Poll – Which Windows Phone will be your next?

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Although we still have HTC on September 19th to woo us with their new devices (we’re hearing two will be revealed—the Accord and Rio), we can still gather an idea of where you folks are leaning towards.

The HTC Accord looks to be a solid performer with nicely sized 4.3” display and the super sharp Super LCD2, which is just gorgeous on the One X.  Oh and it has that Beats Audio thing going for it and we hear multiple colors as well.

Nokia has their Lumia 820 and 920, with the latter possibly being the most impressive device yet with an abundance of new technology, including PureView, PureMotion HD+ display and wireless charging.

Finally, Samsung has their one and only ATIV-S, which is hardly a slacker. It features the biggest display at 4.8” but in a super slim and light body with metal accents. On top of that, it has a massive 2300 mAh battery, besting Nokia by 300.

So, assuming carrier availability is no impediment to your purchase, which device would be yours? You have 3 days to decide. To vote on your phone, head to m.wpcentral.com/poll-which-windows-phone-will-be-your-next




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dainla says:

820 on t mobile

Yep, same here.

Guakala says:

Same here, I'll miss the PureView though. 

tbonenga says:

I'm going with the best W8 revealed so far. Thank God it's on tmobile.
Samsung ATIV

Odd-i-See says:

Ativ here too.

jabtano says:

Same here..

koenshaku says:

LOL I don't think the Ativ is coming out on T-mobile lol. The HTC accord is though.

VagrantWade says:

If by best you mean one with the most plastic.

procen says:

820 or HTC on t-mobile

dakken says:

Still undecided,,,,,have to hold each phone in my hand and give it a test drive before choosing

earlf says:

None of the above, i will trade my focus in on a new iPhone and dump this is.

SaviorXX9 says:

Why don't you just get an iPhone 4s? Since the 5 is basically the same shit.

koenshaku says:

Let him be he gets a 4" screen finally. ^^

RaRa85 says:

Well we haven't even really seen what Ativ S can do besides show up for a two minute presentation so it's hard to say. But the 920 is by far the elite phone at this point. On the other hand the 820 has a nice form factor, micro SD slot and interchangeable back covers. Final answer, whichever one comes to T-Mobile.

For me, I'm going to say...all of 'em :-P

ThePKReddy says:

You greedy Republican. Share with the rest of us chumps or I'll have Obama force you. Otherwise Romney.

wpos8 says:

Obama uses blackberry shows you his Failure in the economy & jobs. Hahahha yup his chair is empty. :-D

Don't really want to bring politics in but...
I wish we knew what phone Romney uses.  I guess he'll just pick whichever one the polls tell him his party wants.  And then flip flop when the tides change.

noirsoft says:

Maybe he uses a "flip" phone.

ustudio says:

well with success hes had in the business world that would be anyone he wants.

mythos13 says:

Rommney doesn't have a mobile phone but uses a rotary dial at home. Ryan uses a fake shoe phone but tells everyone it's real.

TPM50 says:

What you said.

toyotast165 says:

Considering how much of a pro Republican company apple is, that is my bet for Romney

TPM50 says:

Pro Republican company, really? Al Gore sits on apples board. You don't get much more left than that.

Yeah about left wing as you can get with the Gore lol

OMG55 says:

While I'm a WP user, I'm sure Obama has an iPhone, otherwise, why would he have invited Steve Jobs to the White House for the tech summit. I don't recall anyone from MS or BB being invited

vizagdude says:

Mine is the Lumia 920 on AT&T. I think this choice is a no brainier when you have this device available on your carrier. 
Or may be not... I tink the 920 is a Penta band... 

Icthiodrak says:

I don't think it is Pentaband (missing the 1700 band).  It supports:

  • GSM 850
  • GSM 900
  • GSM 1800
  • GSM 1900
  • WCDMA Band V (850)
  • WCDMA Band VIII (900)
  • WCDMA Band II (1900)
  • WCDMA Band I (2100)

According to Nokia's page: http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/lumia920/specifications/
I am not sure what bands T-Mobile and Verizon use so maybe the 1700 band wasn't needed anyway.

ThePKReddy says:

Aws 1700/2100 on TMobile

EJNelly says:

It's also missing the 700 and 800 bands for Verizon.

920... No-brainer:)

dalydose says:

Why no SD slot on "flagship" 920? Ugh. I might wait for second wave of WP8.

