Quick tip: How to never lose your SIM card tray pin

SIM card tray pin

We check out a lot of phones here at WPCentral, so we frequently switch where our SIM cards go. Many devices nowadays like the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 have SIM card trays that require pins to open. It can be frustrating when we lose them. Good luck asking around for one. Chances are, they aren’t carrying it.

We have one quick tip that will make it hard to lose your SIM card tray pin. Put it in your key ring!

We never leave the house without our keys, wallet, and phone. The SIM card tray pin does not take up too much space, so it fits nicely in they key ring.

When we get a new device, we normally use the pin once to insert our SIM card and then set it aside. Putting the pin in the key ring ensures we never lose it again. Do you have another way of storing your SIM card tray pin? Let us know in the comments!



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Yeah, it's right next to my card catalog and Rolodex. Who uses paperclips in the digital age? lol

Talbot690 says:

Funny story, back in the day when I was still using my 900 I had lost the SIM tray key and I spent about a half hour looking for a paperclip to open the tray. Once I found the paperclip I put it on my keychain and its been there ever since, I even left my new SIM key that came with my 1020 in the box. Honestly I never even realized the SIM tray key had a hole in it for putting it on a key chain.

grininja says:

Yeah, and.what about paper? Who uses paper to write on, on this digital age? And with what? With those ink -stick things...


Talbot690 says:

Ugh I know damn those plastic ink filled sticks like wtf right.

Dare2Blink says:

I carry one in my wallet in the coin pouch.

VernonEL says:

Who uses coins??

lippidp says:

Who uses a wallet either? We have the Wallet feature in WP! Oh, wait...

PeadarWagon says:

I have a box of paper clips right next to my stack of removable type on my press.

MrGoodSmith says:

I don't understand this sense of negativity in your replies sometimes. Paperclips are not that uncommon as you may think. Some people don't see the glory living in a full digital age, you know.

btbam91 says:

This big time.

MrA2Z says:

No, ask from ladies their hairpin, available everywhere

PeadarWagon says:

Attach it to the treasure tag when it comes out.

gandhirushi says:

That would be very painful in the pocket... IMO

toyotast165 says:

Indeed, hurts ALOT, hence I have one taped under my keyboard lol

Sicarius123 says:

I tried this for a bit, stabbed my leg quite a few times, my hand a couple of times, and weakened the pocket in one pair of jeans. This is a terrible idea IMO.

sholokov says:

Why carry the pin? Any pin, needle, etc can do the trick.

Some of us have multiple phones. Also, pins and needles? I'm a man, what am I using pins and needles for, my skirt? 

bbennett40 says:

Exactly what does gender have to do with possessing pins or needles? I'm a man and have those objects. Sholokov was just offering alternatives.

It has everything to do with it. I'm writing a 567 page dissertation on this very topic. Look for my PDF e-book soon.

Rishicash says:

So it's true then! I thought it was only a rumor. I can't wait to read it!!

WPCrook says:

Chill man, Daniel was just joking haha

conair346 says:

I concur Daniel.
Mine is kept on my keys, its so accessible that on a visit to the local Vodafone store they were amazed and I beat them to it with the sim tray pin... And they work with handsets all day!

Talk about first world problems...

Talbot690 says:

Don't lie Daniel we know you where skirts, Doesn't make you any less masculin.

Denegar says:

A real man can always find a woman willing to lend him a pin. :P

I think you hurt some of our (female) readers feelings with that comment Daniel. For some reason they thought that having needles and pins was a normal thing for a man.

drozdpatrick says:

Yeah, sometimes we can be a little pinfull!

MediaCastleX says:

I saw her today, I saw her face...it was a face I loved, I knew I had to run away and get down on my knees and pray that they'd go away. Still it begins-uh...I feel the needles and pins, uh what?! =P

920Walker says:

In the junk drawer.

I normally keep my most recent tech boxes all in one place so if I need a SIM pin, I can pull directly from the box it came in.

Agent-P says:

I do the same thing. I keep the boxes for devices I currently own and I put the spare stuff like this in the apprpriate box. When I get rid of the device I get rid of the box too.

