PSA: Don’t install Windows Phone 8.1 on the Samsung ATIV SE on Verizon

Samsung ATIV SE

The preview for Windows Phone 8.1 so far is mostly going off without a hitch. There are a handful of users experiencing the ‘80188309 error’, which prevents the installation, but besides a few minor issues it’s been smooth sailing. There is one device though we’re going to advise holding off on doing the preview, the new Samsung ATIV SE for Verizon.

A few developers, people in our forums and on Reddit have expressed some serious stability issues with the ATIV SE going to 8.1, including freezes, un-responsive touch screens and the camera app causing problems too.

User ‘dabeast622’ commented in our forums:

“I have noticed most of my lock-ups either right after hanging up from a call, or when you go to unlock the phone ... it's almost like the touchscreen just completely stops responding. I have done two Hard Resets, and it still happens.”

Another user on Reddit named ‘TheFiloStrain’ noted

“My phone will occasionally lock, and then the touch screen will be unresponsive and I have to reboot, and other times it will reboot itself randomly”

We’ve also had some developers express regret at doing the update too. Keep in mind, the device is still plenty usable, and a few are just doing occasional soft-resets and living with it, but if you’re thinking of doing the upgrade, at least be aware that things will be a little unstable compared to 8.0.

The problem here is probably the same as other ‘issues’ on the 8.1 preview: firmware. Whether it is you battery life, stability or something not working, it’s almost always tied to the needed firmware that will get the OS to talk better with the hardware. This is, after all, why they call it a ‘Preview for Developers’. We’re confident though that when the official updates begin rolling out in early June, things will get better.

If you do have the ATIV SE with 8.1, for now you’ll just have to deal with the nuisances. Once Samsung rolls out the official update, with new firmware, you can update to that as well, and all should be well again.

If you haven’t installed 8.1, at least know the risks now, so heed caution. When it comes to our review of that device, we’ll try to have it in the coming days, time permitting! For now, you can see our hands-on and first impressions of the ATIV SE or read more in our ATIV SE forums!



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Radeon7000 says:

Yup its faster at lagging

Karthik Naik says:

that does it,a world record gentlemen , all samesungs now lag with the same........(speed?? :D )

lumia ftw!!!

My Ativ S has zero issues with 8.1... Performance and battery life are significantly improved. The only bug I'm experiencing is the duplicate messaging window bug which was present with GDR3.

The Ativ SE is a different phone than the Ativ S. Glad to hear the S doesn't seem to be afflicted. It's a relatively popular WP handset in Canada.

sorry to say it  but mine is dead.my ativ now has no moble data at all and turns on and off if i use bluetooth.really like the update look and feel but now what?


His comment made me laugh. That was not so badly said though! But the fact is Lumia is the best Windows phone brand as Nokia provides a lot of their own services. Other OEMs do but not like Nokia.

I've had both Samsung and Lumia WPs (and LG and Dell and HTC). It drives me crazy when Samsung WP fans are made fun of. We're all on the same side.

Karthik Naik says:

its not u guys thats laughed at , its samsung,it makes a fool of its customers each time and it infuriates us in the way they treat their customers

im samsung free since 2012, no more samsung products at home any more too many issues

Making fun was not my intention at least. I was just praising Nokia for the services they provide! "others" can be HTC, Huwei... Yeah we all irrespective of the OEMs we hold, belong to the same WP family :)

Karthik Naik says:

@gautam the other oems dont even take efforts like nokia did since before infact much before symbian died or the microsoft takeover plan

theres a reason microsoft chose to buy nokia over blackberry

i wish they bought whatsapp,oculus and blackberry in addition to nokia

id buy a nokiaberry with berrysapp messenger with oculus phone support anyday :D

Right! Nokia has personally added so many features that was actually requested to Microsoft.

LOL but sadly Facebook bought WhatsApp! I'm still waiting for BBM though ;)

You like dick in your mouth...wha???

MVogelezang says:

Seems to drain battery...

spazinvader says:

My 920 rocks :-D thanks for the info though :-)

donbreathe says:

Same here, but I have experienced non responsive screen twice now, only a soft reset fix needed though

atherosxd says:

I experienced it too. Touch is not responding. Afaik. It did trice to me. Restart did make it okay though

I did experience it too, but only in IE. No other issues so far...

