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Microsoft's planned surprise today was indeed another Android smartphone dubbed Nokia X2

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Microsoft's secret list of Android patents revealed by Chinese government

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Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8


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Poll: Which new Android device do you wish had Windows Phone?

Mobile World Congress is in full-swing over in Barcelona. We’re not expecting big news on the Windows Phone front. Instead we’ll get smaller announcements. The big announcements for new smartphones are coming from the likes of Samsung and Sony. Devices that are running Android. Even though they’re running an OS most of you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot stick, they are compelling hardware. Which of the newly announced phones running Android would you take if they had Windows Phone instead?

Our brothers over at Android Central have been pretty busy so far at MWC. There are probably going to be a billion new Android phones announced this week at MWC, but so far there are already five smartphones that stand out. They are:

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

Liquid E3

Acer Liquid E3

MediaPad X1

Huawei MediaPad X1

G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2

While most of us are quite content with Nokia’s hardware here on Windows Phone, choice is always good. Most other smartphone OEMs are busy putting their best efforts into devices running Android. Click the links above and check out those five new smartphones. They’re all impressive in their own rights, whether it’s waterproofing in the Xperia Z2 or a fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5.

Once you’ve checked out those new Android phones try imaging them running Windows Phone. Now pick which one you’d want if it had Windows Phone on it. Be sure to comment why you chose what you did below!

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Sam Sabri says:

I'm really liking the Xperia Z2 right now. Would love to see Windows Phone on that one! Beautiful display and it's waterproof? Winning. 

rodneyej says:


KingRaven26 says:

Totes.  There's already an S3-port for WP8 and it looks like an S4 or S5 variant will be available sometime in 2014.  LG's G Pro looks pretty good but not a must-have for asthetics.  Sony looks gorgeous and they have addressed their intentions to build a WP device - could be an Xperia equivalent device (I certainly hope so).  Great camera specs and nice looking screen.  Could be a competitor to the Lumia handsets if it came over.  The only compromise would likely be durability - Sony has never been too good about their products being able to take a ding or two without suffering greatly.

Credo93 says:


+Z2 and upcoming Z3

PaulKinslow1 says:

Z1 Compact, or a future Z2 Compact.

tommikovski says:


The Z2 is nice, but i´m fed up with ultralarge phones. I want a smaller high end device like the Z1 Compact (or future Z2 Compact).


Would love to see sony enter the game.



andrewkeith5 says:

So pleased to see other people say this sort of thing.

I'm so tired of the strange assumption that in order to be 'high end' a phone has to be the size of a small laptop. The phablet thing has gone too far now to the extent that it's very difficult to find a high end phone that is also pocketable.

Why is it that manufacturers only recognise a high end smartphone as being a) so thin and light they feel more fragile than a wafer (S3/S4) and/or b) a screen so large you can't use it with one hand or fit it into a pocket (Note 2/3, Lumia 1520)?

The main reason I like the Sony Z1/2 is that they have been sensible with the dimensions without compromising ability. I really like what Sony are making right now (apart from the Z1 ultra, who on earth uses that? Just buy a tablet...), but it would be a whole lot better with a better operating system.

sigismond0 says:

I take it you don't care about all the awesome high-end devices like the Lumia 925/Icon/1020 or things like the Nexus line?  Because those are all absolutely top-of-the-line devices that come in smaller than the Galaxy S.

andrewkeith5 says:

Those are exactly the sort of thing there should be more of. But you have failed to take into account that the Lumia 920 family (920/925/928/1020) is over a year old and the only similar device is the Icon, which is only available on Verizon and so can barely be considered a launch as far as the majority of the market is concerned. Of all the phones released in Europe/World markets in the past year, only Sony have released something that could be considered a range of high end devices. (the 920/925/928/1020 are fundamentally the same device).

sigismond0 says:

I respectfully disagree with there being anything wrong with the 920 family being old.  They're still perfectly capable devices that can compete with the best of Android and iOS.

Nokia will almost certainly churn out a new Lumia family after WP8.1 hits market, and will have a lot of the upgrades that we will be ready for.  1520 quality camera on a 5" device, SD support on all models, maybe higher res screen, processor/RAM bump, and maybe a little bigger battery.  And those will be great and perfectly timed for everyone whose 920 contract is running out.

