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The Prepaid App Card program

Thinking of buying a Windows Phone but not too sure when weighing pros and cons with competitor platforms? Will a free $25 prepaid app card sway your mind? That's correct, we have come across a prepaid app card program from Microsoft that will see customers who purchase a Windows Phone receive a prepaid card to kick-start their app collection for free. 

The offer will be started on November 18th. If you have purchased a handset between November 2nd and December 31st then you'll be eligible for the card. To redeem, you'll need a copy of the receipt and proof of purchase on the phone box. This is U.S. only.

Source: App Prepaid Card Program, thanks @burnethanol and @schweetzeke for the tip!



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diego3336 says:

I've sent this "idea" to Brandon Watson a few weeks ago lol

Curtieson says:

So you are flipping the bill then for all the GCs? That is awfully nice of you!

That is pretty fantastic. $25 is quite a bit when the apps only cost $1-$3.

Raiven says:

Sweet! Just in time to get my Focus S on Sunday.

OMG55 says:

Doe anyone know if they will have a buy-back or upgrade discount who purchase a WP7 when it was first released??/

selfcreation says:

if only they could add : MS points + paypall + charge to bill(in canada) thats a UGE fail MS never fixed... why cant i sue MS points to buy MS games on XBL wp7...

evolutionqy7 says:

let me guess only in US?

The article stated only in the US "This is U.S. only."

1Rahtid says:

Really cool. I'll be purchasing a Focus S on Monday, (waiting until after the Microsoft/Samsung event to see what they have up their sleeve), so this $25 GC will be right on time. I got my wife and two sons each 1st gen Focus one month ago. I'm feeling real sorry now that I didn't wait to buy. My sons would have loved getting the free games... wait, they are going to use my $25 card to do just that anyway. I lose again.

I want other ways to pay for an app. The only possibly option is credit card. In Europe most people don't use them, unless they really need one. For example, in The Netherlands we use iDeal alot.

5tephen says:

I wish I would have waited a few months to buy a phone now :(

wetworker says:

Hopefully the prepaid card system will stay for good.We need more paying option for buying apps and games on the platform.I buy games and MS points on Xbox live with paypal all the time.I don't see why they can't give us the same option with the phone.

stevethenerd says:

They should have been offering this when I bought my phone...Agreed this would be an awesome alternative to the credit card only system they use know :(

markalackiie says:

Ugh disgusting advertising, anyone notice that the "UI" on these phones are taking up the whole screen it looks really bad as opposed to the actual windows phone UI. Interesting how alot of bashers complain that theirs wasted white space on the left side