Popular side-scrolling adventure game Badland coming to Windows Phone


Badland (www.badlandgame.com) is a popular, atmospheric side-scrolling adventure game, which is already available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. We've just been made aware that the developers plan to bring the title across to Microsoft's mobile platform. While no firm date has been confirmed, it's positive to know that we can expect to see Badland for Windows Phone in the near future.

Players are tasked with controlling one of the forest's inhabitants to find out what's wrong with the world. Throughout the journey, a variety of traps and obstacles stand in the way, tasking players to utilise the physics based gameplay and navigate through levels.


Local multiplayer is available for up to four players to battle it out against one another on a single device. The object is to survive and optionally bash competing players into a spinning circular saw. Whether you're into the single player or multiplayer modes, Badland looks and sounds great. It's an addictive experience we can't wait to see on Windows Phone.

Stay tuned to our feeds. We'll keep an eye out and alert you all once it's available. Thanks, Fahad, for the info!



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Aashish13 says:

Any word from warner bros. Making games of wp?

You must have confused this post for our forums, where you can ask random questions and expect feedback.

Lol true , btw I love playing this game on my ipad which is now getting the new ios 7.1 :D

Aashish13 says:

IPad is a joke in front of surface.

Talk4Lig says:

Did he say something about surface? No? Then stop flaming please

he probably have a habit of nitpicking here and there 

R0bR says:

Looking at the thread so far there are a few confused people. Looks pretty awesome, I guess no word if there will be a Windows 8 version coming also?

nuclax says:

Ipad is very stable
But I personally think that surface is better

Aashish13 says:

Waste of money. Buying an Xbox. One with that money is good.

xbox what are you talking about :3

carlosrdd says:

I want to know if Warner Bros. Will make games as well?

Furqan Saeed says:

Do smthng fr candy crush plz

ralexand56 says:

Times like this is when your forum needs a like button.

Harsh Gaurav says:

u doushbag u removed my comment...there is a real subway surfer for 512mb ram.

theboas1234 says:

Sent from iphone lol

Aashish13 says:

Good joke better luck next time lol

This game reminds me of Limbo but looks harder

Does we are getting any news of Sony popular game 'Taken 3' on wp

bashbaliga says:

This is great news! Probably Not as enjoyable playing on my 920 compared to a tablet, Damn, Now we wait for eternity for em to release.

theboas1234 says:

BadLand coming to Windows phone in 2017

Good Joke,better luck next time.

fahad kazi says:

wow but I did not send any email :P

xrs22 says:

I had this on my phone some time ago but wasn't really what I was looking for. Nevermind that was darklands.

walter1832 says:

Good joke, better luck next time.

unease says:

Holy smoking geysers... This is Awesome!

david90531 says:

Awesome. Love this on my android tablet.

DavidinCT says:

Xbox live ? #SaveXboxWP

Stanvx says:

Love this game, its the only game I play on my iPad.

Fadikun says:

This game is amazing. I'm super excited for this. I really hope it has achievements but will still download if it doesn't. Thanks!

It seems good
I'll waiting for this

ibachus says:

This is great news!  Badland is awesome.

dlandry2008 says:

Limbo meets Loco Roco!!

It looks like an extreme flappy bird game :P