I know it's nice to be spoiled for choice, but back when I was on Android I was sick to death of having dozens of phones come out every year, all with lustworthy features and builds.  I'm much happier with Lumia knowing that whatever device I buy now will last me for 1-2 years without fault, I won't be tempted to ditch it for the new hotness three months later, and that when I do get a new phone it will be an honest upgrade with a lot of thought put into it instead of some small spec bumps and gimmicks.

I have a feeling we won't agree on that, so please don't think I'm arguing or trying to convince you of anything here.  I honestly do believe that a new line every 1-2 years is perfectly acceptable and might even be better for Nokia as well as the customers.

andrewkeith5 says:

On that particular point (which is different) I agree - it is better to have a clear range updated on a reasonable schedule and there are far too many Android releases year (although I disagree in that most of the 'features' manufacturers (mostly Samsung) shoehorn into devices to try and find some reason to release them seem pointless to me!). However, there is still the argument that devices only gain 'front-line' attention for so long both in the eyes of retailers and customers - the age old line of "why should I buy that when it's been out for a year when I can have this shiny new one that only came out last week and that the salesperson gets 10 times more comission for?". Sadly in so many cases now, "the best phone for your needs" normally means "the phone I'm being paid most to sell you" or "the newest phone in the store".

My point was more against the general industry trend of in order to have better specifications, you must for some reason have a physically larger device, which shouldn't be the case. There is a limit as to how much screen sizes can creep up before it starts getting silly, as there is only so much bezel you can remove before you get to a stage where your flagship phone is suddenly very difficult for the majority of the population to use and carry around. In my opinion the chassis of the Lumia 920 is about as big as I can reasonably carry around in my pocket.

Manufacturers have created a weird scenario whereby suddenly making something increasingly thin makes up for it having a vast surface area... That doesn't make it any more portable!

RedVagabond says:

I would drop my Q10 in a heartbeat for a ~4.3" Z2.  So pretty

kevin_fan says:

Yeah Z2 and Z2 Ultra ftw!

Armin Mhd says:

Yes its the best in this list. I wouldnt touch samsung even if it was life or death. They should go and make refrigerators who said they should make phones lol hahahaha

oh heck no. I don't want Samsung keeping my food or my shorts for me.

Armin Mhd says:

Well thats what theyre good at. Phones? Naaah

vw1610 says:

Their refrigerators are horrible. Trust me I own one

I actually have a Samsung lazer printer .... never going there again, should have bought a Canon or Brother.

Armin Mhd says:

I have a hp one. No problems till now its the office pro 8600 its a good one.

More problems with that bloody printer this morning ... If it doesn't get its act together its going to be out on the pavement with a please take sign. I have to confess I gave it a "damn good thrashing" this morning ... seemed to help a lot!

I've now seen the Galaxy S5 ... looks like a cheap oversized bandaid ... especially in "gold" ;>)


Well actually it was more like the Fawlty towers scene in my office. However before I try to print anything I might show the printer your video ... cause thats the next step!

I really start to disslike windows phone. The Nokia N8 had HDMI support! So does Z1 and  Z2. Also the wireless streaming to Tv seems to be failing on the Windows phone when you look lumia 920 and the mirroring app. I dont think any android phone would be better as windows phone because it would loose so many features and companies dont have time to mess whit two or more Os

Rockartisten says:

WP8.1 will have miracast built in, just like W8.1 has. Project through USB is also built in.

Chef316 says:

Is that feature, the only feature you see as windows phone lacking? What don't you like about WP?

Lumia 920 lacks the apps, random crashing(from the begining), no real multitasking,some apps are slower than iphones or android versio, had these "hidden" features untill it got amber update(camera update, nokia glance, better apps) doesnt show battery %, alot of wierd live tile issues, issues installing 1Gb files (requires more than 2-3Gb of free space). Custom ringtone on smsm allarm is still limited, The Bing is horible and the search button should allow google search, Windows app store is getting alot of crap apps every day no quality controll like they promised, there arent alot of freedom like filemanager, you cant send documents or pdf easily like in Android, all ready forgot older bad things about this phone. Even symbian  on N8 had these features it only sucked on the app section.

except crappy fb app, all apps I use are better and nicer looking on WP than android. I got no issues with system or tiles. U will see battery %in notification center, u can change ringer sounds already, or u will be able in 8.1 if its not yet( I don't use it). Attachments are said to be included in 8.1 as well. Bing is not best and installing big apps is awkward, true. 8.1 update solves all my complaints, and system doesn't look like childish crap where every app has different buttons and background.

