Hey Italy, Privalia launched an official Windows Phone app


An official app for Privalia (www.privalia.com) has launched on Windows Phone in the last few weeks. The popular coupon and deals service has been available on both iOS and Android for some time, so it's good to see the website finally supporting Microsoft's mobile platform. If you're not familiar with the name, it's a type of club that offers its members discounts of up to 70 percent on leading brands. 

Members can take part in some attractive deals and offers on stores attempting to get rid of remaining items on their product lines, making it a win-win for all parties involved. Privalia is available in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Mexico. Jump past the break for details, offers, links and more.

As well as functionality you'd expect from a Privalia app, here are some highlighted features offered by the app itself include the following:

  • Be updated on the campaigns that we open every day
  • You will have access to pre-sales, exclusive offers and promotions of the best brands in fashion, technology, sports, etc. ..
  • You can check the status of your orders
  • Sign-in on bus, metro or while waiting for a friend! We will always be there!

Everything is presented in a minimalist experience, taking full advantage of Microsoft's Modern UI. 


Privalia is free to join and the website will activate a newsletter automatically to keep you in the loop of active offers which you can participate in. Sales begin at 7am each morning and have a maximum duration of four days. Should you be one who enjoys catching latest deals and coupons, this is a must-app for you, should you reside in the supported countries of course.

You can download Privalia from the Windows Phone Store for free (registration with the service is required).

via: Windowsteca; thanks, Guy, for the heads up!

QR: Privalia



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INV3000 says:

Yeay another official apps

abdhoms says:

*app (just another grammar nazi passing by) :)

spinzeroWL says:

If you are going to be a grammar 'Nazi', it's best that you get things right yourself ;).

exkerZ says:

Bellissimo per gli italiani!

leokime94 says:

Davvero! Sono sempre più felice del lavoro di Microsoft! :)

Is also available here in Brazil.

TroyRiggins says:

Off-topic, but where is the Flipboard app that was supposedly coming to WP? It was announced in June or July, and there's been no word since...

Aashish13 says:

Wheres 6 telegram?

Bruno Sain says:

Ma chi se ne frega di Privalia !

Suzamax says:

Seriously? "Hey, Italy?" D: I thought Privalia is Barcelonese...

Bruno Sain says:

If there are idiots that waist there time buying with the phone on Prevalia when they could do it on a PC, just let them do it, I really hope that the app store on WPhone starts getting usefully good apps and not the usual shit that you find everywhere

Bruno Sain says:

Ma quanti dementi ci sono al mondo che fanno acquisti su privalia tramite il telefono ?!

vicu9mx says:

Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Spain