Preorders live for the Dell Venue 8 Pro, starts at $299 and ships next week

Dell Venue 8 Pro

A little over a month ago, Dell surprised a few of us in the tech community by reviving the Venue branding for a product. It’s not a Windows Phone or Android smartphone, but instead a new family of tablets. There's the Dell Venue 8 Pro, an 8-inch tablet running Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system. Dell now has full pricing and pre-orders up on their website. Details below.

The Dell Venue 8 Pro certainly looks like one of the more appealing tablets running Windows in the 7 to 8-inch space. Earlier this week, Lenovo announced the Miix2 tablet, which appears to be similar in specs to the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Here’s what you’re getting for $299 with the Dell Venue 8 Pro:

  • Intel Atom 1.8GHz quad-core processor (Z3740D)
  • Windows 8.1 (32Bit)
  • 32GB of storage
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8.0 inch IPS display (1280 x800)
  • 802.11n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0
  • 5MP rear camera, 1.2MP front facing camera
  • Office Home and Student 2013 Tablet Edition
  • 10 hours of battery life

Dell Venue 8 Pro

That’s what the base $299 gets you on the Dell website. You can upgrade to 64GB of storage for an extra $50. There are also two other configurations, one will get you a case for the Dell Venue 8 Pro, while the other includes the case in addition to an “active stylus”.

This tablet is shaping up to be a killer device on paper. We won’t know how it performs until we get our hands on it. You can pre-order today (link below) and the devices are set to ship out on October 25th.

Anyone thinking of getting this little tablet for just $299? Looks to be a pretty compelling consumption device.

Source: Dell

Thanks for the tip Steven H!



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jgbstetson says:

Dude, I'm getting a Dell.

Jazmac says:

Me too dude.

YA BILLY says:

Me too, but I do not see an option to choose red color. Wasn't there a black or red choice reported before?

Rishicash says:

Black is the new black!

YA BILLY says:

Btw does this have an ssd?

MA83 says:

It's either 32 or 64 gb of flash storage. So in a nut shell, yes.

MethodGT says:

It's not SSD, but eMMC (or however you call it).

ovrkast says:

It's not SSD, but rather eMMC...similar to flash-based SD cards or flash drives. True SSD is usually found on more robust/expensive laptops and desktops.

Bob Shiska says:

eMMC is still solid state. Solid state simply refers to the storage medium being not a spinning hard drive, eMMC is the interface.

Deaconclgi says:

Yes, because it is easy as Dell.

n7slc says:

I would prefer the 8" display vs. a 10" but how is this going to compare to the Asus T100? Seems like the T100 is a better deal.

xboxonthego3 says:

It comes down to the stylus for me. But I also like the clamshell keyboard of the Asus. It is a toss up for either one. But in my opinion I am liking the dell more.

MA83 says:

I'd rather have the greater portability and active stylus over an attached keyboard. An 8" form factor is VERY nice. I can even fit it in the back pocket of most of my jeans (just don't try and sit with it back there). Also, if you are like me and have a job where you're on the go alot and need to move from one place to the next, an 8" form factor is much easier to handle especially when you're holding it in one hand.

jason8957 says:

Was kind of hoping to see full pricing and specs on the Venue 11 Pro to compare to Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. I guess this is still in the future. I think that the 10.8" is the tablet form-factor for me.
I would be curious to see how much more Dell Venue 11 Pro would be when upgraded to corei5 compared to Surface 2.
I still just want a Surface 2.

I would buy this for sure!

xeean says:

This looks really great. I will wait for some performance reviews :)

grmackay says:

Sure wish the surface 2 had full Windows and not RT

joe_easton says:

I am sure the price is the issue; i have a surface rt and love it but these other tablets are very compelling for the price since they have full windows on them

I just wish the Surface 2 had an active digitizer and perhaps 10-point touch screen, and I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

DalekSnare says:

Yeah, me too. I'd consider getting a tablet without x86, but not without a pen.

jason8957 says:

Don't know if I want full Windows on Atom.  Concerned about longer term as more and more things are installed and dragging down the CPU.  For me it is Windows on Corei5 (or better) or Windows RT on ARM.

drothgery says:

The new Atoms are a major upgrade from the previous generations; Intel thinks the Silvermont core (used in the Atom CPU Dell's new tablet is using) is fast enough that they'll be putting it in some Celeron and Pentium branded chips.

