Preview: Lock Screen Widgets for Windows Phone [Homebrew]

We previously took a look at Windows Phone Hacker's Lock Screen Widgets concept, where enough interest from the homebrew community would spark development to turn it into reality. It would appear as though enough interest was received as in the above video, we can see a working preview of said concept in an app form.

Work is still ongoing to apply UI enhancements and tidying up. Adding, re-arranging and removing widgets is fairly straightforward and selecting the Bing wallpaper is also possible. Suggestions are welcome for new widgets or on the app itself. We look set to see a beta version released next week (depending on continued progress), so stay tuned.

Source: WindowsPhoneHacker, YouTube



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This looks great, did anyone else notice the Haret7 application? Could a linux port be coming? Not that I would use it anymore but would be cool if it could be run.

Appmek says:

Include option to remove date, time and reminders from lock screen.

XboxOmac says:

Now this is just plain awesome. Something I will use on my DFT Samsung Focus. :)

Gmotagi says:

I wonder if it plays the animated bing wallpaper

BellPego says:

Can't wait until it comes out... Looks awsome..

infin8ty says:

Does anyone knows how to dev unlock my Titan?

rikkit says:

Become a developer. Create.msdn.com.

What's dev unlock anyway

rikkit says:

Developers registered with Microsoft can install xaps on their phone.

oasis1489 says:

very very very cool.
i'm usually unimpressed with the apps for unlocked windows phones but this one is pretty darn neat looking. and useful!

vault21x says:

so this will work for sure with just dev/chevron unlocked devices?! (I hate how many cool gomebrew apps need interop unlock)

infin8ty says:

Is it free to dev unlock?

Shantek says:

No. You can pay a small fee to dev unlock using chevron tho

WixosTrix says:

If you are a student, you can create a DreamSpark account that gives you access to Microsoft developer tools for free, which allows you to unlock 1 device.  https://www.dreamspark.com

Agent-P says:

Do I just need to use my .edu address? Or do I need some sort of code from "my instructor"? I'm not clear on that from looking at the website. If I only need my .edu email, then this will be great to unlock my Radar and get cool stuff like this.

for most schools a .edu address is all you need.

Tronticon says:

Amazing looking! The Bing wall paper is very cool!

awesumjon says:

Probably only going to be available to interop unlocked devices though :/

MediaCastleX says:

I find it quite odd you guys all really want this...it looks just a tad bit unnecessary and cluttered. =/

samiadjifr says:

it makes the lock screen cluttered! and against the idea of live tiles on the start menu.
if you want, why dont just you guys use Android.

MannLou says:

I thought we had to be dev unlocked and interop unlocked as well. Is that still the case?

shah1991 says:

How can I get this on my Lumia 710??
I have purchased it in India, so basically not bound by any contracts...