Me too. Earlier today my phone just froze and restarted. All I did was open my messages.

limestar24 says:

My phone restarted its self twice while I was on Vine. Sometimes I have to touch the screen twice to get a response.  I thought it was the screen proctor. Hopefully no other problems with happen.  June will be here before we know it. 

seq1 says:

That may be due to high sensitivity touch being on

ivo_apo says:

No surprise that your 920 rocks.
This phone weights 2kg!!! It will turn you upside down actually.
And who cares about your heavy lifting equipment? The article is about ATIV.

pookyjoralyn says:

i don't lift yet I'm still fine with the 920.

TechAbstract says:

A baby can lift a tablet. A phone shouldn't be an issue :)

KKRLessey says:

Yeah but my battery life is 14-18 hours on low to medium use :(

ladydias says:

Have you made sure to disallow apps from running in the background via battery saver? I wound up going through my entire app list and disabling stuff because the update re-enabled a lot of apps to run in the background.

KKRLessey says:

I have, though I have Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, myTube and Deezer (music) enabled on 8.1. Probably that's the reason.

Skype will make your battery last as long as you did when you lost it the first time

SinisterDuck says:

I think I need a beer or two to understand that.

aitt says:

Shame user can't experience it. Wonder how other OEM fair with it

Tips_y says:

I'm curious too how 8.1 works on the 8X and the Huawei phones. At least we now know it doesn't work well in the Ativ SE but works ok on the Ativ S.

pgangele says:

90% Nokia User's!!!! :)

RaRa85 says:

Let's allow others to enjoy their respective experiences on other OEM hardware. Yes we are proud owners of Nokia's offerings but let's remember, we're all in this together as an OS.

Dk92 says:

Good point.

Tkang721 says:

To be fair, I believe that Samsung is a poisonous company that doesn't offer a lot of continuous & optimized support to their customers. For a giant like them, especially considering their exorbitant prices, quality control should definitely be a notch higher.

I know this is a preview, but yeah. There's a reason why I'm sticking to Nokia phones :/.

el-ojo says:

"For a giant like them, especially considering their exorbitant prices, quality control should definitely be a notch higher."

Well, in my experience Sammy has been Hella Better in their quality control than NOKIA. The mass exodus from NOKIA to Apple should tell you something. Even their Biggest Fanboy, Micah, is thinking about switching to iPhone. One of the Moderators or retired Moderators, Ratcliffe, was stating how he replaced like 7 Lumia 920s. I just got rid of it and got an ATIV S. That should sum up how I feel about them. Still, I bought a 520, if only because it was the cheapest WP I could find until I get an official update for my Ativ S or get a 5.2" WP or above from Samsung. Heck, if SONY gets onboard and gives me something around that I may get one of those. NOKIA, or now MS...no bueno for me.

Karthik Naik says:

lol samsung will give a bad name to anything it touches, im happy microsoft didnt make a google-like deal with samsung and stuck to nokia

two quality companies to beat the evils-google and samsung

stephen_az says:

I really loathe when people spew the "we're in this together" BS. It is just a stupid OS for a phone and I 1) don't know you, and 2) have no interest in meeting you. We are not in anything together. I am always happy to help someone with a problem when possible but beyond that, I would be hard pressed to care less if you ran the update and your phone spontaneously combusted or turned into a BlackBerry.

RaRa85 says:

Well......that went well. And I know how you feel so..yeah. Cool.lol

Karthik Naik says:

hahahaha ikr my thoughts exactly

after bad experiences with samsung products(tv capacitor issues, microwaves, fridges, "smart phones") id stay away from their products

samsung smart devices, if u dont buy then ur smart :D

immelman23 says:

Ativ S has problems with camera app too. Always freezing, flash problems and reboots. And when data is on, the battery is consumed a lot faster. I have only this issue with the camera. I hope Samsung rolls out the firmware update, so that we can use our phone's to its fullest.

topleya says:

Yup, bloody flash keeps flashing when I've turned it off

aafa says:

Ya, its annoying! But other than that, it's a beautiful update for my ATIV S.

vicu9mx says:

Mi Ativs's camera works two or three times, and then stop working, after reboot works ok a couple of times, also the flash always turns on even if its turned off

lerimer says:

I've had similar issues with my 925. Screen freezes, random reboots sometimes it wont wake when pressing the power button and will have to do a hard reset..... Keeping in mind its only once or twice a day, I don't really mind.

dreamfly says:

I have the same with my 920.

Raylz says:

On my Lumia 925(tmo) the only issues I have is when headphones are plugged in only the left side of headphones work after installing the 8.1 dev update

Novron says:

Shouldn't need a hard reset for unresponsive power button. Connect to a charger if one is nearby.

