Pulse app updated to v1.1, gets less laggy

The popular (and free) Pulse RSS news app just got a bump this morning to version 1.1 adding some background-updating and some Mango fast-app switching. It's also substantially less laggy now, no doubt due to the Magno-recompile.

Unfortunately, not too many other features were added as far as we can tell--still no Google Reader integration, nor ability to add custom feeds (just search). Nor are there any Live Tiles, so in that sense, the alternate Fuse app is still significantly out pacing it and may be a good choice for those who need more.

Edit: Ah yes, as some folks in comments remind us, this app has always been Mango-ized and has a uncustomizable Live Tile. So what's new? Perhaps just bug fixes and generic "performance enhancments". Enjoy! We're sticking with Fuse.

For those who like free, basic but still solid, you can pick up Pulse v1.1 here in the Marketplace.



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rudyhuyn says:

PULSE 1.0 was already Mango, si no difference ;-)

theefman says:

This app finds feeds that Fuse doesnt, so while lacking in features in comparison I prefer Pulse.

frodiggs says:

Mine has live tiles since v1.0. WP please recheck and edit this story. when you pin to start its a LT but no note in the settings would lead you to believe otherwise.

I still miss good implementation with Google Reader.

mmartins18 says:

Although not many new features added, I love the lag free app now. Weeks ago I had compared my wp7 phone to an iphone 4 and they both had lag, wondering if they got an update that got rid of the lag for them as well.

dwd3885 says:

i would use Fuse too, but how do you share an article from Fuse?

aussiedog61 says:

Open up the article and then tap (or press and hold) on the header. It will give you the options there.

aussiedog61 says:

As beautiful as Fuse (and Pulse) looks, I prefer the simplicity of RSS Central. A clean, straight forward UI that gets me in and out quickly. Google Reader implementation would be nice though.

mamilo1 says:

I'm struggling with this app. I made an account on the site, but when I open it up on my phone it asks for a server? What do I write there? Thanks for the help!