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PSA: Get $10 credit for the Microsoft Store when signing up for Xbox One pre-order notification

Online Store Credit

Tuesday has been a great day. Daft Punk album finally hit here in the States, the Xbox One was announced, and it’s a birthday for a certain somebody. But we mostly care about the Xbox One and that’s why you need to get a $10 credit to use in the Microsoft Store. Details below.

What do you do? Just hit up the source link below and enter your email to receive notification when you can pre-order the Xbox One from the Microsoft Store. By doing that you’ll be given a $10 credit to use online for the Microsoft Store. Unfortunately, this is only available to those located in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Terms and conditions: Limited time offer thru 11:59 PM Pacific time on 06/09/2013, or while supplies last. Valid for $10 credit off of a transaction for an item over $10.00 MSRP only at Microsoft online stores in US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Redeemable until June 9, 2013. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or gift cards. Not combinable with other offers. We reserve the right to change or terminate this offer at our discretion. Limit 1 per customer.

You should receive an email with the code right after signing up. That code you can then use during checkout to get $10 applied towards your online purchase. Let us know how it goes. And yeah, we know it sucks being a US/Canada only thing. Who is going to order that Xbox One?

Source: Microsoft Store, Via: Major Nelson


Reader comments

PSA: Get $10 credit for the Microsoft Store when signing up for Xbox One pre-order notification


I didn't even have to read the article to know this was going to be US/Canada only. Damnit Microsoft, why can't everyone else have nice things too?

Use a US proxy for god sakes... Not hard!!! Why don't people get this? It works for like 90% of US offers...

Not everyone knows how to do that. Why don't you be helpful and tell them how to do it rather than being insulting?

Not being insulting, I just see many people complain over and over when an online offer is only available for the US. As for how to do it, I just said how, use a US proxy. If you don't know what that is, uncle google can explain.

Assuming you can receive the $10 by using a USA proxy, you still haven't solved the problem of how exactly I can use the $10. Looking at the USA store, the vast majority of products is hardware of some sort. There's no option to put a foreign address in the Microsoft Store checkout, so all those products are unavailable to me. Even if I want to buy software, I still have the problem of how I am going to fill out the field for billing address. 

I just got the followings:
"We had a problem that led to a delay in processing your order. To make up for it, we've enclosed a token code for 1600 Microsoft Points to replace the 1200 points that you ordered--at no additional charge to you"

Usually you can buy MS Points that can be used to buy apps and games on Xbox or many other use full things, better those for free than nothing.

Gah! Didn't read the full article before signing up. Thought it was a credit to use for purchases, not $10 off a purchase. :-P

Went to my local GameStop to get on the list. If its like the 360 I don't want to have to wait 3 months!!

So... chances this will be pulled in the next 24 hours after the internet exploits the hell out of it to get $15 in points for $5 x9000?

Just got the $15 in points myself for $5 and saw the following text in red at checkout:
"Hurry! Your order qualifies for an offer that is available to a limited number of shoppers. Check out now to ensure you’ll receive this valuable offer."
I think they planned for that. It sucks though that the exploiters, who will probably turn around and sell the codes on ebay, are going to lock out the chance for people who legitimately want to use them for purchases on their xbox. It's sad, really.

I entered my code in the "Promo Code" field and clicked APPLY.  Short pause.  Nothing happened.  Still says $14.98 is the total.  They may have killed this particular avenue.  Phooey.

Nevermind. I was trying to buy two cards (9.99 and 4.99). This promo only works if you have at least one item that is valued at greater than $10. The combination of the two cheaper cards doesn't qualify.

Don't worry about it. They killed it off before it even started. Just checked and it looked like they refunded the $5 charge for the points. Excellent communication though - no email whatsoever. Oh well.
If Microsoft Points weren't on the table for this deal, they should have specified it in the fine print. I wasn't trying to game the system.

@Mystictrust: I ordered the 1200 points ($14.99) and did not received the digital code after the transaction was completed and just got an email saying: "We had a problem that led to a delay in processing your order. To make up for it, we've enclosed a token code for 1600 Microsoft Points to replace the 1200 points that you ordered--at no additional charge to you".
Sweet deal though, $5 for a $20 item.

It's 10:08pm in San Francisco and it says that this ends at 11pm.

This must be est only. Effin bull, they should had stated so!