Neusyn says:

Same, no SD slot then I'll hold my money. To bad the 920 is a beautiful phone in everyway but that.

empemp says:

32G of hardware is too enough for almost everyone i think. lol
I wonder what people want to store in their phone but they require so much capacity.

Kadcidxa says:

Samsung ATIV-S or Nokia Lumia 920

U want micro-SD card slot or a better phone in every way but that? You choose now. I'm going for the 920.

peterfares says:

Why is everyone here such a raging Nokia fan?
The ATIV S has not only microSD but larger andremovable battery and a larger screen. 
The 920 has a fancy camera and wireless charging. 
I honestly don't use the camera that often and wireless charging I can do without so the 96GB ATIV S with removable battery would be my pick of the two. I'm still waiting to see everything else, though.

wetworker says:

I support Nokia because they alone have been pushing windows phone. HTC and Samsung makes great hardware but their software support sucks. Nokia pushes out a new app almost every month for their devices.
I had a samsung Focus from 2010 till may of this year and in all that time Samsung only pushed out two app, one  was a dictionary app that they later pulled. The SD card issues was never solved.  Samsung and HTC needs to step their game up and suppor WP more.

carlosrdd says:

+1000 Same here I got HTC Titan and the keyboard has disappeared over 4 times writing this... I love HTC hardware but their lack of software support is ridiculous Nokia 920 here I come :D

pankaj981 says:

Update to 8107 and then 8773 manually and the issue will be gone..i have done that on my Radar and i have no issues whatsoever

auslaender says:

The camera is the most I use of the phone because I have children and many events, etc... Thats why I must have the new 920...

Glim12808 says:

Because Nokia doesn't just release phones in the wild and forget about it. They continue to support their phones long after the release.

OMG55 says:

Because it's basically an iPhone 3/3GS and we don't want our iPhone friends to that's a clone of a product Apple released at least 3 yrs ago.

jimski says:

Think you answered your own question. Every user has different reasons for selecting a phone. Just make sure it's a Windows Phone.

I'm not a Nokia fan but the 920 looks near perfect, I think the build quality likely blows the Samsung away. Its only fault in my eyes is the huge chin, all that wasted space on the bottom of the phone makes no sense. Either make the screen bigger or the phone shorter.

mag_molt says:

On T-Mobile so I don't know which one unlike folks on AT&T! I'll take whichever highest speced phone on my network. Not spoiled on choices till the refarming go full-scale because I'm on value plan anyway.

ThePKReddy says:

Im going to get an unlocked 920 and pray that the refarmjng will be completed soon

pankaj981 says:

I will get an HTC if its fast enough and provide the sound enhancer, else the 820

Gotta go with the Sammy at this point.  The Sammy is 10x the phone the 820 is.  Maybe the rio, but that's not even a poll option.

hary536 says:

Care to explain the "10x" claim? 

peterfares says:

Better screen, more internal storage, larger battery. There isn't much differentiation in WP.

Glim12808 says:

Ativ S will have a pentile matrix screen so don't think it'll be better than the 920's RGB screen. Plus the 920 will have a higher ppi.

Compared to the 820, maybe. Compared to the 920, absolutely not. I don't give a damn about the lack of micro-sd.

jagu says:

Which ever comes on T-mobile, but i picked 920, hoping it will come on it :)

ustudio says:

nokia it was gonna make different version for different carriers

CobraJ82 says:

920 all the way

sepatown says:

I concur. Go big or go home. Lumia 920 baby!

Shiroi says:

920, hands down! I already have the 900 now and I love its feel on my hand. Everybody wants to take a look at it!

pbroy says:

Not ready to buy yet. Still don't know the full feature set of WP8. I was hoping for that more than announcements of phones. I want file management, then we can talk phones. My Samsung Focus will do till I'm ready to invest in WP8. I did invest in Nokia stocks when they were at rock bottom though.. :P

brasco_uk says:

I'm actually a little put off by the size of some of these phones, but currently torn between 920/820 and the Samsung, keenly waiting reviews in October :)

Aldoron says:

Depends on what's coming to Canada and when. I feel its too soon to say for certain but I am loving the 920 from what I've seen. However my Samsung focus has been a great and reliable phone so who knows, maybe the ATIV.

