This isn't Android, where you HAVE to manage running apps just to have a smooth system.

JCerna says:

I agree with you windows phone does work welll with out "closing" apps. however I have run into a few apps that I use that can run on bacnkground like here drive that it easier to press and hold back and the x then it is to press and hold back, wait for it to load, press back again confirm stop navigation etc.

My issue isn't killing the tomb stoned app, doesn't affect my performance, but I swing through many apps at a time, closing the unnecessary ones makes it more efficient

Graven Pshya says:

I'm OCD about closing the apps I use lol, so I welcome it more.

ScubaDog says:

Good grief.  That's just sad.

shadow118 says:

One app once glitched so I couldn't close it via the back button, no matter how many times I pressed it. Then this would have been useful.

schlubadub says:

I gave up spamming the back button a long time ago, and just bomb back to the home screen. Usually it's not an issue, until you have background apps running. Here's an example... I was using Spotify the other day to play some music in the background. I used a few different apps in the meantime, and when I went to switch back to it it had disappeared from the app list. So I had to go back to the home screen, find the app and launch it again to interact with it.
If I can close apps as I go then I can make sure I never exceed the number of running apps. I don't want to have to switch to an app I'm no longer using, spam the back key to exit, switch to the next one, spam the back key, etc etc etc. all just to maintain 1 app in the list.
I would settle for having a lock icon that let's me fix certain apps in the app list, and then it just cleans up what's left automatically.

My favorite is the Notification Center that they didn't annouce but secretly included in this update. Just swipe left and hit the camera button same time.

Dave Bhullar says:

There's a notification center in GDR3? Are you serious?

Have I never NOT been serious??? I am a top developer for WP

hahahaha he bought it!

There is always one ;)

Jack Larson1 says:

Easter eggs in WP now*

Eas195 says:

+1 gazillion! The most kicking features before the screen orientation lock. Yeah baby!

LaNiQuE says:

The x will be helpful but seriously id love to know why they went with the x versus a gesture that's one thing I miss about webos swiping cards away when I was done

nohra says:

I'm glad they didn't go with gestures! Tapping an X is so much simpler and intuitive.

Would have liked to have a "swipe up" gesture a la WebOS or even Win8 but at this point, i'll take anything other than back-button spamming...

duk3togo says:

I wish it was a blinking arrow pointing downwards showing you the direction to close the app by a downward flick. The X is great buy not on a large phone.

JD Miles says:

I don't know if it just me but I have always found if you will double tap the back arrow it will completely close what ever app you had front and center at that time ! I read about people having to tap multiple times to close an app where if you will just bring forward the app you want to close and give the back arrow a quick double tap it will close completely and will no longer show up when you do a long press on the back arrow to view your recent apps . Never seemed like a hassle to me.

Agree but it should have been using the one-finger downward gesture, like the one on Windows 8.

piaqt says:

I've got the update. Where's the X? IE tabs have it, but they always did.

cowboy6201 says:

Yup closing apps!

Jay Mothreja says:

I second that!

"X" to close

I didn't get the gdr3 update o.O

My favorite feature is that AT&T cant fuck with holding back updates. 2nd favorite feature is that I no longer get to have the Nokia updates like Amber or Bittersweet Shitter.

euichii says:

You will still have bittersweet shimmer. It's just not available for release yet so u only got GDR3. But when it's available already have some fun.

ScubaDog says:

Why would it be a favorite feature to NOT get Nokia's updates? I think you completely misunderstand how this works. Microsoft could always push THEIR bits of the updates without the carriers. But they--and the OEMs--insisted on bundling the firmware bits or carrier-exclusive bits with it. This was made even easier with Windows Phone 8 because it shared the same core as the desktop, which obviously didn't require anyone's interference to update. What we FINALLY have gotten to is the idea that we, as consumers, don't necessarily care if the OEM or carrier bits come at the same time as the OS. If Microsoft is ready with their bits and they work on all the devices, then let us have them. When the OEMs get their act together and play with the carriers, those can come later. Personally, I always look forward to Nokia's updates because they actually improve things and/or add features (e.g., Glance). Just one of my reasons why Nokia is it for me---there's no OEM that can touch them, in my book.

