PSA: Xbox Live connectivity issues affecting Xbox 360 and Xbox One; Netflix and Twitch also down

Xbox One

Xbox Live services are facing connectivity issues that are affecting users on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The latest update on the Xbox Live status page indicates that services like Netflix and Twitch are currently experiencing issues, and that the Xbox team was working on a fix.

The status page mentions that users from all regions may run into issues while buying or downloading previously purchased content. Twitch is similarly down across regions, while European and U.S. customers seem to have playback issues with Netflix on the Xbox One. In addition, U.S. users are having difficulties with watching content on PBS.

There is no timeframe provided for when the services will resume, with the Xbox team stating that an update would be forthcoming when there is further information to share.

Are any of you affected by the disruption in Xbox Live services?

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YA BILLY says:

Seems like Xbox live has been having many problems lately. I have been getting charged twice for purchases lately or am unable to log in to my Xbone in the past weeks alot.

I know my 360 s doesnt seem to quickly connect to my network to auto login apart from using the external adapter for N5ghz

bradmente says:

It's a shame... I've always argued the price difference between XBL and PSN was always worth it if it meant avoiding these issues.

Rug says:

I know, right? This is totally the first service that we've ever had to pay for that has problems. Oh the humanity!

Puh-leeze. I hold Microsoft to a high standard, but this is an exception, not the norm.

bradmente says:

I'm allowed to be disappointed. In fact both my Xbox and Windows Phone experience has been pretty disappointing as of late. It seems it's beginning to be more of a norm...

explosive0 says:

Lol. This is getting rediculous. The Microsoft apologists will see no wrong in this still, though.

JonesCK1 says:

Where are these apologists you speak of? Its unfortunate when these things happen, but jumping on them is just as bad as defending them. Hopefully its fixed quickly.

I blame the silver users who use it just for entertainment & the minecraft users(which are worse then the madden users)

shriyanshk says:

It's down probably patches are coming. As stated today is the day when windows 8.1 update 1 will receive patches. So probably all Microsoft services get some updates in one way or other. Hope issue gets resolved.

HRGApollo says:

^WTF are you talking about??? EVERY ONLINE SERVICE experiences outages... Get over it! You" ARE crazy. Ooo, I can't play COD for a few hours = End of FN life as we know it!?!

shriyanshk says:

U see WP central posted another article regarding July update coming to Xbox it sometimes happens because of these updates that sometimes online go down. Keep calm it will be resolved by today :P

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea I had a ps3, being in college with no internet connection at all while ur friends are playing Xbox live everyday even if down a few min

ebradley says:

Xbox services were down late yesterday afternoon. It also seems to be affecting game play. My son could not play any games, even with the physical disk, on Xbone.

Mik29 says:

No problems for me and I was on the X1 watching Netflix almost all day yesterday.

Peg Leg says:

I live in south Dakota and my son was playing games and using Netflix for a long portion of the day, yesterday. There was one moment he went to start a game and a message showed up, he wined, I looked, said to retry, all was well. I had no idea this was going on...i don't know about now, I don't want to wake him before camp yet to find out. He can hear that start up tone through anything!

SmoothDog says:

I'm a SDer too! Hadn't noticed any issues, but will give it a go over lunch. Gamer tag is SMTH1.

Rich Reeves says:

I was trying to use another Microsoft service - PhotoSynth - and that site isn't loading properly at all.


I checked, but https://status.live.com/ is down for me too!! Seems to be a bigger problem than just Xbox Live issues

gavhamer says:


Not sure why this has not been news earlier and is apparently not a priority for Microsoft.  Many Xbox services have been down since around midnight GMT Saturday morning.  The Xbox One network status has shown the problem since then as well.  The status website does not describe the full extent of the problem - which could either be incompetence or a willful attempt to deceive in order to prevent negative coverage.

At the time I was playing Powershot Golf, which lost its xbox live connection and has subsequently only been able to use its offline modes.  The only other game I tried was Dead Rising 3, which failed to load with a timeout error.  Gave up at that point.

Perhaps Microsoft have laid off the testing department? Seems like everything has been broken recently.

Yep since yesterday. Problems watching youtube, and downloading content to my new Xbox 360 after transferring license.

KillaRizzay says:

Looks like PSN is more stable than Xbox Live this gen...

italod87 says:

This is outrageous! Sony is starting to look much better than ever! Microsoft has been nothing short of a let down. Starting to regret buying the Xbox one over the ps4. :-(

AriesDog says:

You haven't tried downloading games to a PS4, have you? Horribly slow and broken as it was on PS3.

AriesDog says:

I don't know if its related but I haven't been able access the Ubisoft server while playing Assassin's Creed 4, for the Kenway's Fleet battles and such.

swizzlerz says:

Owell I'll watch tv