Puzzle Craft loses 512MB status for Windows Phone 8, many villages perish

Puzzle Craft for Windows Phone 8

We’re not exactly proud of our Puzzle Craft addiction, referring to the new Farmville-like game from popular game maker Chillingo. The game famously came to Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and iOS within the same time frame and was soon updated to run on budget Windows Phone 8 devices like the HTC 8S, Lumia 620 and 720.

Either with the previous update (version, rolled out on April 11th) or a Store change has revoked the 512MB status, throwing us a non-compatible error and non-listing on our Lumia 720. The game itself is a modest 26MB in size and it doesn’t seem too graphic intensive, so we’re not sure if the was from feedback on the previous version or perhaps a glitch in the app submission, restricting access.

Regardless, it’s a bit frustrating to not be able to download the free game, especially for new budget Windows Phone owners. Hopefully a fix will come down the pipe and we’ll let you know if anything changes in that regard.

For our other Windows Phone 8 owners, you can still pick up Puzzle Craft here in the Store. Or if you want to run it on your Windows 8 PC or RT device, you can pick up that version here. We highly recommend it.

Thanks, hohanfan, for the tip!

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Mr.Nuron says:

The problem exists for other apps like Asphalt 7 and Nokia browser.I can't install them on my Lumia 520 as it shows the 1gb ram error.
Update : Asphalt 7 is again available for 512mb devices.

mr toes says:

Grrrrr this 1gb limit is wrecking my head!!!!! Ms needs to sort this out FAST

Technoloay says:

^ This

On a side note, I've finished the campaign on my Lumia 620 a few days ago. It was fun.

i feel like i say this about every cross platform app/game these days, but this would be soo much better if progress could sync between the wp8 and w8 versions..

microsoft really needs to make it easier for developers to implement this.. (really should be mandatory for xbox-branded ones and at least super-easy to setup for indies)

I though that's what three screens and a cloud was all about, right??

dkxs says:

I was just told one hour ago that Asphalt 7 has resumed support for 512MB RAM (in China). Not sure if Puzzle Craft has been updated too as I don't have 512MB RAM device to check it out myself

dkp23 says:

Im getting a 620 in U.S, i dont play a lot of games, but this is a bad move by MS/Nokie or whoever, they make fun of fragementation of android yet, they are causing fragementation right now. 
These decision makers seem to be out of touch. 

hipporama says:

Well it depends how you look at it. I honestly believe it's a good thing that MS has put hardware restrictions for certain apps. That way you get the most optimized experience. Have you ever played a high end game on a cheap crappy Android phone?
Blame the developers for not optimizing for 512 mb.

techiez says:

stop being such a fanboy, if ms knows that for optimal execution it needs to implement such checks, in that it should ask OEMs to bring in phones with only 1gb ram speacially for devices like 720 which is not a budget phone. with the OS being in a relatively nascent stage with very few apps u cant hv these kind of restrictions, already some of the users were ditched with WP7.7/7.8.

hipporama says:

Cool story bro.

dkp23 says:

Depends how you look at it?  you can look at thigns any way, you can spin things anyway. 
Here are the facts.. YOu have a line of lumia phones with different price points, different hardware specs, different OEM features, but SAME OS. 
How does it look when somebody who thinks a 520/620/720 is the best fit for them finds out a bunch of apps that they thought they can use they cant use?  Doesnt look good especially when MS is talking shit about google and their fragmentation.  YOu can spin it all you want, MS can't be talking shit and doing the same thing. 
We are not talking about modern combat here, we are talking about puzzle craft which i have on my 920 and is not graphics intensive and by looking a the size of the file, not intensive at all. 
Blame the developers or blame MS for allowing this?  You are right dpeneds how you look at it.  As a fanboy or somebody who expects to be able to have the same app experience no matter the windows phone. 

paulheu says:

The fragmentation 'issue' on Android is quite different and much deeper. On Windows Phone it's mostly a matter of optimizations while on Android it's a case of hardware incompatibility between brands/models.

This game destroys battery life on my Lumia 920

nfbsk says:

Ridiculous. Time for Microsoft to reject apps from the store that make backward and stupid changes like this. What's the point of standardized specs if the developers are not willing to respect them?

Onerunjunior says:

This game is such a time suck. Just one more row of chickens and I'll quit. I swear!

sholokov says:

I just reached the end of the game. It ends when you build the castle. All the pain of getting 25 of everything needed to build it and the result....game ends.
Fun game though.

Onerunjunior says:

I haven't gotten to the end, that sounds like a huge bummer.

Seriously, I need help.  And I think it is pretty graphics intensive once you start looking at 200 little people walking around your town.

Onerunjunior says:

Smooth for me, but I'm only up to like 35 people or so lol.

eharris560 says:

I think 1gb should be WP minimum

Amran Nagal says:

Same case for temple run. :/

purevibz says:

finished it on both windows 8RT and WP8 could add more items to get.

dalydose says:

I had to swap phones and lost my progress. Frustrating to have all of the time investment wasted. :'(

sholokov says:

The worst happened to me a few days ago. My kid picked up the phone, started the game, bought $20 worth of coins, and then reset my game at level 27. If she hadn't reset the game, at least I would have had the coins. But they were ALL lost with the reset.

sahil1990 says:

Gun Bros is also not available anymore for 512Mb devices :/

JailJT says:

This game has a bug, could help you get infinite gold! Before fixed, u can try to find it out!