PSA: Sign up for the Titanfall beta on Xbox One right now!

Titanfall Beta

There’s no arguing that Titanfall might just be the “killer app” that pushes sales of Xbox One through the roof! The game has been highly anticipated since its unveiling back at E3, where it won over 60 awards including Best of Show from plenty of websites, magazines, and blogs. The game is coming out on March 11 for the Xbox One and PC, with a later release for the Xbox 360 port. There’s a beta starting on February 17 for the Xbox One and PC. Sign up now!

Head over to titanfall.com/beta to get a chance to join the beta. You’ll enter your email address and more to join. You’ll need to select whether you want in on the PC or Xbox One beta. Lucky participants will be notified before 11:50 PM PST on February 17.

Did you sign up?

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luiislp says:

Standing by for Titanfall!!!! Good luck WPcentral users :)

Thanks for the tip Sam. Just signed up for xbox one beta. Hopefully will get a beta code, if not game is already on pre-order.

Sam Sabri says:

Same here. Would love to play the beta, but I'll already be playing March 11 :D

gamo62 says:

Put my name in the hat.

gamo62 says:

Newegg is offering a $10 GC for preordering.

lancguy says:

Got my name in for the Xbox One. Never really played this kind of game, but it could entice me :)

Wyn6 says:

Everybody seems to be able to sign up. I'm having issues. Ah well.

RSailer says:

I had trouble signing up with my Lumia 822 and on my PC with Firefox and Chrome, but was finally able to sign up on my PC using IE11. Good luck!

dby2011 says:

I really enjoyed the Xbox one alpha, this game lives up to it's hype.

explosive0 says:

No need for me to sign up as I won't have the time to beta play.

Yay! I put my name for the Xbox one beta! I hope I get it! Maybe I get an advantage, because I've been playing a few EA games for awhile?

Registered! Have a kickass gaming PC but looooving my Xbox one!

SleepyTheDon says:

I hope I get in for the Beta too. Great game!!!

phirefly says:

Registered for the Xbox One version :)

mrdeezus says:

Finally able to register, Looking forward to something new as cod ghosts continues to be a garbage game. Anyone else have connection/PC issues after updating today? I'm on a 2520.

Mooncow27 says:

Nice. I'll buy a One just for it.

Robborboy says:

This game is really looking like CoD with mechs. And I hate CoD. But I love mecha. I am torn.

gedzum says:

Ya CoD lost its lustre after 4 for me. I loved MechWarrior series though. So this might be an interesting blend

Adretheon says:

That's cause it was made buy some of the old CoD guys that left to do this.

JoRdaNeK says:

My mate Jimmy the liar reckons this is gonna be a boring game with hardly any action or mechs....don't know if i should trust him? :P

JHunsaker says:

I am not sure I would trust him because if you watch some videos on youtube about Titanfall, all there is, is action and mechs.

gedzum says:

Just signed up for PC beta. Hope I get in. I reckon loads of people will sign up

Raylz says:

Signed up for both

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Signed up for PC beta.  Hopefully I'll get it... granted that certainly won't help with my school work. 

Coreldan says:

Signed up for both PC and Xbox One beta, would prefer Xbox One beta if I only get into one of em, but both wouldnt hurt for comparison's sake :P Still, I will get the game for X1 and in case of getting into both betas, will spend majority of the time on the console, I'd think.


Also, I believe that the beta would already start on the 14th. They said the invites will be done in waves and that first would be sent out on 14th. I think 17th is just when the last wave is gonna happen, so I'd think the beta itself also kicks in on 14th already.

Ya it starts the 14th

Richard_Indy says:

Signed up for XB1

HYDR0SH0K says:

Beta starts the 14th

freshfelicio says:

It's 14th, not 17th. Titanfall, will you be my valentine?!

simphf says:

I did last night!

MobileVortex says:

Signed up for both. If u didn't sign up for one of them sign up and give me ur key :)

rollindadice says:

Does anyone know if multiplayer will allow ppl who have pcs to play against ppl who have Xbox Ones and vice versa?

lancguy says:

Just got my beta key this morning! Wish they would have sent it out yesterday when I was snowed in....but glad I got it.