R0bR says:

I wish this Venue 8" had RT and I would buy it.

txDrum says:

I don't get this. Yes it might slow down, but only if you install bunches of x86, and no more than if you'd installed only metro. If you use it as a tablet and only use metro, it will be much nicer than many RT tablets, with the flexibility of running any x86 app when you want. And as long as you aren't installing anything crazy, it won't slow down. IO performance on eMMC will be nicer

Full Windows on a 8" tablet ? Nah... RT or no deal.

jfreiman says:

For me its about the added codec support of the x86 platform.
I have the Surface RT and love it for all of it's work/business applications, but its so limited in video format playback capability - truly sad that MS put so much into the thought and design, but left out just that little bit of flexibility for codecs and some 3rd party hardware.
I see the Surface 2 as the Surface 1.5 - it can't do anything that the Surface RT can't already do - nothing (and faster isn't an example of more).
As for the 8" tablets, I need to see side by side comparisons of the Dell, Lenovo, Acer etc before I decide on an 8" - but I'm certainly buying one asap!

grmackay says:

I'm not buying anything until I see what Nokia announces

clappenings says:

Agreed. But if Nokia's tablet is RT then Dell or Lenovo win

txDrum says:

Nokia's tablet will (extremely unfortunately) definitely be RT.

Oldmajor says:

I love RT, I just don't see why I would want x86 on a tablet. At that point wouldn't I just buy a laptop?

Robborboy says:

Why by a laptop when a tablet is just a laptop with the keyboard as an option?

Paul Acevedo says:

What's the appeal of being able to run less stuff and have less powerful hardware in the same form factor?

ThePKReddy says:

Ask the masses who bought an ipad

Paul Acevedo says:

Not the same. There is no Mac tablet that costs the same price as an iPad.

jfreiman says:

Like I've mention earlier, if RT/ARM had open video/audio codec support I would be super excited to buy the Nokia.... But until their is broader support for more codecs (especially Media Center WTV) then I need something a little more flexible. :-(
If the Nokia with Snapdragon 800 chip came out 6 months ago or if an AMD APU based "RT" Surface was released I would have purchased it in a second.

rory753 says:

Totally agree. an 8" tablet should have gps capability. and off-line map support. after trying the second generation of nexus 7 for the past month, i can say that the offline capability of here maps is better then google. I hope they bring that to their rt tablet. What's interesting is the dell venue (android) tablet has the same intel chip, with built in GPS, however the venue 8 pro does not. It seems that they went for "productivity" with the digitizer stylus, and mapability with the android tablets.
either way, i purchased a venue pro this morning, and should get it by Oct 29. but I still want to see what a nokia tablet will have...

xboxonthego3 says:

According to dell the Dell Venue androids are Dual core. And the Dell Venue Pro 8 is Quad Core. Specs at the bottom of webpage.

rory753 says:

ah, right. but they're both running baytrail. does having a duo core mean they can use the other 2 slots for a gps radio chip(i know nothing of what this chip looks like or how it functions)? I'd just assume them put a gps in both the venue and the venue pro...

kullkid92x says:

Naw the CPU socket doesn't really affect whether GPS is available or not. At least from what I know in ARM cpu's it is up to the manufacture (dell) to simply pay extra for the GPS integration (I know that's how Qualcomm works) so maybe they just simply went and paid the extra buck for the quad core and sacrificed the GPS.

Its a shame either way, its 2013 I don't think that sort of sacrifice should be made anywhere period.

Braumin says:

Actually the NON Pro (ie the Android ones) are the old Clovertrail Atoms, so they are going to suck.
The Windows 8.1 are Bay Trail.

I just preordered this baby.  It was a toss up between this and the Lenovo Miix 2 (8 inch).

ovrkast says:

Me too! Aesthetically, I could not stand the faux metal/chrome trimmings of the Miix2.

nspooty says:

Also, Miix2 doesn't have an active stylus. 

ralexand56 says:

I love that part of it. I think it looks better than the dell especially the cover they are using.

More pictures of the Dell Venue 8 Pro with the case.  You can't find these pics on any other tech blog.  This page was burried deep in Dell's website.  http://accessories.dell.com/sna/PopupProductDetail.aspx?cs=19&l=en&c=us&...

ovrkast says:

Oooh, I wish I had seen this earlier. Looks like I will need to get one somewhere down the road to protect this new toy!

majortom1981 says:

The case is the eaxt same case as the xps 10 except smaller. I have the xps 10 and I love the case.
PS 8.1 on the xps 10 makes it almost like a completely new tablet.

kullkid92x says:

I would love to follow this device into January and see if Dell post some sales numbers. Cant really find any complaints on paper at least.