prathmfed says:

Agree with u scubadog

aemehran says:

I'm gonna start with a question, does Lumia 920 get the 3 medium tile across as well?

nohra says:

I was really hoping for that. The small tiles are nice, at least better than WP7 where you just had the one size and occasionally a double-wide, but some tiles could be even smaller if they're not used for any kind of live tile updates (like settings or apps that don't have live tiles). My start screen is so long, I was hoping this would help me to shorten it up a little.

fwaits says:

No, Joe Belfiore said in Twitter today it was for larger screens with 1080p only.

kinaton says:

Nope. Which is a pain.

Anyone know id any updates for skype and notifications.

DJCBS says:

A pain would be if it got. I've done some redrawing based on the current sizes. To fit 3 rows of tiles, it would require current sizes to be reduced to the point where small and medium tiles would be unusable and useless respectively. 

greg2k says:

I can understand this reasoning for 480x800 displays, but for the HD phones there should be an option. Plenty resolution available.

adrian1338 says:

yes - full hd . not available at the moment :) 

Why is it a pain? The screen is just too small to support it.

shadow118 says:

The screen isn't too small to support it (atleast pixel-wise)

kinaton says:

Correct, and at present the whole screen isn't used, there is approx 1/8 of a small one each side of screen.

PeterFnet says:

Yup. I find it weird when people manufacture reasons for their point of view.

winphoneng says:

So you prefer people manufacture point-of-views for their reasons?

pookiewood says:

More than 4 Mini tiles is not needed at all.

TechnoTim says:

No but 3 medium is. Or a wide and one medium.

danielgray says:

2 medium and a single would be perfect

Might be coming on 8.1

absolutshame says:

Yes it is possible but unless you can upgrade your resolution (sarcasm) the tiles would be much smaller. I'm on a 1020and it would not be usable in my opinion so I can imagine how it would look on the 520's and other smaller devices.

RyanAMG says:

When WPC did a article on this they said it was only on 92X & 1020 phones. It should be a option for the people that do want it. And if you don't keep the same. IMO

absolutshame says:

Well options can't hurt. Makes sense to me regardless of my personal choice.

sepatown says:

The developer "enthusiast" preview program is the main thing today.

spcdog says:

This. I really hope this isn't a one-time thing, and Microsoft has permanently given enthusiasts a way to get the latest builds right away. Waiting for carriers to roll out the updates is crap!

RaRa85 says:

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

aemond says:

When you opt-in, you will receive all the future preview versions.

Except they took the RT 8.1 beta off before I tried to dl it :(

PolishHitta says:

That closing multitasking apps feature seems to be the only major change.. Not counting driving mode or emoticon adjustment

Emoticon adjustment ? What changed ?

Maybe the iPhone emoticon actually shows a happy face instead of a sad/confused one?

PolishHitta says:

After choosing the emoticon it'll take you back to keyboard... It's in settings/keyboards/advanced menu... Unless it was already implemented but I didn't notice.

sirgrant618 says:

Emoticon adjustment?

ymcpa says:

People have been complaining about rotation lock and custom ringtone for a while. Some have even called them deal breakers. So, that is an important update.

Tyradius says:

Still don't understand the need for rotation lock. But if people want it then what ever glad it's in.

khunhorm says:

You obviously have never used IE while lie down and possibly rolling on the bed.

K_lando says:

What are you browsing from your bed thats making you roll around?


Jack Larson1 says:

I like portrait mode even when lying on my side. Otherwise you have to read sideways. I don't really need screen rotation except for typing, gaming, and watching videos.
others might find it useful though.

absolutshame says:

Same here. If I want to lock my screen rotation I just stop..well..I just stop rotating the device.