RHunterVF1S says:

Hope that Mitsubishi key is to an Evo.

Mark Guim says:

I wish. It's for an Eclipse.

sundawg#WP says:

My other car is a Cub Cadet. :)

DVELOPinc says:

Its broke down ain't it.

PPCFreak says:

put in pocket, pin then sticks you in the leg.....reminder to never put pin tool in pocket after that.... :-)

Safety pin , paper clip , I kept the SIM card tray pin back into the lumia 920 box , 

scottaii says:

Overkill much? Just put it in the man draw in the house

You'd really describe this as...overkill? Louis CK wants a word with you...lol

scottaii says:

Cheers for replying. My god that guy is annoying. Keep up the good work on the site but some articles such as this are just not needed. There really needs to be a quality check on the grammar as well because many articles are sub par of what this site deserves.

We right vry gud on dis sight. 

Josh Gabel says:

You handled the jerk well. Nicely done.

drozdpatrick says:

He wants you to stop poking holes in his pants. Oh, that's Calvin Klein. Pants comment still relevant though.

berty6294 says:

I work at Geek Squad so I swap phones out way too often. I have actually kept a sim card removal tool on my keychain for quite a while now!

DVELOPinc says:

If you think that's overkill you'd hate to see my key ring, LOL.

paras chugh says:

i keep it in the small pocket of my wallet

jargonz says:

Me too. I have 3 Windows Phones. I've been keeping a SIM card tray pin in my wallet ever since I bought my second Windows Phone. Having the pin always with me also helps when I need to help my Dad and Mom with their Windows Phones.

stupidsteven says:

Had mine on my key chain for forever, never bothers me...and I'm not fat...just saying.

dsdmarin says:

I put it in my phone case...Lumia 920 between the rubber and plastic. Always handy, but key chain sounds good too

TechFreak1 says:

Used to do that too, but was a pain when it fell out. When im cleaning the hole for the lens.

TechFreak1 says:

Carry mine in my wallet :p, that mini pouch has finally has a use lol.

sdreamer says:

So that's the point of that hole.

Mark Guim says:

I wonder if that was intentional

Edwardlb20 says:

That's what she said

planoman says:

I use a paper clip for my moto x and lumia 925.  A paper clip is too big for my nexus 5, so I have to use the tool and it is in my secret place.  I still have the ones for the Lumia and Moto X in their boxes. 

Just take thy thumbtack from thy wall and commence to poke top of phone till try is out

mitsuyager9 says:

More importantly, what Mitsubishi do you drive?! Lol

RyanAMG says:

He said Eclipse. We had hoped Evo.

mitsuyager9 says:

Hey that's ok, they're all great cars. I have 3 of them :]

I just have mines tucked into my wallet behind my Id

henhen59 says:

What? this is a topic that requires discussion?

"we normally use the pin once to insert our SIM card and then set it aside. Putting the pin in the key ring ensures we never lose it again"

WTF? just thow it away after you put your sim in!

Oh, i get it you're the 0.000001% of users that change their sim every hour...

If you need a pin, how about trying....a pin...or a needle or paperclip or the pin part of an earing, or porcupine needle or...

grininja says:

Yeap, Mr. Guim always find original ideas to write on. 

That gives me an idea... We need filters by author, here in wpcentral.

RyanAMG says:

Some of use have more then one phone and switch on a regular basis. I have a phone for work and after work. So I switch my SIM twice a day.

The fact that henhen59  is bent out of shape by this article makes me want to write a dozen more....

That and everyone is an expert on mobile content and what people want.

hans8x says:

Hey Daniel, I was just wondering if you have German ancestors cause of you're everyday aggression, thought that would be a typical German behavior.