OHardy says:

Sorry to hear that bro. I did the 8.1 preview update the morning it became available & to date I've had no issues with my NL925 or my wife's 920.

the_zeni says:

Having the same with my 920. But since its a preview I dont really mind, its part of The Game...

atherosxd says:

Random reboots happens to me also

evilrobot says:

Wishing I wouldn't have installed on my 925, the alarms not going off bug is a big problem.  I can deal with everything else but I need this to wake up in the morning :/

i actually had an alarm not going off bug on my 925 prior to 8.1, havent had it since the update

Hoppman says:

I have seen a few quirks with my L822.  Hangs or freezes, strange battery discharge that wasn't, but I actually remember seeing that before the DP update on one of the battery apps after an update.  Nothing that has been a deal breaker.


For me I am almost at the end of my contract, now I have to decide Icon, or ATIV SE.  Like everything about the Icon BUT the lack of MicroSD and only 32GB of storage, I can handle loss of Glance.  My concerns with Samsung are about updates etc., and reliability, my L822 has been used hard and put away wet, literally and it keeps working.

ivo_apo says:

My advice is go for ATIV. Different class. Unbelievable phone!

babse says:

Same issue with my 1520. My trick has been to plug the phone in or unplug it. It always lights up that way. But then again,I start to experience the issue when my phone is fully charged.

Andre Blonde says:

I knew the first comment would be seems faster. Anyways i noticed that my 920 is a bit laggy. I mean animations are not as smooth as it used to be on wp 8. But works quite ok. Battery issues are standard thing. Overall performance is quite stable. This shows that Samsung produce shity phones :)

kingenu says:

i was taking your comment seriously till your last sentence showed me you're quite the idiot 

atherosxd says:

You nailed it haha

aafa says:

lol! seriously. But at least we didn't have to assume he's an idiot, we just know now.

kingjah says:

Don't take the "seems faster" comments serious, these comments denote the clowns in the community.

ivo_apo says:

Shity phone or unfinished software? In your words: battery issues, laggy performance.
Such a silly comment from Nokia fanboy who have not used ATIV. And of course doesn't know what is missing.

I'm pretty sure ATIV and Lumia are having the same release version. So it definitely is the firmware problem (Microsoft is not to be blamed) or hardware problem. His last statement wasn't represented well though!

MSfiend says:

My HTC 8x (Verizon) locks up sometimes after a phone call, only after I put the phone to sleep then unlock it the functionality returns.

I like Samsung but most people here have Nokias anyway. I have a ATIV SE and a 521 and they both reset randomly and freeze with 8.1.

sip1995 says:

Ah, only Nokia phones were good phones...:(

Nope not true my 521 has same issues.

Can it be because its a variant? My 520 with WP 8.1 has no issues except that it froze IE screen twice till date.

False. My 920 is garbage at the moment.

Winnabe says:

False. My Omnia has the same issues too. Except, I don't own an Omnia

Silent Night says:

All of that happens on my Lumia 822 since the Black update. Stop bitchin and live with it.

Janhouu says:

My 720 too but only before 8.1

Hoppman says:

Interesting, my L822 was rock solid after Black. and while there are a few issues with 8.1DP, nothing that is a deal killer.

RobinPaul says:

My Lumia 920 has the problem with the touch screen being unresponsive and have to do 1 or 2 soft resets to fix it.

seq1 says:

Try turning off high sensitive touch

RobinPaul says:

I have that always off and it's the software, others are complaining bout it also in this post

shaharukhs says:

Same happens with my Lumia 620 when I was trying to unlock my screen touchscreen is not responding. So I don't have other option to reboot it... :(

aafa says:

ouch...WPC just post a PSA for the L620 also??

Xaphoon148 says:

No problem, just use Nokia suite for retailers to reset it to WP 8.0...
Errr... wait a moment here...

cannon#WP says:

If you have an ATIV I believe you can roll back to 8.0. It's not just Nokias that have flashable roms.

jdandison says:

My 1520 has been sporadically bad. I'll go a few days without any problems, then have a day of random reboots and 'Loading...' going to the start screen, followed by a few more days of smooth sailing.

chad08er says:

The Preview bricked my Ativ S.

chad08er says:

500 dollar paper weight,lovely :)

Sorry to hear man.

chad08er says:

Thanks,Black screen of death after installing the dev preview for WP8 last year.

