Pre-order Nokia Lumia 900 for $25 at Microsoft Stores

Lumia 900

Should you be eager to get your hands on the Lumia 900, Nokia's top Windows Phone, then you might want to check out your local Microsoft Store where you can pre-order your own 900 for just $25 down.  Still no word on what the full price will be for the Lumia 900 and the pre-order offer isn't available online.  The 4G handset is set to arrive on March 18th for $99 at AT&T, which other sources have since confirmed.

The 4.3" AMOLED screen, 1.4Ghz processor, 16GB storage, 8MP rear camera (with front-facing camera) specifications are bound to peak interest enough to be reserved for a small upfront fee. 

Source: The Verge



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awesumjon says:

*Shakes fist in fury*

jfa1 says:

awesumjon you are shaking your fist at the wrong people.  If you want them on your carrier  shake your fist at your carrier.    Your carrier is unwilling to commit to WP devices  because the spent the cash on the iPhone  (Sprint) of because they say they must have LTE but whiff on the 900 (VZN)  or havent decided where to commit  (probable example of half heartedness TMo)  Its almost always show me the money and if you cant or wont ... well hopefully you have the idea now!

GU3RO10 says:

Cause there greedy nd want everyone to go to at&t

jfa1 says:

nope  see above Dude!

YAY!!!! So happy!!!

Lukas#WP says:

Come to tmo baby come on :):)

..do they have demo units there too?!

Most AT&T stores do. All Microsoft store do.

AT&T stores will not have devices until just a few days before release.

koenshaku says:

ATT has demo units?


Thank you for being exactly like me!!

The biggest phone company Nokia with the biggest software Microsoft on the biggest phone network AT&T

Thank you for being exactly like me!!

mccasive says:

Exactly the point. You said it all and I regret the day I left AT&T and signed a two-year contract with Tmobile. I was enticed by the DVP which arguably was the hero at the time but their 2nd gen offerings to me are very awful. I guess I would have to pay ETF to get back and meet the new hero. I can wait to have and to hold you in my arms embraced Lumia(prostitute) 900.

rodneyej says:

I have been with att since 2001, well Cingular but it turned into Att, and I am glad I stuck with them. Someone pinch me! Now if my favorite electronic company Sony would get their act together everything would be perfect. Been a Sony freak since 1991! But recently their products have been overshadowed by Samsung and others. I have a Sony Bravia 52 inch, a Sony blue ray player, a Sony surround system, and the list goes on. I would probably pass out if Sony made a WP device, lol! But, sorry Sony, I got to switch to the Xbox now.. Nevertheless, I love that 900! Just imagine a flagship lumia WP8 device. OMG!!!! :-P

yeeh, big fam as well. think the one thing preventing Sony from putting out a WP is Xbox live integration.. but imagine a Sony WP w/ Xbox Live AND PSN! that would be awesome!

OMG! Sexy phone. /hugs Lumia 800.

smontoya2 says:

So now i play the waiting game...AT&T or TMO? Verizon your pissing me off! But wait LTE is only available on ATT/VZN. WTF? Please standardize in the US already!

rodneyej says:

Now you got to think about this. If you love WP then wouldn't you want to support WP? If your carrier does not support WP they do not Love WP. If you love WP why would you continue to support a carrier who hates WP, and only loves Android. My point is if you love WP then support WP, and those who support WP. Lol! Catch my drift? Think to yourself, "am I really supporting Android?"...

Musicman247 says:

I am supporting WP by using the only WP Sprint has: The Arrive. I would love to support WP more and switch to AT&T, but I don't think they have an unlimited plan for $40 like I have on Sprint. So my support will be limited to one carrier (until I become rich, that is)

mccasive says:

Trust me their 3gb data for $30 would be more than enough for you unless you dont have access to any WiFi at all. With the 4G(Hspa+) and 4G LTE on board I bet you'll never miss Sprint anytime.

SolunaKitty says:

"... specifications are bound to peak interest..."

That'd be pique. No worries, I see it a lot.