Hmm I am going with my girl tonight to get her a new Windows 8.1 laptop (nothing past 450$) she is not a tech head so that's all she cares to spend... and this comes to mind but she wanted a laptop... I guess it will come down to screen size really.

Anywho, anyone care to inform me of any other differences between this machine and lets say a 450$ portable laptop with 11-13 inch screens??

It's smaller and more portable.  This Dell is more of a consumption device (although you could do some limited productivity things with a bluetooth keyboard).  If you want something that can also be used a productivity tablet, check out the Dell Venue 11 Pro. 

MA83 says:

^^^ This!
Although, dell made a pretty good desktop dock for their former tabs. If they make them capatible with this tab, I think the 8" is definitely the way to go.

cdbstl76 says:

I would make sure the laptop is touch screen. Otherwise, its not much of a comparison.

kwajr says:

Why wait for sales numbers it doesn't matter what everyone else likes.only what you like

diod123 says:

Agreed, I don't get the logic of buying something like this based on sales. Reviews, yes, but sales - no.

Robborboy says:

Good sales = good support. Bad sales = null support. It is that simple.

kwajr says:

I'm sure most users of this site know more than most support agents I never by tech with the hopes of support firmware will be updated for a few months at least so should be stable buy than and ms does the os part.

kullkid92x says:

No guys you completely misunderstood me lol I first stated that I would love to see the sales numbers of this device by January (just curious to see how much they sell)

I then said that I would be buying my girl a new laptop TONIGHT lol not in January :P

dinod says:

How does it compare to the new Acer W4? Will you be doing a comparison/rundown?

TheMarius says:

Question!  Does anyone know if the 10" tablet will stand like a laptop with the full keyboard base attached?  Or does it require a kickstand of some sort?  As much as I love my Surface Pro, my biggest complaint is the need to use the kickstand when in my lap or setting it down on a surface (usually meaning the viewing angle is terrible).  Again, not trying to bash the Surface, and I know the second gen is adding the two-step kickstand.  But I prefer a freestanding device.

What 10" tablet are you talking about?  The Dell Venue 11 Pro?  That one is 11".

TheMarius says:

Oh, right.  11" then.  Haven't checked on it since I read the initial announcements.

juanitoriv says:

I like those docks!! Hmm..

MA83 says:


Narr says:

It looks good but the rest of the world needs to wait a month.

John20212 says:

Would get it if it has full USB3 port. I guess I will wait for Surface Mini so Microsoft can show these lazy OEMs how its done.
Not putting a full USB port on a Windows tablet, really?

doomtuba says:

And you know MS is putting a full USB port on theirs?

John20212 says:

I guess we'll see.

kwajr says:

The xps10 had a dongle for full USB. Say don't want dongle but if you plug USB in isn't that on a cable anyways

John20212 says:

A usb Flash drive is not on a cable.

kwajr says:

Y'all ever get the felling that some people can't be satisfied.

bsd107 says:

Surface Mini will be running RT (Snapdragon 800) unfortunately...

xboxonthego3 says:

More than likely RT but snapdragon 800? Where's your proof? or who's your source?

jfreiman says:

Well, the consensus is that it will not be another Nvidia Tegra - their commitment to use 2 generations of Tegra is over (according to reports) and while it may not be the 800, it will most definitely will not be another Tegra and now that TI is out of the picture, that only leaves Qualcomm and Nvidia.
Snapdragon 800, quad core lower speed is my guess...

John20212 says:

Even WinRT support most USB devices, so a full USB port on it would be very useful as well.

Jack Larson1 says:

Although it sounds ridiculous, I'd trade my headphone jack for a full 3.0 USB port on my 920.

jfreiman says:

LOL, if you compare the new Surface 2 and 2 Pro to the first gen Surfaces, then they are lazy and only worthy of a a revision 1.5 - not 2.0!
Then compare this years 8.1 tablets to the same companies last years tablets and many of them would put them at v2.5 or 3.
So while I truly

LHAM13 says:

This or lenovo miix2?

Btw, does it has hdmi output?

Menzlo says:

Neither have HDMI out, but the Toshiba encore and the Acer W4 do.

wellsje says:

 According to their online support it supports miracast though.

kwajr says:

If you have an Xbox and a few others just pull up the charms bar hit share and any windows 8 machine will play the content on that device

MoggSquad says:

I'm debating myself.  The Miix is thinner and lighter, but the Dell suppossedly has active stylus support.  I did read on another forum a user reporting he was at a Dell event and had some hands on time with the 8.  He said the stylus performance was pretty disappointing.
The Dell does come out first which is a major plus.