On the bright side at least it means you have a reason to snatch up a new 8.1 device as soon as possible!

chad08er says:

Just picked up a 1520:)

That works too :)

neo158 says:

Same here, had to get mine reflashed through Samsung. Took them 7-10 days so I wasn't stuck using Android for very long.

peterfares says:

If you have the i8750 version there are copies of the factory ROM image floating around the internet.


T899M version though you're SOL

chad08er says:

Nope have the T899M.

Jim Bob4 says:

No regrets for WP 8.1 on a TMO L521.

Joeul_Ramos says:

The WPCentral app has been closing out of nowhere on me recently. Just immediately kicks me out right when I try to open the app. Then when I reopen the app, it tells me to send an email about a certain bug. Dont know if anyone else has experienced this..

Novron says:

Yep, twice. They updated their app. Send the emails.

Ecurb87 says:

Just happened to me

Joeul_Ramos says:

Appreciate the feedback guys. Thanks

cannon#WP says:

Yea, my 920 gets freezes and random reboots. I'm positive Samsung, HTC and Nokia will roll out firmware post haste once we hit the go live date.

psykojello says:

Samsung rolling out updates post haste? I'm still waiting for the 7.8 update on my Samsung focus S

Ecurb87 says:

Lol, my Focus S, 2nd one, malfunctioned so I contacted my insurance and it was replaced with a L1020 after I told them I would not except a S3 as a replacement, politely of course. I thought the S would of received 7.8.

neo158 says:

Just use seven-eighter, that's what I did on my HD7 as I was getting fed up with my carrier taking their time releasing the update.

cannon#WP says:

Unlocked ATIV S were the first to get update 2 and among the first to get update 3. It's they do roll out updates.

neo158 says:

They will do, I've recieved updates for most of the Samsung apps already so I know that the update will be here soon.

tigermcm says:

I recently purchased the ativ se for me and the icon for my fiancée and both phones freeze occasionally

Dk92 says:

Both still incredible phones though. I wish I had one of either :-/

Hoppman says:

What is your take on these phones?  My Verizon contract is up in less than a month and I am still debating which one to get.

BrooklynGal says:

How's the battery life been with the Icon?

& this is why i wont use it on my sgh-t899m i herd people had issues with gdr3 during the preview aswell so it no surprise

aafa says:

8.1 working fine on my SGH-T899M. Only issue is the camera app intermittently acts weird. But other than that, all the new features are great!

vinay27 says:

Our group of 5 friends installed 8.1 all on Lumia not a single issue faced, who said it is mere preview looks optimized for Nokia

Aryan Angel says:

Too late. It has been done and it was easier than your mom on tequila. Also seems faster.

venetasoft says:

Everyday happier to be a Nokia (ahm) Microsoft customer :)
One reboot only, some little glitches but my L1520 is rock solid with the Preview. Maybe they tested it on this phone.

ChrisLynch says:

Except it too happens on Lumia devices. This is looking to be an OS issue and not device specific.

venetasoft says:

Maybe you are right, but I heavily use the phone and one reboot only in a week (?) is a no-issue for a Preview. I have some wifi disconnections and Skype problems in 3G, all the rest is pure joy.

Skype is terrible now with 8.1.

marantaz says:

I'd hate to have such problems and have to Wai for a firmware update. I suffered through the soft and hard reboots with my 822 when I first got it, so maybe this will be the last time I use the preview to update. Done it twice on my 822 and my wife's 928...better not risk it a third time, I'm thinking.
Waiting for the next wave of devices with 8.1 preinstalled...then get one of those or get the Icon on the cheap.

Saiyaku says:

No, simply update when the thing is officially available and stop playing betatester if you're unwilling to -you know- beta test

NIST says:

This has happened in my 1020 several times. Usually right after I pull it off the charger. The screen would just be unresponsive and so was the power button. It was weird. Did it for about a week or so. It would also lock up for no reason after the update in the middle of an app. It would just freeze up. There are still some weird stability issues but nothing as severe as those.

ChrisLynch says:

I too have this on my Lumia 920. I figured it was Glance causing the issue.

