Qualcomm proud to be the first for Windows Phone 8

In Istanbul, Turkey at Qualcomm Inovation 2011, Qualcomm released information about upcoming Snapdragon architecture Krait , which will feature full support for Windows 8. Leading the way in the smartphone market (and dominating Windows Phone 7), Cristiano Amon, vice president of product development at QCT (Qualcomm CMDA TECHNOLGIES), said the following about Windows Phone 8:

"When we go to the Windows Phone 8, we can with the fact that we again work with them [Microsoft] and our work position speed look forward to probably be the first to market with a Windows Phone 8 platform."

While we're aware that Microsoft wishes to bring their ecosystem closer together, this is promising news that hardware manufacturers and chip brains are working harder at bringing the next-gen tech to Windows Phone.

Source: NordicHardware



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index1366 says:

Now that one will speed up the machines as crazy...

fwaits says:

I fully expect Qualcomm and NVidia dual/quad core chip support by Apollo (WP8) release from all indications. With all the ARM work going on with Win 8 as well, that should only help make this a sure thing.

MobileSugar says:

What I like most about this announcement is that this sends a message to the mobile hardware industry... The Windows Phone platform WILL be supported. http://www.mobilesugar.net

jubbing says:

Dual Core AND Quad Core? 2 words - HECK YEA!Finally... Still, this won't be out till probably late 2012, or early 2013 I reckon (WP8)