Qualcomm working with Nokia on a Windows Phone road map

Enrico Salvatori, president of Qualcomm CDMA technologies in Europe, has informed TechRadar that the chip geniuses are working with Nokia on a roadmap of handsets, and the single core Lumia family is just the beginning.

We are working on a road map [with Nokia] and not a single device, a single launch. It's an important collaboration for Qualcomm, so we are very excited about working together. It's been very effective in terms of time to market because we developed the phone together. It's been a very successful development.

Salvatori moves onto state that it was an achievement to get the Lumia 710 and 800 to market within a tight time frame, which no one can disagree with. He also notes that Qualcomm is proud to support Windows Phone and is currently the only chipset on the game board.

The Nokia collaboration is also very much about the Windows Phone ecosystem and, of course, we at Qualcomm, as you know, are supporting on our platform the Windows Phone software and actually at the moment we are the only supplier supporting the integrated solution.

Of course, we know that ST-Ericsson is set to supply the Finnish handset manufacturer with low-end chips for more affordable devices, which Nokia (and Microsoft) are looking to introduce. There's no denying that it's going to be exciting to see what future low-end (and more advance) hardware comes to the platform.

Source: TechRadar



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Jf.Vigor says:

this is good business for qualcomm. I hope that account manager goets a nice bonus this year!

Khensu says:

Hurry up and finish the roadmap so that it can be "leaked"!

theflew says:

What low end processor does ST-E make? More than likely their processors will be cheaper because they integrate the modem.

jeremyshaw says:

Qualcomm IS one of the largest wireless modem companies in existance... they only really stepped into ARM after buying off all of AMD's ARM assets back in 2009 or so. Except for a few variants of their more recent designs (made for tablets, presumeably), all of their chips either modems with SoC, or just pure modems (there will not be a SoC with an integrated LTE modem from Qualcomm until S4 - 28nm, new arch [Qualcomm uses ARMv7 ISA, but not the Cortex A8/A9/A15 design, they design their on uArch]).

twinlight says:

I want a really high end WP7. :

As long as the Qualcomm chip allows Nokia to add all of the 'treats' that they are able to give to Symbian devices, i.e. Pentaband, FM Transmitter, NFC, etc.; otherwise, Nokia needs to go with the tried and true.