That's disappointing about the active stylus.

raul_junior says:

Quick question, is Nokia supposed to reveal the quarter results tomorrow?

No, they moved it to October 27th (or maybe it was the 25th). 

slbailey1 says:

I ordered mine this morning at 9 am. I got the bundle with the foilo and pen. I also upgraded the storage to 64 gb. Without taxes it costed $419.
Will a micro usb to usb otg adapter work. I'm looking at the one from eForCity? 

TokenBlack says:

Already preordered mine! 

aitt says:

Will wait for Lenovo and Bay Trail

slbailey1 says:

The Venue 8 Pro has Bay Trail.

MikeSo says:

Argh... every day I see a new one that I want. THIS might be the one! Although I originally wanted a Surface 2, I don't know that the sleekness and design is worth the extra moolah... (as long as performance on the lower end model is adequate).

Blacklac says:

So this is Clover Trail while the Lenovo Mixx 2 will be Bay Trail? Or did I fail at life? Haha

Menzlo says:

You failed. Both are Bay Trail.

Blacklac says:

Ohh, your right. Thx.

MA83 says:

The new bay trail atom processors have pretty solid stats when ranked against other chipsets in the mobile market. Nobody is making a full W8 tab in an 8" size with the higher end intel chips. If you want more performance, you need to go with a 10" or larger tab.

Full windows or rt??

slbailey1 says:

Full windows with Office Home & Student. 

Dancsi31 says:

Windows 8.1 (32Bit) Do you think this is Windows RT?
It's full Windows 8.1 not RT. If it was RT, it would say Windows RT in the specs

MikeSo says:

Can you repeat that? I didn't quite catch it.

kwajr says:

They dropped the rt branding

They dropped it for the surface, not windows.

This has full Windows 100%

monotheist says:

Microsoft is the only company now that uses Windows RT[With surface 2], all other OEMs have dropped support for it as it does not make sense when they can give Full Windows at a low price point. 

jfreiman says:

Except if you are selling into Fortune 500 or other companies and government agencies that require securing their intellectual property/devices.
If a device has x86/64 Windows, it is more likely to be hacked.
I can see many business directly benefiting from RT devices rather than x86.

Does the case come with a keyboard?

slbailey1 says:

No. The keyboard doubles as a cover,  but it is not available for ordering right now. 

kullkid92x says:

Nope :( so far only Lenovo with the Miix2 has nailed it right in the head.

Lenovo said take that SONNNNN.
"The optional smart cover ($20) with a stylus rounds out the Miix 2."

is there much difference between Z3770 and Z3740? will we be seeing 8inch tablets with Z3770?

ovrkast says:

Its a small incremental increase of like 100Mhz from 1.33Ghz to something like 1.4Ghz, and the Z3770 can support up to 4GBs of RAM and has a slightly larger bandwidth. Noticeable? Probably not.

Bob Shiska says:

The base clock only goes from 1.33GHz to 1.46GHz, but the turbo goes from 1.86GHz to 2.39 GHz. That's a pretty big change, especially considering the likelihood of being on turbo. Memory is differentiated between the Z37X0 and Z37X0D models, D has single channel/2GB while non-D has dual channel 4GB.
Put the $5 more expensive chip in and I'll pay you $25 more for it.

ovrkast says:

Haha...Bob, you are crunching way too many numbers :-) At the end of the day I don't believe the standard user is really going to notice the difference in turbo boost speeds. Remember that this is mostly a media consumption device with some capabilities of being slightly productive and not a workhorse machine. Considering that the majority of these 8" tablets will only come with 2GB RAM, and none of them will even be user replaceable. I can see where the Z3770 supporting dual channel memory can be beneficial on a small notebook with expandable options. For tablets of this size? I think it's a mute point :-)

enzom09 says:

Haha you beat me to the comment. I said the same thing below

ok thanks for the specs info.

MA83 says:


This is exactly what I need to know before purchasing!

enzom09 says:

There is a huge difference for the following reason: this D processor only supports single channel memory (much slower than the 3770s dual channel), less ram, a significant decrease in terms of clock speed (500mhz difference I believe), among other things. I was really eying the dell venue but they went cheap on the atom.

shouldn't they sell one with the Z3770 ?

kullkid92x says:

Yeah they should deff consider an upgrade down the road, maybe right before Christmas come out with a spec increment. To call this a 'Pro' machine, they should have gone with the Atom Z3770 or at minimal the Atom Z3740 which still has 64-bit dual-channel 533 MHz LPDDR3-1066.

ovrkast says:

I just ordered mine at 10am PST, and it is estimated to be delivered on 10/23! I got the stand-alone 64GB version, and made my decision based on two penchants.