Ebaneeezor says:

would certanily be nice if both Lumias were available on the big 4, but ill go ATT Lumia 920 in grey or black on launch day

I'm going white. :-D

OMG55 says:

Sprint isn't in the big four and haven't been since Nextel was the talk of the town, so there's only the big 3; Sprint also passed on wp

Most people consider sprint in the big 4. u saying for example, boost mobile is in the same rank as sprint? Absolutely wrong. It may be the worst in the top 4, but it doesn't suck like boost mobile.

Dagolara says:

Still waiting to see what is announced, picking from one of the listed above prob the Samsung. Though I can see a world where I just keep using the Quantum until it dies.

ejlee072006 says:

NOKIA off course...if u want the best WP experienced... Updated first all the time

rightisray says:

The best one to hit Verizon will be the one I go with. 

ctafield says:

920 for me, purely because I love the design, and the Nokia apps are superb additions. If you took apps away though, I'd be seriously tempted with either the 8X or the ATIV! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!

andrelamont says:

still undecided b/c I am not sure how WP8 will work with files...
will it autoupload videos to skydrive for backup?
wireless syncing or do I need a cable?
can we use the phone a usb drive that gets us access to video/photo/music files?
If the answer is know then I have no choice but to go to samsung :-( had their focus but hated they way they supported it. I had 2 hardware failures on the 2010 focus

jamsjordn says:

Auto upload of videos is doubtful due to too much bandwidth required. Wireless syncing has been with WP for a long time if not from the beginning (Zunes had it before iPods did). USB storage seems likely. It is one of the most popular rumours.

vaultboy21 says:

also, any plans for poll support in-app??

kindongo says:

I like th one from Samsung, but I will get the Nokia 920 just because of the camera. But i will be miisng the microSD slot.

rfso says:

Lumia 920 or HTC Accord.

sayonical says:

Too early for this poll

dKp1977 says:

STFU, Seon. ;)

dKp1977 says:

Lumia 920, end of story. I made way too bad experiences with HTC devices and especially their customer care that I'd ever bye anything from them again.

Yep. Same thing when I went from a dvp to a NL900. I love my NL900 dearly, but I'm getting the NL920 in white on AT&T on launch day.

Pappa Ed says:

I have an HTC but when upgrade time comes I'm gravitating toward the 920.

Baka says:

None of the above.
Physical keyboard, removable battery, 32GB storage + SD card.  Hopefully someone comes out with such a phone during the spring when my Sprint (i know, i know) contract expires and I can jump ship to a real network.

peterfares says:

It seems keyboards don't get any love anymore :(
If there even is a WP8 phone with a keyboard, expect it to have a WVGA screen, single core processor, and 512MB RAM. Probably 8GB internal storage but it probably will have an SD slot since for some reason manufactures other than Samsung think an SD slot is a low end feature.

evilrobot says:

Hoping to pick up two 920s for use on straighttalk, waiting on off-contract pricing announcement.

ThePKReddy says:

How's the straight talk coverage and data speeds?

Tamer81 says:

Lumia 920. I want a phone not a plastic toy!

Snoops8 says:

Um...that's the most plasticy phone of all of them.

He means, not flimsy like Samsung. He and I mean the NL920 is high quality polycarbonate. Samsung feels so cheap.

SteveyAyo#WP says:

As soon as I saw Rich Recording was ALSO coming to the 920 all other phones died to me

mrcraggle says:

Hopefully Vodafone will get the Lumia 920 here in the UK. I'm currently on T-Mobile but their service is just horrible. My dad is on Vodafone and usually has very consistantly good reception whereas I'll often find myself on G. I'm cancelling my contract with T-Mobile on Monday and will switch over to GiffGaff and see how things go with them as they use the O2 signal.

voosham says:

Why not just use o2? I'm in Northern Ireland and they are just about the only network who can keep a fairly consistent signal.

texas713 says:

I'm really eyeing the 920

theefman says:

Rich Recording now apparently in the 920, will the goodness never end? 920 all the way!

TheWayne says:

Lumia 920 on VERIZON with Smart Shoot, Wireless Charging, PureView and NFC
If the 920 doesn't come to Verizon, I'll consider the 822

MadDogFL62 says:

I am with TheWayne.  VERIZON still has us in the dark.  Not sure if they will have the ATIV, not sure what the 822 is all about and not sure what HTC device(s) they will carry.  Much too early for this poll.  I also wonder if Acer, Dell and another outsider will enter the 2012 WP8 Holiday Mix!?!

