Poll: Which color are you getting for your Nokia Lumia 1520?

Lumia 1520

Polls are fun. They’re a good way to quickly get a feel for how the Windows Phone community feels on a particular topic. We just learned that the Nokia Lumia 1520 becomes available on November 22nd here in the United States. We also just learned from a close source that the yellow Lumia 1520 might be scarce. So we’re curious, what color are you getting?

We had a poll just a few days ago asking whether you planned on getting the Lumia 1520. The results were pretty surprising. The results showed 45.58% of you saying you planned on getting the phone, 16.63% of you planned on waiting to see initial reviews, while 37.77% are going to wait for a smaller device with a 1080p display.

We’re curious what color you’re getting if you’ve already placed a pre-order or plan on getting a Lumia 1520 when you can. You’ve got yellow (Dan’s favorite), black (George’s favorite), white, and red as options for the Lumia 1520. We wish we could get cyan, but not this time.

Anyways, take the poll and let us know your color! Then head to the comments to tell us why your color rules. 

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Piro.Garay says:

More like "all of them"

carlosrdd says:

+920 No wireless charge No Cyan No buy!!

What if they never bring cyan back... Will you ever get another phone again?

aitt says:

Wah wah wah

tbonenga says:

What's the big deal about charging??? I could see if you could hold your phone and use it while it charges wirelessly. I don't care if you lay it or plug it. You're still CONNECTING it to a charger. Therefore it's not really wireless.

Capsloc says:

I move around and walk up and away from my desk at work and the wireless is truly useful. Just lay and charge. No need to plug in everytime.

Rishicash says:

Huh? Wherever you walking around to, you still have to lay it down on QI charging pad and they are not ubiquitous like wall outlets. So how would this be any different than using a regular charger?

humboldt1 says:

Using the jbl power up is

nv00021 says:

Exactly!!!! Fucken ATT.....seriously???? Guess it's international unlocked version

Sin Ogaris says:

It is convenient to just sit the device on its charger next to me when I'm at my PC. That being said it paves the way for potential tabletops that have built in charging coils so you could put your phone on a coffee table or computer desk and it just charges for you, that would be, in my opinion, the ideal situation.

Baby steps though.

GSOgymrat says:

I come home and set my keys and my phone down (on the charging plate). No fiddling with a wire.

Well.. I don't know about anyone else, but the whole wireless thing never made sense to me until I actually obtained my 925 with it. Now I can't imaging going around the house or office fumbling for usb cables. I set it down in the same location all the time and it happens to be the charging plate. It feels as natural as setting it down anywhere with the added bonus of charging. If you have the JBL Powerup, you get instant gratification as well. I personally have the Powerup and the Purity Pro headset. While the headset doesn't charge my phone, the NFC pairing and killer BT audio means no wires anywhere on me either.

Cellus13 says:

Good luck with that thinking.

Quantano says:

Same here..im waiting till next year when Microsoft/Nokia do there own phone.... +920

anon5351951 says:

+820 I've been wanting to upgrade for about a month now, but I'll be waiting for the new Microsoft lineup. Hopefully some time in 2014...

cwf1 says:

really? i purposely bought the 1020 because i wanted to get a true Nokia phone in case microsoft came in and wreck everything. i honestly don't think Nokia part of microsoft once it gets acquired, will untouched and as good as Nokia is now. I think with microsoft, the phones will lose the essence of Nokia.

People still live in Finland - you may noy know our mentality
People still do the same engineering innovations,
but now with the massive financive of the Mightysoft people are more relaxed
and since there are not that many jobs in Finland the engineers are happy
and diligently providing new hardware 
Just that the sign on the roof changes from NOKIA to Microsoft
and the paycheck is the same except for labeling
The benefits from Microsoft are different,
but mostly people [sigh] and feel relaxed and dig in with enthusiasim like never before
(dig in to the code)
It's going to be even better!

NachoBear says:

that's good to know that finland is ok with microsoft benefits, now i just hope that there is ONE smart finnish person that can put a notification LED in a nokia phone. thanks again

ivo_apo says:

Is the color that important? Nokia should get the design right. And I mean slim and light body, no BEZEL. Think of SG4, ATIV S and new LG.
Until they get that right, no Nokia phone for me. Sticking with ATIV S.

Cellus13 says:

That's why it's a NOKIA phone. Not a Samsung phone.