Never had a random crash on my 920. That's what android does well.

tastisnax says:

I have a Lumia 920, 520, and Moto X that I use for different purposes. I haven't had a single random reboot on my X. My 920 seems to do it once per week.

i have a 920 and i never had any random reboots and my phone is more than one year old. there's also an 820 (about one year old) in my house and it never had random reboots either.

Sin Ogaris says:

It's what phones of all makes and models do. Sometimes they crash, deal with it, Windows Phone is just as susceptible as Android.

My biggest gripe with WP is the complete LACK of multitasking, I can't even get a website loading, then jump to something else while I'm waiting for it, and come back to the page ready to go. Such basic finctionality like this is sorely missing from a lot of "smart" phones.

I'm supposed to have a Computer in my pocket, for Christ's sake program it like one!

In terms of issues I've had with my 920, I've had hangs (VERY rarely though) which require a soft reset to get out of; dust in the ffc, I literally cannot see the camera any more it is just a circle of brown; excessive battery consumption when no apps are running and I've turned off, then on, the phone (again, fairly rare this one); flash no longer functions unless I press the housing near the flash; audio occasionally comes out muffled, as if it's playing through water (this latest one only started after Black, so could be a software issue).

All phones have issues, while one person may not, awesome, good for them, that doesn't mean there aren't some phones out there that are problematic, it happens. to ignore the good on one side and the bad on the other just because you have your "lala fanboy" goggles on is idiotic.

1. Return your phone, it is faulty.
2. All other complaints will be solved in next update, coming soon.
3. Try writing the post again, but this time write all the things your WP can do that others can't. (out of the box) you may surprise yourself.

Nokia5110 says:

Will I be in a position to save my contacts on the SIM card, copy/paste when using skype. Will Skype use phone number as the ID?

You can currently do that with your SIM, but that is not the beat way to store your contacts... Import them to your email my friend! My Skype ph no is the same as my phone.... Isn't that just user settings in Skype, not sure what you are getting at there?

Tjarren says:

Dude, the glass is half empty with WP for these folks.  It's not about what it can do better, it's about what it can't do.  After 3+ years of it, it's basically a running joke...

Tips_y says:

LOL! Yes, just like the long-standing joke of Android lag, which wasn't funny anymore because Android lag went on for 4 years. It got solved only last year in Kitkat.

I don't agree with that, the problem with Android is it is too power hungry, why do you think Microsoft had to kill Win Mo and start from scratch with Windows Phone? The problem is still there, it is just running on phones with the power of a desktop computer now! I guarantee if you load it up enough, it will lag.

andrewkeith5 says:

I am still shocked to find even the latest phones with stock OS can barely power themselves. Playing with the Sony Z1 in a store a few days ago I wondered if the touchscreen was faulty.

cmcrow1 says:

Thats the problem with WP8...all the good features are always "coming soon". A company the size of MS should NOT take this long to get their mobile division up to speed. I like WP8 as a change of pace, or to mix things up once in awhile, but as far as a top notch mobile palteform... unfortunately, it does not even compete with Android.


You are insane, so... Android had all its current features in the first 3 years of its creation did it? Once you take that into account you should realize that 11 yo Android is actually a long way behind WP... Especially once these coming soon features are implemented! There are also many things that Android can't do at present time that WP can.
-Just an outlook, from a different viewpoint.

papanoongaku says:

1. Which apps? personally, i want SoundCloud and Kobo...maybe a decent multitrack recorder...i'd love some of the amazing synths on iOS. but they aren't available on Android either. so even if i go to android, that problem won't be fixed.

2. Crashing of what? Apps? The OS?

3. Multitasking is better than iOS, not as good as WebOS. Still needs a smarter contextual back (but i suppose that's coming when they drop capacitive buttons

4. Which apps are slower? Some? Which ones?

5. What are you talking about with SSM alerts? i can change mine by contact, or globally.

6. bing....i think the Local search needs more localization. otherwise i think it's a draw between goog and bing on the phone. my real gripe is with Here Maps; it sucks at locating businesses.