The Dude#WP says:

I decided that my next phone will be a Nokia and the 920 looks awesome. I am with Verizon and as we all know...Who know what are they going to bring if you are not in the market for a google or iPhone. If by May 25, 2013 there is not a Nokia 900+ at Verizon,I am taking my business to AT&T along with my family plan. So yes, a Nokia 900+ for me.

brorim says:

The 820 seems to be what im looking for but it will probably be a win 8 tablet first

RussEby says:

I said the Nokia 920 only because of hopeful wishing. I am on T-Mobile and don't want to move to AT&T. But I may just have to.....Hear that TMO!! Get the phone! 
Surprisely my son wants to go to the 820, he likes the look of the phone better.

ghoti00000 says:

If only the 920 were coming to T-Mobile. I like the 820, but would much rather have the larger phone with the better camera. I'm honestly so sick of this carrier exclusivity garbage.

Wyn6 says:

I'm not privy to how carrier and OEM negotiations work as to who gets what and how much it cost. But, may I suggest, for all the good it may do, to tweet and email T-mobile to death. I know I send out a tweet a day to them about getting the flagship phones, especially the 920. Again, this may be futile, but it never hurts to try. Let's just hope it's not already set.

DaHui623 says:

Nokia 920. Wireless charging is one of the things I have missed most since leaving my Palm Pre. And that camera... Not to mention all the app exclusives Nokia seems to be negotiating lately.

blackprince says:

I am not surprised by the results thus far at all. The 920 is the pinnacle of Windows Phone Hardware.

henry.gray says:

I think I am going to stick with HTC, I have the HD7 at present, plus I don't like Nokia's style of phones.

cool8man says:

A little pointless to do the poll before you know what prices and carriers these are going to. Obviously Lumia 920 is the best, but if it's expensive or exclusive to one carrier then people will choose another option.

peterfares says:

What is that obvious? It has a better camera and the Nokia exclusive services but Drive is the only must-have one and that's now built into WP8. 
The samsung has a larger screen, larger (removable) battery, and a microSD slot so it can have 96GB storage. 

cool8man says:

The Lumia 920 has a better screen 768p PureMotion ClearBlack polarizing and 25% more brightness than any other phone and Synaptics Super Sensitive Touch technology. The Lumia 920 has a better camera with OIS built into the entire optics housing not just the lens that allows for better low light stills and smoother video capture. It has wireless Qi charging built-in as well as a durable polycarbonate casing. So let's recap:
Best display?
Lumia 920.
Best camera?
Lumia 920 + cinemagraph/smartshoot
Best case?
Lumia 920
Best accessories?
Lumia 920
Best software exclusives?
Lumia 920/820
(Nokia City Lens, Nokia Music, Nokia Pulse, Nokia maps, Angry Birds games, Zynga games, EA Games, CNN, etc.)
Nokia has secured a ton of timed exclusives.

cdbstl76 says:

honestly, the more I think about it, the more I agree, all because of the sd card expansion, and I like my current Samsung Focus, but I love my 900 too; but I want that extra storage!!!

maxschels says:

I don't understand why people want a wp from samsung.
Htc got beats audio, ok, but what Extras has samsung?
Nokia got everything, from the sharp screen to great camera and navigation and all the cool stuff and all the cool gadgets lile the super beautiful wireless monster on-ear-headsets.
I definetely will take the 920!

peterfares says:

Large screen, removable battery, and a microSD slot. Some people find those quite important believe it or not. What does the Lumia have? A fancy camera and some Nokia exclusive services. The only one I cared about was Drive and that is now built into WP8 and will be availble on the Samsung.

Cellus13 says:

I'd rather have Nokia since they actually pull out some great things for WP. I dont see other OEM's trying to get exclusive apps.

cool8man says:

Lumia has a screen you can see in sunlight. A screen you can use in the winter with gloves on. A screen with smoother motion. A screen with higher resolution and higher pixel density. A camera with advanced optical image stabilzation and advanced photo editing functions. Lumia has wireless charging options and an accessory ecosystem. Lumia has tons of exclusive apps from companies like EA, Zynga, Rovio, Groupon, Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN, Vimeo, YouSendit, Michellin, etc.
You say the only app you care about is Drive, but do you actually even know what most of the exclusive Nokia apps are? There are tons. Nokia Music/City Lens/Pulse/Transit/Trailers/Play To, etc. And then they keep securing a ton of exclusive 3rd party apps like the new CNN app for WP8, all the EA/Zynga/Rovio games.