My S4 Active was taking hits from my thumb "root" when I was reaching a bit
After a soft cell protecting it the bezels were wider and it didn't happen anymore
There is a functional reason for everything on a Nokia phone
people just don't get it.
Today's world: form over function, beauty before innovation

NachoBear says:

remind me again why noka have no full usb port in 2520, thanks

Because it was not made for you, but for the masses
carefully calculating what is needed for the maximum profit, ok?

anierinwp says:

All of them:P

At least some of them. :P

Nope, still rocking the 1020, and no plans to upgrade until its successor is out.

sholokov says:

If I had to, red or yellow.

poddie says:

Same here, I want a 1020 with quad core, built in wireless charging, and SD card. That would be my ideal phone. I would take 1080p but not critical. But definitely yellow.

I like red and cyan as far as colors go, but I just wish AT&T would jerk us around on specs and color choices.

but that screen of 1020 is too small..

poddie says:

Nope, on the contrary... the 1520 is waaay to big. Whoever decided 4.5" is too small for a phone is a nit.

Too small...I want a 8" 1920 x 1080 Phablet

White 1020 (just beautiful)

Seth Thomas says:

Black and yellow, black and yellow.

Purp & Yellow Purp & Yellow

There is a song called black and yellow.

Sam Sabri says:

I'm torn between white and red. Both pretty stellar colors. 

Piro.Garay says:

I feel that red is more of a girl colour, but I still like it even though I would not get it. Where's Cyan at?

erzhik says:

There is no such thing as "girl color". Even pink can be manly.

Piro.Garay says:

@erzhik, you don't say...

Rockartisten says:

He "feels" is what he said. I also feel that glossy red is a little bit feminine, because this particular red reminds me of nail polish.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Pink is the new black

Rockartisten says:

South Central will never look the same. ;)

Rishicash says:

Pink is never manly. Never.

Sin Ogaris says:

Actually, historically pink has always been a colour that was attributed to men, not women. It's only been since the 40's that pink has shifted to being a colour for women.

Rishicash says:

Maybe at Versailles during Louie XIV's time, but then again, men wore lipstick, satin pants, ribbons and wigs too. :)

We're both right. Historically, the whole pink for girls and blue for boys was a marketing gimmick contrived in the 40's but I still maintain that pink is not a manly color. The softer pastel colors are considered feminine in that women prefer them over deep colors generally and men the opposite.

I can make every color ooze semen and testosterone with my sheer unabated manliness. NGGGGHHH

Lumia 8x says:

Trust me red is the universal color for both male and female. Though many guys are colorblind.

fwaits says:

Honestly Cyan is more "girly" than red IMO, but as a male I would be fine with either.  (Rocking a red 920 as red is my favorite color in general.)  I mean come on, think Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini in glorious sexy red...

I love red but the only problem with it is choosing the color of the tile. The only real option is red... White tiles would be awesome but that's another story.

Tafsern says:

Steel grey works with every color.

That's what I'm rocking on my white 1020

Jf.Vigor says:

That's my thing too. I have a white 920 and love it over all the other colors (although I see the cyan 920 in the wild... specifically nokia and microsoft events... and it's gorgie). But I'm not sure if I'd want to basically repeat the color. Also would I like the white as matte?

I was all set for black but with a phone this beautiful, I don't wanna subdue it with such a neutral color. Yellow is too bright for me. But red is sexy and white is sophisticated. May just go with white and then choose a colorful case.. Hmmm... decisions decisions


Red with a black cover looks nice

NachoBear says:

yes that would look nice if the back was not so bright but just had a subtle hint of red. so what case do you use and what portions does it cover and what does it leave exposed in red?

I am waiting for the international version. Lets hope that they have couple of new colors.

If you're going to get a ginormous Windows Phone, it should be a color that lets people know/wonder what it is!

I'm going to wait till a 5" with the same or better specs on at&t(Reup is in April).

None! 920 until this time next year. Waiting for 8.1 anyway!

Tafsern says:

It will get 8.1.

Miistercoool says:

I'm happy with my 925 for the moment plus I'm on T-mobile so I can't which is why I'm hoping they eventually get a variant but hopefully a 5 inch like Verizon. But anyways if I had to make a choice I would go for the yellow. I also wish they would bring back cyan :(

enzom09 says:

Give me cyan or give me death

LawnPaul says:

Same here.
They better get the 2520 in cyan.

Piro.Garay says:

They need the 2520 in all the colours they've had before, that includes Pink and hopefully a Grey like the foreign 920s.

Rishicash says:

Is your estate in order?

cwc2311 says:

Yellow 1020 here

Liked the yellow, but fell for the white...and the extras the Microsoft store offered. :)

mhtucker78 says:

Great deal... I went with the red.