  1. The Dell's microSD card slot supports SD/SDHC/SDXC up to 128GB, whereas all the other upcoming tablets indicates up to 32GB.
  2. Although these tablets are geared more towards the portrait orientation, I will be using this mostly in landscape mode. It is nice to see that Dell doesn't brand their logo or Windows button/key on the front of the screen like the others e.g. Toshiba, Lenovo, and Acer. The only branding that is present happens on the back of the device.

I can't wait until next week to get my toy...woohoo!

slbailey1 says:

I ordered mine at 9 am EST. I got a 11/8 date. Why? I did order the tablet/folio/pen bundle. 

ovrkast says:

Not sure. Did you order through Dell Home or Dell Business? I see that the Business division has a ship date of 11/8, while the Home division has a ship date of 10/25. I just checked the status of my order and it is in "SHIPPED" mode, so that means it is on its way to the carrier. Shortly after that I should get my tracking number. I haven't been this excited in getting a new gadget in a very long time!
I also paid $335 for the stand-alone 64GB version (no bundle). Received a discount of $15, plus another $15 was waived for 2nd day delivery through the Dell Loyalty Program.

slbailey1 says:

I used Dell Home. When I ordered this morning it had a ship date of 11/8. I checked my status. I will get the folio and pen on 10/29 and the tablet on 11/8. I think this is a case of jumping to early does not help. 

ovrkast says:

Oh, I'm sorry :-( I noticed this morning that the dates were shifting up or down depending what options were placed...that's why I just did the stand-alone and upgraded to 64GB of storage.

Still not sure how well full Windows performs on an Atom...but the price is good to say the least.

ovrkast says:

Remember that these tablets are made to be mostly media consumption devices but can also provide some simple productivity tasks. In the "modern UI" environment they run extremely fluid and fast, while in the "desktop" mode they are every bit capable of running iTunes, Firefox, Word, etc. at reasonable speeds. Don't expect it to perform like an i5/i7 processor...those are reserved for workhorse systems.

xboxonthego3 says:

I have a Clover Trail atom tablet(Samsung 500t). Works quite well. I have done small Programming projects with visual studios on it. And I also run Age of Empires II HD from steam on it occasionally. It works surprising well. And for anything media or Office it is fantastic at. The Bay Trail atom is even better. The Bay Trail will work great.

chfhyh says:

how well does sql server run on it please.

xboxonthego3 says:

Hmmm.. That's soemthing I don't remember I don't have that installed on it or visual studios anymore. If you plan on doing programming a lot I wouldn't make an atom device your main device. It works decently for portablility. I did programming for a class I took. It was small little projects. When you get to doing a larger project it can slow down. For an average windows user this works great. But for a Developer or programmer I advise not making this your main device. But it could still be beneficial.

chfhyh says:

thanks a lot for responding! I am considering to use it as my main win 8 dev machine.  Since bay trail is so much faster, paired with faster memory, I wonder if it will suffice.  It could be so awsome...

d4emend says:

Is it going to be available at Best Buy soon? I want to use my Surface trade-in gift card for that.

time for me to order one

TK2011 says:

How fast are these compared to the new RT devices based on Tegra 4?

ovrkast says:

I saw a benchmark on the ARM processor and Intel (can't remember where), and the results were pretty tied with the Intel being about 20% faster in certain areas such as multi-tasking processes but everything else they were about the same.

Hoekie says:

About the same on CPU. Tegra4/Snapdragon800 have a faster GPU.

Already delt with these idiots with the Dell Venue Pro. Avoid these people like the plague. The two worst built devices I have ever owned were toss up between am Archos and this. Neither company wanted to do anything to make it right and in the end, essentially dumped lemons on their costumers.

xboxonthego3 says:

Have you actually tried the Dell Venue Pro 8 yet? I mean it was just released. Don't knock it until you try it.

Dont have to. I know what they did with the Dell Venue Pro. And I now know that if they have major hardware problems with a product, that they will just turn their back on it and stick it to the consumer. Not going down that road again, and I strongly suggest to anyone that is looking at this, that if you have the money, go elsewhere. I'm not saying it is going to have issues, but track record shows that if they do, they will leave you high and dry.

