Pre-order T-Mobile Lumia 710 from Wirefly for $0 on contract or $359 without


For those looking to pick up the T-Mobile Lumia 710, you may want to head to Wirefly. The site is now taking pre-orders for the phone, available in white or black and they're offering it for $0 on new contracts. That's not too shabby of a deal if you ask us.

Oh, what's that? You want it without contract? We can do that too for a very fair $359

The Lumia 710 comes with a 1.4GHz CPU, 3.7" ClearBlack screen, 5MP camera and 8GB of on board storage. While not a flagship phone by most standards, it is a very nice mid-level device and makes a perfect give for a friend or family member who's not as into phones as you. No word on when Wirefly will ship it, but you should have it by the 11th.

Source: Wirefly (black), (white)



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Rico says:

If the US version is indeed pentaband, I'll pick one up used and use it on AT&T as my low-end Windows Phone.

ljkelley says:

It is quad band 3G.  But it does support both AT&T bands of 850 and 1900.  In addition of course to the 1700/2100 AWS T-Mobile uses and 2100 that Europe and possible elsewhere usese.

1jaxstate1 says:

Damn. That's a great OOC price!

aubreyq says:

I have to agree. Kind of tempted, here.

I bought one, FWIW, lol.

kennbw says:

Now, if only I could preorder my new Verizon 710.  I'd be on it.  It has to be better than my Trophy.  I like my trophy, just takes the worst pictures.  could be something wrong with it, but I can't even find one in a Verizon store to test out.  They don't even have them on display anymore.

erzhik says:

$359 off contract is a very nice price. Major props to Nokia for launching a fairly strong device for a very tempting price.