The red is nice. Very close second for me.

joanzen says:

Is the red glossy or matte?

Tafsern says:

Red is glossy.

EBynum says:

Red is glossy. The other colors are matte.

Kuldip Shiv says:

I had yellow L920, its too bright for me... went with white. dint like MS offering only black case.. I want red.. So i will be happy.. with white and red.

leo74 says:

Ordered the black one on the MS store. Since the cover comes in black and covers up the phone anyway, it just made sense...

Jf.Vigor says:

Cover is only available in black?

leo74 says:

The free cover thrown in on the deal at the MS store is black.

White! Adapts best with all the different cases I want ^_^

hacer619 says:

I want them all =D

I went with black. This thing is already going to stand out when I use it, so the black should tone it down a bit.

NIST says:

Buys a 6" Nokia phone and wants to "tone it down". Haahaa

LOL well maybe less "tone it down" and more "not look like I am holding a brick (red), banana (yellow) or polar bear (white) to head." Not that I have a problem with color I have had both a white and cyan 920.

lippidp says:

So it's a hunk of coal to your head then?

Rishicash says:

Like getting a beige Lambo!

Actually it's like getting a black Lamborghini. =P

Rishicash says:

I've seen pics of black Lambos and they look like death knell stealth fighters. I shudder at the mere thought of seeing a beige one. :)

Wael Hasno says:

B*tch please, I am not getting a 1520.

TimGeo says:

I want either red or black

DalekSnare says:

Not getting a new phone until something < 5" and better than the 920 is out (unfortunately I can't stand the 1020's screen because of my PenTile allergy), but I'd pick black if I were to get a 1520. And not AT&T's version.

JerqFase says:

Green is a color, too, Nokia!

Clodderes says:

Black is my favorite color

MDak280 says:

Is the yellow matte or glossy? I know that the red is glossy but I wasn't sure about the other colors. If I had to choose, definitely yellow! But I am very happy with my 925 :D

westex74 says:

yellow is glossy.

Yellow is matte, the only glossy is red.

mab664 says:

Just saw this mother at AT&T. Holy Shit that's a big phone!

kbilly70 says:

Yeah I stopped at my local store after work and was surprised how big it is. Having used a Note and LG Optimus G Pro I didn't think it would that bad. The screen is a beauty though.

mrdeezus says:

Dude your so right, its almost comical how hige this phone is, but i have bad eyes and when i enlarged the text on it it all made sense for me!!

dreonedon says:

White or yellow still haven't decided yet

Both colors are great. Good luck with your dilemma. :)

EspHack says:

im surprised yellow is so popular, dont know why they push for colors when they keep removing options(cyan) they should offer all lumia phones in ALL colors if they want something to be proud of, whats the point of making lime green and orange "exclusive" to low end handsets? they are just making a lot of people angry most of the time having to choose black ¬¬

Graven Pshya says:

I noticed on the Microsoft pre-order page that the white Nokia Lumia 1520 has white buttons in the rendered picture.. Is that how it's going to be? AT&T's pre-order has the white with black buttons.. Unless there are really two different phone variations.

EspHack says:

oh god i want a fuking purple/black aluminum lumia so bad

LaNiQuE says:

Im getting RED

Sam Sabri says:

Ok, how many phones do you have now? lol

More than 20 now (I found 19 in 5 mins)
used to have more...one sold, one given away, rest? I don't know

clappenings says:

No upgrade until February here, & even then not 100% on it now I've seen the size of it

neelagopi says:

black, so that this big device will blend-in... my favorite color is yellow, but this big phone might seek too much attention! (unwanted may be)



westex74 says:

Because AT&T gimped the phone, I'm gonna pass this time around. 

gajomau says:

i had to post this

lubbalots says:

Wish they had orange. Anyway way be waiting for the 32gig version, sporting white. No more gloss. Just to much stains that you can't rub off.

pazces84 says:

Why doesn't Nokia offer cyan anymore?

larrybon says:

Always go with black and put any snap on "Yesso" or tpu cover I want! Who gets tired of black? 1020 here.....and loving it!

Thinking black with the yellow cover! 

RawrrSavior says:

In the middle of my 2year on my 920...alas...

Jefe32 says:

Yellow. I would love to see the supposed lumia 929 have colors other than Black, white and Red.

regi7 says:

I already pre-ordered the yellow. Saw it in the AT&T store today and fell in love.