Keeping it on my keyring is a surefire way to have the pin break off 

conair346 says:

Been on my keys for 3 months. Not broken yet. I have an active job so my pockets jiggle all the time and only once did it bend, which wasn't even at work.

fbendotti says:

I lose my keys all the time. :-(

Saiyaku says:

put your keys with the sim card pin

MrA2Z says:

hahaha +920

hasanmj8 says:

I have it on key chain, and the screen of my lumia 920 got scartched by it when I put the phone and the keys at the same pocket :( :'(:'(

Darren Walsh says:

I work as a stainless steel fabricator so if I ever lose mine I'll just make a new one ! Yous can all have one for only 5 euro! Only messing, the key thing is a good idea though!

wpn00b says:

I have the Incipio Dual Pro case on my 8X. The SIM tray tool is in between the silicone sleeve and the hard plastic back of the case. I have to take it off to get to the SIM tray as it is, so this is where I keep it.

Jazmac says:

Tried that once.  That would work great if you

A. Carry your keys in a purse or a carry-all

B. Wore one of those Janitor key rings on your belt.

I carry my keys in my pocket and you never felt pain until you shoved your hands into your pocket and that sim key got under your fingernail.  I now carry it in my wallet in a credit card slot where it can't cause any damage.

ShahdHamdan says:

I wanted to do that since I got my phone but I was scared it'll break xD

Sourabh Kori says:

Isnt that obvious..... Its called a SIM door key that means it's supposed to be attched in a key ring, but the only down side, if you have your phone and key in same pocket, you might end up scratching the scratch gaurd on screen or even worse the outer glass elements of the camera .

grininja says:

I always wondered what the "key" stands for...

jakersn says:

Or, key. An item used to unlock things.. I.e unlock a sim tray..

gfunk84 says:

I'm pretty sure it's called a "key" because it unlocks the SIM tray, not because it's supposed to be on a key ring.

Sourabh Kori says:

Duh >_<.... you are going on the technicalities :P 

Its a key that unlocks the SIM door so attach it you a regular keyring !!!! 


cnet2000 says:

On my HTC 8X I use a staple

Nabkawe5 says:

I used this it hurt like hell, you really need a rubber cork if you want to use this method.

qwertyops says:

I've had too many incidents where the I got poked by the pin while grabbing for my keys in my jacket or pocket of my pants. I really got stuck good when my keys were thrown to me from several feet away as blood was drawn! I've ditched having it on my key ring since, so I just borrow an ear ring from my wife.

theprawn says:

I have one pinned to my cork board.

xrs22 says:

Plus you need the key if you're gonna fix something in your phone. Like the 900, to pull the digitizer rod out before you separate it from the cover. I forgot that part and ended up ripping the cover and the rod was bent and couldn't slide it out. Ordered replacement cover, rod and earpiece.

Mik29 says:

it would last 5 mins before i snapped it. No thanks. Just leave it in the Nokia box.

pookiewood says:

I just keep mine in my wallet but this is a good idea as well.  

MrTechRat says:

How often do you need to pull your sim though?

weaksauce27 says:

Why am I so mind effed by that?!

rikycaldeira says:

I also carry it in my key ring :) safest place to carry around all the time for me

tbonenga says:

Just get a Samsung ATIV S. You don't need one. LOL

Jf.Vigor says:

I've just been using my girlfriend's earrings

Denegar says:

Smart, but does she know you do this?

Jf.Vigor says:

Yeah, I cant imagine why anyone would have a problem with it. It' the perfect size for the hole (giggity)

iWindows says:

I have an HTC one that won't fit on a key ring. Its a rectangle with the letters "HTC" cut out.

b23h says:

stabby stabby thing in pocket is bad


I keep mine in a little ziplock bag in the retail box it came in.

I must admit though that for quite a while I used to carry a P38/John Wayne in my pocket.  It poked my finger more than a few times.


coldfilter says:

I have mine in a draw somewhere.. If i lose my draw I have a back up stash of pins and toothpicks and forks and other stuff

coldfilter says:

And whilst I,m thinking on! People are always losing their keys. So putting the chuff with a set of keys is asking for trouble

TuanLVT says:

putting it into key ring is good ya i agree, but i havent used this.

what i do is buy 3.5mm anti-dust plug-in and put it into the audio plug-in on the phone + i dont get dirt into the audio plug-in hole... the plug-in they r selling on mini in the box... the stick is a little bit too big, but it fits into lumia 1020. im not sure about other phones on the market


on this link there is micro-usb anti-dust plug-in too but it doesnt fit into lumia 1020

LTTG says:

I lost it 3 days ago and I really can't find it :/ this post is a bit too late

or, you know, paper clip.

holysocks says:

i have a head phone hole protector (plug) that has a pin on the end, 2 bird 1 stone

UKintel says:

What i brilliant idea. I want one.

bAN01TgAZ says:

I used to put mine on my keys, till i sat on my keys one day and felt a pin go into my buttock. Now its taped a clear photo keyring to prevent such a painful reoccurrence

That's where my SIM tray pin for my Nexus lives. On the keyring clipped to my belt loop.

