Got preschool kids? Get Duckie Deck for fun and creative games for Windows Phone

Duckie Deck

Duckie Deck is a collection of educational games for kids aged 2-5 years, and the popular app is now available on Windows Phone and Windows 8. This collection of preschool games focuses on supporting healthy habits and developing creativity, as well as solving some of the challenges of childhood.

The app aims to develop hand-eye coordination of the kids while they have fun while learning. The set of six games in his pack encourage picky eaters to sample different fruits and veggies, exercise kids’ imagination, teach how to take care of pets, help kids get used to darkness, show the value of keeping a tidy home, and practice visual matching skills. That’s quite a list if it manages to impress your kid!

The app has cute, colourful graphics and animations, and a fun background score. With lovable characters and vibrant colors, it would capture the attention of most toddlers. I quite liked the thing that the games are geared for the kids to play independently, and don’t require a narrative or tutorial. Also, the app does not feature any ads or in-app purchasing offers (unlike most games), so you can leave your phone with your kid without a worry.

Duckie Deck

While the app is $1.99 on Windows Store (7 day trial available), it is free for a limited time on Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone 8 only). If you’ve got a young kid in the family, there's no reason you shouldn’t grab this. If you don’t, even if you like basic games, skip it since it isn’t for any other age group.

Duckie Deck

Thanks for the tip, Amit!



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pierrerv says:

70MB would crush my little Lumia 521

jlynnm350z says:

Say that 3 times real fast, he, he. I'm so juvenile

bitwise says:

seems like this is only for 1GB RAM phones?

realwarder says:

This app doesn't appear to have any educational value. There are better apps for kids in the store that teach much more.

Viipottaja says:

Can you recommend some?

realwarder says:

Slurpy the Frog is very good. The First Words apps too.

DuckieDeck says:

Hi realwarder, the app was tested by teachers and psychologists. This app is designed for 2-5 yo kids. People often don't know or forget that for such young toddlers everything is educational. We always encourage parents to participate in play. Of course, the market has many great games teaching math and writing, but we have created something completely different. Learning to share each other’s toys or food, understanding emotions, getting used to darkness or animal care are equally important for the development of children.

uselessrobot says:

Reminds me a lot of Toca Boca's games. In both cases educational value is pretty much nil. But I do like the visual style.

Madhu T C says:

Excellent for kids:D