5tephen says:

Ugh. Too bad there are only...what? 15 Microsoft stores in existance. If I could preorder online I would. Grrr.


jfa1 says:

The demand for 32GB is growing  but  its insufficient to get carriers to commit for the increased price of the nand.  but its coming.  However if you are reading about WP8  they are going to have  expadable storage memory via memory cards that are more stable so you can have a 16gb nand and a 32 gb card for 48GB   eventually maybe a 32 gb or 64 gb card plus 32 or 64 gb nand.  Prices are coming down. 

so if you pre order from a ms store that means you are paying full price? or can i pre order from att when your able to. im ready for this to be my next phone for a couple of years. or until they release phones of those delicious renderings .

nano3 says:

Can T-Mobile users buy this device and use it?

JoePR31 says:

Sure, but you'd be stuck with Edge/2G. Even a device as sexy as the Lumia 900 isn't worth that penalty.

ONLINE STORE??? Surely you're not going to limit this to a few lucky people in select cities?

cdbstl76 says:

I'll just be waiting for a good deal after release like many others...

This phone may turn out a little different than other WP's. This one might actually hold its value for a while or at least until the 910 comes out.

dangish says:

The memory is expandable to the SkyDrive people. 25GBs, for free PER ACCOUNT. Not like you can't have more than 1... 25GB + 16GB = 41GB

trazer says:

Yes, but I only get 200mb of data a month. Thus having 25gb that I can't access sucks lol. Even if I upgrade to max, a whole 2gb, what good does it do me? That said I'm fine with 16 but I can understand others wants and needs.

5tephen says:

Do you have AT&T already? Cause you can at least up it to 3GB for only $5 more a month now.

hyperova says:

Lol ive got a 5gb plan that does the trick haha

HD7guy says:

Your logic makes no sense. How do you install an app to your phone, but have it stored on SkyDrive? Answer: you cannot. Photos auto-saved to SkyDrive are scaled smaller before storage (lotta good that high-MP camera is now). Yes, you could stream your music with a third-party app, but that's a bit useless when connectivity is spotty or you're burning up your data quota. In short, SkyDrive storage is nowhere near the same thing as on-phone storage.

SeNiLe911 says:

Just got back a few hours ago after pre-ordering two!!! I have a MS Store just 5 min away... :)
Can't wait until March 18th!!!!!

5tephen says:

When you preordered, did they confirm March 18th?

SeNiLe911 says:

They didn't give me a date but they said March 18th sounded about right.

oldpueblo says:

Did they give you a final price or something? I want to do this but not if its $800.

SeNiLe911 says:

No finale price. It should be $99 on contract, I even asked them and they said the same thing about the date. They have really good promotions and this was the highlight for CES so they said to expect something to grab people’s attention... whatever that could be.

I'd preorder if I thought there would be any chance at all this would sell out. As much as I doubt it will, I'd be happy if it did. The way things are though, I'll wait until I can play with a demo unit before I decide on replacing my titan.

alphahalo23 says:

Sucks to be poor I'll deal w/ my LG quantum

HD7guy says:

I'd love one of these babies, but (1) I'm currently on TMo, though that may change... and, (2) holding out for a Windows 8 tablet and a new phone with Apollo preinstalled.

daguila29 says:

Man in so tempted to buy this phone full price... I feel kind of lame for buying my TITAN just a month ago. Not that the titan is bad but man that Cyan Nokia looks gorgeous!

munichlondon says:

Yep, cyan looks great, especially with the cyan tiles!

mattpga says:

can't wait for it to come to the UK

ninjazoete says:

Guys you dont need to dream seirously. Here in Poland even subsidized phones cost 300-500$ + monthly fees abount (40-60$) for these phones. It is madness! 
And you get a new 4,3'' WP7 Phone, which can be seen as a high end because it is, for 99$ :O seriously ? And you guys earn 3x more than we do here. I am jelous as hell.

Lng0004 says:

I will buy this phone off-contract as I'm still waiting to see how the iPhone5 rumors will pan out. I doubt it will be more than $650. The 800 was cheaper in Europe when it first came out.

gsmhelper says:

With this device, I have a reason to stay with WP. What wrong with HTC and Samsung. Can they make a better hight end WP device?
I believe in the next couple months, WP will kick ICS a**.
Another thing. Won't this phone already being sold some where in the world? Why do we have to wait?

I like both colors, but I love both. Should I get cyan or black?

koenshaku says:

Too bad you can't pre-order from their online store.. I want to make sure I can get a Cyan one :D

oldpueblo says:

Just to make it clear to everyone (it wasn't to me anyway), this is not for the unlocked/no contract 900.  It's the pre-order for AT&T only.