Wheres the LTE version? Was hoping to order one of these for a family member but the LTE is a must

ralexand56 says:

with windows 8.1 ability to link to your phone to start its internet sharing, this is less of an issue for me.

redbluff says:

Just ordered it with case and pen but says shipping Nov 8

Jf.Vigor says:

Fiasco I went through with the dell venue pro windows phone (I know, a phone vs a tablet) turned me off to dell for good lol. This tablet however does look good

Said the same.above. Good for you. They think we as consumers have a short memory. That left such a bad taste in my mouth.

What did they do to you?

rahul.sharma says:

I actually liked the DVP, the only device that stand out of crowed at that time.

jlynnm350z says:

I like 10" display more, I have an 8" and a 10".

Nakazul says:

Looks really nice. This one I would like to own.

mkslive says:

Not available in Norway until January.Sucks.
Someone put the Venue 8 Pro 64 GB, folio case and the active stylus on eBay, please. :)

jlynnm350z says:

I think im a tech addict, it kills me not to buy every damn new thing that comes out. I have a perfectly fine tablet right now so I must refrain from splurging.

pgoth says:

My xps 10 is buggy and has a couple of major flaws. Not sure if I will continue to support Dell

kwajr says:

Like what I have one and just would like to know with 8.1 preview there were some like sites not rendering correctly and not resuming from sleep but that should be addressed with firmware and final bits

rahul.sharma says:

Site rendering in IE 11 has changed a bit...add your sites to compatibility view and should render correctly.

kwajr says:

And how do you get to compatibility mode now

rahul.sharma says:

Desktop IE -> settings -> Compatibility view settings

kullkid92x says:

Perfect, can you be a lab rat for us :D update your xps10 to windows 8.1 PLEASE :D

and let us know of any major changes with performances? or if it gets worse?

Thanks in advance one day :)

Jazmac says:

Looks like with this price point, Dell intends to own this space. I don't blame them.

teriansilva says:

Bad hardware specs... no difference between all the other win 8 tablets. Only surface 2 pro stands out. Also in terms of pricing though.

KasakDesign says:

This deal is Dellicious. Hahahaha sorry. I don't do this for you guys.. Its for me.

juanitoriv says:

Liar!! Such a Dork!! I loved it!!

Kadcidxa says:

New Venue 8 Pro 64GB + Case + Stylus $406.19 thats great price. But I want a Dell Venue Pro 11. When is the Pro 11 released?

Wish they sold this on the Microsoft online store. I hate ordering things from dell.com. Worst customer service ever. I remember when I had a dvp...

Sam Sabri says:

I bet the MS Store will be getting some new inventory sooner than later!

Bailey199719 says:

Will this be coming to the UK or is it a buy online from the US and get it shipped here and buy a mains plug adapter? Cuz I want one!!!

bsd107 says:

What is the deal with the keyboard? Availability of a matching keyboard is a deciding factor for me.
Also, is the stylus a true active stylus or just a capacitive one (like the Miix2).
I prefer the features of the Toshiba (GPS), but a matching keyboard option is a must.

MA83 says:


Paul Acevedo says:

Okay but don't yell. ~ ~

MA83 says:


Rockartisten says:

No it doesn't. It goes against what every person has been tought, and their developed technique in reading. It looks like crap and most people just skip it, because it's a pain to read. If you post a comment, I take it that you have something you want to say. The thing is, most people won't listen, which then has made your effort moot.
We have developed rules for a reason.

MA83 says:

Loosen your panties a little bub. I was talking about work not forum comments.

Thanks for letting me rustle your jimmies. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rockartisten says:

I go french, so it's pretty damn loose down their. ;)

Paul Acevedo says:

Rockartisen is right. Unless you're writing lines of code, all caps lock represents shouting and it also causes headache/eye fatigue for some reason. It's not the Caps lock key is that hard to toggle off when you're communicating in a setting like this.

(We do appreciate you though - sorry to be critical.)

MA83 says:

Nice save. And way to back up a condescending ass. 
I do appreciate your civility though. So thank you. 

Rockartisten says:

It wasn't my intention to be condescending, sorry you felt that way. I was just explaining it to you in the best of my ability. English isn't my native tongue

MA83 says:

No problem! I take back my previous statement. I understand language issues. Don't know French, but I studied German for four years. Your command of English is MUCH better than my German. 

enzom09 says:

I'm torn on when I trade my surface 1 to get either this or a surface 2...

jfreiman says:

If you just want a faster Surface RT then get the Surface 2 (1.5).
If you want to have more flexibility, do more, but sacrifice screen size then get one of the new 8" tablets.
If your Surface RT does everything you need, then don't trade it in, the $200 value doesn't seem worth it.

