Purported Sony Xperia Arc S with Windows Phone OS looks suspicious

Sony or fake?

Seems like people want Sony to make a Windows Phone even if they don't seem keen on the idea. Take these latest images being reported tonight at XDA Developers (main site) which purport to show a device that looks like an Xperia Arc S running Windows Phone 7.

Although we'll say "anything is possible" and clearly Sony was working on Windows Phone back in 2010 (e.g. "Julie" prototype), we're doubtful that this is legit. Reasons? Well obviously it is missing the three keys near the bottom: Back, Windows and Search which have been on every single Windows Phone since day one and are a hardware requirement. Sure, that "arc" near the bottom could double as those (they're buttons on Android) but we find it odd that Sony would get rid of such a defining feature, let alone modify it to such a degree by removing those icons.

Sony or fake?

Going further, we don't see evidence for a side camera button. Now in fairness, these aren't the best shots and perhaps the button is there and just really flush, but it's one more thing we see that makes us question the validity of these images.

Sony or fake?

So while we really want to see Sony enter the Windows Phone game, we're calling this one fake. Plus we'd hate to think that Sony would, pardon the pun, phone it in this badly with their first Windows Phone i.e. just recycle an Android device. But hey, we'll see what happens at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks.

Source: XDA Developers


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Purported Sony Xperia Arc S with Windows Phone OS looks suspicious

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Fake. It's little things like the signal strength meter which is incorrectly flush with the tiles, which are too big to be authentic.

Defineatly a fake:

  • If you look at the first image it shows the signal bars as being even with the start of the tiles, but when you look at a "real" windows phone start screen and bring up the signal bar you will notice that the signal bar is actualy closer to the left of the screen than the tiles are.
  • It is also very obviously missing the left margin that is visible on the start screen.
  • Messaging and Phone icons are wrong (they are android ones)

Yeah that's a launcher 7 app I put that on my wife's, my 2 sister in law and they love the tiles. They want to get a wp7 device now ha ha! My friend came to visit and we all took pictures of the kids and her droid rebooted so funny. Thought I might add that..wp7 till thend$$$$

In all fairness, it could be an early prototype.  Testing a hardware/software combo in the shell of an existing phone to save on R&D costs.  If they decide they like it, they take more steps to make the shell Windows Phone appropriate, if they don't they haven't wasted their money making a brand new phone design that will never see market.

Will Sony hurry and make a friken WP already! They might as well because they aren't the most popular when it comes to Android phones. WP is the hardware savior, because good hardware isn't anything if it's not running Windows Phone!!