I'd go with the HTC or Samsung Flagship if they have better specs than teh 920.

DavidinCT says:

922 (verizon's 920 with a MicroSD slot...lol). All kidding aside, 920 is the best thing out there right now. It's almost pefect, accept for the lack of a WP8 standard of the MicroSD, it is perfect.
Still waiting for the HTC devices to give us a clue what they are coming up with, They might shock us...
As of right now, it is the best WP8 device but only 2 devices has been publicly offically been talked about.

Honkie McGee says:

I pray to Crom nightly for a Verizon Lumia 920.

wolfgangjr says:

+1. Crom does not care unless you fight or die trying to get one. Lol.

rightisray says:

Crom cares not about your prayers.

ustudio says:

dont kid like that cause it just might happen, i think the 920 is the internation version

Apoc says:

920 for sure and I may also pickup the HTC, hopefully they will have something nice to unveil for their show.

Apoc says:

Then again, everything that Nokia is pushing out with apps & features, I may just stick with them. Again, since Samsung didn't say one thing about getting developers on board, I'm hoping HTC, will do as Nokia has done and bring some developers to the platform with their own "limited exclusive apps".

jwilde51710 says:

Well last time Nokia didn't unveil the best phone until after the first 2 so ima wait. And we haven't seen what HTC has to offer.

bb_gonzo says:

If the 820 would just have a higher resolution display i would be all for it. But as it stands, and that is not knowing anything about the HTC phones, i am leaning towards the 920. Although i don't like the glossy finish not as much as the previous matt one.

textomatic says:

If the camera lives up to the hype and it's really as good as they say then the 920 for sure.  But only if the camera is really that good.  The 900 was a big disappointment.

badMojo69 says:

All I really want is a high end 4inch WP8, but I'll go with the 920.

willied says:

Same here, none of these companies are hearing our cries!

peterfares says:

ATIV S because of the SD slot and removable battery.

Rick Smits says:

920 all the way. Depends though. I might just wait til February

MrThone79 says:

Lumia 920! I had Samsung,Htc & now it's all about Nokia. Plus they take care of their consumers...

ola500 says:

ATiv S because it is much thinner, SD slot and I can have a matching tablet

lyrebos says:

I'm doubting between both Nokias. 820 suits me well in terms of size, but the Pureview camara on the 920 is tempting me like evil...

Corepc says:

Leaning toward 820 at this point, It will not be until spring of 2013 before I get it anyways.

I was nokia all the way, but the thiness and larger screen of the samsung has me leaning that way.

dbgman says:

I picked the 920 but I like the Ativ with the larger screen, lighter weight, and sd card slot. I will have to wait to compare each of them side by side. No HTC for me, my Titan has been a disappointment(been replaced, no fixes/firmware updates).

stevethenerd says:

The highest model my carrier offers...

jasqid says:

Lumia 922 on Verizon please.

juanynfante says:

920 or ativ still waiting to see what htc is bringing......

FUS3360 says:

Nokia Lumia 920!! 

ggonzalez777 says:

Wow Nokia 820 tied with ativ s. Lol. I'll stick with the 920, just wish it had micro sd but hopefully Xbox music has an online locker, that'll mitigate the need for huge storage needs since I'm always around WiFi.

schlubadub says:

I would've said the 920, but I'm put off by the lack of microSD. The 820 feels like a consolation prize in comparison. I'll never buy anything from Samsung, except tv's & monitors. So that leaves the HTC... I'm super happy with my HD7 so I'm sure anything HTC put out won't disappoint.

lubbalots says:

ATT folks don't have to answer. We all know. Anyway 8x for me, Since 920 will not be coming to Tmo.

Cellus13 says:

Annoyed to say but I'll most likely have to settle for the Lumia 820. Since At&t gets everything -_-

wetworker says:

I'll be getting the 920 because Nokia is the only OEM that supports the WP plaform fully,Wireless charging is also a plus.
Samsung and HTC might have nice devices but their app and platform support is trash at the moment. When they start putting out adds and events like Nokia then I'll give them a look see,
And yes because of the design. Hopefully MS will have them at the Toronto store in November. Lipstick red Nokia Lumia 920 FTW

ustudio says:

i cant decide on either the white, red or black. im leaning toward the white but the red is calling me

seamusdaddy says:

Nokia Lumia 920.

