Popular video sharing app Viddy coming to Windows Phone?


While we're still waiting on Instagram to show up on Windows Phone (it hasn't even started development yet) another popular niche app may be heading to our Metro devices sooner than later.

VIddy, available on iOS and Android soon, has been called by many to be the "Instagram of video" allowing users to apply filters to their 15-second video clips, giving them an artsy feel. In addition, videos are featured on the site's feed which are then viewable within the app and videos can be uploaded and shared to Facebook.

What's interesting though is if you go to Viddy's site page (http://viddy.com/) next to the Apple and Android links we see a clear Windows flag, strongly indicating a Windows Phone client is just around the corner. Seeing as Viddy is strictly a video-making app for mobile devices, we don't see this as a Windows 8 move either.

We've reached out to the company for comment but so far have not heard back from them. If Viddy is coming to Windows Phone (and we believe it is) that's a strong vote of confidence for the OS and will be one more feather in its cap.

Thanks, Amir, for the tip



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sprocket01 says:

Sounds neat looks like Android is still waiting for the release too hopefully we will both get it at the same time!

Jannik says:

If you look at the source code:

<span>In the works: Android, iPad, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry</span>
Sad that they call it Windows Mobile, but great that they want to do an app! :)

theman60099 says:

Maybe they're making a windows mobile app too

Stryfeno1 says:

Good news...The more popular apps WP gets the better. So dissapointed with Zinga.

venetasoft says:

I m curious to see the app, if video filters to video run offline or online only :)

Tegument says:

i hope it does come to the phone but i wouldnt rule out win8 so quickly, this obviously would be good for tablet users too ;)

smoledman says:

It's just getting better every day for Windows Phone! I'm so glad I didn't become an iSheep.