Brazil01 says:

This is a device I am really looking forward to.

kwajr says:

They dropped the rt branding
But if its Intel inside it is full windows

kwajr says:

I know this has Intel just hoping to clarify it for everyone looking at any tablet

Bob Shiska says:

Another Z3740D tablet. Meh.
At least give me the Z3770. What I'd really like is an A6-1450 based convertible, I don't care if you have to put a fan in it. Poor man's version of a Core-based tablet.

1jaxstate1 says:

It's full windows on a tablet for a low cost. THIS is what will get MS more marketshare in the tablet market. Throw away cheap tablets. I'm more of a Surface Pro type person, but this will help MS tremendously!

Heresy64 says:

I don't know what this "pre-order shipping next week" stuff is all about. I ordered mine this morning and it is already shown as shipped with delivery Oct. 23.
A couple of things, though. First you can have any color you want, as long as you want black. The keyboard is a Logitech bluetooth keyboard, which I passed on. The Dell-branded keyboard shown on the web site is not yet available to order.  Hopefully, it will be later.

ovrkast says:

So mine said "SHIPPED" too but it reference the CashBack eGift card promo...argh! They cannot find my tablet as being part of that order. The hell with the eGift card...give me my tablet :-(

Heresy64 says:

Ok, gotta go look again. You may be right.

ovrkast says:

Argh...I'm on the phone with Dell right now. They see that my order was placed, but it did not go through their system. Looks like I have to try and order again :-(

LMAO.... That is all part of the debacle that happened when I order the Dell Venue Pro phone. Be careful. I had to make three calls and in the end I had three devices shipped to me. Hahahaha

ovrkast says:

It hasn't left a good impression, but the person I spoke to did get the order corrected so I'm optimistic that will all turn out ok. I used to go with Dell in the past but their products just went down hill. However, this new device does seem promising...they just need to get their ordering system up-to-date!
If they send me three of these devices, then I'm going to play dumb and make sure that they only charge me for one...LOL!

Heresy64 says:

So I went back to the notification email and it was the e gift card that shipped. The other items, not so good. The folio and pen are scheduled to arrive Oct 25 and the tablet itself is scheduled to arrive NOV 5! Whaaaat?

ovrkast says:

At least your tablet shows up...mine doesn't exist in their system...just that damn eGift card! Haha

Wow... the first time I ever sent in a tip, and WPCentral ran it! (I'm "Steven H."). I know, I know, hundreds of you tip them all the time, and it's nothing special... give me my moment of triumph, OK? :-P

juanitoriv says:

I know right.. Right on man!! I had one run a while back.. Made me a lil tingly inside.. 8)

el-ojo says:

Sometimes, I wonder if it's even worth being a fanboy. MS just released Remote Desktop for Android and iOS. WP gets no LOVE, even from MS :'(

rahul.sharma says:

People, try and understand the difference between Windows OS stack and other platform's. For Apple, iOS is a phone and tablet OS...same with Android phone and tablet, same shit.
But with Windows, PC and Tablet is same....so we do have RDP client for years. And I am not denying that there is no need for mobile rdp client but really??? Lets don't blame just for the sake of argument when we all know how much productive it would be on phone.

I use Team Viewer, fairly often, on my phone.
I used ConnectMe, on my phone.
I used VNC, on my old Windows Mobile Phones.
Some people seem to forget that there are people that would rather have a computer, that can make calls, in their pocket.

rahul.sharma says:

But instead of using streaming "Computer" on phone, I will give MS time to merge RT and WP OS, App store and give actual thing that can be called "Computer in pocket"...for now I am ok if they ignore this kind of baseless arguments and focus in right direction. Atleast for me it will be the computer in my pocket, that can be used as a phone if needed. Think big if you really want it that way, 

rahul.sharma says:

Does is it support always-on / connected stand by?

No hdmi out. Is there another way to get video out via a cable (e.g. Mhl, Intellilink)? The dell rep I spoke to said there isn't, just wireless, but I don't have much confidence in their knowledge since they also told me the 64gb model wasn't available.

slbailey1 says:

Venure 8 Pro will only support Miracast.

Thanks. I just don't get why they (and lenovo) didn't include hdmi. Miracast isn't close to being ubiquitous and having to use/carry around a $60 adapter with its own power source that doesn't work seamlessly is inconvenient and takes away from the mobility. I don't think my desire to plug into a tv/monitor is an edge use case. Maybe Ive just been spoiled by my w500. Waiting for reviews...

TechFan99 says:

Does anyone use their tablet to watch movies. I want to use it to entertain the kiddos on a long road trip.

