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Quick look at the Vyclone app customized for the Nokia Lumia 1020

Vyclone for the Lumia 1020

Although current Windows Phone 8 users can take advantage of Vyclone right now, the Nokia Lumia 1020 will have a special version available, much like Oggl Pro, Foursquare and Yelp! which were announced yesterday.

Now there’s nothing too radically different here as the changes are isolated primarily to one area: the camera.

Vyclone, which merges the social with video collection, is a new way of making meta-videos of events. As we stated back in May when it came out...

“The app enables consumers to mix footage captured on a Windows Phone with film taken by other people at the same event. The service synchronizes and edits each clip to create a single movie with all angles cut together. Raw footage is also available too, opening up custom remixes. It's quite the app.”

Think of concerts, performances, or other live events where a mass of people are and you can imagine the kinds of videos you can make.

Getting back to the Lumia 1020 version, Vyclone simply takes advantage of Nokia’s camera SDK. In short, it allows quick access to lossless zoom, meaning as you are recording you can zoom in the video just using your finger, without any degradation in video quality.  

You can watch the video above to see it all in action.

While it’s not a grand-slam drool worthy feature, you have to admit that as developers get access to the camera API for the Lumia 1020, our apps in general should get better. For instance, Foursquare and Yelp! both will allow you to access the camera settings directly, apply filters and use full resolution images.

Look for more on these apps in the coming weeks. Don’t have the regular Windows Phone 8 version of Vyclone yet? Download it here in the Store.


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Quick look at the Vyclone app customized for the Nokia Lumia 1020

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I love my 920 but boy dies this phone impress me the more i see it.

Also, abit off topic but can anyone recommend a lock screen app that taps into the favourites pictures list. I currently use weather flow but it doesn't update the pictures shown even after i rescan.
Thanks in advance.

Try lock manager. I found it today, and idk how I ever did without it! You can set your own images, as well as get calendar and weather information.

Definitely try Paper Shuffle. It will cycle through photos of your choice, updating the lock screen periodically. I chose 20-30 minutes, but you can set it for 1/2/4/6/8/12 hours or daily.

You're not limited to Favorites either. You can select any image stored on your device.

It also has a work/private setting in case you don't want personal photos to appear while you're at work. You set up a separate work folder and it will use those images.

You can even make a live tile that shows the current lock screen image and when it was refreshed.

Overall, just a really great app if you want to use your own pics.

All the apps that will use the Nokia Image SDK will be exclusive to Lumia 1020?? If not, why everybody says that Vyclone, Foursquare, CNN, Yelp! will be exclusives??

From what i understand all the apps will be availble for other phones, these 1020 ones will just be tweaked with the camera sdk to offer extra features that quite frankly are really only usefull with that new wizbang camera. So don't frett!