7. app quality....yeah most are shit...but how many flappy birds have popped up on the android and ios stores in the last month. this is a universal problem for all app stores.

8. what are you talking about? i use HandyScan to make and share PDFs. i can send PDFs from PDF reader app. i can share OneNote and Office docs. What exactly are you trying to do?

Handyscan is one of my can't live without apps, so is PDF SEND, doesn't look like you are going to get a reply from him lol

scdkad says:

"Search button should allow Google". Yea right. 

Antluv82 says:

It would be lagging on Android. Tha reason why Android winning BC of tha Apps that's it

mottle says:

Also the Sony xperia z2 tablet would be really great with windows RT.

Dawood Ahmed says:

z2 ofc. But if lumia icon is getting international release than i dont think i want any of these phones running windows phone. Nokia is better :). only android phone i would consider to buy is from sony but i am not leaving wp anytime soon.

broughshane says:

my last android phone was xperia pro before making the switch over to WP . its mixed thoughts with good and bad . good hardware and poor software updates and quick to drop support. a 5inch 1520 with soft keys would be a lot sweeter with me now

venom5150 says:

I am with you Sam. Only other device I would co sider if not Nokia is a Sony device. Hope Sony is reading this thread.

And no capacitive buttons, so it could run WP8.1 conceivably.  I'm firmly in the Nokia camp, but the Xperia is the one phone I might switch from Nokia for.  Here's hoping that Sony will get onboard and announce this thing as a WP8.1 launch phone!

rodneyej says:

Are you saying that 8.1 can't run on devices with capacitive buttons?

peterfares says:

No, just on Android phoens with capacitive buttons without changing the phone. If android phones have capacitive buttons they either have back/home/menu or back/home/multitask. WP requires the physical buttons (if present) to be back/home/bing.


With on-screen buttons manufactures can use the exact same hardware and load either WP or Android on their ROM.

I would stick with Nokia. I have had a Samsung & HTC before did not like build quality. All of my Nokia phones have great build quality. N8, L920, L1020 and even my daughters L520 has survived the rigors of my children, it has been dropped many times(including on concrete and tiles) It has gotten very wet, bet still works perfect.

Nokia for me all the way!

DJCBS says:

You know I agree with you. But I still like the Z1 Compact better. All the horsepower in a 4.3 device.

el-ojo says:

This comment is not fair, I think you swayed the votes in your favor. I like both Sammy and Sony, but I'm a sucker for SUPER AMOLED SCREENS. SONY'S designs are better though.

rodneyej says:

Z2... We need Sony❕❕❕❕

blackprince says:

This would be great, it would make it hard to choose a Lumia over this with WP8.1 and that's a good thing.

Are you the one with a You Tube channel that does phone reviews?

Winnabe says:

Seriously, what is good about the Z2? It has sharp blunt edges, unlike the gentle curvy edges of the Lumia, Lumias have a more polished design. Plus, the seams where various sections of the body meet, make it look kind of less sophisticated than the unibody design of the Lumia.

stui83 says:

Glad I'm not the only one thinking this. C'mon Sony

Any Note 4? I would like to see a Note device (not just the size, but functionality)... Multi windows for apps, full S-like pen support, etc.

thaufee says:

Z2, Obviously. I love SONY phones, next to Nokia.

2tomtom says:

Z2, but is it waterproof or water resistant?

2tomtom says:

Z2 but is it waterproof or water resistant?

Aniket Bhat says:

Sony is making WP phones as well... So maybe they make a Z2 WP Edition

Rishicash says:

The Z2 is what the Icon should have been.

Prezdhill says:

I'd like all of them. 70% market share would be nice :P

Prezdhill says:

For a serious answer, as a fan of the HTC 8x, I would like to see the One.

Bingo. Whatever happened to the fabled HTC Harmony?

Dadstar0410 says:

Presumably in WP8.1 we'll see Harmony.

I swear to God if they name it HTC Windows Phone 8.1X . . .

hs k says:

Lol, they would name it like that, 'cause it is punny.