Yup, and with the VLC app for Windows 8 expected to come out soon, this will be perfect.

btgusto says:

I'm waiting to see what the surface mini looks like first

You'll have to wait till early next year.

alexisking says:

couldnt wait. i ordered mine today in canada. i called into dell instead of online as i was looking for the red one, and the gal gave me the 64gb version for $299. made my day and i plan on getting the keyboard soon as it is out. Bay trail is leaps and bounds faster then clover trail atoms so i suspect this thing is going to be responsive as hell.
we've all heard the arguments about why have full windows on such a small screen, but at this price point its like saying i can choose between two cars that do almost evrything similarly, except i will pay 30% more for the one that has no AC because i dont think i will ever use it ... oh and if i need to, well i've got another car that has AC.
this is the same kind of twisted logic iFanatics and Droidaholics use when talking about small factor W8 (8.1 now) x86 tablets. 

Awesome deal. I ordered one too and they upgraded me to overnight shipping because my loyalty card wouldn't take.

nath520 says:

Dell Venue, Lenovo Miix2, or Acer W4? Someone please help me to choose


Lenovo anyday....but the problem is Lenovo isn't offering a full Office 2013. Dell is. Kinda deal breaker for me.

slbailey1 says:

All tablets that is less than 10" will have Office Home & Student. 

Ugly. Just want a Surface 2.

1101x10 says:

2 GB RAM? No thanks, my PC uses that much with just a web browser open. The desktop will also be suboptimal on a screen this size. Would rather just have an RT tablet and hope the app situation improves.

zobk says:

Is screen protector film(?) attached? Is it protected from scratch?

pass11 says:

Pre-ordered mine yesterday. I just happened to be in midtown Manhattan when I came upon the pop up dell store. I went in just to see it when I saw the sign preorder today and get 10% off. Got a venue 8 pro 64gb with folio and stylus for $353.75. the tablet alone would've been $272.11 after tax. I had to buy it

dixonjr79 says:

Ordered the 64g + stylus+case..delivery date of 1st November.Total was 431.12 including Quebec sales tax of 15%.i haggled for $50 discount..sales rep gave in after 50 minutes on the phone ;) price before taxes was $366

immortalmatt says:

That right there is what Windows Phone will eventually look like. Due to Microsoft stating that they plan to merge RT and Windows Phone 8. I for one would truly love that. Add in the option to dock the phone and have a FULL Windows RT desktop on an external monitor and it would obliterate ios and android.


We are all going to Dell for this! HAHAAAHHAHAHHAHAH! 

closeloop says:

Yesterday Apple highlighted that both the new iPad Air and the new iPad Mini With Retina display will have dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 2x2 MIMO WiFi.   Dell Venue 8 Pro is now the only 8" Windows 8.1 tablet that has dual band 2x2 MIMO WiFi.
The other three 8" Windows 8.1 tablets announced so far, Toshiba Encore and Lenovo Miix2 use single band (2.4GHz only) 1x1 11n WiFi.   Acer Iconia W4 has not disclosed its WiFi spec, but it is likely to be single band 1x1 11n WiFi as well.
2x2 MIMO WiFi achieves twice the communication speed of 1x1 WiFi, while at the same time provides a much longer range and signal reliability.     Also for the new Miracast feature (wireless display)  introduced in Windows 8.1,  2x2 MIMO WiFi provides a much better Miracast video quality than 1x1 WiFi because of the speed and signal reliability. 
2.4GHz band is a very "crowded".   5GHz band gives you a lot more selection of channels and is free from a lot of the interferences.
Since WiFi is the only communication medium in most of the tablets,  a good WiFi really enhances the user experience whether you are at home, at work, at the airport, or at the Starbucks.

Hey guys how long dose it take to receive the Venue8 ..I order last thur. 31st Oct but Dell tells me I have to Waite until the 8th of Nov..... are they back-up?

Ash L says:

Sorry to disappointing you, but expect to be much longer.

I ordered my unit on 22 Oct, 64g ver.  Estimated delivery date should be on 15 Nov.

so I decided to call them earlier in the morning.

However... well long story short.

Dell's customer service rep on the phone just gives me an impression that I should not ever buying anything from DELL. 

So just listen to me don't bother to call them about the delay if you don't want their talent customer service rep to ruin your day. I had good impression with Dell customer service untill I met this one.

Anyways, if I can't get the unit before friend's b-day, I will just ship the cover/pen back to dell with my cost and cancel the order. I just don't get why they ship the pen /cover w/out unit to me first, but I ordered them with the unit at same time...