Lumia 1520 with 8.1 isn't any better either. Screen freezes, hardware buttons don't respond some times, touch buttons don't respond upon waking up the phone, really ruthless on the battery, rapidly drains 20-30% battery in an hour. But thankfully, no random device reboots.

vinay27 says:

High battery drainage noticed

venetasoft says:

I had no one of your problems with my L1520....One reboot only till now...

venetasoft says:

Yeah hi battery usage for me too, u r right :/

Rick Smits says:

My battery was at 100% at 1am and at 12pm while still on standby it dropped to 91%. It's not that bad (for me at least)

Doesn't rapidly lose power often, it happened to me once after I connected my Nokia BH-940 headset over Bluetooth. My phone heated up like crazy. Before updating, I used to easily get 2 days, now I am lucky if I even get through a single day.

vinay27 says:

My 520 works like charm,530 will s#it it's pants in front of my 520

rockstarzzz says:

My Lumia 520, 925 and 1020 - all rocking WP8.1 like a boss and Cortana understands me accurately 99% since last 1 week even with my thick UK accent. What else does one need in life? ;)

vinay27 says:

Out even recognize Indian accent, what else you want ? Mila kunis in your bed ?

sethpogi says:

HAHAHAHA made my day

Ivan05il says:

My Lumia 1520 can't be woken occasionally, especially with wifi on. Luckily pressing camera button wakes it and then I can press the start button. But it's annoying. Also battery goes faster.

louisoneal says:

Seems previewier.....

I'll smack a hoe!

I haven't had any issues on my HTC 8X other than lesser battery life but I can put up with that for the time being.

jcutting says:

I have some of the same on my Lumia 920. Occasional random reboots, occasional lack of touch screen response. I've had the occasional ultra-lag, too. It has mostly been smooth, though, so I deal with it.

tjwpmp says:

It may be all Samsungs. My Verizon Odyssey had the same problem. In hindsight I should have endured the lockups because when I did a hard reset the lock-ups ended but so did my data connection. Seems it lost the software radio and hardware radio settings. Neither Verizon technical support nor Samsung technical support were able to identify and correct the problem. So I was sent a refurbished replacement with 8.0. Ugh!

So now I'm stuck with waiting until whenever Verizon gets around to pushing out the official 8.1.


neo158 says:

That's the thing, most people don't try a hard reset after installing the 8.1 update.

tjwpmp says:

With all due respect, I have to disagree. I waited five days after I upgraded, hoping the condition would clear up after a couple of soft resets. In the meantime, nearly everyone on this site, editors and readers alike, beat out an unbroken litany of "hard reset...hard reset...hard reset...", all the while recommending it as a firmware enema, messy but safe and effective. Which apparently it is for most people.

The worst part is listening to the "I told you so's" from my Nokia-owning wife, who kept saying I should wait awhile before upgrading. Grrr!


neo158 says:

True, but factory resets have solved the vast majority of issues for people running the developer preview and that includes me. My phone even downloaded and installed all my apps and preferences after the factory reset as well which means that it's much less hassle to try it.

vFlagR says:

I've had my some similar problems on my L1520, its not major but the screen has froze up at least 4 times and the power button has stopped working at least twice

I've got it on my Build Lumia 920.  Froze up once yesterday, had to forcibly reboot it.  Battery life is worse, but I just disabled Cortana this morning so we will see if it helps.  I think it is because Cortana uses the GPS a LOT.  With the 8.1 build I've been seeing the "Location" dot appearing a LOT.



It won't help. Cortana uses very little battery. My 920 has terrible battery life after the update and I've literally tried everything. Good luck though ;)

Rick Smits says:

Disabling Cortana definitely helps.

Skippy07 says:

This is too bad for the ATIV SE owners. I have the ATIV S Neo and everything is working great with the WP8.1 preview, however from reading the forums, it sounds like I need to stay away from a hard reset as that would screw me up.

Hopefully Verizon get's the official WP8.1 update out quickly for the SE owners.

MikeSo says:

Looking forward to the review. Bought the Icon this week, and I love it, bit want to make an informed decision before the 14 day return period is over. :)
FWIW, I installed 8.1 immediately on my Icon, did a hard reset and restored the backup from my 521 (also with 8.1) and I have literally not had a single glitch. Couldn't be happier with this aspect of the Icon. (I didn't have any glitches on my Lumia 521 either).

achalshetty says:

Lumia 620... Freezes like crazy after the update.. But the love for Microsoft has kept me from changing to iPhone :)

dinod says:

Don't worry, we all know Samsung's responsiveness on updates... :-o

Have had every gdr in a timely fashion and frequent updates to my Samsung apps on my ativ S. Really uninformed comment re: Samsung updating their phone.

neo158 says:

I wouldn't worry, it's a typical comment from a Nokia fanboy!!!