Tragic says:

I think they might call it the HTC 8.OneX

oditius says:

The HTC One Maxx for sure

steve_w_7 says:

Agreed.  The only Android phone that I like is the HTC One.  Beautiful hardware.

LeiChat says:

I've had HTC handsets for ages and would have gone for a Windows Phone 8 version of the HTC One without hesitation.

I've ended up with the Nokia 1520.

Do like the look of the Lumia Icon but it sounds like it may not ever get an official UK release.

cannon#WP says:

Same here, first non HTC phone I had since the Wizard was the LG Quantum, went right back to the Titan II. Only using a 920 until HTC or Sammy come out with an 8.1 device.

ZombieZed says:

Some tech sites said yesterday that the Lumia930 is the international version and Nokia will show it on Build.

Count me in on the HTC One as well. It's stunning.

SwimSwim says:

Agreed. That phone is absolutely stunning. And the sound quality on that thing? Incredible. However, my two big faults with it are:

1) The camera is "meh."

2) The bigger kicker, which is that it runs Android.

It makes me feel exactly what I feel every time I gaze upon a Macbook Air. Such gorgeous, stunning, beautiful hardware, but then ruined by an ugly OS I have no taste for.

An HTC One running Windows Phone 8.1... That'd be a perfect everyday phone, and I could set aside my Lumia 1020 for days where I know I'll be wanting to capture life's great moments.

cruelvaldez says:

Omg yes! Truth I don't care much about the camera, and its pretty good for me but yeah... Perfect hardware with flawed software, kind of like the original surface rt

NathanDuarte says:

I'd definitely get a Sony Xperia Z2 if it had Windows Phone instead of Android...

Jack Janik says:

Besides the obvious Xperia Z1S, the HTC One

traceamar says:

Xperia Z1 S is almost perfect....
It needs a new OS to be perfect

Micah Dawson says:

Absolutely none simply because i don't want an android rehased model....i don't want anyone's left overs(Unless we're talking more of a variation of the Lumai line).

That said I am sure HTC and Sony would make lovely hardware with Windows phone even though i likely never would buy them since they are essentially leftovers.

A used red Ferrari that was prior black is still a Ferrari.

Some folks would argue that old windows laptops make excellent Linux laptops...

But a new HTC Harmony is not ok?

I like the fact that the Lumia line is different, it isn't the same old... I would like that to continue, with other handset manufacturers. I want true innovation, eg; new materials, new shapes etc.. Not what was released for Android 6-12 months ago... Where are these flexible screens Samesung?

F60Outrunn says:

I would love the HTC One, most beautiful phone i have ever seen, but in not complaining with my Lumia 1020 though, Sony Xperia Z2 does interest me abit

Cristoby says:

+1, for the HTC One that is.

eddp77 says:

Im happy with the layout of my 8X. Actual buttons for power, volume and camera, then those touch buttons at the bottom, back, start, search. Its the defining feature of windows phones, when the screen is locked and you cant see any apps or lock screen or whatever, anyone who sees that phone will recognise it as a windows phone. If you get rid of those, then you're left with any other bog standard phone that looks like it could even be an android! I don't know about anyone else but id rather not anyone mistake my phone for an android. Instant recognition is where its at. Monkey see, monkey buy.

After thing about it, I would go with a Motorola Phablet....since its Made in the U.S.A.
But I'm still inlove with the Lumia 1520.

ALex Susky says:

I wish the Nokia Lumia 1020 had android. Does that count?

felickz says:

Does NokiaDroid count?

One more Android article and I'm going to puke.

Micah Dawson says:

I am nearly there with you :D

felickz says:

But.. It makes sense... In 10 years when my grandmas nokiadroid stops working she is practically going to walk right into a windows phone

Micah Dawson says:

LMFAO :P I wonder where our market share will be then bahaha

tropolite says:

Already did...


But to play the game... IF I had to choose another brand - either the Sony Z2, HTC One (new), or the LG GFlex (in no particular order)

I'm really looking forward to the new Lumia handsets that will come along with WP8.1 or even the sweeeeet Lumia 929 (NICE)


Talbot690 says:

Amen. Really getting tired of the bullshit articles..

steve_w_7 says:

Totally agree. I know it's a slow week for WP, but this is getting nauseating.

cannon#WP says:

I love it, breaks up the monotony of NokiaCentral.

k0de says:

I'm puking right now.

