Discover and 3D print your very own dinosaur with this free Windows 8 app

Print your own T-rex

3D printers are slowly becoming the cool toys to use in creating various objects, but using a new Windows 8 app you can create your very own Tyrannosaurus dinosaur. Not only are you able to reproduce the famous predator, but there's room to learn and uncover every detail about what life was like all those years ago. Before printing away, you're tasked with becoming a palaeontologist and hammer, pick and brush away rocks that hide fossilised remains.

There's enough content for those who don't have 3D printers too (it's also possible to send the printable model to a print bureau), including a detailed 3D model of the skeleton which can be unlocked and then manipulated for further viewing. The app itself uses visual content from the Dorling Kindersley book, enabling readers to fully understand what life was like for the T. Rex.

It's a super cool app and one we're sure many will enjoy using, even if it's only for the printable model. You can grab the Print your own T. Rex app from the Windows 8 Store today for free.



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Manoj Daran says:

Superb app, gonna try it now.

RachMS says:

Its an EXCLUSIVE app to windows as well :-) 

This is great! can't wait to download it for my kids... No 3D printer, but with all that extra stuff, sounds like a cool app for them!

daelumia says:

No love for RT, apparently :(

Wam1q says:

Isn't it for RT already?

sd173 says:

What does the article mean when it says you can send it to a print bureau? Does that mean I can send the model, have it printed, and have it shipped to me?

Peter Savas says:

The link takes me to the Windows App Store on my Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1 (not RT), but the App doesn't show up.  A search yields no results.  Any ideas, Rich?