Shatterpane says:

I would most likely go for the 820, but there's one key factor - will WP8 work with the Pebble watch? If not I'm going back to Android :-/

TofuDelight says:

920 for the camera and the Nokia apps. But I will hate myself if wave two is a cyan 920 with microsd. Argh!

wetworker says:

It's a possibility. I bought my Lumia 900 outright  in May and look what happend, almost 600 Smackers down the drain. Thankfully I kept my hardware upgrade option from Rogers for just this reason.  
It's the nature of the technology beast. You damn if you do, you damn if you don't.

deansmilk says:

I'm going with the 920.

Soxpranos says:

920 with AT&T

wsantiago says:

The 920 Black for me...its an easy choice after what I saw at the event on Wednesday!

Fake or not, those videos got my attention.  Looking forward to a 920.

valapsp says:

How about HTC Zenith? The quadcore flagshippppp?

wetworker says:

The quadcore is overkill for WP

myrandex says:

But make quad an option for people who want to pay for it. That is one thing Android has going for it...options.

And we never needed more than 128k of ram either :P

cool8man says:

Windows Phone 8 is now a serious 3D gaming platform with native code, Unity 3D and DirectX. There is no such thing as "overkill" anymore.

ustudio says:

that wont come out for a while, and by then everyone will have a quad core including nokia

Glim12808 says:

Leaks have it that the HTC WP8 quad core flagship, the Zenith, will come out early 2013. This will get a 4.7" screen to the 4.3" of the Accord and 4.0" of the Rio.

laserfloyd says:

920 because of the camera (yes it's amazing) and because it might have the rich sound recording.  The screen looks great.  The wireless charging is nice.  The color selection is great.  It's really a no brainer but the camera sealed the deal.

fiveodano says:

Depends on what Tmo has in January (that when my upgrade hits). I love Nokia's apps, great navigation! Rumor is Tmo will only have the 820 and it's lower rez screen is a deal breaker for me. So it may come down to what kind of software HTC or Sammy has to offer. I have a 710 and still like it so I'm not in a hurry, I could wait for a bigger screen or a better camera to come to Tmo.
I will not be switching to ATT or Verizon, too $$$ for me

skinnypig#WP says:

I really like the 920, but I picked 820 because the 920 just seems too big.  I need to get a feel of how both phones fit in hand (and pockets) to truly decide.

WPSteve says:

Can't wait to dump Sprint for these great phones!

kathikibbles says:

Seriously. I totally agree w/ you! If Sprint doesn't wake up and get a clue, all of us very happy Arrive owners will jump to another provider. You hear that, Sprint? Get YHOOA.

Mattyh95 says:

Sammy or 920 really depends on price and what telecom nz will bother bringing to nz

Gemini Ace says:

920 fo' sho'.

damo579 says:

Lumia 920 in cyan or red

myrandex says:

Cyan not announced sadly.

ustudio says:

still might come but be an exculsive for att

monigal2 says:

I like the Ativ, but Nokia is more committed to WP and customer service. Im still thinking about it, but right now I'm leaning toward the Ativ

tallgeese says:

920; gray or white

gillaz1976 says:

At this moment 920, however im sure there will be a phone specced than this first half of next year

NIST says:

As of today, I'm packing by bags and moving from T-Mobile to AT&T to get a couple Lumia 920.

shotokq says:

If tmobile network is GSM1900 MHZ, and the lumia 920 suports that band, that means the 920 will work on tmo right?

Residing says:

I'm ready to retire my N8 - Symbian is boring me to tears; so, an unlocked Lumia 800, lol!  Then the next Lumia > 920 to, hopefully, be revealed at MWC 2013, on contract.  Will then pass the L800 on to a family member.

havok13888 says:

Lumia 920 or if HTC really has something better up it's sleeve other than the 8X. Either phone unlocked.

noirsoft says:

If the 920 had SD card support it would be a no-brainer. As it is, I'm leaning towards the 920 because of the wireless charging, but am still open to HTC or Samsung and will be doing some serious comparisons when they all come out.

ricomcbrain says:

By the time my contract runs out there will be better ones still got a year to go so for now I'll rock my 800

Bagsy says:

Unlocked 920 or I might wait for 2nd generation Apollo device.

atvman29 says:

I will NEVER purchase another Samsung device after my terrible Samsung Vibrant.

That being said, I'm loving my HTC Radar, but the Nokias are too cool to pass up, so I'll say 920.

Eg0nz63 says:

920 on AT&T.