Daniel Meek says:

I am all for custom ringtones because I get a lot of text messages that are simply not important, but a few extremely important ones. This way I will be able to filter the good from the bad before I even have to look at the screen!
But orientation lock? It needs a button or a swipe command to make it useful. Most of the time I will not want it. But when I did want to use it I certainly don't want to drill down into a settings menu to enable it, go back to what I was doing, and then go back to the settings to disable it. That is just way more work than simply holding the device still and upright.
What I would like to see however is a way to use the phone sideways by default rather than up and down. It would be nice to see the start screen take on the grouped Win8/rt tiles with a swipe up to the full program list as well. I suppose the issue is that it makes one handed phone use more difficult... but then again I find that I use both hands a lot already so I don't imagine that it would add any inconvenience.

PaulKinslow1 says:

A shortcut can be made for the start screen now that it is part of the OS.

Cristoby says:

Did you post an unsupported link for the poll, in the app external links list?

mondokjm says:

Open the wpc article in the browser and take the poll that way.

bpmurr says:

Closing apps and the status bar on the Gears screen.

Ben Sailors says:

Agree completely. These two features are great and were sorely missed.

BrunoShady says:

None... didn't received GDR2 yet...

absolutshame says:

Dont think you need GDR2 to update.

jwort93 says:

Unfortunately you do. It is the minimum OS version that will work with the developer preview program.

xrs22 says:

Custom text tones and I still use the damn back button, lol...habit.

WhippedKream says:

I think he means, although there is an x to close the apps, by habit he just presses back :P

OHardy says:

The easy way of closing an app by using the X.

dbgman says:

Custom text, vm ringtones!

DalekSnare says:

I was hoping for slient NFC. These features are pretty underwhelming (especially since I just got GD2/Amber last week). Rotation lock is too arduous to get to to be less effort than just holding the phone differently. Custom notification sounds are nice though.

I agree with you on the rotation lock. It seems kind of silly to only put it in the settings list. A toggle on the volume bar would be handy.

mr toes says:

I have a sneaky suspicion, and that sneaky suspicion tells me that with wp8.1 they are going to implement an entire array of shortcuts similar to, but not the same as apples control centre. And if they were to make a shortcut to the rotation lock they would then have to implement the rest of the shortcuts as well, but they ran out of time (as usual) and saved it till 8.1.

Daniel Meek says:

Agreed, I get the odd feeling we will be seeing something like the charms menu coming to WP8.1. Maybe a swipe from the left?
Anywho, it would be nice to have a central spot for most common setting changes. Volume, network, rotation lock, brightness, notifications, etc. They could also put search on the charm bar and axe that rather than the back button. The x may be easier to close apps, but most of the time I use the back button for actual navigation throughout the day and only close out apps at the end of the day.

Ben Sailors says:

I agree with both of you. They need to just implement a swipe control center with those types of options. No other solution makes sense.

Rolandh says:

I'll see if I can build a toggle for Rotation Lock in App Studio, as it seems a shame to have only got App Studio to get GDR3 early.

Ed Boland says:

Custom text/IM sounds!

Is the access point still controlled by mobile operator?  Hoping it gets unlocked with this preview :)

Nitro40 says:

Still controlled by att on my 920 :(

ajftl says:

Driving mode

klose91 says:

My favorite is the closing feature, but I was very surprised about the Developer Preview Program, love this new program. ^^

Adretheon says:

Honestly, the fact that I can get it early is the only thing that really matters so far. There is nothing else in this update that I needed once I found out we weren't getting the new tile sets. I'm personally disappointed in this one.

RyanAMG says:

Same. I think it should be an option at the very least

MediaCastleX says:

Are you also mad that you don't have Full HD 1080p? #Ridiculous =/

ajftl says:

Lol I know right ..ok. There is no space to do that on a small screen like for example Lumia 1020 that's for 5 inches and up

Tyradius says:

I think the tiles are too big on my 928, I was looking forward to the smaller sized ones. More space for tile management. Meh.

Adretheon says:

I didn't realize I ever said I was mad...oh that's right I didn't. I said I was disappointed in the update, which I am. A majority of the stuff it comes with is useless, and a waste of their time implementing when there are far more important(and necessary) things that need to be addressed.

bibek08 says:

Close app for sure, but wouldn't it cool and easier if we could swipe to close as another option as well, just saying.. 

klose91 says:

Yeah, doing it like in Windows 8 would be really cool.

dukrem says:

Maybe swiping in from the top of the screen is being reserved for a certain other often requested feature...