HTC One, hands down

rain620 says:

But...... ultrapixel.

Jack Neill says:

I bought my wife a N5 as she is hellbent on Android, the N5 is a awesome phone that is screaming to be freed and running WP8  :P

Winnabe says:

Agree, but not with that screen.

kwambe5 says:

If I had to choose one, it would have to be the Sony. Only if I HAD to choose!

Bourbs says:

I wish it came to the htc one

Marco Gomes1 says:

The Sony Z1 compact. Is there a Z2 compact?

DJCBS says:

Not yet. Give it 3/4 months though and it should show up, a month before the Z3 lol

bilzkh says:

Sony Xperia Z2 for sure.

My buddies LG G2 is pretty dope. But the obvious Xperias and HTC Ones have been mentioned.
That being said I'd never leave my Lumia 928 (soon to be Icon) or WP!

Whodaboss says:

None. Before I start wishing for Android devices I would prefer Windows best devices were sold on my carrier T-Mobile. And they're all Nokia phones.

tlds says:

The one in my pocket!!  The galaxy note 2 :-)

Chris Coyle says:

Android is just gross. These articles are like screwing your cousin.

Micah Dawson says:

Literally just choked on my drink laughing :P
But so true :D

jholso says:

z2 for me.

I really dont like the back panel of the S5, it looks so cheap in photos.

Zeroplanetz says:

I'd like to see device designs made for WP first before android. And get apps published the same day with the same features for the same prices.

Credo93 says:

Sony Xperia Z,Z1,Z2, upcoming Z3. HTC One, The all new HTC One, LG G2, but not Samsung, boring designs all over again :)

Credo93 says:

Oh yeah, the Nexus 5 is also a lovely design :)

micallan_17 says:

seems i picked the one everyone else seems to want, a sony z2 :)

Fadox says:

Too many Android stuff in here...

None of them look better than Nokia's phones to me. If it has to be one though than the Z2.

wangsa86 says:

HTC one XL, I love the design!

Android Central...looks you are noticing the big White flag coming from Finland

MikeSo says:

Did you not notice the big blue middle finger aimed at Google on that white flag?

Winnabe says:

I really LOL'd!

LucasLumia says:

I voted the Galaxy because it would bring more people into the platfrom. Besides I'm almost sure Nokia will make a phone more appealing to me in every way but the S5 will still have its own merits. Even if it's not that innovative and it has less RAM.

97_fuller says:

I would like to see a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Windows Phone 8.1

RyanAMG says:

Not the Mega? :)

el-ojo says:

Me too man. If there has been one phone that has almost made me leave WP it would have to be the Galaxy Note series of phones. It's the one phone I'm most truly jealous of that is not on the WP platform.

RodimusMajor says:

Nexus 5, HTC One, or LG G Pro 2-- I may be a WP8 man, but I recognize nice designs when I see them.

MikeSo says:

Sony has always had exciting and useful designs. Would be awesome with WP8. Unlike Samzzzzzzung...

Winnabe says:

The Xperia Z line disagrees, plus the ZR and the SP. All blocky, blunt, uninspiring designs, with the seams where the different parts of the chassis meet sticking out like a sore thumb.

Dadstar0410 says:

Samesung hahaha

handybres says:

I wish the Nokia Lumia Icon was for AT&T!!!! The windows phone I've been waiting for and they don't even bring it to my carrier. Will there be unlocked versions that I can use on AT&T's network??

RyanAMG says:

I wish the 1520 was on Verizon :) the Icon is unlocked but I think Daniel said it was really slow

Pacus1x says:

Xperia Z2 all the way... But also I would love a Lenovo K900 with WP8.

Rum 007 says:

Media pad will look awesome with tile interface

iamakii says:

I'd go with Sony. I want that Walkmann app in Metro *cough Modern design.

Ticomfreak says:

*cough Microsoft Design Language design


allos autos says:

I love the Microsoft Design Language design on my Windows Phone 8 phone.

rashberry says:

I would go for the lenovo k900

ladydias says:

None of them really. After having a colorful phone like the Lumia line, phones that come in black or white don't do much for me. Also, with the exception of Sony's handset they are all too big for my girly hands.

