Quick take: Microsoft Lync Mobile for Windows Phone

Hey, look at that! Microsoft Lync Mobile was on hand, in beta form, for us to play with on a Nokia 800. The communications app for enterprise was quite snazzy and very fast from  our brief hands on. You get your contacts, IM, email and status updates all from within a very nice Metro app.

No video support in this version but for the basics it looks solid. Look for it as a free download soon in the Marketplace.



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Jf.Vigor says:

grrr... I want INTEGRATION

Drewidian says:

I want FFC on the Nokia 800 so we can have useful video conferencing. It leads me to believe that the 2012 devices (that are supposed to come every 3 months) will have FFC, LTE/CDMA support, Dual Core (yeah I know.. I know...) and greater storage for the Jan-Feb Tango US release. Here's hoping...

Bruno H says:

Lync without a ff camera :-)There is something more to his picture. Waiting to 2012 may be the best bet...

danielgr says:

The more I go checking WP7 in the phone the more I think Microsoft should build a fictious user account with pictures, sky-drive albums, office files, friends, twitter, facebook, apps with livetiles, etc. and add it by default to all demo-models.If they did, I would guess their sales performance would increase by several folds. To be honest, with nothing showing in your phone at the shop is very difficult to grasp how great of an OS this is, and how different from anything else on the market.

cool8man says:

Yeah Windows Phone doesn't demo well without dummy info preinstalled. All of the shops should have demo units that show what the device is like when it's loaded with contacts and content.

jc0196 says:

do you have more pictures on the red/magenta lumia 800? most of the pics i've seen so far of the 800 is the blue/cyan coloured one...

caliborn says:

Definately looking forward to this app...video or not...could have used it this morning...