Ben Sailors says:

I agree. I think their ultimate goal is to make Windows RT and Windows Phone basically the same.

CluteM says:

Closing apps with app switcher.

raptor1jec says:

I love the new Multi-tasking Screen!

apocacrux says:

Rotation lock. Its the sole feature I've wanted since WP7.

Samst22 says:

I'm thinking that since we have the developer preview app installed, we will automatically get preview updates from now onwards? So hopefully we'll get a WP 8.1 preview update before the official one :D.

To be able to delete temporary files from the storage settings

GhostWorld80 says:

Installed without incident on my Lumia 1020. I really wanted the update just for the custom tones on messages but Twitter still uses the All other Notifications sound so I guess we will have to hope developers get to chose what sounds to use for there apps in the future. 

topleya says:

I would love to change the notifications sound based on each app

PrivateJoker says:

Same here... that was the only sound I want to change :( ... the damn all other notifications sound.

Jf.Vigor says:

Yeah and that silly triple vibration.

crise says:

Gdr3 is pretty much nothing. Only thing that gets me excited is their new way of pushing out updates.

mr toes says:

People are getting all excited about that, but in reality 99% of people that dont know about this program will still be at the mercy of the carriers. And that same group of non techy people make up 99% of sales also. Long story short, we need the apple system for EVERYONE, not just developers/tech geeks.

MediaCastleX says:

No, I really don't need it thank you very much, when did you all of a sudden become the arbiter of how things should be? =/

BK-one says:

Custom ring tones. Now have a few tones that play about 6 seconds for a text. This really help me make sure I hear it vs the 1/2 beep beep it used to.

Being able to close the Apps from the multitask section

hepi says:

Custom ring/text tones.

jsayz says:

I like the X and how the background for multitask is darker

davidweb says:

Actually my favorite feature, by far, is the new "advanced" option inside the Bluetooth setting that allows you to "connect in a different way to use speech with bluetooth in my car". With it checked, I can finally hear and reply to texts in my Range Rover. Never worked before. Obviously a quirk of the car, but not so quirky that I was the only one. 
So glad they fixed it!

topleya says:

Thank you for highlighting this, my Focus doesn't work either and hopefully now it will.

Cant wait to test it

Jf.Vigor says:

Thanks for letting us know man. This is def my most useful new feature

Sicarius123 says:

Same with our golf!

raul_junior says:

Hey when you do your little tour of gdr3 can you show us if its possible to delete "other storage" for us who have 11gbs of other even after gdr2?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Oh shit 11gb in other storage. And I was still pissed cause I had 2 GB a few days ago, wow.

raul_junior says:

Yup its makes me sad :( fortunately for Microsoft I love everything else about the OS so its not a deal breaker for me

topleya says:

Yes you can, just deleted it.

Fritzly says:

With which program? Nokia one does not... TIA

MediaCastleX says:

I really don't understand what some are doing to get THAT much storage caught up in other...happened to C. Kindel too. There has to be something specific to certain handsets (fault/error/bug) because it isn't everybody...I know *I* don't have that much, never have =[

raul_junior says:

I really hope that gdr3 lers you fix that though

paulxxwall says:

Can you finally close out music player instead of using stop music app? ... So annoying

MediaCastleX says:

I usually just play something else, like a video...clears that right up. =[

Vlad C says:

You never needed to do that. Just press volume up or down, and press pause to stop the music.
No need to use a "stop music" app or even close the music player.

crise says:

Ans then you see the name of the song and the music controls until forever.... Annoying

Josh Harman says:

It actually goes away after about 10-15 minutes of being paused.

paulxxwall says:

My problem us when I disconnect from Bluetooth paused music will unpaused and start playing in my pocket

Narr says:

That happens on my 820 but not on my 920. It is damn annoying.

And I thought I was the only one who had that problem!

mister2d says:

Nope, the music resumes once your Bluetooth connection severs.