DWTrump says:

Having similar problems with my Icon. I'm dealing with it, because I'm a glutton for punishment, but I won't even think of putting it on my wife's 822 until officially released.

I had problems with 8.1 on my Icon. I used this tool to go back to 8.0 http://www.nokia.com/us-en/support/software-recovery/

Arsenic17 says:

Had my first random soft reset yesterday on my Lumia 1020 with 8.1. I noticed it since I got it 10 months ago happen about once per month. It happened two days ago, so it could be related to 8.1, or just my monthly reset as normal. Not sure. Not complaining though until it becomes a problem.

pedrodg28 says:

My lumia 520 had those issue since the amber update ._. and ironically, they almost dissapeared with the 8.1 update, now they only happend on a very few ocasions

I have a Lumia 920 and been experiencing some issues. Sometimes it doesn't wake from the glance screen till I plug it in to the charger. Than when I unlock it it goes to a black unresponsive screen and needs to be rebooted. Kind of annoying but I just figured it something that will get taken care of with the official WP and Nokia firmware updates.

Auron Swift says:

I have these same issues on my 920

idhamu says:

My L720 looks great with show more tiles

Cool but what does that have to do with anything related to this article?

_Emi_ says:

Samsung, what a surprise!

neo158 says:

Oh, like Lumias are perfect and have absolutely no problems whatsoever with a Developer Preview!!!!

I've had this same issue randomly on my Lumia 1020. I used to reboot my phone when the touch screen was unresponsive. Later on I found out that we can reactivate the touch by using multitouch quickly. Just move all of your fingers on the screen and it'll wake up.

Ticomfreak says:

I'm assuming this is why it didn't ship with 8.1?

You would be assuming correctly I assume.

My 920 does the same and battery life is effing terrible now. Oh well.

booog89 says:

Well that sux for ATIV SE users. Hope Microsoft give release some patches to ATIV SE. What about HTC? Any developers try on HTC yet?

Nakazul says:

I believe WP 8.1 is having a lot of issues. Most are minor but this update is a far cry from GDR3. Sure its bigger and more changes, but lets not stop calling a fish, a fish. Also, it would be interesting to see issues compared U.S to rest of the world. Getting our voice heard as non u.s. customers takes some doing (at least in Sweden) and I wonder if Microsoft is getting all the feedback they really need.

Julio_74 says:

My 925 flies with 8.1...Nokia Power!!!

My 620 has been laggier, buggier and battery-drainer (that's a word) than before I downloaded the preview. I've disabled Cortana to see if that helps with the battery. But this is just a holding action anyway; the 620 is by far the most buggy phone I've ever owned (and I'm a Windows Phone evangelist in my family and among my friends). I'm figuring out what my next step will be.

garycleff says:

I have the exact same problems with my 620! For me the Wi-Fi and Location services tend to drain the battery fastest. I turn them off whenever I don't need them; that helps with the battery a lot.

Gilda675 says:

I had the same problem on my 620 after 8.1 even after a hard reset so finally i hard reset it again without using the backup and it improved tremendously. Battery still drains fast but no more lags or stutters.

Can it be because its a variant? My 520 with WP 8.1 has no issues except that it froze IE screen twice to date.

How bad is it? Happens on my Lumias as well, annoying but bearable.

liveforten says:

Glad I haven't updated. I'm pretty patient and would rather have a smooth 8.1 experience later than potential problems right away. Even though I have a 925 and that's not the focus of this article, I feel its just not worth the hassle.

henocksandy says:

In my L520, I experience less signal strength! Calls break while speaking! The mobile internet does not response till I off it and on it sometimes! And All the apps which I had blocked in background in wp8, is still blocked in wp8.1 and I don't have the option to unblock it unless I update the app or reinstall!

el-ojo says:

Man, don't tell me that. Just bought a 520. I think I'ma go ahead and return it. Haven't even picked up the package yet, but maybe I'll put that 60 bucks towards something else.

He's talking about Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. Your new Lumia 520 will not come preinstalled with this version, so stop bothering and don't install the preview. Wait for the full and official release by Microsoft between June and August.

henocksandy says:

Dude, I love my Lumia 520! I feel its better than 620, 720 and 820! The only problem is it does not have front camera and has less RAM! But its good in all ways! I am just reporting the problems with windows phone 8.1 so that they fix it in official release! This is why it was released for developers, to check the problems so that they can fix it!