Montpbm says:

None!! Lol.. T-Mobile. But if I could, I would pick red.. It's the best!

badMojo69 says:

none.  i have tmobile and my 920 in a drawer waiting on xbox video and comixoligy to come back.

bruteech says:

Wish I could buy it.

jchapman01 says:

effing Red!! I mean if I don't get the Lumia 1020 instead. Its a great time to be a Windows Phone fan!!

swizzlerz says:

I just got a 1020 yellow.. Not getting one but would be white for something different if I needed it...

n7slc says:

Where's the "I'm not getting one" option?

For me, this isn't an upgrade when compared to my 1020. 

You don't need to vote or even post if you're not interested.

Jackalneck says:

Its an upgrade to the 1020  in almost every way (other than the camera)

less onboard memory, but microsd slot

faster CPU

higher resolution

larger display

better speakers

better microphones


schlubadub says:

Larger display is not an upgrade. It's the worst thing about it

Some like it small, some like it big,
some like it black, some like it white, some like it red, some like it yellow
It could be 4", 4½", 5", 6"
but if it's too big to fit then have a smaller one
Lumia 929 for Verizon

GrapeEyes says:

You are talking so much rubbish. The Lumia 1520 will destroy the 1020.

Do not dare compare the greatest phone in the world Lumia 1520 to any other phone!!

procen says:

I would like to get the yellow or red, but I don't like AT&T.

lubbalots says:

Is it already sold out on ATT?

all my devices are black so im gettin' the black one of course ...

My next phone will be yellow, cyan or red once my contract renews next year- unless I still have Verizon and my choice is black or black :P

Tyradius says:

I'm gonna get the 929 colored one. ;)

sk1d_mark says:

I want a black one with a Cyan case, but what I really want is a UK release date and price !!!!!!!!!

Dave Blake says:

I ordered my White one the minute I seen the deal from Microsoft. I actually had to pull over to read the article and order my L1520

Jf.Vigor says:

Haha true dedication man

ermckane says:

If I were to get one, it would be red

myoujin says:

I don't know. Since my 920 screen shattered. I always using 2 casing. Otterbox and incipio dual pro.

monigal2 says:

I hope a successor to the 925 is coming

baron1996 says:

This is a true successor to 925 in every way

hellodav7 says:

No built in wireless charging, NO DEAL!

ATT, can you hear me now?

Horujan says:

Yellow for sure!

Flagz says:

None unless its on T-Mobile

monigal2 says:

I'm stop in a contract with att

wpstan says:

How about green Nokia...had the N8 in green....gorgeous..miss that color

BahaTexas says:

Yellow. Go bold or go home.

maxmad99 says:

I would get the yellow since I already owned a white, red, blue and black windows phone.

venom5150 says:

When will they release another cyan phone? I want the Cyan 1520

Any colour... Maybe not the black.

Ravikumar401 says:

Still want to stick with 925 , only one thing i don't like in 925 is only 14gb memory on it

JoRdaNeK says:

Shiny red is wonderful

I'm on T-Mobile, so no 1520 for me unless I win that Nokia contest... LOL! But out of these four colors, if I were to get this phone, I'd probably get either red or white.

tbonenga says:

Us T-Mobile customers would be happy with any color.

Jackalneck says:

Just preordered the black from the microsoft store!  +920 +1020 +1520


None. Staying with my 1020

GrapeEyes says:

No you mean you can't upgrade until 2015 :)

EBynum says:

I have a glossy yellow Lumia 920 and matching Monster Purity Pro headphones and JBL PlayUp speaker (love the yellow!), so I should get the yellow 1520, but I'm not sure if I'll like the matte finish. Is the matte yellow just as vibrant as the glossy yellow, or does the color look duller? Anybody know?

Then again that glossy red looks gorgeous. Hmm, stick with the tried and true yellow or get the screamin' fire engine red? Decisions, decisions...

Thats exactly what I wondering too, because on reviews - youtube or on pics, yellow matte doesnt look as good as my 920 glossy..In fact, I dont know why they change glossy to matt, glossy looks so much more fancy and cool :)

EBynum says:

I was at the AT&Tstore and saw a matte yellow Lumia 1020. I assume the 1520 will be the same. I compared it to my glossy yellow Lumia 920, and the yellow color is identical. It just doesn't have the glossy sheen. It's more like a satin finish. The finish looks similar to my yellow JBL PlayUp speaker. I was happy to see it's the same shade of vibrant yellow. I still like the glossy finish better, but the matte finish feels really nice to hold and is less slippery.

Sarang68 says:

I have a glossy red 920. Thinking of going for the 1520 with red or yellow

Same as my 920. RED!!!!!