DJCBS says:

Give the Z1 Compact a look. It's the size of the iPhone 5S and comes in pink and lime green too...

Windows Phone must be colorful. None of them deserves a WindowsPhone on it.

Jabid21 says:

I have multiple choices not all are new. The Xperias, HTC One and maybe the Galaxy J (only the J).

rockstarzzz says:

Its like asking me, who should chew and spit in your mouth? I want a fresh bite! New phone, new design else I have Lumia 925, sexy as ever.

theefman says:

Nicely done, nuke 'em from orbit, I say.

k0de says:

Well and enough said!

chad08er says:

The new HTC Desire 816.

i106 says:

Me2 --- The New Desire 816 would be awesome...

Samsung sucks. Sony sucks. Toshiba sucks. Dell sucks. All of these brands shouldn't be making half of the things they make. They take people for idiots. And people ARE idiots. Thats why Samsung Toshiba and Sony still make laptops. Bcoz idiots dont research and spend money because they're *shiny*. Lol

Winnabe says:

Quite a rant, that actually made me LOL. :D

Ever notice Sony and Samsung laptops are shiny and sparkly and shit. Thats why they sell. Toshiba r ugly as fuck I dont understand why those sell. Typically the older crowd buy those bcoz "well, back in the day!" that was back in the day.... They suck now. Im an IT Professional and a Computer Repair Professional and I typically refuse to fix these machines because the same laptops return monthly or even more than that because of hardware BS. Its a shame. HP all the way. Acer and Asus I guess are good too. Gateway may be cheap but definitely more reliable than those shit brands. .

monigal2 says:

Nexus 5 white

theefman says:

Wake me up when one of these can top the Lumia 1020, till then nuke the entire lot from orbit, its the only way to be sure.

Android devices? Who cares? Windows Phone devices are amazing. I just wish we had Androids app scope.

spaulagain says:

All of those phones are pretty ugly. I think Lumias are some of if not the best looking phones out there. The simple, yet stated unibody design, gorgeous displays, and vibrant colors make them very attractive and more forward thinking.
Those Android phones look too yesterday and have too many unnecessary details.

Winnabe says:

Agree completely!

traceamar says:

Sony xperia Z1 C....
I think this is a beautiful device, an ideal size, top notch specs ....
Only problem is, its running the wrong OS.... At least right now
Time to fix the wrong don't you think?

The Sony, but next phone is Nokia/Microsoft

Smg-Uk says:

The New HTC phones

ScubaDog says:

OTHER:  Specifically, a Lumia.  I don't want the regurgitated garbage from Sony, Samsung and others.

CardozoRT says:

Wait a second... Is this WINDOWS PHONE CENTRAL or Android Central?! From 2 or 3 days ago I barely read news from WP and I'm in a WP comunity!! I don't give a F if Nokia have another OS in their rainbow devices, if I want to discuss Android, I go to a Android comunity!! Which side of the Force are you...??

Nokia x doesn't count as just android news. It has the wp ui and built in Microsoft services which does bring it into the wpcentral envelope.
As for this particular article, i think previous rumors about Microsoft exploring dual boot or windows version of popular android phones makes this one of the most relevant articles ever!

I don't wish for any device, apple, android,or blackberry.

I just want an even, unbiased, level playing field. That we have to go bottoms up is disturbing. Yeah, MSFT services on an Android platform. I see little to be excited about.

If it raises the profile of the Windows Phone because people like the experience of metro-like UI, and we have greater parity of apps AND it drives people to trade up for higher end WP phones, then great. However, the chances of that happening are very, very low.

mpelti says:

From a hardware perspective, my lumia 920 is nearly perfect. I'd still choose it over most of these. The Nexus 5 and Moto X still tempt me more than any of these.

I'd like to see a multicolor notification light, possibly integrated into the windows button. I'd like to see waterproofing. I'd like to see the hair-trigger search button disappear. But other than that, it's more which android features I need to see in WP8.1 for me to stick with it, Nokia hardware is awesome.

Ditronics says:

HTC One or One Max!! 

liammatho says:

Ha. None. WP8 as an OS still isn't even fucking finished yet

Dt967 says:

Ive always wished that Sony would make a windows phone