Mixce says:

None of the above for me.. Too big, comfortable one hand usage is a requirement for me in most situations. Still waiting for a 920 but with 4" screen ..something that probably never will happen so my money goes to Surface Pro instead! 

I've put the Lumia 920 as my choice for a few obvious reasons, obvious unless you're finally joining the rest of us to this thing we call the interweb in which case hello.  But I would be very curious to see the resluts after the 19th when HTC gets a crack at the whip.  Also, if you do decide to run a similar poll after HTC's reveal you may want to add another option for those who are holding out for a second batch of WP8 devices and/or those who will remain with their WP7 devices.

The ativ assuming its on tmo. Maybe the 920 if it comes our way as well unlike the 900 last time.

myrandex says:

920 is tempting but what I really wish is HTC release an "8 Pro" phone, with a massive 4.3"+ screen, 1GB memory, 1.5GHz. CPU, 32GB storage, slide out keyboard with tilt screen, 16MP Titan II camera minimum, sd card slot, GSM with US frequencies (ATT LTE) support, etc. That would be my dream phone.

Does anyone knows if the Lumia 920 has fm radio?

valapsp says:

nope it does not hAVE

namikral says:

What day and age r u living in. Just download tunein for f sake

Glim12808 says:

LOL! AND it's free too!

jaethos says:

Whoever gets a 720p or greater resolution screen on Verizon first, so probably the HTC or the Ativ.

exsanguine says:

I am tied to the 2 year 900 ATT contract so I don't have a dog in this hunt yet.
But I would do the 920 in a heartbeat.
TMOB is getting a cousin to the 820/920 - I am surprised they didn't announce it. That could be because they are getting their phone a week later than ATT/VZN, not sure yet.
Heard they will be selling the backs of the cases for the 820's as an accessory so that you can change colors on a whim. Bring on the womyns!
I have to giggle at the people griping about no SD slot in the 920. For !@#$ sake, this is not a hard drive. It is a phone. You have SkyDrive , use it. You have Nokia Music from which you can download playlists when you want them while connected to WiFi for offline use just like Nokia Drive.
I have 5 playlists downloaded atm on my 900. When I want to change it up I can remove and download new ones. No SD slot is NOT an issue.

empemp says:

+1! Same idea.

namikral says:

Lumia 920 of course

But what I'm wondering is. In the uk we just change a carrier in the click of button and would get whatever we want.

Why is it that in the states people are tied to their network, why can't you just switch?

exsanguine says:

You are tied to your sim, cell band, etc.

fiveodano says:

Most of us sign up for 2 year contracts. This brings the price of the phones down. For instance I can get a Samsung GIII for $200 with the 2 year contract or I can pay full price for it(over $600). Also only ATT and Tmobile use GSM, so if I use a GSm netwotk phone I could go back and forth. But sprint and verizon use CDMA and they lock the phone, so if I switched I would need to get a new phone.
If I buy an unlocked phone, at full price, I can switch carriers when ever I want

schlubadub says:

Most countries have contracts too... I'm in Australia and we have contracts and pre-paid. Carrier unlocking is usually free though (sometimes $20) so you can switch/put any SIM in whenever you like - but you still have to finish your contract or pay break costs. I don't know why people complain about not being able to upgrade their hardware though - buy a new phone on the internet, chuck in your SIM and finish the contract with the carrier none-the-wiser. I still find it baffling that people choose contracts over pre-paid... Even with the higher up-front cost I'm still paying around $1000 less over 24 months, and I can switch carriers & phones when I like.

exsanguine says:

..oh, and drop your HTC or Samsung on the groud once. just once.
Yeah, I will stick with Nokia. :)

willied says:

As of right now, probably the Accord. It's the only one with a 720P screen that is not ridiculously big along with having a microSD slot.

cgold1 says:

Between the HTC and the Nokia 920. I have to see how big the 920 is, if it's to big I'll go with the HTC since it's a higher res 4.3 display then the Nokia 820. I really wish someone offered a high end phone with a smaller screen though. Something with the design if the Nokia 800 with a non pentile screen and a dual core ECT. That would be what I would be getting if it existed.

fiveodano says:

I think the screen res on the 820 was really the only fail for Nokia the other day. I would be happy with the 820 with a 720p screen. Now its not even on my list

alex6272 says:

I was hoping for something high-speced but with a smaller screen, like a 4 inch 920, I don't particularily want a huge phone but I'll have to try one out first

razzelbazzel says:

Either the iPhone 5 or galaxy s3. windows is going to flop!! Along with Nokia eventually going bust!! Sad to say this because I have a Nokia 710. Just my opinion. This operating system is too restricted, and consumers want to be able to do small things such as customize notifications, and send files via Bluetooth. Or customize message tones. Or have apps like instagram or bbci player.. Need I go on....?? Just my opinion. Just a shame because what it does it does well. Just so restricted :'(

dukrem says:

Most of those things will be on wp8 in next 6 months

willied says:

What a dumb post. The majority do't care about those things. And W8 will get most of those.

razzelbazzel says:

Why is this numb?? Its my opinion. And I still don't think sending files/music will be unlocked! And what about a built in sat nav that actually works from Bing? Are these things really so hard?

Glim12808 says:

SGS3 is yesterday's news. Remains to be seen what iPhone 5 has to offer but if leaks are to be believed, it's the day before yesterday's news.

SweetTooth37 says:

I thought thats what I wanted at one point but android is so buggy and iPhone just bores the heck out of me. Plus most of all that will be available on WP8.

Sloth90 says:

You're complaining about wp8 being too restrictive... And yet you want an iPhone???

bono5112 says:

I would take the 920 in a second but im on Tmo so will probably end up with ativ s or maybe I'll just switch to att IM SOOOO CONFUSED

Beezie84 says:

Whichever is available on T-mobile first.. All 3 seem solid,, completely happy with HTC thus far and I'm pretty sure they might hit the gates first

danzinho16 says:

920 or 820 . I think the 820 is also a really good looking phone, but the 920 is what caught my attention.  Pureview, here I come.

blessthejon says:

Probably just gonna wait for something like the 920 but with a phisical qwerty keyboard.

nsg1000 says:

820 most likely

jake69 says:

I currently got a L900....as much as I love the 920...I will wait til the next gen WP8.

Cellus13 says:

Wow! The amount of votes that the Lumia 920 has! When it comes out it'll be a best seller for sure! Cannot wait!

davela72 says:

I'm due for my upgrade NOW with AT&T, patiently waiting for the 920 to sit beside my 900.

mobilejk says:

How bout 'none of the above'.
Isn't 12 years with the same old slab form factor enough?
Color me unimpressed. Obviously I'm not the only as the market spoke with Nokia's stock falling 16%
Nokia needed to hit it out of the park and they only hit a bunt single.
But this is nothing new their just following Microsofts lead..

danzinho16 says:

No need to hate.

Glim12808 says:

Oh great! A round phone maybe? Or a triangle? How about an orb phone? LOL!

ThePKReddy says:

90% Nokia. Yup.

HTC Needs a Surround 2 w/Windows 8, Dolby surround speakers, and my movie kickstand built in :-) I just love my HD7 Surround.

crappyface says:

Do you all remember when WPcentral and many of you were complaining about rumours that Samsung would be recycling their Galaxy S designs for their Windows Phones?
Seems like Samsung at least changed their design while Nokia has recycled their N9 design for the second year.
This website has become a Nokia fansite and it's really put me off.

Glim12808 says:

Can you blame Nokia if more people here like what they've done with the 920? The last time I looked, people are still free to choose what they like/want!

tissotti says:

Well maybe people are liking Nokia?
Maybe it's not a coincidence thyat Nokia took the whole WP market in matter of months. 

Nokia Lumis 920 for dure!

Solidstate89 says:

I still want to wait and see what HTC has up their sleeves (especially if that rumored quad-core phone ends up being true) but barring any major surprises from them; it'll definitely be a Lumia 920 as it's impressed me the most so far. Although, I am interested in seeing battery life comparisons of the ATIV S and the Lumia 920 - seeing as the ATIV actually has a larger battery along with thte bonus of it being removable. I mean I'll say this; the Lumia 920 better have amazing battery life because to have a smaller non-removable battery is a tad pathetic.

I doubt I'll be getting any of these, they all seem too far out of my price range. And what happened to Huawei? Are they not supposed to be releasing a device by the end of the year?
Hopefully a low-end Nokia will arrive, with physical buttons. I love the buttons on my LG Optimus 7, and can't fathom switching at this point.

Glim12808 says:

I'm curious too what Huawei will offer. They were announced as one of four WP8 partners. The verge by the way reported that Nokia is coming out with WP8 counterpart to the Lumia 610 in Q1 2013.

920 all the way