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Blacklizted says:

Next Quick Tip: How to Never Lose Your Car Keys

Did this along time ago and think about taking it off everytime it stabs me in the thigh or in my finger reaching into my pocket

astroXP says:

Tape on the back of my ID card. Done.

TPM50 says:

I've been doing this since the L900 came out. Just be careful when you put your hand in your pocket. It's a real bitch when the pin stabs you under the finger nail.

Jabid21 says:

Got a safety pin in my wallet. I swap my phones when battery runs out since one can't really swap out batteries these days.

N9Andy says:

I did this the day I got my Lumia 920 back in the summer last year. Only problem is, the pin kept stabbing me in the leg!! No joke. Now I keep it in a certain place, along with all my other phone related stuff. :^)

trmnrs says:

SIM door key**

DeepK7 says:

Tray Pin on the key ring, since they came out.
But, Pin in the leg on the odd occasion...sigh....

JuanJax says:

Nice, but doesnt always work if you are switching out cars with wife or ride a motorcycle like I do sometimes. But I kept mine in my wallet. check it out...


MediaCastleX says:

I have no need for keys or tools, all things are laid bare and open for one such as me...yeah, right? Lol =P

perspicuity says:

I do that. One time I meant to quickly remove my keys from my jeans pocket and stabbed myself under a finger nail. It went so deep I dangled the keys for a moment.

UKintel says:

Wpcentral. I find it strange that you would write about this as if you have discovered something. Surely that was the manufacturers intentions when they designed it!?

Can't put on my key rings I already use 3 filled to the max so I keep it on my desk with computer parts like fans and processors and stuff like that

I don't know why anybody would lose it though. I keep mine in the box my 920 came in. It's stored in a safe place. No worries. Same goes for the one that came with my iPhone 4.

b23h says:

yea, I keep mine in the retail box too. 

was wondering where you were, haven't seen you around....

badplanet says:

I left my pin on my desk at work and someone stole it.  I keep watching to see if it shows up on eBay so I can track down the thief.

dougwallace says:

Great way to scratch your phone.

makarand14 says:

Isn't using the Pin to open tray, micro sd slot on a downward technical scope. Back in the early days, even unibody designs were having a small cover panel for sim, sd etc. Even the battery.

My old HTC Desire HD was far superior in its design than current Nokia.

It all began with the ifruits, they started pin opening trays and everyone followed suit.. Ahhh the craze!!

pmich says:

This looks so dangerous. That would cause a prick in your pocket. Sorry bit dumb idea. Ill stick to a paperclip.

eruptflail says:

Paper clips are good, also you could just leave it in the original box. That's what I do.

I've been doing this since i got my Nokia Lumia 1020 as it seems to throw and 'Sim Error' message up every now and again, so i have to remove and reinsert the sim/sim tray and then wait for the phone to reboot before it works again

I dont carry keys, so I put it in the back of my Nokia 6500s. It lives with battery pretty well. ;)

WPCrook says:

I love great little tips like this! Thanks Mark, I'll try this out!

mahesham22 says:

Once I had to ask a lady on my flight if I can use one of her earrings. And it worked (~.^)

Chetan Ke says:

Itll hurt real bad if it pokes you

GDannyboy says:

I've had mine on my key chain since my first 920. Been jabbed a few times. Just reminds me that I'm alive, I guess.

Mel Grubb says:

Just in case your keys weren't stabby enough already.

cae758 says:

I would think the sim card opener would easily get bent on a key ring, but that's just me. Besides, I don't like clutter on my key ring.