Popular instant messenger IM+ for Windows Phone is currently on sale


The popular Windows Phone instant messenger IM+ is currently on sale. Both the free and premium versions of the app were recently updated to support and take advantage of Windows Phone 8. If you've been keeping an eye on the price for a sale or currently use the free version, now is the time to upgrade, folks.

Supporting multiple protocols and platforms, it's certainly a communications tool worth considering. The only difference between the paid and free versions of IM+ are the advertisements. You can download both IM+ and IM+ Pro from the Windows Phone Store (for free and $1.99 respectively), as well as on Windows 8. via: Windows Phone Italy




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dkxs says:

又是沙发。Oh yeah!

Nataku4ca says:

two things, 1. being first to comment won't win you prizes, especially when you are not commenting on the article itself... 2. i think it's appropriate to say that you should really post in english unless it's something you can't translate (though i could read it, but i know how others can feel)

jMawl says:

Can you tell us what it says? I used the Bing translator and it tells me that dkxs said, "sofa. Oh yeah!" That doesn't make any sense.

Nataku4ca says:

It mean "First Again!"

jmerrey says:

This is a bargain! The app is fully wp8 compatible now, with lock screen notifications. Very reliable, consistent app now, after many updates.

ihavewp8 says:

No need for this now since viber,Skype, we chat etc.. Are more useful

I use it for google chat! The latest update made it perfect!

anthonyng says:

talk.to is free and works with google chat

Tahiti Bob says:

Yup, google chat makes it worthwile.

Ali Assaedi says:

now just add auto correct plz. how hard can that be?
skype managed it with the last update, so we have that..
i miss nimbuzz :(

rockstarzzz says:

£1.49 is current sale price which I find steep anyway - what's the non-sale price normally?

jlynnm350z says:

So where's the games

I thought the Pro version saves chat logs as well.

amazingAG says:

Actually IM+ Pro is on sale on other platforms as well. Good deal I must say :)

Flavio76 says:

I bought it for my surface......great interaction always online and I can answer by email....

Can this app do group chats on facebook and give me toasts/notifications for them? And can I post pictures in the chat?